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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 03:27:41

    Guitarist Russ Strahan (HOUNDS OF HASSELVANDER,, PENTAGRAM,, LAND OF DOOM) has issued the following statement:”In light of recent statements and after much thought,, I have decided to not pursue THE BONES OF CHILDREN project with Kory Clarke [vocals; WARRIOR SOUL,, TROUBLE]. “I have been working on several projects as of late doing studio work for Joe Hasselvander,, DOOMSDAY and several other projects I cannot disclose at this time. “I wish Kory all the best with his future endeavors and hope to see you all when I am back out on the road.”Clarke announced this past week that he was leaving Chicago doom metal legends TROUBLE to start THE BONES OF CHILDREN with Strahan. Cheap Soccer Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap NHL Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap Authentic Jerseys

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    Jasoda Lloyd,, a 26-year-old housewife of Free and Easy, Wakenaam, died at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) one week after delivering a stillbornAccording to reports,, Lloyd, who got married just over a year ago, attended the Maria’s Pleasure Maternity Clinic regularly. Her husband recounted that she had told him recently that everything was normal and she could expect her child on September 25.However, there were signs that all was not well as the woman’s feet were swelling regularly and her blood pressure was quite often increasing. Her husband said that on July 27,, she began to experience pain and thought it was the baby moving within her. He said she asked him for water but by the time she drank it she vomited,, collapsed and went into a fit. The husband then rushed the semi-conscious woman to the Wakenaam Cottage Hospital.At the hospital,, there was reportedly no doctor or mid wife on duty. The medex on call, after examining the woman,, referred the patient to the GPHC. Shortly after midnight that night,, a speedboat was chartered to take the patient to Parika. The river was rough, the husband told this publication.The medex accompanied the patient as far as Parika as no other medical personnel was available at the time. It is reported that when she arrived at the GPHC she was immediately placed under surgery to remove the child as both lives of mother and baby were threatened. The baby was delivered stillborn and the mother was hooked up to a life support machine.The woman eventually succumbed yesterday. A post mortem is to be conducted shortly.There have recently been calls for a relief nurse/midwife on the island of Wakenaam. This newspaper learnt that a former, retired midwife who resides on the island was asked by the Region to serve the hospital,, but although she agreed nothing has been done since.Medical personnel who do not reside on the island obviously need time to go home to their families for vacation,, and when this happens there is no one to substitute. Residents on the island are calling on the authorities to investigate this recent unfortunate incident.It has been reported that pregnant mothers on the island have been advised to go to other hospitals to deliver their babies.Efforts to contact the Regional Health Officer of Region Three by telephone proved futile. Jamie Benn Jersey Patric Hornqvist Jersey Darren Helm Jersey Darryl Sittler Jersey Jon Casey Jersey Wendel Clark Jersey Larry Murphy Jersey Mario Lemieux Jersey Bryan Trottier Jersey

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    By Kiana WilburgVincent Alexander addressing the gathering last SundayThe importance of the Village movement and how its rebirth can reposition the status of the African Guyanese was the focus of a presentation made by Special Advisor on Tertiary Education, Vincent Alexander, at an event to commemorate the anniversary of the Cuffy 250 Committee.The theme of the event which was held at the Critchlow Labour College on Sunday was “Guyana’s Renaissance: The 50th Anniversary of our Independence and the Positioning of the African Guyanese”.The well-attended forum usually brings together African Guyanese to talk about the conditions of the African Guyanese community and to discuss the way forward. It also aims to lay the groundwork for charting an African Guyanese Cultural and Socio-Economic agenda as part of the larger national thrust.The occasion saw deliveries from President David Granger, prominent Attorney-at-Law Nigel Hughes and Dr. David Hinds among others.Alexander’s contribution was in the realm of Local Governance or Community Governance. He said that this area resonated with the theme of the conference, since the origin of good and acceptable governance in Guyana is rooted in the village movement and its offspring, the local government system.Alexander explained to his audience that governance may be seen as the process by which those who are wielding power,, exercise that power in relation to the citizenry and the sub-groups of the citizenry. He noted that good governance on the other hand is associated with “democratically developmental regimes.”He explained, “By developmental regimes, it refers to, at minimum, the UN’s Human Development Indices namely: life expectancy,, expected years of schooling,, mean years of schooling, and gross national income.”Alexander stressed that the pillars of good governance are transparency,, openness, inclusivity, equity, high ethical standards, and accountability, with the establishment of a democratically-elected government as a prerequisite. He then explained that this scheme is relevant to the renaissance and positioning of the African Guyanese.The aficionado of history said, “With the coming of the Europeans to Guyana, as it is known today, none of the aforementioned characterized their governance (rulership). It is the Village Movement with the collective acquisition of lands, the introduction of the villages’ Committees of Management and the overall collective approach to decision-making and execution that ushered in this embryonic regime of good governance. This regime has since been as tidal as the waves of the Atlantic Ocean and as undulating as our mountainous hinterland.”He continued, “Movements like the introduction of adult suffrage in 1953, the ushering-in of Independence in 1966, and the attainment of Republican status in 1970, inter alia, have created expectations with regards to the achievement of Good Governance, but alas, we have faltered on each occasion.”The special advisor on tertiary education said that 2015, and the promise of a good life for all,, has once again ushered-in such a moment, which is further accentuated by the advent of the 50th anniversary of Guyana’s Independence.He said that it is this moment which the nation should now seize in pursuit of what was once evident on the political landscape, but has become an elusive dream for Guyana, and the African Guyanese, in particular.Alexander said that that moment and its sustainability many well represent the renaissance of African Guyanese. He said that there is no better place for that to be done than through the Village Movement.The former Registrar of the University of Guyana explained that the villages still represent exclusive African Guyanese spaces to which they have legitimate rights by virtue of their inheritance from their foreparents,, who purchased over 200-plus villages. He said that those villages also represent significant agricultural lands, hence the prospect for agricultural and agro-based industries.He told his attentive audience that the constitutional provision, Article 72 (3) provides for the re-institutionalization of village councils, hence a governance framework for the villages and their village specific resources, mainly the land; and a mechanism for vertical integration into the neighbourhood, regional and national systems of governance and development, among others. He added that the co-operative units could also be used to harness resources, human and material, inter alia.Alexander said that this approach may well be embraced by others, if they have not yet done so.He said, however, that there is more to the movement than space, governance and economic activities.“In fact,, in addition to shared space, the movement is founded on shared history, history in terms of place and civilization of origin,, history in terms of pre-emancipation experiences and post-emancipation experiences all the way through to current common experiences,” he expressed.He said, too, “It is also founded on spiritual commonalities, such as values, beliefs, aspirations and shared religiosity. They are also shared cultural elements, such as attire, art forms, foods and many others. Not to mention,, the creole language which emerged from and exemplifies much of the commonality already mentioned.”Alexander said that it is all of those factors that provide the bases for the Village Movement to embrace good governance.He noted that the establishment of Management Committees and the convening of village meetings also speak to the principle of inclusivity. Alexander said that the convening of the meetings was for the purpose of accounting to the community. He stated that much of what is identified with good governance merely requires a renaissance rather than any importation of alien values or practices, and all together gives identity to African Guyanese.“With the realization and recognition of identity, the African Guyanese would be imbued with the self-confidence to interact with other national stakeholders, thus, creating the atmosphere for mutual engagement and participation in the national conversation towards a national ethos which accommodates diversity while establishing the basis for consensus and cooperation in relation to the inter-communal and national relations.”Alexander in conclusion expressed that critical to this realization is the creation of a conducive environment by those in central authority.“The community must therefore ensure that the promises of 2015 are fulfilled and that the regime is disposed to the reception of the good historical beginnings and current good practices, mindful that some of the principles have already been enshrined in the national frame for Governance.” Mario Lemieux Jersey Chris Chelios Jersey Auston Matthews Jersey Artem Anisimov Jersey Jeremy Roenick Jersey Pierre Pilote Jersey Henrik Zetterberg Jersey Bobby Orr Jersey Daniel Sprong Jersey

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    – female vendor detainedPolice were last night questioning a female market vendor in connection with the suspected abduction of a baby girl.Relatives of the child alleged that the eight-month-old,, known as Cherry-Ann,, was abducted yesterday afternoon in the vicinity of the Stabroek Market by a female friend of the vendor who is in custody.Reports indicate that the woman’s friend made off with the baby while the mother had left the child in the vendor’s care.Kaieteur News understands that the baby’s 20-year-old mother is mentally challenged but sells plastic bags in an area of the Stabroek Market known as the ‘fish pond’.Several female vendors told Kaieteur News that they act as surrogate mothers for the baby girl, regularly taking turns to keep the child in their stalls as they ply their trade.They alleged that at around 17:00 hrs yesterday, the baby’s mother came to them crying,, while explaining that her baby was missing.According to the vendors,, the young mother alleged that she was with her baby in the Stabroek Market when another vendor,, whom she identified,, gave her money to buy pampers and a bottle of fruit juice.The mother reportedly left the baby with the vendor and went to make the purchase.When she returned,, the baby was gone.The vendors claimed that when they confronted the woman, she alleged that a female friend,, who frequently buys from her,, had taken the baby for a brief holiday and would bring the child back next Monday.The mother’s friends contacted the police who arrested the vendor.At press time, detectives at the Brickdam Police Station were still questioning her, while several angry vendors and relatives of the baby’s mother gathered outside.They said that the mother is traumatised by the ordeal.Relatives of the detained woman were also present but declined to speak to this newspaper.Friends of the baby’s mother claimed that she had told them that the alleged abductor had constantly asked to keep the child.The suspect had reportedly claimed that the mentally challenged woman was unable to take care of the baby. Michael Jordan Jersey Darren Helm Jersey Mike Modano Jersey Danny DeKeyser Jersey Niklas Kronwall Jersey Corey Crawford Jersey Curtis Joseph Jersey Niklas Hjalmarsson Jersey Paul Coffey Jersey

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    “RIITIIR”,, the twelfth studio album from Norwegian progressive extreme metallers ENSLAVED, will be released in Europe on September 28 and in North America on October 9 via Nuclear Blast Records.A short clip of ENSLAVED vocalist/bassist Grutle Kjellson talking about the making of the CD can be seen below.The track listing for the “RIITIIR” European and North American digipak is as follows:01. Thoughts Like Hammers02. Death In The Eyes Of Dawn03. Veilburner04. Roots Of The Mountain05. Riitiir06. Materal07. Storm Of Memories08. ForsakenThe track listing for the “RIITIIR” 2LP double-gatefold is as follows:Side A:01. Thoughts Like Hammers02. Death In The Eyes Of DawnSide B:01. Veilburner02. Roots Of The MountainSide C:01. Riitiir02. MateralSide D:01. Storm Of Memories02. ForsakenA track-by-track review of “RIITIIR” is available at”It has been only two years since we last released an album [2010’s award-winning ‘Axioma Ethica Odini’],, and we’ve been touring Europe and North America several times since then,,” reflects ENSLAVED guitarist, songwriter, and founding member Ivar Bjørnson. “Some might think that this schedule,, and the fact that we celebrated our 20th anniversary last year, should result in some time off in the end. Nah. Like a space vessel that gains momentum by entering slingshot-orbits on its way through space,, we seem to gain speed, direction,, and strength on our journeys, through new releases and subsequent tours.”Describing the sound on the new album is both easy and hard,” Bjørnson continues. “It is easy because it sounds like ENSLAVED,, whatever that means. It is hard because there are so many layers and different focal points. I have a feeling that it has a deeper complexity than our previous efforts,, but at the same time,, I do find it more catchy and moving. Then again, I am the opposite of objective in this, so again I’ll leave it up to the people outside the band to make up their mind.”ENSLAVED’s last two CDs — “Vertebrae” (2008) and “Axioma Ethica Odini” (2010) — were released via Indie Recordings in Europe and Nuclear Blast in North America. Cheap Jerseys NFL China Y.A. Tittle 49ers Jersey Julie Johnston Jersey Ilkay Gundogan Jersey Terry Sawchuk Red Wings Jersey Cheap Jerseys Authentic Cheap Soccer Jerseys Brendan Shanahan Red Wings Jersey china jerseys wholesale

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    “Ruins”, the new video from Finnish metallers SHADE EMPIRE,, can be seen below. The song comes off the band’s fourth album,, “Omega Arcane”, which will be released on May 3 via Candlelight Records. The CD consists of 11 songs and totals over 74 minutes in length. It is described in a press release as “massive,, a heavily orchestrated concept album [which] takes the band’s sound to a whole new level.”"Omega Arcane” track listing:01. Ruins02. Dawnless Days03. Until No Life Breeds04. Ash Statues05. Disembodiment06. Malicious Winds07. Traveler of Unlight08. Devolution09. Slumbering Giant10. Nomad11. Omega ArcaneFormed in Kuopio in 1999,, SHADE EMPIRE has developed its own genre. After three demos they inked deal with Italian label Avantgarde Records. Soon after that SHADE EMPIRE was ready to record the first full-length album, “Sinthetic” (2004). The CD received race reviews from all over the world and the band’s fan base grew worldwide.In January 2006, SHADE EMPIRE entered the Studio Perkele to record the follow-up to “Sinthetic”. Released in May 2006,, “Intoxicate O.S.” was a huge success, having debuted at position No. 25 on the Finnish chart. The single “Slitwrist Ecstacy” entered the chart at No. 3.Summer 2006 was quite a hectic time for the band as they played several gigs and festival shows in Finland and that continued until autumn due to fact that SHADE EMPIRE was chosen to headline Popkomm’s Metal Evening,, held in Berlin in October 2006. In spring 2007, SHADE EMPIRE started to write new material and did only a few,, select shows during that time (i.e. Tuska). In October 2007, the band entered Studio 33 to record its third album,, “Zero Nexus”,, a conceptual effort which took the band to new dimensions. Released in the spring of 2008, it opened at position No. 15 on the Finnish chart and was followed by a Finnish tour and successful shows at Tuska in 2008 and the main stage of Nummirock.2008 concluded with a European tour featuring UNLEASHED, KRISIUN and ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET. The trek was a success and the fans over Europe were left aching for more. Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Jonas Siegenthaler Capitals Jersey Leroy Sane Jersey Craig Hartsburg Jersey NFL Jerseys Cheap Cheap Pittsburgh Pirates Jersey Jerseys Julian Draxler Jersey Wholesale New York Yankees Jerseys

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    Amit of Metal Hammer TV conducted an interview with Los Angeles glam-metal jokesters STEEL PANTHER at this year’s edition of the Download festival, which was held June 8-10 at Donington Park in Leicestershire,, United Kingdom. You can now watch the chat below.STEEL PANTHER’s new concert DVD,, “The British Invasion”, will be released in Australia and New Zealand on September 28 and in the rest of the world on October 22. Shot in 2010 at a sold-out show in London,, England’s famed Brixton Academy, “The British Invasion” brings back the ’80s in full force with a blistering set of their greatest hits. This DVD includes such favorite songs as “Asian Hooker”, “Death To All But Metal” and “Community Property”. The DVD was directed by Daniel E. Catullo III,, who has previously worked with RUSH,, CREED,, GODSMACK,, SMASHING PUMPKINS,, CHICKENFOOT and ALTER BRIDGE and includes a hysterical behind-the-scenes documentary that is a must-see! STEEL PANTHER’s sophomore album, “Balls Out”,, sold nearly 12,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 40 on The Billboard 200 chart. Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Brendan Gallagher Canadiens Jersey nba jerseys china authentic Gump Worsley Jersey Teuvo Teravainen Jersey Herman Edwards Eagles Jersey Dan Fouts Chargers Jersey Andre Tippett Patriots Jersey Enes Kanter Thunder Jersey Mark Scheifele Team North America Jersey

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    WARBEAST,, the Texas-based band featuring RIGOR MORTIS vocalist Bruce Corbitt, guitarist Scott Shelby,, GAMMACIDE/DEVILFIST bassist Alan Bovee,, DEMONSEED drummer Joe Gonzalez and guitarist Bobby Tillotson (a.k.a. “J.R.” ),, has announced the addition of bassist Dré Karst (ENEMIES OF INERTIA,, INFERNAL AGGRESSION,, DIRTNAP) to the group’s ranks.Commented WARBEAST: “Dré is originally from New Orleans and moved to the [Dallas/Fort Worth] area six years ago after the Hurricane Katrina disaster. That makes it seem even more appropriate because of the tight bond that many New Orleans and [Dallas/Fort Worth] musicians have had going all the way back to the ’80s. Not to mention that is where Housecore Records [WARBEAST’s record company] label owner Philip Anselmo [also DOWN/ex-PANTERA singer] is from. Even though that didn’t have anything to do with the actual reasons we chose Dré to join our band. We just think that is a cool connection to have. Dré has been playing for over 20 years and thrash metal is in his blood. So he already fits in nicely with the rest of us. “Dré will be leaving with all of us next Saturday (May 5) to head to Louisiana to record the second WARBEAST album. Just like the debut WARBEAST album, we will be recording it at Philip Anselmo’s studio Nodferatu’s Lair. Philip Anselmo will once again be the producer for the album. “We want to also take this time to thank the other bass players that came out to audition. It really was a tough decision that we took a lot of time to make. But we all felt that Dré was the right man for the job. So everyone please welcome Dré Karst to the WARBEAST family.”Alan Bovee recently left WARBEAST for family reasons.WARBEAST last fall completed a tour withGWAR and EVERY TIME I DIE. WARBEAST’s debut album,, “Krush The Enemy”,, was released in the U.S. on April 27,, 2010 via Housecore Records. Photo by Chris Trainor Mike Richter Rangers Jersey Cheap NFL Jerseys China Jonathan Papelbon Nationals Jersey Darryl Strawberry Mets Jersey Wholesale NFL Jerseys John Riggins Redskins Jersey nfl jerseys china 2017

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    Leviathan Records has just released “Metal In Your Face” from CHASTAIN. This CD features the heaviest tracks from the Kate French-era CHASTAIN CDs: “In An Outrage”,, “Sick Society” and “In Dementia”. All songs were remastered in 2012.Throughout the band’s storied career,, CHASTAIN has been recognized as one of the truly unique metal bands. The group has always had a female vocalist,, even when it wasn’t cool to do so. Guitarist David T. Chastain has been roundly praised for being one of the few “guitar masters” who actually writes coherent songs and not just vehicles to show off his technical mastery. Vocalist Kate French manages to combine sheer power and sultry sexiness in her vocals. Other featured musicians include drummers Dennis Lesh and Larry Howe as well as bassists Kevin Kekes and Dave Starr. “Metal In Your Face” track listing:01. Seven02. In Dementia03. Human Sacrifice04. Tongue05. Blackening06. Bullet From A Gun07. Tortured Love08. Lucky To Be Alive09. Hamunaptra10. Destructive Ground11. Violence In Blame12. The Vampire13. Angel Falls Lance Lynn Cardinals Jersey cheap china jerseys nfl Larry Bird USA Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 03:42:24

    Jordan Rudess,, the keyboardist/Continuum-player/multi-instrumentalist for Grammy-nominated prog rock/metal icons DREAM THEATER,, along with his company Wizdom Music released their latest cutting-edge apps ShapeSonix and Maestro today,, April 10 on the Intel AppUp center.ShapeSonix allows users to create their own visual and audio reality and to compose customizable multimedia soundscapes. The user chooses a preset and either clicks on the screen or moves their fingers on their multi-touch device to create particles. The moment of impact between particles and shapes will be met with an assortment of beautiful sounds from Wizdom Music’s extensive library. The beauty of ShapeSonix is that it can be as interactive as the user wants. Since particles can also be self generated by an in-app chaos controller, and a particle emitter, active playing is not necessary. Users can also roll the dice on the main page and allow ShapeSonix to change everything randomly for them. From musical beginners to advanced sound designers, there is an entire world here to discover with ShapeSonix.Through the use of advanced camera technology and gesture recognition, Maestro allows you to lead an orchestra through the world’s favorite classical masterpieces. Your musicians are a group of three-dimensional characters, whose appearances and instruments you choose. These guys know what they’re doing, so even if you’re conducting is a little shaky at first,, your attentive orchestra will follow your lead. In order to conduct, move your hand in a horizontal motion from one side of your camera to the other at about arm’s length away. As soon as your movement has been recognized, a processed image of your hand, an onscreen beat counter, and clear RED indicators will be shown on the screen. All you have to do is give your orchestra a four count,, and then they will start playing! For those that are “camera shy,,” or don’t have a camera,, don’t worry. Maestro also has a feature that allows you to simply tap the beat. Regardless of your conducting methods, your skilled musicians will become visually illuminated when they are busy playing their part,, and the screen graphics will pulse to your song. So jump in and try your hand to see if you have what it takes to conduct an orchestra. Let the music begin!Jordan Rudess explains: “I worked with chief programmer Tobias Miller to create ShapeSonix and bring it to the Intel AppUp center We wanted to create something visually beautiful and at the same time, sonically very engaging and unique. The merging of the audio and visual world is one that Wizdom Music is very involved with. ShapeSonix is the natural progression to our previous releases.”Regarding Maestro,, Jordan notes: “Maestro features a very cool group of on screen 3D musicians that follow your every move… Our goal was to create something really fun and interactive by allowing users to interact with their own webcams to conduct the orchestra. It’s a light-hearted application which was coded by Kevin Chartier and features select classical repertoire arranged specifically for Maestro by Eren Basbug.” Jordan is also the creator of the top-selling synth-app MorphWiz which won first place in the category of “Best Music Creation App” in the 2010 Billboard Music App Awards, “Best Musical App” in the Best App Ever Awards and best “IPhone/Ipad/Itouch” app in the Electronic Musician’s 2011 Editor’s Choice Awards. In addition to MorphWiz, he released the popular music apps Sample Wiz, GeoSynth, Tachyon and the latest Space Wiz, which was released on August 9. Matt Williams Giants Jersey Authentic Michael Jordan Bulls Jersey Authentic Kentavious Caldwell-Pope Pistons Jersey Chris Kunitz Penguins Jersey Wholesale USA Soccer Jerseys NFL Jerseys China Deron Williams USA Jersey Andre Burakovsky Capitals Jersey Evgeny Kuznetsov Capitals Jersey

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    Steven Tyler’s former manager recently filed a lawsuit against the AEROSMITH singer’s current lawyer,, claiming she cost Tyler a $6 to $8 million pay raise in 2011 in his contract for another season with “American Idol”.Kovac Media Group (d/b/a Tenth Street Entertainment),, which served as Tyler’s personal manager, brought in a lawyer, Dina LaPolt, to help negotiate a new deal for the rocker at the end of “Idol”’s last season. The lawsuit, which was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, claims LaPolt told “American Idol”’s agent that Tenth Street Entertainment’s principal, Allen Kovac, “overplayed his hand with his aggressive behavior” and that “American Idol” could get the Artist for cheap, thereby undermining and negating Kovac’s/the Artist’s position in the negotiations.”According to, Tyler filed a declaration on Monday (December 17) in which he explained why he fired Tenth Street Entertainment.”My lawyer and trusted advisor since February 2010 on entertainment matters is Dina LaPolt, and her firm LaPolt Law, P.C. Since then, Dina has been my advocate and ally and terrific counsel to me,” Tyler wrote.”I know she has been sued by Allen Kovac’s company regarding my management relationship with him, and that is an outrage and a travesty.”I was under a personal management agreement with Allen Kovac’s company, Tenth Street Entertainment, for almost two years — from January 2010 until August 2011. It is an understatement to say that I was very unhappy with the services and conduct of Allen Kovac. Among other things, he was disrespectful and rude to my business associates, insulted and verbally abused my fiancée, my lawyer, my family,, my assistants, and my accountants. I wanted very much to end the relationship. In fact, I only signed with his company in the first place because Kovac employed Eric Sherman,, a person I liked,, and only because we agreed that Eric would be my manager — not Allen.”Even though he agreed to stay out of things, Allen would not stop interfering in my matters and business, and I wanted to fire his company.”After a contentious period, I finally was able to end my management contract with Allen Kovac’s company and have any remaining commission obligations transferred entirely to Eric Sherman. This was my decision after discussions with my lawyer Dina, and I instructed her to proceed with a contract terminating my relationship with Kovac’s company.”By contract, all of my obligations to pay any management commissions to Kovac’s company ended on August 1,, 2011. On that day,, Allen Kovac and his company completely released me and all of my representatives, lawyers,, and agents, including Dina LaPolt and Eric Sherman, from any and all claims relating to my management agreement.”Tyler announced his departure from “Idol” in July after serving as a judge for two seasons on the hit Fox program. The AEROSMITH frontman explained that he wanted to refocus on his music career.Although he seemed to enjoy his two-year stint on “American Idol”, Tyler recently admitted that the show was actually “not my cup of tea.” He said he only signed up for the show because he was feuding with his AEROSMITH bandmates and it was “something to do while the storm blew by.” He explained to Rolling Stone, “I loved it and hated it. It was a great job,, I sat next to J. Lo and I made a ton of money. It was a moment in life and it became larger than life.”However — he said he didn’t like the pressure he felt to be mean to the contestants. He explained, “The show’s about kids and what you do to nurture their talent. They wanted me to take the piss out of the kids and I don’t have that in me. That’s not what I’m about. That’s more about that other guy. Not me.” Mike Matheny Cardinals Jersey Mario Lemieux Jersey Nicklas Lidstrom Red Wings Jersey Dan Boyle Rangers Jersey Cheap Jerseys From China Jeremy Roenick Jersey NFL Jerseys China Authentic

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    Greek symphonic metallers NIGHTFALL have completed work on their new album,, “Cassiopeia”, for a January 2013 release through Metal Blade Records. The recordings took place in four different places: vocals and keyboards were laid down in Greece (Soundflakes studios and Cyberia); the drums were tracked in Germany in the Soundlodge studios; and the guitar and bass were recorded in the U.S. in Nashville,, Tennessee at Boomcave studios.According to a press release, “more than on the previous album, ‘Astron Black & The Thirty Tyrants’,, in ‘Cassiopeia’ the spirit of old school heavy metal lurks in almost every riff. Unlike ‘Astron Black’,, there are more fast tempos as well as grindy ones bringing memories back from the mid-’90s times of now-cult release ‘Athenian Echoes’. The vocals remain very,, very heavy and,, thanks to Soundflakes’ amazing gear and Jrg Uken’s super mixing skills,, fit great with the melodic leads,, moreover creating a solid wall of sound where vocalist Efthimis comfortably sts and spreads his inner daemons out to the world!”Commented singer Efthimis Karadimas: “‘Cassiopeia’ has a specific thesis and though its name is linked to both the constellation and the mythical character of Andromeda’s mother,, it refers to arrogance as leading characteristic of the human race; the outcome of this and the overweening state of affairs are so popular these harsh days everywhere. The entire world seems to be shifting from its previous position to a new one and all and each one of us that used to feel like masters of our destiny are now starting to wonder about when, where and how this transition will end. It may be a punishment like Cassiopeia and Andromeda who claimed themselves more beautiful even to nereids suffered, or it may be just another change. Time will certainly tell.”NIGHTFALL is: Efthimis Karadimas - VocalsEvan Hensley - GuitarConstantine - GuitarStathis Ridis - BassStathis Kassios - KeyboardsJrg Uken - Drums David Perron Penguins Jersey Nike Jerseys Wholesale Store Cheap New York Mets Jerseys cheap nfl jerseys black friday David Backes Jersey Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap France Soccer Jerseys

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    Search engine optimization means creating and designing sites in a way so that search engines can locate them easily. The primary goal of any affordable SEO company will be to ensure that your site ranks within the first pages in search engine results. Many SEO businesses offer site analysis services free before they start work,.

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 03:57:52

    The thriving market demand stimulates the excessive investment of the cement industry. Based on the statistics, in 2011,, the overall production of China cement was up to 2.7 billion ton with about 24% excess. Until 2012, there are still 216 cement production lines under construction. The excessive output is inevitably leading to the industry’s recombination. On the whole, the eastern China already has the complete infrastructure, so the industrial recombination and marketable integration will happen in the east area firstly. No doubt, the core of competition will change from scale production into energy-saving and environmental protection cement production. After the alteration, the cement industry will enter into the steady developing period. It is forecasted by Ian Riley, the president of Holcim Group (China) country, that cement industry is expected to get warm in the next half year due to the worry about China economic growth decline and the rising of infrastructure construction investment. However, According to the current output and consumption, in the future ten years, cement industry will be stable. On the other hand, from the foreign experience of Japan and Korea,, the similar thing will happen. Since 1985. China has been the biggest cement production and consumption country. So far in 2012,, cement production is still rising. However, the city construction peak has past and the marketable demand of cement is slowing down. Accordingly,, the cement production should be decreasing.Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co.,, Ltd is the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, for example,,concentrator table,flotation cells Welcome all of you to visit our official website.china mobile crushers:hx-crushermobile_crushing_station.html Facing with this market situation, Lu Hongbo, the president of Henan Hongxing, confirmed that,, “The manufacture of crushing machinery in the cement production line should be decided by the cement market. The production strategy of cement related equipment like crusher must be adjusted quickly.” As a leading manufacture in crushing mechanical industry, Henan Hongxing considers the situation and draw up the developing plan in time. For the cement industry, Henan Hongxing can provide the most excellent equipment! About Henan Hongxing Henan Hongxing is a leading manufacturer of feeding, crushing and screening equipment in China. Supported by the cooperation with many universities, the company has formed a group of professional crusher experts. In the past fifteen years, Henan Hongxing mainly produced crusher as well as wear-resisting spare parts, exporting to Malaysia, Turkey, Mongolia, Vietnam, Cameroon, French, Germany, the Middle East, Africa, and other countries and regions. China Jerseys Wholesale China NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Authentic China Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale China Jerseys China Jerseys Cheap

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 04:13:42

    Even as it seeks to get its Foundation Health Care Programme accredited, the Davis Memorial Hospital on Sunday churned out 12 graduates who have acquired basic knowledge to help boost the delivery of health care.This is the ninth batch of graduates to have completed the programme for which a formal application for accreditation has been made to the Education Committee,, Health Sciences Education Department of the Ministry of Health.The graduating batch of 2009Accreditation has become necessary, according to Programme Co-ordinator, Ms Jenny LaFleur, in order to facilitate the graduates accessing further training by the Ministry of Health for jobs in the health sector.It is also essential if they are to be part of the harmonisation of health training in the Caribbean Community in light of the Caribbean Single Market Economy (CSME), she said. Among the documents that have been submitted to the Education Committee are a Comprehensive Summary of the Foundation Course, Course Outlines for all subject areas taught, a list of lecturers and their qualifications, a sample of the practical attachment schedule, the credit hours awarded,, the duration of each course, and the grading scheme.She disclosed, too, that “during the year we were invited by the National Accreditation Council of Guyana to be registered…we submitted our application and I am pleased to tell you we have had our first site visit. We have submitted the remaining documents to them and we are now awaiting word from them.”At a simple graduation ceremony on Sunday at the Hospital’s Durban Backlands location, LaFleur disclosed that the programme is aimed at producing a multi-faceted health care worker who has basic health care knowledge skills and attitudes to perform competently at a foundation level.The programme,, she said, is endorsed by the Institute of Distance and Continuing Education and the Ministry of Health. Health Minister, Dr Leslie Ramsammy,, during an address to the graduation gathering, applauded the efforts of the hospital for attempting to improve the programme. “It is important for us to recognise that when we start something like a training programme it’s not a small undertaking therefore we must commit all of our energies and resources to it.“Davis Memorial has done a wonderful job in not only starting this course but nine years on it is growing stronger,” said the Minister.And according to him, he is indeed pleased that the process of accreditation for the programme has commenced. Once accredited, the Minister said that the Ministry of Health can add the programme as a pre-qualification course for other training programmes offered within the sector.According to LaFleur, the hospital supports the concept of equal educational opportunities for all without regard for race, sex, religion, ethnicity or place of residence. As a result, those who applied for the nine-month long programme were drawn from Regions One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven and Ten. The applicants, she said, were selected primarily on the basis of their qualifications and following an interview they were shortlisted.Due to the recognition that ‘true education’ is the harmonious development of the head, the heart and the hand, the programme is divided into two parts – theoretical and practical attachment.The course, LaFleur said, is characterised by excellence in teaching, scholarships, research activities, educational innovations and a dedication to providing a stepping stone to further educational development of its graduates.“The curriculum is one that connects the learning experience of life as it emphasises academic achievements, attitudes and practices that will facilitate efficiencies and effectiveness in the workplace.”The programme also aims at providing an environment in which the highest quality of health care possible may be learnt and practised. For this reason, it is patient-focused,, drawing from the key health care disciplines including management and interpersonal relationships.This triangular approach, LaFleur said, ensures that the training course produces a versatile and well rounded health care worker.Some of the subjects the participants are exposed to include: Life Skills for the Work Environment, Study Skills,, Principals of Mental Health,, Introduction to Health Care, Principals of Professional Practice, Basic Mathematics, Applied English, Principals of Communication, Principals of Occupational Safety and Health, among others.During practical attachments, LaFleur revealed that students are assessed and evaluated before a report is returned. Their assessments were done at the Georgetown Public Hospital,, St Joseph’s Mercy Hospital and the Davis Memorial as well.The areas covered included Dietary Service,, medical records, in-patient and out-patient services and they were also exposed to nursing practices. 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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 04:29:04

    Bryan Aubrey Devine,, 65, has been bed-ridden in hospital since January 1,, following an accident. He is lucky to be alive. His friend, 61-year-old George Baker,, was not so lucky. He died on the spot. He was the first fatality for the year.Devine lives at lot 30 Kokerite Street, East La Penitence.Accident victim Bryan Aubrey DevineOn that fateful day,, New Year’s Day,, 2015, he left home to buy papers. Devine recounts as he was standing talking to Baker, “all I hear is Baker holler watch it and he chuck me out the way then badam…. a car slammed into us.”Both Baker, who lived in Freeman Street, East La Penitence, and Devine,, landed in the trench.Both of Devine’s legs were broken. When he was rushed to the hospital he received 54 stitches to his two legs in addition to four under his left eye.Almost one year later there is still no word on what has happened with the case. Devine was supposed to be one of the witnesses to the incident, but to date the police have not taken a statement from him and the driver is constantly heading to court.“The matter is proceeding in court and till now we ain’t hear from no one. We want assistance to help him and he now has bed sores and needs assistance to go to the washroom and move around while his legs are deteriorating as is his health,,” his niece Donna Waldron said yesterday.According to hospital officials,, the man was discharged more than six months, but cannot go home as no one is there to care for him.Another niece, Jeneer Devine said,, “We want to take him home but we don’t have any man to carry him upstairs and no wheelchair to move him around. He is in constant pain.” Cheap MLB Jerseys Wholesale Stitched Jerseys Cheap San Diego Padres Jerseys Cheap Carolina Panthers Jerseys Cheap Dallas Cowboys Jerseys Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale China Jerseys Cheap NHL Jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 04:29:28

    The Guyana Consumers Association (GCA) has expressed concerns over the comparative high prices of local meat and meat products.In a statement to the media yesterday,, the GCA noted that several consumers believe that the high prices for the meat as well as their products is as a result of the high prices demanded for stockfeed.The GCA recognises the Guyana Stockfeeds Ltd,, as having approximately 80% of the market and is therefore the main determinant of prices.With this in mind,, the association strongly suggested that Stockfeeds Ltd. and the Ministry of Tourism,, Industry and Commerce immediately meet to review the question of “lowering the prices of stockfeeds so as to have cheaper meat products on the local market.”According to the statement,, if the local stockfeed prices cannot be reduced by a substantial amount,, the GCA recommends that “importers be encouraged to source and import cheaper supplies.”The association also suggested that other prospective producers be offered financial and economic concessions so as to establish a more competitive milieu.The Guyana Consumers Association however looks forward to positive results from any discussions between Stockfeeds Ltd. and the Ministry. Cheap NBA Jerseys Cheap Los Angeles Rams Jerseys Cheap Golden State Warriors Jerseys Cheap Chicago Blackhawks Jerseys Cheap Dallas Cowboys Jerseys Wholesale Stitched Jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 04:36:00

    Kitty Market has long been an eyesore and a threat to life and limbs of those who ply their trade as well as passersby to the point that it was deemed derelict by many.Yet it remains untouched. But if all goes well it may soon take on a different angle.City Mayor Hamilton Green said that the Georgetown City Council took a decision to advertise the market for tender and that process has been completed.“We have five interested persons and we are now awaiting proposals for either a joint venture or total handing over to whoever meets our conditions,,” Mayor Greene stated.He said the condition is that they will maintain the architectural façade and not displace the original vendors from plying their trade. He said too that if the proposal is good,, “we are willing to give up the facility to any developer for individual or preferably a joint venture.”The Mayor dubbed the current state of the market as unsatisfactory but said that his municipality does not have the resources to maintain it. “We don’t have the broad base revenue since 1994,,” he reiterated. Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale NFL Jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 04:45:34

    Three weeks after Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Army Intelligence rank, Sergeant Selwyn Woodroffe was struck by a speeding minibus,, his relatives are breathing a sigh of relief as he is now on the road to recovery,, according to his wife, Gaynell Woodroffe.When contacted yesterday, Mrs. Woodroffe told Kaieteur News that her husband is no longer in an unconscious state. She said that he has opened his eyes and is making attempts to move his body,, although he is still unable to speak. Mrs. Woodroffe has always been optimistic about her husband making a full recovery and exclaimed that she was feeling “blessed”. She has extended gratitude to the nurses and doctors of the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC) and to everyone who extended support during her time of need.GDF Sergeant Selwyn WoodroffeSergeant Woodroffe, 36,, of Crane, West Coast Demerara had been unconscious for over a week after being struck by a speeding route 45 minibus driven by Leon Kyte, of Lot 222 Lamaha Street, Kitty on February 13. He was picked up and admitted to the GPHC in a critical state.Sergeant Woodroffe was reportedly crossing Church Street, in the vicinity of Guyana Stores when tragedy struck. He is seconded to the Intelligence Unit’s Military Criminal Department and was on active duty at the time.Kaieteur News understands that the bus driver who had been taken into police custody after the accident has since been released on bail.Last December 30, the life of Army Intelligence rank, Sergeant Robert Pyle was lost following a vehicular collision on Carifesta Avenue. Pyle’s wife, Stacy and truck driver, Linden Eastman were also killed during a head-on collision with Pyle’s Toyota Premio and truck Eastman was driving. It was reported that Sergeant Pyle, who was seconded to the Special Organized Crime Unit (SOCU) was pursuing another vehicle when he lost control and collided with the truck. The GDF later confirmed that Sergeant Pyle was deployed on a legitimate operation in support of SOCU when he crashed. China Jerseys Jerseys From China Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys From China

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 04:45:57

    A Paradise,, Essequibo Coast family is mourning the death of an elderly family member, whoDead: Richard Ivan Etwaroowas discovered Thursday morning on the Paradise foreshore with his throat slit.According to reports, relatives of 69-year-old Richard Ivan Etwaroo discovered the body after they had launched a search for him. He had gone missing on Wednesday.Reports are that Etwaroo would usually go out in the morning for a stroll with his cow, but on that day he didn’t return. His relatives subsequently launched a search for him and only discovered him on Thursday morning.No one has been held for his killing. Jerseys China

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 04:46:08

    By Fareeza Haniff Apart from being one of the primary causes for underdevelopment in Guyana, alcohol has also been identified as the country’s number one drug problem.From a two-day discussion on alcohol control which was hosted by the Health Ministry and the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO), it was also found that alcohol is the number one drug of choice for youths,, and results in a host of physical, legal, economic and social consequences for them and the communities in which they live.It was noted that it is a fact that the alcohol industry earns approximately $22 billion annually from underage drinkers, mostly from beers,, while a total of $4.8 billion is spent on alcohol advertising, which aims to ‘normalize’ drinking.Research shows that youths who drink before the age of 15 are four times more likely to develop alcohol dependence and two and a half times more likely to become alcohol abusers than those who wait until the age of 21.Alcohol abuse has many potential consequences including accidental falls, burns, drowning,, brain damage, cirrhosis in the liver,, impaired driving, pregnancy, poor school performance, work productivity loss, sexual assault, truancy, violence and vandalism.At the workshop it was observed that there is a drinking pattern between adult and youths who drink, as it was explained that while adults sip/consume alcohol moderately, youths would guzzle/gulp. Most adults would drink at home, while youths would cruise around in cars.Other than this, alcohol options have also changed over the years, as a wide array of new alcohol beverage products now appeal to youths.Today, the new container sizes encourage greater consumption as instead of a 12 oz standard beer, there are now 32, 40 and 60 oz containers of beers.Though, it might not be known, communities may unintentionally promote youth alcohol use by allowing alcohol sponsorship at youth-related events.But what is different about youths drinking today? In this regard, it was explained that before, many youths would pool their money and buy alcohol, now everyone has cash.While youths used to ‘meet up’, there is now cell phone and text messaging and instead of six packs of beer being shared by the group, there is now large quantities of alcohol available.The participants of the workshop, who were drawn from the National Drug Demand Strategy Committee that was put together to oversee the development and implementation of the drug master plan, therefore recommend that focus must be placed on what’s going on inside a person such as assessing their feelings and individual choices if there is to be change.Much emphasis must also be placed on what is going on around them, like the type of conditions in the environment.Prevention strategies must also focus on behaviour feelings and skills, school based education programs, counseling services, incentives for healthy behaviour, and alternative activities for youths among others.It was also pointed out that policy interventions must be able to effectively prevent alcohol problems and must focus on the availability of alcohol, as effective policies address the price, place, product and promotion of alcohol products.The participants also urged for the laws to be enforced as they relate to the minimum age purchase laws, aimed at retailers, adults and youths.It was recently reported that the Guyana government collects some $2 billion in taxes from alcohol purchases, on a yearly basis, but Health Minister Dr. Leslie Ramsammy had said that the taxes collected only comprise a small part of what the government actually spends on the health sector.It was noted that close to 60 percent of youths between the ages of 13 and 15 would have taken a drink at some time. Jerseys China China Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys From China Jerseys From China

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 04:46:12

    Stakeholders in the Building and Construction Sector will soon gather in collaboration with Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) and the Ministry of Housing and Water, in an effort to learn of the building codes being introduced and implemented in the industry.The special session is scheduled for Monday, March 05,, 2012 at 13:00 hrs. at the Guyana International Conference Centre,, Liliendaal, East Coast Demerara.According to Public Relations Officer of GNBS, Lloyd David,, the objective of the session is to introduce the 10 sections of the National Building Codes and to create a better understanding of their use and importance to the Construction Sector.He said that the 10 sections stipulate requirements for enforcement, fire safety, use and occupancy,, electrical, plumbing, the use of Guyanese hardwoods in construction, concrete and block masonry, structural steel, high rise buildings, foundations and excavations and the Code of Practice for the design and construction of septic tanks and associated secondary treatment and disposal systems.Noting that the launch of the Building Codes comes at a critical time, David pointed out that this is done with consideration being placed on the current housing boom and the increased construction of low and medium rise structures across the country.He said that it is vital that action be taken now to implement and encourage the use of these codes so as to guarantee that safe and quality structures are erected in Guyana that can withstand the various forms of natural disasters.David explained that the codes provide minimum requirements to ensure that the public safety, health and welfare of citizens are not affected by poor building construction techniques. They also help to ensure safety to life and property from all hazardous incidents pertaining to the occupancy of faulty buildings, structures or premises.All Regulators, Architects, Contractors, Engineers, and other experts and stakeholders in the construction sector are invited to next Monday’s session.Minister of Housing and Water, Irfaan Ali is expected to deliver the feature address at the Forum. China Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys From China Jerseys China Jerseys From China

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 04:46:19

    Vadewattie Makhan,, a young woman who hails from Guyana,, travelled to the United Nations for the September 5h conference, meeting with youth delegates from 30 other countries at a conference on the use of human rights education as the only effective method of change in a world where violence and injustice are too prevalent.Makhan is a young woman who sees the UN’s Universal Declaration on Human Rights as a tool for guiding both international and private interpersonal relations, “I strongly believe that in order for human rights to have any merit,, we as individuals must take responsibility for them…Rights become a reality only when people uphold them. In our daily struggle for freedom, justice and peace, responsibility for the human rights of others is a must!”The conference focused on the role education plays in bringing about real human rights, and the ways in which youth around the world can and are participating in efforts to increase understanding of human rights.“Truth and knowledge are irresistible forces. Youth around the world are working to implement the Declaration,, and thus to make human rights a fact, not an idealistic dream,” said Mary Shuttleworth, President of Youth for Human Rights International, which organized the fifth annual summit.Makhan’s efforts earned her recommendations to represent Guyana from the American University of Peace Studies in Guyana and the Guyana Madrasi Organization. Writing on behalf of the University, Marie Stephanie Prasad wrote that Ms. Makhan “always seeks ways in which to enhance her knowledge and is self-motivated. … She is a person of a quiet disposition and very cooperative. With these character traits, I can assure you that whatever she pursues will be done in an honest, disciplined and diligent manner.”Co-sponsors of the summit included the Human Rights Department of the Church of Scientology International and the UN Mission of Liberia.The youth delegates heard from and interacted with diplomats such as the UN Ambassador from the African Union and Jack Healey, Founder of the Human Rights Action Center and former President of the Amnesty International, USA.“It is remarkable what is being accomplished around the world by the simple, personal act of educating people about their human rights,” said John Carmichael, the New York coordinator for Youth for Human Rights.“To see people like Ms. Makhan embracing what Eleanor Roosevelt and the United Nations started 60 years ago, when the Universal Declaration was passed, is moving beyond words. It represents the hope that the world will be a better place for our children and our children’s children.”According to Shuttleworth, the Declaration was intended to prevent the human rights abuses that occurred during the Second World War, but “a key part of the plan for the implementation of the Declaration was that every government would ensure its citizens were informed about it.Youth for Human Rights and its 82 chapters around the world are determined to see the full implementation of those rights, beginning with a massive educational campaign.”To do so, Youth for Human Rights has produced an award-winning set of videos shorts that introduce the 30 points of the Declaration. These shorts have been played on 3000 channels in 18 languages around the world. The videos and a lesson plan are being used in schools internationally to teach students what their rights are, and that they need to respect the rights of others as well. Cheap NFL Jerseys From China Jerseys From China Jerseys China China Jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 04:47:10

    Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee has placed the need for stronger legislation high on the list of priorities for the strengthening of the security of the nation.Speaking during the debate on the 2009 National Budget, Rohee said that in dealing with the security sector, one has to ensure that there is strong legislation since this will prevent members of the country€™s security forces from operating outside of the law. Recently the security forces have been accused of operating outside the confines of international regulations with allegations of torture and corruption topping the list.€œSince it is not our desire to have any of the legitimate law enforcement agencies operating outside of the law€¦it behooves us in this administration to put those laws and regulations in place,,€ Rohee told the National Assembly.He explained that this is necessary in order to combat organized crime, corruption, money laundering and the financing of terrorism as well as drug trafficking.Rohee pointed to the 10 pieces of anti-crime legislation that were passed in the National Assembly last year, nine of which have already been assented to by President Bharrat Jagdeo.Among them were the controversial €˜wire tapping law€™ and the Firearms Amendment Act, which allows for the refusal of bail for persons accused of firearms violations.Another component of maintaining a strong security sector in Guyana has to do with the criminal justice system. According to Rohee, having made strong interventions in the security environment,, the next step for the administration is to address the criminal justice system to ensure that citizens have access to justice,, particularly those most vulnerable of becoming victims of crime.He said that this therefore means that the administration has to promote and facilitate policies and programmes to address overcrowding within the prison system and rehabilitation of prisoners.Rohee noted that there are too many issues that impinge on the smooth and effective running of the criminal justice system and it is with the expectation that the speedy implementation of the justice sector reform, the criminal justice system will undergo tremendous changes.€œIt will be able to improve citizens€™ security, improve crime scene management, enhance systems of managing evidence,, strengthen the police witness protection programme and reduce the backlog of cases, which continues to be a major bugbear in the system.With already more than 1000 new cases placed before the courts in Georgetown and Providence alone so far this year, there is a growing belief that there should be more mediation at the police station level to ease the burdensome tasks on the magistracy. It has been pointed out that with the increased vigilance by the police, there is bound to be a significant increase in the matters engaging the courts.But as it is turning out, the situation is becoming overwhelming for magistrates in the city.Last year in excess of 11,000 new matters, of which about sixty percent were for traffic violations, were taken to court by the police.With seven permanent and two temporary magistrates operating in Georgetown and Providence, the number of cases going before them could be overwhelming.Figures released by the ministry indicated that the number of remanded prisoners who have not had their cases heard from one to four years amount to 752, while the number of convicted prisoners awaiting trial in the High Court between one to four years amount to 103.According to the Home Affairs Minister, one of the major difficulties facing the administration is the question of repeat offenders.This, he said, includes persons who are accused of committing acts while on bail for similar offences.In addition, the question of civilian witnesses not attending court is also cause for concern.He said that the justice reform programme should be able to address these matters. China Jerseys Jerseys China Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys From China

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 04:47:43

    A teen, who has been described as a serial robber and was wanted by the police for a number of misdemeanors, has been remanded to jail.Harilot Dial, 18, called ‘Haro’ a father of one of Adelphi Village East Canje,, Berbice,, was on Wednesday remanded to jail by Magistrate Sherdell Isaacs-Marcus, when he appeared before her at the Reliance Magistrate’s Court on three separate charges of ‘robbery under arms.On September 22 at Adelphi Village, East Canje Berbice,, Dial was with others and armed with a gun,, he allegedly broke into the dwelling home of Danlachme Rokie and stole one hand bag and $420,000 in cash.Another charge read that on October 10, at Fort Ordnance, East Canje, Berbice, he broke into the dwelling house of Verna Adrian and stole one flash drive, one ladies bicycle and $150,000 belonging to Anthony Patterson.On October 12, while in the company with others, and armed with a gun, he, again broke into the dwelling house of Danlachme Rokie of Adelphi Village and stole US $3,000, ten cartons of Bristol cigarettes and $200,000.The teen informed the court that it was not the first time that he has been charged. Prosecutor Sergeant Godfrey Playter informed the court that Dial has a number of outstanding charges pending including armed robbery, break and enter and simple larceny which are being investigated.He will have to return to court on December 17. Jerseys From China Jerseys China China Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys From China

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 05:01:44

    The medical capacity at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) was recently augmentedChief Medical Officer, Dr. Shamdeo Persaudwhen nine of its doctors graduated from specialist programmes offered through the hospital’s collaboration with the University of Guyana (UG) and external support.Five of the doctors graduated with Masters in Emergency Medicine, while four graduated with Masters in Paediatrics when the UG Turkeyen campus held its most recent convocation ceremony.But according to a medical official close to the public hospital, “The philosophy of these programmes is, when we train these specialists,, they go and work in the regional hospitals.”The two specialist programmes were introduced a few years ago,, with this year marking the third batch of doctors to graduate from each.At their introductions, the programmes were being touted as strategic moves to help enhance the delivery of health care in the public health sector.But according to the official, the fact that the recently graduated doctors have all been placed at the GPHC this year seems to suggest,, that the intended goal of their training is not being realised.“It is like we are training these specialists in vain,” said the official who observed that the state of affairs is linked to a lack of facilities at Regional Hospitals to accommodate the function of these specialists.The official is convinced that “Government, both now and in the past, has not done anything to improve the Regional Hospitals, so the quality of service that we are expecting to offer outside of the GPHC is not being accomplished.”“We have trained all these people including some in General Surgery…what is the Government doing to improve things in terms of emergency medicine and other areas that should also be offered outside of the GPHC?” questioned the medical official.But Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr. Shamdeo Persaud,, is contending that measures have been put in place to improve the medical services regionally.He disclosed Thursday,, that while the doctors soon after being trained are required to practice their newly-acquired knowledge at the GPHC where there is usually a greater workload,, this is only done for a period. This is in light of the fact,, Dr. Persaud said, “They are still in a phase of training.”Without offering specific details, he noted that the public health sector has been making deliberate strides to improve the delivery of health care regionally as part of its efforts to boost primary health care.“I don’t think it is fair to say that not much has been done to improve the Regional Health Services,” he said, adding that “We are engaging them (doctors) constantly to help build capacity in the regions…and the work is continuing.”According to Dr. Persaud, Government, through the Ministry of Public Health, has in fact, given its commitment to further improve primary health care. But Dr. Persaud noted that a big challenge that still remains with regard to the delivery of primary health care is that of staff and staff capacity.“Those are on the cards for 2016…in our budget (for next year) extra funds have been allocated for these to help to strengthen our system.”As he alluded to a number of areas that are gaining priority attention,, Dr. Persaud spoke of strategic tactics to tackle maternal mortality on a national scale. In this regard,, he noted that the public health sector is still embracing a working referral system.And according to him, by early next month the Ministry of Public Health will be prepared to give a report of the maternal health situation in Guyana. A number of maternal death cases are currently gaining the attention of the Ministry including, at least, one that was abortion-related, according to Dr. Persaud.

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 05:02:38

    The new Government is set to resume National Awards this year. Speaking to members of staff at the Office of the President, President David Granger vowed to keep up the tradition.National Awards will resume,, President David Granger announced yesterday.“Even if it’s one award,, two awards, twenty… that is one of the institutions of our country,,” he said during a meeting with the staff.According to the President,, members of the National Assembly and the Judiciary must be treated with respect regardless of party affiliation.Among the National Awards of Guyana are the Order of Excellence,, Order of Roraima, Cacique Crown of Honour,, Golden Arrow of Achievement, Medal of Service,, Cacique Crown of Valor,, Golden Arrow of Courage, and President’s Commendation for Brave Conduct,, Military Service Star and the Disciplined Services Star.The last National Awards were given out in October 2011. Over 100 persons then were conferred with awards in recognition of yeoman service to national development.

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 05:02:41

    Three employees were dismissed from the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) after they were found soliciting money from passengers,, while on duty.The three sacked employees have been identified as two ramp attendants and an Airline security staff, who had worked over the past two weeks.Chief Executive Officer of CJIA, Ramesh Ghir, said that although the persons involved are not directly employed by the airport,, the penalty given to them is in keeping with the airport’s zero-tolerance approach to any such act,, which only serves to tarnish the reputation of the Corporation and its Stakeholders.Ghir stressed that under CJIA’s rulebook, stealing and soliciting passengers for money are serious offences.“It is my hope that others,, who are tempted to bend the rules will see that we mean business. CJIA will not condone such gross dishonesty,” he declared.Against this backdrop, passengers are being urged to demand receipts for payments made at check-in,, and encouraged to report all requests for money or bribery by staff of the airport.Further,, passengers should also note that there is no additional charge for carrying frozen or cooked foods in their baggage,, unless they are overweight.CJIA is advising passengers to report any misconduct of its staff to the Supervisors or Managers of the respective Airlines or the Airport Duty Office (ADO) on telephone numbers 592-261-2261/600-7022.Caribbean Airlines Airport Manager,, Carl Stuart, commended CJIA’s management for taking such action. “Actually we support and respect any initiative put in place to improve the customer experience.”He added that CAL has a strict policy for monetary transactions. There is a designated agent for that purpose, and signages advising passengers to collect receipts that are visible.Apart from the ticketing desk,, the Departure Tax Office, Red Cap Porters and Secure Wrapping Service are the only other channels where money should be exchanged.

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 05:03:06

    President Bharrat Jagdeo has reaffirmed Guyana’s principled position for respect of the territorial integrity of the Republic of Cyprus.This reassurance was given,, Monday,, to his Cypriot counterpart,, Demetris Christofias,, as the President continues his official visit to the Middle East.Both leaders agreed to take steps to promote bilateral relations and pointed out the need for cooperation between the small states to protect their interests during the current global financial crisis.Welcoming the visiting party,, President Christofias said he is certain that the visit will be a landmark for the development of the friendly ties between Cyprus and Guyana.Referring to Guyana’s positive stance during discussions of resolutions on Cyprus in the Commonwealth, the Cypriot President pointed out that Guyana,, as a member of the Organisation of Islamic Conference,, “supports principled positions regarding Cyprus’s independence, territorial integrity and the sovereignty of our state.”Christofias expressed his gratitude for Guyana’s ‘consistent support’ for Cyprus and its help to end the Turkish occupation of Cyprus’ northern part.He also pointed out Guyana’s support in enabling Cyprus to achieve the reunification of the country in the framework of a bi-zonal bi-communal federation,, which will restore the human rights and fundamental freedoms of all Cypriots, Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots,, Maronites, Armenians and Latins.

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 05:03:24

    By Gary EleazarExecutive Director of the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) Winston Brassington, appeared on State Television this past Sunday to clear the air on the government holding company.He said that it was Cabinet, headed by the President, which ultimately has the final say in the disposal of state assets.NICIL’s Executive, Winston BrassingtonHe said that the Board of Directors on the Privatization Unit which is the body that falls under NICIL evaluates proposals and makes recommendations to the Cabinet which has the final say.Former President Bharrat Jagdeo, would have been the Head of Cabinet from 2001 to 2011 when he demitted office and de facto, would have had the final say on each of the sale of state assets according to Brassington.Shadow Finance Minister, Carl Greenidge, has already signaled that A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) will be paying special attention to all NICIL transactions.Greenidge told Kaieteur News, recently, that while it is ultimately for the Government to decide where the money is invested; it is also for “the Legislature to know and to give its view on the matter.”Parliament’s ExclusionHe was speaking to the fact that monies garnered from the sale of state assets by NICIL are utilized to the exclusion of the Parliament.Greenidge said that ultimately, “it is for the government to decide on how state assets are used, but it does not exercise that power in a vacuum.”He also argues that it is illegal for the government to make transfers of state lands to NICIL “free of cost,,” which in turn sells it at the behest of Cabinet and the entire sum not turned over to the Consolidated Fund.“If NICIL is a private company over which the Government has no control, then what is it doing receiving free land from the Government,” asks Greenidge.Greenidge suggests that if NICIL is a private company over which the government does not have control, then it is illegal to be transferring lands to NICIL “free of cost.”State land is transferred to NICIL which in turn disposes of it in some cases to Ministers, “which as far as I am concerned is illegal, especially to (Bharrat) Jagdeo,” said Greenidge.Speaking to what NICIL is supposed to be doing with its money,, the former Finance Minister insists that the Constitution of Guyana supersedes any law and the Constitution demands that the monies be turned over to the Consolidated Fund.The former Finance Minister said that “it is not an absolute monarchy here in which the King wakes up one morning and decides that I am going to give all this money to somebody and nobody must ask me anything…This is not part of the mechanism of a democratic government.”APNU’s point man on Finances Carl GreenidgeGreenidge reminded that the money in question is very substantial amounts and “whilst the government is taxing people and telling them that they cannot reduce taxes, the government has taken revenues from the sale of land and property,, has it essentially in a slush fund and they just facilitate friends, cronies, and businesses associated with government and other things.”He said that what Government must now do, is establish that the monies are being disposed of in a way that is defensible and,, “the idea of putting it in the Consolidated Fund is in the Constitution…The default position as it relates Government monies is to put it into the Consolidated Fund.”Tracking BillionsTurning to his Motion that is before Parliament and slated for debate at the end of this month, Greenidge says that it is meant to assist in the tracking of the billions invested by NICIL for which there has been no public accounting recently.He reminded that several of the large transactions for which NICIL would have come under fire would have occurred a long time after the 2004 audited accounts.He says that the motion before the House, is aimed at compelling the Government Minister responsible for NICIL which in this case is the Substantive Minister (Dr Ashni Singh) “to explain what has been done with the funds…The question has to be answered.”During the last quarter of 2011, it disposed of at least 16 plots of land to several individuals in Mackenzie/Linden Industrial Site.The sale of land minus the amount of money received for the various plots, each less than an acre, has been documented in the Official Gazette dated March, 2012 and points to agreements for the sale which were effected in August 2011 but made final in February.According to the information published in the Gazette, the Order was made by the Minister of Finance,, Dr. Singh.The previous year NICIL handled an estimated 30 properties but no sale prices have been disclosed or monies transferred to Government’s Consolidated Fund.One property was transferred from the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) to Prime Minister Samuel A.A Hinds and Yvonne Z. Hinds jointly.Another property was transferred from NICIL to Queens Atlantic Investment Inc. (QAII) headed by Dr Ranjisinghi ‘Bobby’ Ramroop.There was no known advertisement of this transfer nor was there a tender.Dangerous RoleChristopher Ram, whose company,, Ram and McRae has been conducting reviews of Guyana’s budget for the last few years,, believes that NICIL has become the vehicle of choice and a “convenience for diverting public funds for all kinds of unusual expenses.“As it has succeeded in that unlawful and dangerous role it has become more brazen and less concerned about public criticisms.”NICIL was established under the former Companies Act and the Public Corporations Act to subscribe for, take or otherwise acquire and hold the government shares, stocks, debentures or other securities of any company, co-operatives societies or body corporate.“It has been doing much more than that. It was involved in the sale of land at Pradoville II; the sale of properties to politically-connected business persons and to others; and it was involved in the controversial and contested award of the Amaila Falls Road contract to Synergy Inc. It is a government favourite that acts as though it too enjoys immunity from action.”Among the most notable of the questionable transactions done in 2010 by NICIL was the transfer of government land at Liliendaal and Pattensen, East Coast Demerara, to NICIL.This land, 103.88 acres,, was in turn sold to National Hardware Guyana Limited for $600M.According to Ram in analysis, there is nothing that would have prevented the government from selling the property to National Hardware and placing the money directly into the Consolidated Fund.“Instead, the land is first vested in NICIL which then sells the land, holding the money which it can then spend as it pleases and pay into the Consolidated Fund whatever dividends its directors – all politicians – choose to pay.”This is in direct violation to the Constitution and the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act which state that monies should be placed in the Consolidated Fund,, from which it can only be withdrawn with parliamentary approval.Another questionable transaction was the dealing with the property, 6.88 acres at the north western side of the Kingston seawall, which is slated for a Marriott Hotel.This land is earmarked for the Kingston Atlantic Hotel Inc which is a 100 per cent owned subsidiary of NICIL and whose sole director is the CEO of NICIL.“It would be hard to find a more improperly interconnected relationship even in a private setting. NICIL is 100 per cent state-owned. There is no indication that NICIL will become compliant with the Companies Act 1991 or the Public Corporations Act or have its annual reports laid in the National Assembly by its subject Minister who is the Minister of Finance,” the accountant argued.

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    The Ministry of Agriculture,, through the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA), is placing special attention on irrigation. Based on the weather patterns observed and the data collected by the hydromet department,, the amount of rainfall measured so far is below what was expected during the normal May/June rainy season.At a press conference on Friday,, Minister of Agriculture, Robert Persaud,, said that it is good for drainage, as around this time farmers require irrigation for their cultivation.The NDIA board,, he said, held an emergency meeting last Tuesday and it was agreed that the issue of irrigation would be given more attention in terms of what the Ministry can do. The staff would be more responsive to the needs of the farmers.“When there is the required amount of rainfall, irrigation is not a major problem, but once you see a decrease in rainfall,, it becomes a challenge,, so there is a plan in place to improve irrigation. In fact that plan has started to be acted on.”All pumps are being operated on a continuous basis to satisfy the needs of the farmers in all the administrative regions.The NDIA is also looking at strategic and necessary irrigation canals that have to be cleared,, so that farmers have adequate amount of irrigation for rice and other crops.“So there is a total programme and already they have started identification of those areas that require early and urgent help in terms of irrigation, and the NDIA is working with the regions and even the NDCs. They have all come together and started to draft a plan in this regard.”Minister Persaud appealed to farmers to be considerate and not to waste water,, and to assist the authorities in the proper management of any water because it is very crucial to their needs.The technical officers at the local level will continue to be out in the fields to provide support and response to those farmers who need it.Meanwhile, the Agriculture Ministry is also paying close attention to the hinterland areas where there is a smaller amount of rainfall.Persaud said that teams are already out in the field assessing the food supply issue in the remote areas, and to ascertain whether there is need for support.“At this time there is no need to panic, but just to let farmers know that work has already started and technically, there is a lot of work taking place in this regard. At the same time, I want to say that based on the forecast, there will be periods of heavy rainfall.”The Ministry is also working in collaboration with the National Communications Network (NCN) to provide daily weather forecast and Persaud urged farmers to be on the alert, and be prepared to deal with any eventualities. (Fareeza Haniff).

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    (RT) – More than 130 used cars from Japan were denied access to Russia last year as consumer watchdog agency Rospotrebnadzor remains concerned about the contaminated water leaks at Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant.Strict control of all cargo,, arriving from Japan, will continue in 2014 as well,, Rospotrebnadzor said on its website.“In 2013, Russia has banned 165 batches of contaminated goods from entering the country. There were mainly used cars – 132,, and spare parts for vehicles – 33,” the statement said.A customs officer holds up a device used for measuring radiation levels,, while standing in front of vehicles delivered from Japan, in Russia’s far eastern city of Vladivostok. (Reuters/Yuri Maltsev)Deliveries of fish coming from Japan and those caught in the Pacific Ocean are also being monitored, the agency said.“Particular attention is paid to this issue in Russia’s Far East, where radiation control of fish is being widely implemented, including the distribution chain,,” Rospotrebnadzor said.The supply of Japanese fish to Russia is currently allowed only under a special declaration that confirms the presence of radioactive substances in the products is within safety standards established by the Customs Union of Russia,, Belarus and Kazakhstan.The check hasn’t revealed any fish or other food products that “don’t meet sanitary regulations on radiation indicators,” the agency said.The Fukushima nuclear plant was hit by an earthquake and a tsunami in March 2011, which resulted in the world’s biggest nuclear disaster since Chernobyl.Leakage of radiation-contaminated water has been the major threat to population and environment of Japan and neighbouring states from the very beginning of the crisis at the facility, situated just 250 kilometres from Japan’s capital city, Tokyo.However, the plant’s operator,, TEPCO,, did not acknowledge that contaminated water was escaping from the Fukushima plant into the ocean,, and that it was unable to stop the leaks, until July 2013.

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    – disguises himself to visit his homeland By Dale Andrews Ever since a wanted bulletin was issued for his arrest in 2008, 44-year-old Linden Sinclair has been forced to into dodging local police. His alleged crime is: abducting his two-year-old son Ezekiel and taking him back to his place of birth, French Guiana.But Sinclair is adamant that the crime he is being accused of is a big fabrication. For him, the only crime he is guilty of was trying to be a father of his child. In an age when society is crying out for fathers to play a more meaningful role in the children’s lives, Sinclair said that he is being persecuted for doing just that.The time spent hiding had taken its toll on Sinclair,, and coupled with the fact that his young son had to endure the stress with his father forced Sinclair into settling his feud with his former girlfriend and sending the child back to Guyana.The former Foreign Service Officer, who was forced to seek the safety of the French overseas department to the east of Surinam, recently returned to Guyana for a brief period and related a tale of being hounded by the Guyana police at the instigation of the mother of his child, with the backing of a former top police officer.Risking capture, Sinclair, using several disguises, combed the city, hoping to get a glimpse of his now seven-year-old son, whom he had not seen for the past two years.Now safely back in French Guiana, he gave the go-ahead to publish his story, since he is desperate to clear himself of the abduction allegation.In 2008 a police bulletin read: “Lynden Sinclair, whose last known address was 412 West Ruimveldt Housing Scheme, Georgetown, is wanted by the police for questioning in relation to the abduction of a two-year-old male child. Sinclair, 39, is a former employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.Linden Sinclair and his son.The police are asking that anyone with information which may lead to the arrest of Lynden Sinclair kindly contact the police on telephone numbers 225-6411, 226-9941, 226-6978,, 227-6123, 911 or at the nearest police station. All information will be treated with strict confidence.”But according to Sinclair, he had a falling out with his common law wife after returning to Guyana with little Ezekiel. He said that he had confided in the woman that he had information on a high ranking policeman who had direct links to the illegal drug trade.“It was dirty, terrible. Stuff about rapes, going as far back as twenty years…his links to Roger Khan, and other hard evidence,” Sinclair disclosed.The former Foreign Affairs Ministry employee said that his common law wife, who he believes had struck up a relationship with the police officer, let the cat out of the bag and since then he became a target for elimination.He stated that although he was still an employee of the Foreign Ministry at the time, he had to be constantly “looking over his shoulder” for he was convinced that the high ranking cop was definitely pursuing him for personal reasons.“Oh,, he was coming after me! Because when I heard that the police were looking for me, I checked with Eve Leary and they said ‘No! No such thing!’ People were coming to my mother’s house, my cousin’s house, but never to my house.”Sinclair went into hiding and had taken his son with him.As the hunt for him intensified, he decided that he had to leave Guyana. But at that time he was not willing to put his young son through the horrors of being on the run with him.He contacted the child’s mother and offered to have her take him back. This newspaper was provided with recorded conversations between Sinclair and the child’s mother, during which he pleaded with her to take the little boy. However while the woman agreed, she insisted that the child be taken to a police station and she would uplift him from there.Sinclair admitted that he sensed that he was being set-up so that the police could capture him, and he expressed that sentiment to the woman. The woman also expressed fear for her safety and declined to collect the child without the police being present.Eventually they agreed that the child be taken to a police station at a specified time, so that his mother could collect him. The plan fell through,, for although Sinclair kept his end of the bargain, the woman did not show up to collect her son.“Thirteen times she refused to come and take him and this is what the public should know. She refused to come and take him. I took the child to the Linden Police Station; I took the child to the Social Services. I did make efforts to give her the child and she refused,,” Sinclair told Kaieteur News.He even claimed that at one time when he made arrangements with the woman to hand over the child at an agreed rendezvous in Sophia,, he was attacked by persons he suspected to be gunmen, causing him to risk his life as well as that of his son in order to get away from them.Eventually, having no other choice,, Sinclair fled Guyana with the child, leaving all other personal belongings, including his minibus, behind.“We stamped out. That’s very important. We never ran away. We just went back to ‘our country’ where we belong,” said Sinclair who had solid links to French Guiana.He felt that his troubles were over and it was time to start a new life as a single-parent father.He was wrong! Leaving the child with relatives in French Guiana, Sinclair sought employment in neighboring Surinam. It was there he learnt that a wanted bulletin was issued for him back in his homeland.“I started wondering who I kidnapped in Guyana, and then I found out that it was my own son I had kidnapped.”Being a former Foreign Service Officer, Sinclair was fully aware of the arrangement Guyana has with Surinam and he knew he was not safe, so once again he was on the run and again he fled to the safety of French Guiana.According to Sinclair, from all indications the Guyanese authorities were stopping at nothing to get to him.“They even sent people to French Guiana to get me.”According to Sinclair, the matter of the child’s custody was eventually taken before a French judge who ruled that he as the child’s father was entitled to his custody, since the child was a born Frenchman.“The French Police even turned and told me that I must not come to Guyana because they want to kill me,” Sinclair said.However, despite this, Sinclair agreed to have the child return to his mother in 2011, with the stated condition that he be allowed to see him periodically. The woman eventually brought the child back to Guyana and that was the last time Sinclair saw him.Since then he has been making several secret sojourns into Guyana with the hope of seeing his son, all to no avail.“I was trying to help with Guyana’s development, but Guyana turned around and undeveloped me,, you understand… that’s how I see it,” he said.Sinclair said that because of the kidnapping allegations, a lot of his friends and associates, including diplomats, both regional and international have distanced themselves from him.“They say, ‘no this guy is a criminal, he’s a kidnapper’ when in fact my only crime was to be a good father to my child. To make sure that he’s safe and well taken care of…If being a good father is criminal, then what does that say about the Guyanese public.”“It’s okay to make children with a woman and then go away and leave them, and then you’re considered a man by Guyanese… Is that it? That’s the question I ask. What is happening, Guyana doesn’t care about good fathers anymore? People were telling me that I should have gone away and just leave him (my son), leave him with social services. I couldn’t do that,” a distraught Sinclair declared.He said that initially he did not know why he was being so targeted,, but now he is convinced that it had to do with what he had in his desk drawer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.“They went to my office and they searched and they found it. So they figured if they could get me and silence me, the information would have been suppressed.”Five years after the bulletin was first issued for him, Sinclair remains on Guyana’s wanted list.In an e-mail to this newspaper shortly after he returned to French Guiana last week, Sinclair informed that the hunt for him resumed when he was here.“Men in plainclothes came looking for me again. I also received a call from a policeman claiming that I am needed at Kitty Police Station,” he wrote.

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    Finnish melodic death metallers PAIN CONFESSOR will release their fourth album,, “Incarcerated”,, on October 12 via Spinefarm Records. The track listing for the CD is as follows:01. Oceans Of Sickness02. Blood Eagle03. Inward04. Grief05. Incarcerated06. Gravel07. Grim River08. Serpent Spine09. Tarnished Halo10. VitriolThe official video for the song “Oceans Of Sickness” can be seen below.Commented PAIN CONFESSOR: “‘Three down,, fourth to go.’ Finally,, someone utters. But what’s the deal with the new full-length? We are rowing a truly grim river. The renewed lineup boasts with vigor to go through a stone wall,, the material heavy as a murderer’s burden. Is it better than [2004’s] ‘Turmoil’? No,, it is a completely different record and stands on its own upon fresh soil. The crew’s newest inmates bring along a whole new bag of tricks with which to drill deeper into the hidden reaches of human mind with newborn fervor.”PAIN CONFESSOR is:Make Kivist - VocalsMikko Kivist - BassPasi Laihanen - KeyboardsJaakko Kunnas - GuitarTuomas Kuusinen - GuitarAki Kuusinen - DrumsPAIN CONFESSOR’s third album,, “Purgatory Of The Second Sun”,, entered the Finnish chart at position No. 15 back in March 2007. NHL Jerseys China Wholesale Houston Rockets Jerseys Wholesale Seattle Seahawks Jerseys Wholesale Denver Broncos Jerseys Wholesale Los Angeles Kings Jerseys Los Angeles Kings Jerseys China Wholesale NBA Jerseys Denver Broncos Jerseys China

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    Port Mourant, Berbice- A museum exhibition is currently on at the University of Guyana Berbice Campus. The exhibition, a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports,, various museums across Guyana and the University of Guyana Berbice Campus, is being held under the theme “Museums and Social Harmony.”Yesterday, International Museum Day, saw the gathering of dozens of school children from across the Berbice region, schoolteachers, museum personnel,, guests, students and staff of UGBC, and Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports,, Dr Frank Anthony, to officially commence the exhibition which runs until Friday morning at the campus at Tain.Director of UGBC,, Professor Daizal R. Samad, assured those present of the campus’s commitment towards dedicating their energies to the educational uplift of all segments of the Berbice community.“We have worked hard at making real our philosophy of inclusion,, opening the campus to youths at all levels and for all aspects of education,” the professor said. He mentioned a few organizations with which the university has worked closely over the past couple of years, and these included: the Port Mourant Training School,, Guyana Police Force, the various Chambers of Commerce, among others.“Our overarching philosophy is that education is but one enterprise, and that enterprise is to create a brighter future for the community,, young and not so young. We have sought to excavate the corridors of assistance and communications with all institutions of learning,” he said.Minister Dr Frank Anthony, said that reflecting on this International Museum Day, he believes that museums have a greater role to play especially in these multi-ethnic societies.He said that the first museum in Guyana was established in 1861, and they have been able to preserve materials from that era.He said that Guyanese, instead of looking at their differences, can and must focus on their commonalities and similar things that they share. “We [Guyanese] have not explored these common things. We have to interact with each other. We have to invent what may be closer to the Guyanese identity, what is important to us”, Minister Anthony said.He further stated that museums can play a very important role in showcasing the intangible culture of our people.“As Guyanese, we need to talk about Guyanese culture. What is absent is a pre- history—before the 15th Century.”He said that Guyanese hardly ever hear what took place before the 15th Century period in this country.Minister Anthony explained that the Amerindians came to Guyana some 11,000 years ago,, and that we do not have much pre- history on that. He was convinced that history did not begin with the coming of the Europeans alone but far before the coming of the Amerindians.Just the other day, a replica of a gigantic sloth which roamed Guyana thousands of years ago was launched at the National Museum in Georgetown. That tells part of a much larger story of the types and sizes of pre- historical animals that existed in Guyana over the centuries.Minister Anthony believes that history can unite the nation. “We have much more in common than what separates us”.He is adamant that if Guyanese forget the differences and remember the commonalities, that the nation can move forward as one people.Dr Anthony stated that plans are underway to establish museums all over Guyana, Berbice being no exception. Linden currently has a bauxite Museum, Fort Island has a Dutch museum, and Georgetown has the National Museum and Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology among others.He said that his Ministry is working to develop a regional museum in Berbice to showcase its history. Berbice, the Minister said, has a rich history in sugar, and this region can be a place in which the “sugar story” can be showcased.Also in attendance at the function was Director of Culture of University of Guyana, Dr James Rose, museum personnel Mrs Jenny Wishart, among others.School children and their teachers were allowed to view the exhibits brought from Georgetown. The exhibits included an Amerindian corner which consisted of Amerindian photos, equipment used for cooking,, hunting, etc; Walter Roth Anthropology Museum book booth which showcased many books about historical Amerindian data and people. These were distributed for free to teachers. Also making up the exhibition were the porkknocker booth, several models of Guyana’s historical Dutch forts, models of the agouti, anteater and other animals found in the wild, and various kinds of models of eggs of birds dating back to the dinosaur era.(Leon Suseran) Taj Gibson Bulls Swingman Jersey Kyle Korver Hawks Swingman Jersey Avery Bradley Celtics Swingman Jersey Nicolas Batum Hornets Jersey Authentic Enes Kanter Thunder Jersey Dwyane Wade Bulls Jersey Jeremy Lin Nets Swingman Jersey Authentic Paul Millsap Hawks Jersey LeBron James Cavaliers Jersey

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    Sources close to Leonard Bacchus and his wife,, the persons arrested on Tuesday following the multi-million dollar drug bust at Haslington New Scheme, East Coast Demerara,, have told Kaieteur News that the family was in deep financial problems.This newspaper was told that the family started experiencing problems about three months ago; just around the time the police started investigating Bacchus who along with his family moved into the area sometime around 2008.The house where the drugs were found.Bacchus, according to sources,, started operating a taxi service a few months ago. According to neighbours, the couple and their children seemed easy going and residents were left in a state of shock and disbelief when the police swooped down at the home on Tuesday.This newspaper was told that the lawmen started searching the home sometime after 13:00hrs and never finished until 17:00hrs that day.Kaieteur News understands that the lawmen removed over two Canter trucks full of the Hindu Spiritual Kunds. The “Kunds” are usually made of copper.Further,, this newspaper understands that the businessman was seen for the past three months,, bringing the “Kunds” to and from his home.“He would bring them,, then take it inside. Afterwards, they would be taken away looking shiny and ready for shipment,,” one source said.Persons are convinced that Bacchus, who is said to be the nephew of self confessed informant George Bacchus,, was not working alone.Kaieteur News was also told that Bacchus was facing financial troubles and his home was in the process of being repossessed by the bank.Also this newspaper understands that one of the businessman’s cars was recently repossessed.Meanwhile,, the police in a press release stated yesterday that police ranks who conducted the search found 72 kilograms of cocaine concealed in the false bottoms of a number of spiritual kunds.The Hindu Religious KundsThe officers also found one hundred and twenty five (125) 12 gauge cartridges and one hundred and fifty (150) .32 rounds of ammunition.Kaieteur News understands that the couple has disclaimed knowledge of the cocaine and has implicated a friend.The wife and husband remained in police custody up until press time. Taj Gibson Bulls Jersey David Robinson USA Jersey Andrew Bogut Mavericks Jersey Authentic Steven Adams Thunder Jersey Wesley Matthews Mavericks Swingman Jersey Al Horford Celtics Jersey Authentic Marvin Williams Hornets Jersey Marvin Williams Hornets Swingman Jersey Andre Drummond Pistons Jersey

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    …defends E-Governance Director, flays AFC/APNU A Partnership for National Unity’s (APNU), Joseph Harmon, has submitted to the National Assembly a list of questions for Prime Minister,, Samuel Hinds,, in relation to the qualifications and remuneration of the head of the E-Governance Project, Alexei Ramotar. And Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh has come out in Ramotar’s defence.E Governance Director, Alexei RamotarThe Finance Minister said that Ramotar is currently one of Guyana’s most qualified in his field,, with a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo, over a decade of work experience where he led numerous projects in his field and several academic awards and publications.He lashed out at the Joint Political Opposition saying that there is a concerted effort to rid Guyana of its human and financial resources.“This has become even clearer with recent events that are unfolding before the public.”Dr. Singh in his condemnation of the attempted scrutiny of Ramotar said that in less than six months two major international investors, Muri Brasil Ventures and Blackstone Group which pulled out of the Amaila Project, were forced to walk away from doing business in Guyana as a direct result of Opposition hostility.He said,, “As if chasing away investors is not enough to satisfy their lust for power afforded by their one seat majority,, they now move to attack and ultimately chase our human resources: our young qualified professionals working in Government.”He said that just months ago the Alliance for Change (AFC) waged a campaign to discredit the head of the Guyana Energy Agency, Mahender Sharma, son of C.N. Sharma.“Now APNU’s Joe Harmon is copying from his AFC’s friend playbook,, by doing the same thing to Alexei Ramotar and the project he leads.”Dr. Singh said that it is not by coincidence that Harmon and his party chose to publicly question the merit of Ramotar. He added said that “this was strategically done because Alexei Ramotar is the son of President Donald Ramotar.”According to the Finance Minister, Alexei Ramotar was hired in 2010, prior to his father’s run for Presidential Office and was deemed the most qualified for the job at that time.APNU’s Joseph HarmonHe said that the APNU has called on Government to provide jobs for young people and to utilize Guyana’s local human resources. “But when young professionals return to work for Government in a field of expertise that is sought after internationally and are not paid at a competitive rate they otherwise would receive in developed countries, they are attacked and demoralized by the Opposition.”Dr. Singh claims that at a time where there is a high global demand for skilled personnel, politicians and policy makers alike,, should support and encourage young professionals to remain and contribute to Guyana’s development and not attack them and render them collateral damage of personal political vendetta .“How can Guyana attract qualified skilled personnel to stay when they are vilified, much the same like international investors, by the Opposition,” questioned the Finance Minister.Dr. Singh in his attack of the political opposition said that they have made every effort to stagnate the development of Guyana for their personal political gains via their one seat Parliamentary majority.“In addition to chasing and vilifying investors and qualified young professionals, the Joint Parliamentary Opposition has gone as far as to ensure Guyana is now internationally blacklisted by international financial institutions by their non- support for the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Act.”According to Dr. Singh those “resentful and vindictive acts” on the part of the opposition are clear indicators that they have no intention to foster financial, professional or investor credibility for Guyana, and similarly have no intention of doing what is best for the good of this nation.Harmon premises his scrutiny of Ramotar with the fact that the government’s E Governance Project is suffering fromFinance Minister,Dr Ashni Singhextensive delays coupled with the fact that there is to be modification to the design of the project.He has since formally requested of the Prime Minister to provide the résumé of the Project Director, Ramotar, as it relates to his prior experience with Fibre Optic Cable installations, designing and managing a project of this complex nature.The party is also looking to find out what salary and allowances Ramotar, the person running the project, is paid on a monthly basis.It was Government’s Chief Spokesperson, Dr Roger Luncheon, who recently confirmed that the laying of the fibre optic cable had to be modified, and that it was years behind schedule.He had explained that this was done to maintain the integrity of the cables. Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys NFL Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale China Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 05:56:46

    From left, General Manager (STARR Computer Inc) Rehman Majeed,, engineer of Samsung Electronics Andres Angel, President of STARR computers, Michael Mohan, and Samsung Service Manager Aldo Ramos. – Over 50 locations identified countrywide Georgetown-based technology specialist STARR computers, in collaboration with several major international and domestic partners, is setting up STARR Xfinity Power Centres “to empower Guyanese to start their own business.”Recently at the company’s head office at 59 Brickdam, President of Starr computers, Michael Mohan, said that the computer entity presently has a Samsung Service Manager and Engineer from Florida, currently in Guyana, to provide training in Samsung products for the launching of STARR Xfinity Power Centres. The Samsung representatives will complete their stint at the end of July.According to Mohan,, fifty locations of these businesses will open soon in the outskirts and different regions of Guyana.Mohan explained that the STARR Xfinity Power Centre project is an innovative business strategy, and is unique, for it has the potential to create jobs,, educate, and help communities benefit from technology.“It is not an expansion of STARR Computer Inc., but an opportunity to empower Guyanese entrepreneurs to start their own business and help create employment in their communities. Entrepreneurs will be able to tap into STARR Computer’s wealth of experience in the Information Technology field. They will benefit from training in Inventory Control Management, Customer Service,, Research and Development, Marketing and Technical Skills. Most importantly they will enjoy an opportunity to access over 1400 technology products available at STARR Computer.”Adding that there are also new devices in the technology sector,, Mohan said that in the rural areas, persons will be introduced to devices that can benefit from a small box that can convert a PC monitor to a television set and a gaming device, amongst many others gadgets in the technology field.He said business affiliation with major international and local companies (GT&T / Republic Bank) will ensure a high quality of products and services.“Guyanese will now have the chance to compare good quality products with third quality products,,” he said.Mohan underscored that the Power Centre requires a small start-up investment, limited personnel, minimal floor space, and is a low-risk investment. However,, placement of the centres will be mainly in rural areas. He asserted that the Power Centre will also act as an educational hub for persons to “touch” the latest technology available on the market and cutting edge equipment will be available not only at STARR Computer, but also at the more than 50 targeted sites.“In cases where there are specific community needs (e.g solar power) emphasis will be placed on ensuring that products and services are tailored to meet those needs. STARR’s long term goal is for the Xfinity Power Centre to become a knowledge base for communities.”He noted that the minimum start-up cost for a centre is $200,000, but retailers can go up to $ 1 million, depending on the type of device and product line bought for resale. The centres will be set up by STARR Computer Inc. and retailers will have to pay a refundable deposit of $100,000. Additionally, the computer entity would be providing the retailers with training in different areas, like communication, product knowledge, computer skills, customer service and marketingInterested persons can apply, and will be interviewed to assess their meeting certain criteria which are required by STARR Computer.Engineer of Samsung Electronics, Andres Angel, said the training required in Guyana is at a technical level. Knowledge on the performing level, every aspect of technology, computing, and changes in technology, will be some areas that would be tackled.Some partners of the project include HP, APC, Lenovo, Republic Bank, GT& T, Accubanker and Samsung. Cheap Jerseys NFL Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale China Jerseys Cheap Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys

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    It is no longer safe for single women to live alone. As such, repeated calls are again been made by those women for the initiation of proper policing and security in Region Two,, and in areas especially where women are left alone.Those comments were made by several women whose homes were vandalized by bandits.Chandrowatie Lawarie,, who lives alone, at Better Hope,, on the Nothern Half of the Essequibo Coast,, was the recent victim. Lawarie, who insists that she has no other place of abode other than her Better Hope home related how she was viciously attacked recently, by an unknown male bandit who was armed with a huge knife.The widow said that she was physically and verbally abused by a man who broke into her house and carted off jewelry,, cash and other valuable items.Mrs. Lawarie said that she was asleep when the incident occurred and awoke after she heard consistent barks coming from her dogs and those of her neighbour, who live several rods away. The 64-year-old said that about 2:30AM, Wednesday, a man broke into her house by removing several louver panes from a back window. Mrs. Lawarie stressed that the man approached her and instructed her not to “holler” and demanded cash. The bandit in the end carted away $26,,803 in cash, a quantity of Jewellery and a cell phone belonging to the woman.And an entertainer lost hundreds of dollars in equipment stolen from his rented home recently while he was out of the Region.And further, in Henrietta Village, a man who was sound asleep almost had his house burglarized. An alert neighbour who saw the man looking into the man’s house from outside raised an alarm,, and sent the would-be burglar scampering away. Cheap Jerseys Shop Cheap Jerseys USA Cheap Authentic Jerseys Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys Online Wholesale NFL Jerseys NFL Jerseys China

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    Caribbean Airlines will be adding a series of new flights from January 15 to February 4,, 2015,, the company has announced. The flights are headlined by the addition of a new daily nonstop flight between Trinidad and New York including the first wide-body aircraft on the route.Caribbean Airlines will also be adding a new daily departure on the Trinidad-New York route that will increase to three daily nonstop flights in each direction.The carrier will also be increasing its Georgetown-New York route to daily nonstops in both directions.That will mean a total of 48 flights per week between New York and Trinidad.Caribbean Airlines will also be launching increased service between Trinidad and London,, meaning four weekly flights starting February 4.The carrier also said it would be terminating its twice-weekly flights between Toronto and Georgetown,, Guyana effective March 1,, 2015,, replacing the service with a daily through flight in both directions. Caribbean Airlines says that it is adding more flights to the Guyana and New York route. Cheap Jerseys Shop Cheap Jerseys Online Cheap Authentic Jerseys Cheap Jerseys USA Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys Stitched

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    Manager of HGPTV Channel 16,, Nyal Fraser, found himself in the unfamiliar role of amateur detective yesterday, when he tracked down a group of car thieves who made off with his vehicle.With persistence and a touch of good fortune,, Fraser managed to locate his white Toyota Carina in Alberttown.One suspect has since been arrested.Fraser told Kaieteur News that he had parked the car outside his Republic Drive, Beterverwagting residence sometime after 22:00 hrs on Saturday night.He fell asleep and when he checked for his vehicle shortly after midnight the car was gone.The businessman said he notified the police and then began to search for his stolen car.The search took him as far as Parfit Harmonie, East Bank Essequibo, since he had received information that car thieves operated in this area.However,, he found no trace of his vehicle.Undeterred, Fraser continued his search and his persistence paid off when a friend informed him that he had seen a vehicle like his being driven into a yard in Sixth Street,, Alberttown.Fraser said he went to the location and spotted his vehicle,, with false number plates, in the yard.The businessman said he blocked the driveway with the vehicle he was using at the time and then contacted the police.Fraser said that when the police arrived,, a man who was in the house fled the scene,, but the police arrested another man who had allegedly assisted the thieves in parking the car.The man denied being involved in the theft but admitted to knowing the culprits.Fraser, who was loud in his praise of the police ranks, said the suspect claimed that he was passing when he observed that his friends were having difficulty reversing the car into the yard and assisted them in having it parked.He is being detained at the Beterverwagting Police Station. Cheap Jerseys USA NFL Jerseys China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys Shop Cheap Jerseys Stitched Cheap Jerseys Online

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    When dem boys use to talk bout de pumpkin jumpsuit people use to believe that dem only talking fuh suh. But old people seh that wheh smoke deh,, fire deh.De government now decide that it gun conduct 30 deep audit. It checking all dem places when some people seh that dem spend money fuh do certain things.NICIL wheh Brassington seh that he spend all de money pun de Marriott gun be investigated. People want to know how much money Ramroop pay fuh de Sanata complex; dem want to know how much money Brassington collect from selling de GT&T shares and wha he do wid it and things like that.Dem,, boys already talk bout de One billion dollar that some people spend fuh clean up.De Lotto Funds is de one that certainly got jail. De Lotto Company put couple well billion into de government funds fuh sports,, health and culture. Sports never get any money except a time when Jagdeo pay fuh Hen See Hen bring cricket.He was de man who openly seh that he wouldn’t put de Lotto Funds in de Consolidated Fund. All people talk nuff people spend de money like when dog shedding flea.Another place is de GRA. That place does mek almost all de money fuh de budget.De audit gun show all who friends get duty free and who pay tax when dem had to pay and who ain’t pay. De audit gun show who get fuh bring in things and mek Customs clear dem without asking any question—like when two containers did come fuh Jagdeo.De audit is necessary but dem boys got one problem. When de auditors find wha dem find people gun expect to see nuff people standing up in front dem judge.De Waterfalls boss man already start a fund fuh mek a new jail. But is one thing . De new jail is not fuh this set. It gun be fuh dem old prisoners. De new set who de audit gun ketch got to spend dem time in de old jail.Talk half and prepare fuh de audit findings. Cheap Jerseys USA Cheap Jerseys Online Cheap Jerseys Stitched

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 06:10:27

    …siblings hospitalisedPolice are investigating the sudden illness and subsequent death of six-year-old Locaber Primary School student, Devi Mangal, and the hospitalisation of her two brothers Ajay Mangal, 9, and Deviskar Mangal, 7.The child died on Wednesday upon arrival at the New Amsterdam Hospital. Her siblings are now patients at the same institution.The children’s mother, Lilamattie Ramdeen, called ‘Chiney girl’ of 10 Locaber, West Canje, Berbice, and her one-year-old baby, Lisa Edwards, were also hospitalized. They have since been discharged.Ramdeen and the children live with her husband, Carl Edwards.Ramdeen’s three older children are from a previous relationship.Speaking with Kaieteur News, the woman said that the children were not ill and her daughter’s death and the other children’s sickness remain a mystery to her.The woman said that on Easter Monday the children were all well and flew their kites at the Locaber playfield.On Tuesday she, her daughter,, Devi, her baby and husband Carl Edwards went to Chesney to enquire about the water supply from Guywa.The woman said that she bought a drink and shared it with the baby and her daughter. Later in the day she bought two red rolls (salaras) and two pine tarts from a roadside vendor in front of the market.She said that around the same time her daughter started to complain of feeling unwell and she gave her some Panadol Syrup. The time was around 19:30 hours.She said that she gave her some green tea and a pine tart.The woman recounted that around 01:30 hrs on Wednesday her daughter started to vomit and to complain of feeling pain about her body. Some five hours later,, about 6:30 hrs,, the situation worsened. The girl started to vomit more frequently and was apparently in severe pain.Ramdeen said that she gave her daughter some water to drink and rushed her to the hospital,, along with her one-year-old child.At the hospital she had to wait on the arrival of a doctor, who, when one eventually arrived around 08:30 hours, examined her daughter and pronounced dead. A cause of death has not yet been determined.The woman said at the hospital that she and baby were admitted and were receiving saline.She also told this publication that her neighbour’s yard was sprayed a few days before. She cannot say if the chemical may have affected them.Her mother, Chandwattie Singh called ‘Indra’, 46, of No. Two Village,, said that she was at home when she received a phone call that the baby had died.Her husband, Seepaul Ramlochan, immediately made enquiries and was told that it was Devi, the six-year-old, who had died and that Singh’s daughter and the baby were receiving saline. She said that she immediately rushed to the hospital.Singh’s two grandsons were at home, so she and Ramlochan subsequently went to collect them. At the hospital, both boys exhibited signs of illness and have been admitted.They were being treated for vomiting and diarrhoea and are also receiving saline.Ramlochan said that the older brother,, nine-year-old Ajay seems to be more affected and his face appears to be swollen.Hospital CEO, Leslie Cadogan,, told this newspaper that the children are being monitored round the clock and the hospital is doing everything to ensure their full recovery. He said that if their condition should warrant further intervention, they will be referred to the Georgetown Public Hospital.The mother and stepfather were arrested and up to late yesterday afternoon they were still at the police station as investigations continued. Cheap Jerseys USA Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Online Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys Stitched NFL Jerseys China Cheap Authentic Jerseys

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    With a heavy police presence at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, high-profiled prisoner, Michael Preston Caesar, who also goes by the aliases of “Capone” and “Deon Cort”, was charged for the killings at Lusignan and Bartica early last year. The charges were read to him by Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson.As the charges were read to Caesar, he refused to answer to any other name than Michael Preston Caesar. “Yuh worship, I ain’t name none of them names, so I not answering to them. I name Michael Preston Caesar.”It is alleged that Caesar, on January 26,, 2008 at Track “A” Lusignan, East Coast Demerara murdered, Shazam Mohamed; Clarence Thomas, his son Ron, 11, and daughter Vanessa, 12; Mohandai Gourdat 32 and her two children Seegobin,, four years old, and Seegopaul Harrilall 10; Shalem Baksh, 52; Rooplall Seecharan 56,, his daughter Raywattie Ramsingh, 11, and his wife Dhanrajie called Sister 52.Howard Thomas, 19; Nadir Mohamed, 48 and Roberto Thomas, five years old, were injured in the attack.It was further alleged that Caesar on February 17, 2008 at Bartica murdered 30-year-old Zaheer Zakir , Shane Fredericks, 35, Ron Osborne, Dexter Adrian, 37,, Irving Ferreira, 72,, Abdool Yassin Jr.,, Deonarine Singh, 54, Errol Thomas, Ronald Gomes, Irwin Gilkes, 42, Ashraf Ally Khan, 45, and Baldeo Singh,, 54. He was not required to plead since all the charges were indictable. After the charges were read to Caesar, he proceeded to tell the magistrate that he had just come from Suriname when the police arrested him. He further told the court that he told the police that he didn’t know anything, and they placed a “black bag” over his head to get information.“Yuh worship, I can’t read and write, and dey take meh fingers and press it on the paper to take meh fingerprints.” Caesar also said that while he was police custody he lost consciousness three times because of the beatings he received at the hands of the police.He was remanded to prison and is expected to make his next court appearance on March 26 at the Vigilance Magistrate’s Court for hearings into the Lusignan matters. On April 15 he is expected to be in Bartica.Michael Caesar, or Deon Cort, called ‘Capone’,, allegedly a member of the notorious ‘Fine Man’ gang, was caught last weekend in neighbouring Suriname. Caesar has reportedly given investigators a detailed account of some of the gang’s infamous operations.According to a source at Eve Leary, Caesar has confessed to being with the gang. The source said Caesar told investigators that he had known Rondell ‘Fine Man’ Rawlins for quite a while.He said that in January of 2008 he was contacted by Rawlins who told him that he had some ‘revenge’ work to carry out in Lusignan.It was always believed that Rawlins was angered by the apparent inaction of the security forces to the disappearance of the mother of his child, Teneisha Morgan.According to Caesar, the late Cecil Simeon Ramcharran,, called ‘Uncle Willie’, and another wanted man ‘Smallie’ were also a part of the operation. Sam Mills Saints Jersey Jim McMahon Bears Jersey Gary Zimmerman Broncos Jersey Bruce Smith Bills Jersey Steve Grogan Patriots Jersey Roger Craig 49ers Jersey Mark Clayton Dolphins Jersey Anthony Munoz Bengals Jersey LaDainian Tomlinson Chargers Jersey

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    Following a fire almost two months ago at its Sophia Plant which started outside the compound, the Guyana Power and Light Incorporated (GPL) has now constructed a barrier at the site in order to prevent any such further occurrences. This is according to Chief Executive Officer,, Bharrat Dindyal.“We have sorted all the issues and we have actually built a fire barrier around the perimeter of the site to prevent any activity from outside to migrate into the compound.”He added that from the company’s investigations,, the fire actually started after someone lit a garbage heap just outside the compound.“So the fire actually migrated from the heap and entered the compound. The staff saw the fire when it was by the fence, but by the time they got into action, it was already by the compound,” Dindyal said.As a result of that fire, one of the company’s Caterpillar sets sustained damage to the wheels. However, according to Dindyal,, the machine itself was not damaged, as it is now fully operational.Meanwhile,, Dindyal debunked what was reported in the media at the time of the fire,, that it was a fuel leak which caused the flare-up. He explained that the fuel leak which was at the site emerged during the fire, after the plastic fuel filter housing was burnt off, thus causing fuel to escape.This newspaper had reported on July 26, last,, that the fire damaged the exterior of the set and threatened to ignite three 5,,000-gallon fuel tanks, as well as the wooden housing.It was also noted that the fire did not severely affect operations at the facility.That fire was the second mishap to hit GPL involving fuel this year. The first cost in excess of $3M to clean up.The fuel spill then, in Kingston,, was as a result of a high-pressure suction line failing within the bund wall. This resulted in the discharge of fuel into the drains and streets as well as in the Demerara River.According to the company,, the incident would have informed changes in the routine inspection and maintenance of fuel tanks and in the design of flexible, high-pressure connections.(Fareeza Haniff) Paul Hornung Packers Jersey Shaun Alexander Seahawks Jersey Dan Fouts Chargers Jersey Walter Payton Bears Jersey Patrick Willis 49ers Jersey Tom Waddle Bears Jersey Y.A. Tittle 49ers Jersey Junior Seau Chargers Jersey Marshall Faulk Rams Jersey

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    At the end of this year, a new law is expected to be in place to promote and protect the rights of people living with disabilities.This is according to Minister of Health, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, who whilst addressing a gathering at a “Write shop on Developing Disability Awareness Messages”, noted that the new law will also address the issue of stigmatization and discrimination against persons living with disabilities.The draft law is currently with the Ministry of Health,, and over the next several weeks, will engage the Cabinet subcommittee.The draft document will be submitted for parliamentary action for a session which is slated to commence in October. At the two-day workshop, which commenced yesterday, Dr Ramsammy urged that persons with disabilities need to take the lead in ensuring that the public’s attitude is changed towards them.One way to do this, he said,, is to ensure that they portray and develop a positive image.At the World Health Assembly,, which was held in May of this year,, Dr Ramsammy said that he insisted that the assembly place disability firmly on the developmental agenda and that it also be a priority on the health schedule.“It’s a major health issue and I believe that the global and national agenda on development has neglected disability and it is high time that we correct that gap,” Dr Ramsammy said.Although progress has been made both nationally and globally, people living with disabilities still do not have the same rights and do not enjoy the same privileges as any other ordinary citizens.In this regard, the Health Minister said that communities have contributed to stigmatizing such persons, eventually leading to discrimination.“We see it at workplaces; we see it where services are provided; we see it at the transportation aspect; and far, far too often we see it within our own families.“The solution to the problem we encounter would not come unless we are all engaged. People living with disabilities must be part of the solution,” the Minister said.He explained that persons living with disabilities simply ask to be understood and to be allowed to live their lives to the fullest without being discriminated against.Dr Ramsammy chided the public,, whether they are employers, church leaders, community leaders or the transportation association,, for depriving persons with disabilities of the opportunity to live life with dignity.He noted that the general public needs to recognize that persons with disabilities are also talented and deserve a chance to showcase what they can do.The public, Dr Ramsammy said,, must learn to respect this.Meanwhile, Julie Lewis, who is visually impaired and who is also involved in mass communication, said that persons with disabilities are not happy with their portrayal in the media, which can at times be negative.She, however, added that disabled people must be involved in positive activities so that the media can write positively about them. According to Lewis, being disabled must not be seen as a death sentence.She said it can be overcome and can be lived with easily.Lewis stressed that persons living with disabilities must seek to empower themselves by finding jobs and making a positive contribution to society.The National Commission on Disability (NCD) in its strategic plan has as one of its strategies, Public Awareness and Media Advocacy. A line of action under this strategy is to Design a Comprehensive Campaign to provide information on disability issues for the general public and Advocate for responsible and sensitive Media Practices.Research shows that disabled persons are the world’s largest minority.According to the 2002 census, the number of persons with disabilities in Guyana is 48,419,, which is about 6.4 per cent of the total population.Forty-one per cent of disabilities were caused by an accident; 18 per cent were acquired at birth, and 15 per cent were caused by diseases.Only 22 per cent of persons with disabilities,, who are above fifteen years old, are in the labour force. Dave Robinson Packers Jersey Jim Kelly Bills Jersey Willie Roaf Saints Jersey Walter Payton Bears Jersey Dennis Smith Broncos Jersey Lance Alworth Chargers Jersey Peyton Manning Broncos Jersey Reggie Wayne Colts Jersey Adrian Wilson Cardinals Jersey

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    – City EngineerThe completion of the works on the Bourda Market has been effectively stalled as the municipality is yet to source some $15M to complete repairs on the roof of the vending facility.City Engineer, Gregory Erskine,, recently disclosed that he has prepared an estimate to this effect which was submitted to the municipal administration as well as the City Council. The two factions he said are now tasked with determining how the funds will be generated by the cash-strapped entity to undertake the very crucial work.It was initially anticipated that the repairs would have amounted to about $6M.However,, it was while carrying out works on the facility that Erskine was tasked several weeks ago to prepare the estimate after works on the valley of the roof revealed that it was in a more deplorable state than was initially assumed.City Engineer, Gregory ErskineHe explained that it was during the repair efforts a number of zinc sheets had to be removed, revealing that several were in a dreadful condition.“They were there for almost five decades. Some were badly damaged,, they were porous and even though we repaired the valleys some of the leaking problems still remained in some areas.”It was at this point that the need for a more extensive job was realised, causing Erskine to speculate that the municipality will be further financially challenged as repairs to the entire roof were not part of the initial rehabilitation plan.Among the works that were identified to be carried out and have been completed are the installation of windows and expanding metals,, as well as some plumbing works.Emphasis on the need for the rehabilitation of the market was made after the municipality earlier this year announced that it would be increasing the stallholders’ fee for operating in the facility. The announcement did not only raise the stallholders’ concerns about their ability to pay but it also evoked memories from four years ago when the municipality failed to rehabilitate the market after increasing the fees then.The recent increase was initially challenged by some of the stallholders who had even sought legal advice in order to prevent the municipality from increasing their fees without rehabilitating the market.In recognition of the cost factor- that is, paying for continued legal advice,, the stallholders decided to give in to the demand of the municipality and have since been paying the increase with the assurance that the facility would be restored to some level of decency.Acting Town Clerk, Yonette Pluck-Cort,, asserted that the municipality has kept its word to the stallholders at Bourda Market to undertake some rehabilitative works,, even as she admitted that the works have not met the satisfaction of the stallholders.“We did stick to the promise that we would do the works. The extent to which we had started those works,, we find that the stallholders were not quite satisfied but we want to maintain the markets at a level that is acceptable to stallholders and for our own benefit.”As such,, she noted that the Engineer’s Department has since been tasked with deriving a more comprehensive project as it relates to the rehabilitation plan. Shannon Sharpe Broncos Jersey Otis Sistrunk Raiders Jersey Fran Tarkenton Vikings Jersey Kellen Winslow Chargers Jersey Adrian Wilson Cardinals Jersey Bob Griese Dolphins Jersey Bo Jackson Raiders Jersey Ozzie Newsome Browns Jersey O. J. Simpson Bills Jersey

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    A city resident has taken a Government Minister to court claiming that the official deliberately attempted to defraud them. The Minister, he said, had already taken $8.5M from his client for a Queenstown property.Minister Jennifer WebsterThe case was filed in September by Wolton Ameche Perreira and Ann Anderson.They named Elaine Clothilda Mootoo and Jennifer Webster as the Defendants. Webster is the current Minister of Human Services and Social Security. The Plaintiffs’ lawyer is Neil Boston.In September, based on an ex-parte application by way of Affidavit for Interim Injunction, Justice Rishi Persaud ordered that the Defendants be blocked from selling,, mortgaging or encumbering the North Half of Lot 182 Crown and Irving Streets, Queenstown.The Plaintiffs are seeking damages for breach of contract together with interest. They are asking for damages for fraudulent misrepresentationAccording to court documents, Perreira of Hadfield Street, said that Mootoo is the executrix of the estate of the late Nellie Mendes De Franca, who at the time of her death was the owner of property described as N1/2 of lot 182 Crown and Irving Streets, Queenstown. The property included a building and other erections.Webster, Perreira claimed, was appointed attorney on September 23, 2011.Some time in 2007, Webster claimed that she was representing the estate of Nellie Mendes De Franca on the instruction of Mootoo, the executrix. The Plaintiffs said that they believed her and learnt that the estate owned a property at Crown and Irving Streets, Queenstown.Perreira also claimed that Webster indicated that she had the authority to sell the property.Webster later took them to the property and described it as North Half of North Half of Lot 182.They agreed on a $12M price for the property.On December 5,, 2007, the Plaintiffs paid over $1M to Webster. A copy of the encashed check was attached to the court documents.On September 15, 2008, the parties entered a written agreement with Webster, paying an additional $1.5M.“(Webster) represented to us that Nigel Hughes, Attorney-at-Law, was retained by her to have the said will probated and in three months time she will be able to transfer title in the property to us.”On August 26, 2011, and additional $2M was paid. On September 16,, 2011, another $3M was also handed over. One year later, on September 7, 2012, another $1M was handed over to Webster.In total as of September 7, 2012, Webster would have received $8.5M.Perreira claimed that on April 15, 2013,, Webster received the grant of Administration withthe Will annexed on the April 15, 2013 but never informed the Plaintiffs.“In July 2013, we asked the second-named Defendant whether she obtained a Grant of Administration and much to our surprise she informed us that she is not going to sell the property to us anymore. We found the statement by the second-named Defendant as a brazen and dishonest statement having received our money over a period of time and her several promises to complete the agreement after she gets the grant.”The Plaintiffs said they requested their lawyer Neil Boston to make a search at the Probate Registry in August 2013 and discovered that Webster was appointed Administratrix of the deceased estate.“We discovered for the first time when we were shown the Statement of Assets and Liabilities that the property that was described to us as N1/2 of N1/2 of Lot 182 (one hundred and eighty-two) Crown and Irving Streets,, Queenstown,, in the City of Georgetown, County of Demerara,, Republic of Guyana, is really the N’/2 of Lot 182 Crown and Irving Streets,, Queenstown,, in the City of Georgetown, County of Demerara, Republic of Guyana.”Perreira claimed that at no time were they buying a portion of the property, nor were the defendants selling a portion of the property.The Plaintiffs immediately moved to court to stop any further transaction regarding the property. Paul Krause Vikings Jersey Randy White Cowboys Jersey L.C. Greenwood Steelers Jersey Earl Campbell Titans Jersey Drew Bledsoe Patriots Jersey William Perry Bears Jersey Chuck Howley Cowboys Jersey Kurt Warner Cardinals Jersey Dennis Smith Broncos Jersey

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    – GPL spokespersonThe Wartsila engines at the Guyana Power and Light’s Garden of Eden complex are back in operation.This means that there should be fewer power outages, an official noted while also revealing that the power output is still below demand.On Tuesday last,, Guyana Power and Light (GPL) Chairman Winston Brassington, had announced that more power outages were imminent as the company grapples to gain control of its generators, which have been collapsing recently.The constant blackouts that were being experienced, were as a result of a number of the units giving problems.The chairman had said that the difficulties were the worst the company has experienced for the year.The combination of problems included one of the Wartsila machines being overhauled,, which resulted in the lost five and a half megawatts.Brassington had also said that for months the units,, one at Versailles and two Crossley plants at Garden of Eden,, have not been working, resulting in a loss of 15 megawatts.Brassington had said, then, that “the problems will not be fixed overnight. Some parts have to be shipped overseas and so you are looking at a few months more.”The source did not say if the power company’s battles with the constant problems of units are over, but based on Brassington’s information,, many of the 18 mobile caterpillar units are also problematic.Brassington earlier in the week had also dubbed the situation “a pretty tight” one and had noted that while it was expected to get better by this weekend “we will not be out of the woods totally until the new 21 megawatts come on stream at the end of the third quarter of the year.”Recently, Chief Executive Officer of GPL, Bharat Dindyal, said that the frequent power outages experienced by consumers, are likely to be significantly reduced shortly, with the acquisition of three new generators.The generators were acquired at the cost of US$30M through funding by PetroCaribe.He had said too that his company’s current capacity is meeting the general demand of about 69 megahertz with no reserve,, but with the arrival of the generators,, Dindyal had said the capacity will be significantly increased.However, despite this reassurance,, consumers have been hard-hit with constant power outages over the past two weeks.According to the CEO,, the generators are more efficient and will be more effective than those currently in use.He projected that the engines will be commissioned in early September, when there should be power being put in the grid.Dindyal predicts that the generators will also reduce GPL’s production cost, through a reduced fuel import bill, since each engine generates more than seven megahertz of electricity.There are ten Wartsila engines in the current system operating at Kingston. The last engine was imported in 1997. Jack Butler Steelers Jersey John Matuszak Raiders Jersey Walter Payton Bears Jersey Jerome Bettis Steelers Jersey Clinton Portis Redskins Jersey Lance Alworth Chargers Jersey Harold Carmichael Eagles Jersey Dermontti Dawson Steelers Jersey Ted Hendricks Raiders Jersey

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    A high level Brazilian team is currently in Guyana to discuss the cultivation of a new variety of rice in Region Nine.The team has already undertaken an initial feasibility study,, which indicated that the conditions are suitable for the cultivation of the new variety of rice.Regional Director of RiceTec Markus Ritter said that the new variety provides higher yields and increased benefits to farmers.He added that the company will work with both Guyana and Brazil counterparts to initiate the necessary protocols to commence this project.Meanwhile,, Minister of Agriculture,, Robert Persaud,, urged that the company consider value added production to create employment and collaborate with local farmers and officers of the Guyana Rice Development Board for technology transfer. Dave Robinson Packers Jersey Cortez Kennedy Seahawks Jersey Ray Nitschke Packers Jersey Brian Urlacher Bears Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 06:44:00

    As part of its community outreach programme for this year,, Teleperformance,, as a leading-edge company in customer care, holds dear the profound view, that to succeed in a global economy the corporation has to be more than a preferred shareholder.In that respect we are indeed embracing a new perspective on corporate governance and behaviour, not only to make significant investment by transforming Guyana through employment and education, and to become the employer of choice,, but also strengthening community relations by forging partnerships and collaboration with the wider Guyana community.To this end, we partnered with the Guyana Police Band to serenade and share gifts and to bring joy and cheer to the senior citizens resident at the Palms on December 16,, 2015.“We at Teleperformance strongly feel that it is important to show our appreciation for their contribution to our society as the pioneers who toiled before us in laying the foundation upon which we now stand. We thank the Police Band immensely for its support,, effort and collaboration.On the evening of the December 16, 2015, Teleperformance also had its Joy at Work graduation ceremony for 12 of its leaders.Teleperformance operates in a Joy-at-Work environment that is all about work, calling and human dignity. Dr. Dale Dan,, Vice President of Operations said,, that at Teleperformance “we are about a place of work where team members feel they are leaving a home and family each day to come to another home and family here at TP.It is about our team looking forward to another day with us, hence high retention”.As it relates to Teleperformance expansion plan in Guyana, the Vice President stated, “We are looking forward to extending our reach in Essequibo and Berbice to create employment opportunities for those who live in those areas, so they will not have to come all the way to Georgetown for employment’, it will be right in their neighbourhood.”As part of our commitment,, all of our team members take our ‘Joy at Work’ Certificate Programme as part of their new hire training”.The ‘Joy at Work’ Certificate Programme was administered by The Language Institute through partnership with the Bakke Graduate University (BGU). Having successfully completed the training,, managers were awarded ‘Joy at Work’ lapel pins that are worn with their TP Badge. Tim Brown Raiders Jersey Larry Allen Cowboys Jersey Herman Edwards Eagles Jersey Deion Sanders Cowboys Jersey Larry Johnson Chiefs Jersey Sonny Jurgensen Redskins Jersey Joe Montana Chiefs Jersey Peyton Manning Broncos Jersey Cortez Kennedy Seahawks Jersey

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    -$72M contracts signed for two moreA number of market tarmacs which were built under the last Administration are currently underused or not serving their original purpose.However, the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development has promised to ensure that vendors utilize these tarmacs during this year. This assurance was given by Minister of Local Government, Ganga Persaud, yesterday during the inking of two multi-year contracts worth $72,062,810, to build two additional tarmacs in Region One.When asked about other tarmacs which are presently not being usedThe Diamond market tarmac which was intended to be used by vendors but now serves as a cricket pitch and temporary barn for animals.for the purpose intended, Minister Persaud stated that some of these tarmacs are at varying stages of preparation, particularly those that are described as market tarmacs.“The Ministry has responded positively with requests coming from the vending community to allow them to remain in their present location(s) for the festive season. Now that that has passed,, the Ministry is committed towards directing its focus so that optimum, maximum use can be made of the tarmacs which were constructed. I must admit we were a little bit slow in 2011 in addressing occupancy of these tarmacs.”Minister Persaud explained that recently there was a serious shifting of land at the Waterfront of Kumaka in Mabaruma, Region One, and has resulted in serious damage and inconvenience to the vending and shopping areas around the Kumaka Waterfront.Contact was made with a private land owner,, Mr. Broomes, who consented to allow Government to use a portion of his land to construct the tarmac.Minister within the Ministry of Local Government, Norman Whittaker, stated that the other tarmac is to be established in Santa Rosa, Moruca, Region One, and is expected to see over 13,000 residents of Moruca benefitting.He explained that the increase in the expenditure on infrastructural works,, more specifically on roads in the Moruca sub-region, has resulted in a substantial increase in the number of vehicles primarily pick-ups and mini-buses that ply the various satellite communities and villages across the region.It was further stated that the entire sub region has decided that there is a need for parking facilities due to the increasing number of vehicles.The site for the tarmac to be constructed is in an area where the people do a lot of vending; farmers go to sell their produce. This is the reason that it was determined that part of this tarmac would be utilized by farmers and vendors to sell their produce.Permanent Secretary, Colin Croal, stated that the $37,116,,160 contract for the construction of a tarmac at Mabaruma,, Region One, was awarded to Joshi Construction and Transportation Establishment of De Willem,, West Coast Demerara.The duration of this contract is 16 weeks.He also said that the other contract valued at $34,946,650 for the construction of the tarmac at Kumaka/Moruca was awarded to Sattaur Mohamed and Son Construction and Hardware Supplies of West Reliance Housing Scheme, Essequibo Coast.The duration of this contract is also 16 weeks.Meanwhile, almost two years have passed since the $24.5M market tarmac,, was built at the Diamond/Grove New Scheme, East Bank Demerara (EBD),, and is yet to be utilized.The aim of this initiative was to alleviate the burden of vendors who were literally “fighting” for vending space and to eliminate the threat that they posed to the free and safe flow of traffic on the roadways.It was reported that the long-awaited tarmac was being utilized by young men as a recreational spot, for cricket and other sporting activities,, while stray cows were often found grazing and sleeping there.The situation is still the same with the number of cricket players and cows increasing.Other tarmacs underused are at Buxton, East Coast Demerara and Pouderoyen, West Bank Demerara, among others. John Hannah Patriots Jersey Charles Mann Redskins Jersey Louis Lipps Steelers Jersey Junior Seau Chargers Jersey Warren Moon Titans Jersey Mark Duper Dolphins Jersey Dennis Smith Broncos Jersey Marcus Allen Raiders Jersey L.C. Greenwood Steelers Jersey

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    A promotional video for “Sexwitch”,, the new two-song EP from Edmonton,, Alberta-based metal band THE ORDER OF CHAOS,, can be seen below.”Sexwitch” will be released in Europe on August 28 a seven-inch vinyl limited to 500 copies through Killer Metal Records. It will also be available for purchase on August 21 on CD and digital download through iTunes, Bandcamp,, and the band’s web site.THE ORDER OF CHAOS features in its ranks current INTO ETERNITY touring singer Amanda Kiernan.The release of the “Sexwitch” EP coincides with THE ORDER OF CHAOS’s European tour in support of HELSTAR,, which consists of 15 dates in eight countries, including two festival appearances.In a February 2012 interview with The Regina Leader-Post,, Amanda stated about her decision to join INTO ETERNITY,, “I couldn’t pass up on the INTO ETERNITY thing because I could never sit at home and wonder what could have been.”She added,, “Some of [my THE ORDER OF CHAOS bandmates] might not understand, but I think that in the long run,, this will be very good for THE ORDER OF CHAOS. They’re a little jealous and upset. But I think I just need to prove to them that I’ll work 100 percent at both bands.” Wholesale Nike Dallas Cowboys Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Football Jerseys Wholesale Nike Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys From China Wholesale Nike Seattle Seahawks Jerseys From China Wholesale Nike New England Patriots Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys 2017 Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Nike Denver Broncos Jerseys From China Wholesale Nike Oakland Raiders Jerseys From China

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    Fan-filmed video footage of GHOST’s entire April 18 concert at Ogden Theatre in Denver, Colorado can be seen below.GHOST’s sophomore album, “Infestissumam”, sold around 14,,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 28 on The Billboard 200 chart.The CD topped the official chart in the group’s home country after selling nearly five times as many copies as the No. 2 album, MISS LI’s “Wolves”.The release date of “Infestissumam” was reportedly pushed back a week to April 16 after four compact disc manufacturers allegedly refused to print a piece of artwork that was meant for the deluxe version of the new CD. The manufacturers all took issue with the sacrilegious imagery, inspired by the work of Gustave Dore,, which showcases what looks like a forest nymph orgy.”We kept on getting turned down because of the CD art, which is basically a 16th century illustration of an orgy,,” a source close to the band told “[The bandmembers] weren’t surprised. The comment was ‘Well,, I thought this would have happened sooner.’ The artwork was meant to provoke some sort of thought, but it’s been one obstacle after another.”The controversial art can still be found on both the vinyl and European copies of the “Infestissuman” CD. “Vinyl manufacturers don’t have a problem with the artwork. Neither does Europe,” the source told GHOST was forced to modify its name in the U.S. to GHOST B.C. for “legal reasons.”Hailing from Linkping, Sweden, GHOST formed in in 2008. They released their heralded debut album,, “Opus Eponymous”,, in 2010. In 2011,, GHOST performed at the annual Download festival in the United Kingdom. The band’s fanbase began to swell and not long after added some of hard rock’s finest to this group. Additionally that year, GHOST took part in the “Defenders Of Faith III” tour with TRIVIUM,, IN FLAMES and RISE TO REMAIN. In early 2012,, they embarked on their first tour of the United States and later that year shared the stage with MASTODON and OPETH on their “Heritage Hunter Tour” in North America. That summer the band was invited by METALLICA’s James Hetfield to perform on the main stage of METALLICA’s first annual Orion Music + More festival. Cheap NFL Football Jerseys Wholesale Nike Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys From China Wholesale Nike Dallas Cowboys Jerseys From China Wholesale Nike Oakland Raiders Jerseys From China Wholesale Nike New England Patriots Jerseys From China Wholesale Nike Seattle Seahawks Jerseys From China Wholesale Nike Denver Broncos Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys 2017 Wholesale Jerseys China

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    MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine was on hand yesterday (Wednesday,, January 23) at this year’s NAMM (National Association Of Music Merchants) show at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California,, to show off his new Dean double-neck guitar. Originally a one-off which was built for Dave to play at the “Big Four” shows, the guitar will go into full production this year. A six-minute video interview with Mustaine conducted by after yesterday’s press conference can be seen below.On what the artwork on his new guitar represents:Mustaine: “It’s basically the battle of good and evil. I think a lot of people misinterpret heavy metal fans as all of us being lost and deranged and being drug addicts and alcoholics and being satanic and stuff like that. I mean,, we all have a little bit of darkness in us. But as far as the battle of good and evil, that’s something that everybody encounters every day. The stop sign: do I roll through it or do I stop?”The guy that did this artwork is a guy named John Lorenzi. He’s done a lot of artwork with us in the past. When you tell somebody something and they have the vision to be able to do it without you having to go, ‘OK, dude, listen…’ I mean, there’s a lot of really great artists out there, but sometimes their vision,, it doesn’t really line up with what the artists’ visions are, and I think we’ve been really fortunate with him. “We’re in the studio right now doing a new record, and we were just talking about the artwork for the new record. It’s not gonna be an illustration; it’s actually a think that we’re naming the record after. So we’re trying to figure out how to use illustration in that. But if it’s something that looks cooler when you take a picture of it, why draw it?”On MEGADETH’s current record-company situation following the band’s split with Roadrunner Records:Mustaine: “We’re with a great new label. We’re doing a press release about it soon. I can’t say who it is; I’d love to tell you who it is. But we’re not with Roadrunner anymore. That was some good years for us there, and we really look back with great fondness on our times with Roadrunner. But the excitement level for us right now is just insane.” On MEGADETH’s touring plans:Mustaine: “Yeah, we’ve got some dates this summer with [IRON] MAIDEN over in Spain, Italy and France and some headlining shows in the U.K. and we’re coming back to the States and doing some concerts here. And we’ve got some stuff lined up at the end of the year with Gigantour — not only in here in the States,, but also down in South America. We’ve got some really interesting lineups for that. Most people would look at the lineup and they would think,, like, ‘Dave’s not gonna tolerate your crap at all.’ Because there’s a couple of people that we have that are on the lineup — and we’re hoping for the best — but they’re notorious bad boys. But when people grow up, they kind of grow up; they don’t just grow old. And we’re hoping that the music is gonna be the most important thing so that the fans will get what they want. Because it’s undoubtedly… The people that we have, so far, as far as we know, for Gigantour, they’ve got great music. We’re really looking forward to that. On MEGADETH’s upcoming albumMustaine: “We’re almost done with it. We’ve been doing it with [producer] Johnny K, doing it down in San Diego where I live. And he’s gonna be mixing it out in Chicago at his studio out there. You know, it’s really incredible the way… Last night, [MEGADETH bassist] David Ellefson — he’ll probably not appreciate me telling this story — but he was sitting in a chair and his hand was hanging over the side of the chair, and I said, ‘What’s the matter?’ And he goes,, like, ‘Man, I haven’t played this much in a long time.’ And I was, like, ‘Good.’ So that was really exciting for me, ’cause David, he’s a monster on bass guitar,, and for him to be saying stuff like that and just showing that he’s a litte tired because there’s so much activity with the songs,, I think the fans are really gonna respond to that.” Wholesale Nike Dallas Cowboys Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys 2017 Wholesale Nike Seattle Seahawks Jerseys From China Wholesale Nike Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Football Jerseys Wholesale Nike New England Patriots Jerseys From China Wholesale Nike Denver Broncos Jerseys From China Wholesale Nike Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys From China

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    This article is mainly about the key factors which affects the production capacity of jaw crusher. Generally speaking,, there are lots of factors affecting the production capacity of jaw crusher. Roughly speaking, there are five key factors. Now I will cover the five key factors and offer some solutions for them.

    1. The Hardness of Material

    The harder the material is, the more difficult the crushing process is, and the more serious the wear on equipment is. With hard material,, the crusher will have low crushing speed and ability.

    2,. The Components of Material

    The more fines the material has,, the more difficult the sand making process is, because it is easy for the fines to influence the transportation of jaw crusher. Therefore, for the material with lots of fines, it is better to sift them in advance. Sifting the fines out can avoid affecting the normal operation of jaw crusher.

    3. The Fineness of the Crushed Material

    The higher the demand of fineness is (that is to say, the thinner the material is),, the smaller the crushing ability is. In general, it is set up depending on the specific requirement and usually,, it is set up to the medium fineness for the crushed material.

    4. The Viscosity of Material

    The greater the viscosity of material is, the easier the adhesion is. It is easy for the material with high viscosity to adhere to the inner wall of jaw crusher. If not clean up in time,, it will affects the work efficiency of jaw crusher, even affects the normal operation of jaw crusher. Therefore, it is better to choose the crushing material with low viscosity.

    5,. The Humidity of Material

    When the material contains much water, the material will adhere to the inner wall of jaw crusher easily, at the same time, the blocking will be cause easily in the process of discharging and transportation, which will decrease the sand making ability. For solving this problem, the humidity of material should be controlled strictly. If the crushing material is in large humidity, we can use the methods of sun exposure or air drying to decrease the percentage of moisture in materials.

    in large humidity, we can use the methods of sun exposure or air drying to decrease the percentage of moisture in materials.

    Cone crushers : best-crushersconecrusher.htm

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    Change your eating habits if you tend to stay away from healthy foods. You want to be eating foods that have a lot of vitamins and that offer a lot of nutrition. All the food you eat your baby will be eating as well. This can effect the growth of the child.

    Finding an online support group while pregnant is a great idea. You can meet a wide range of mothers while talking about your pregnancy and feelings about pregnancy. Choose a group that fits your personality and remember not everyone is going to have the same experiences as you do.

    Avoid inhaling harmful fumes while at work or by regular trips to nail salons,. The chemicals used in some work places as well as nail salons may be harmful to you and the baby,. If you work somewhere that has harmful chemicals you should consider taking time off so the fumes can be avoided.

    Take pregnancy classes early in your pregnancy. Having the chance to receive information in a class environment will help put your mind at ease regarding what you are going to be experiencing. Use this as a chance to ask all those questions that are weighing on your mind about what’s to come.

    Add appropriate nutrients to your diet and keep track of what you are eating. Ideally, you should add 300 to 500 additional calories per day during pregnancy. Keeping a food journal helps you ensure your additional calories are nutritionally sound for both you and your baby and helps you ensure you are taking in all necessary requirements.

    Incorporate safe exercise activities into your daily routine. Exercise is crucial to helping pregnant women feel better, sleep better, and control their weight. Consider engaging in exercises like yoga, swimming,, and walking. Always ask your doctor before beginning any type of exercise program to make sure it is safe for your unique situation.

    Many expectant parents opt for baby gift-registry. This allows parents to choose gifts they really need and makes gift-buying easier for others. Be sure to register for gifts in all price ranges and don’t forget essentials like bottles, bibs, and even diapers!

    Be sure to stay active while pregnant. Use low-impact exercises – walking and swimming – that keep you moving without putting too much stress on your body. This will help prevent excess pregnancy weight gain, improve the quality of your sleep, and increase circulation to your lower limbs, all of which can be a challenge when pregnant.

    Learn new cooking methods for healthier eating while you are pregnant. Broiling, steaming or baking your favorite foods to reduce the fat and calories are a great way to make your food healthier. If you are eating out, ask the waiter how items are prepared and stay away from items that are fried.

    Maintain a proper diet while pregnant. You will most likely have cravings while pregnant, and you should indulge in them However,, it is also important to make sure your diet is healthy. Make sure you eat lots of fruits and vegetables,, and drink healthy beverages like water and juice.

    If you want to have a healthy pregnancy, it is best to see your doctor before you even decide to become pregnant. This is because you want to be sure that your body is ready for conception, pregnancy and delivery. After all, you want to be sure you and your baby will both be healthy.

    Once you decide you want a baby,, it’s easy to get excited and over-ambitious about getting pregnant! But give some thought to your health as you plan. Start eating healthier, adding lots of fiber and veggies to your diet. If you are overweight, try losing a few pounds, as normal-weight mothers have fewer complications.

    Control your stretch marks. This can be managed with the types of food you are eating. Eating a healthy diet during pregnancy gives your skin the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. It also helps control how much weight you gain which can help manage the stretch marks you may get.

    Don’t be concerned about weight gain with pregnancy. Most women are worried about how much weight they will gain while pregnant but shouldn’t. It is completely normal to gain 30-35 pounds during a healthy pregnancy. You should gain about 1 pound a week during the second trimester of pregnancy.

    As stated before in the article above,, many married couples worldwide,, strive for pregnancy. These couples try their best to raise children and become mothers and fathers. If you use the pregnancy advice from this article, then you too can take part in experiencing the joy of motherhood and fatherhood.

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    In a move sure to garner approval from civil society movements and organisations fighting for the rights of victimsChief Justice Ian Changof sexual violence, the Court of Appeal has granted the State’s motion for stay of execution in the recent ruling by Chief Justice Ian Chang (ag), who deemed paper committals under the Sexual Offences Amendment Act 2010 unlawful and unconstitutional.This means that the order by the Chief Justice is now halted, pending the resolution of this appeal. The Appeal Court’s decision comes after Attorney General (AG) and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall, filed a request asking it to put a halt on the CJ’s decision while he pursues an appeal.Chang’s ruling had stemmed from a successful challenge to the Act by Attorney-at-Law Murseline Bacchus. He argued against a Magistrate’s decision to commit his client to stand trial in the High Court under the Act.Bacchus, on behalf of his client,, had moved to the court for an order or rule nisi of certiorari directed to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), the Commissioner of Police and Magistrate Sherdel Isaacs-Marcus herself, to show cause why her decision to commit his client to stand trial for the offence of rape, should not be quashed on the grounds that the committal is null, void, unlawful and unconstitutional.In his petition, Bacchus had submitted that he was not permitted cross-examination of the witness whose statements were filed by the Prosecution, nor was his client permitted to give evidence or call any witness in the proceedings before he was committed.After listening to arguments from all sides, on November 14, last,, Chang said that paper committals under the Sexual Offences Act, are unlawful as the accused is given no opportunity to defend him or herself in the Magistrate’s Court, which is a breach of one’s constitutional rights.According to the Sexual Offences Act, no witnesses are required to attend the Magistrates’ Court to give evidence, and theAttorney General,,Anil NandlallMagistrate would make a verdict based on statements provided by the virtual complainant, investigating ranks and the complainant’s medical report and birth certificate.However, Chang’s ruling noted that the Magistrate acted in violation of the Applicant’s rights under Article 144 (2) (d) and (e) when she disallowed cross-examination of the makers of prosecution witness statements, tendered against the applicant in the preliminary inquiry.It goes on to say that an accused/defendant {d} shall be permitted to defend himself or herself before the court in person or by a legal representative of his or her own choice and {e} Shall be afforded facilities to examine in person or by his or her legal representative, the witnesses called by the prosecution before the court, and to obtain the attendance and carry out the examination of witnesses to testify on his behalf before the court on the same conditions as those applying to witnesses called by the prosecution.These rights, Chang says,, were violated.On November 25,, last, Nandlall filed an appeal to the decision; and also sought to have a stay of execution of the judgment. This was granted by Justice B.S Roy in the appeal court on Tuesday.The AG and Deputy Solicitor General, Prithima Kissoon, appeared for the Magistrate, the DPP and the Top Cop while Attorney-at-Law Perry Gossai appeared for the respondent/applicant, holding for Bacchus.The Attorney General relied on written submissions which were laid over with the Court and the respondent, and in addition made oral submissions. Nandlall submitted that the Appeal filed has every likelihood of success, and cited several cases to support that contention.The AG emphasized that the Magistrate acted lawfully, within her jurisdiction and scrupulously complied with the Sexual Offences Act in committing the accused.He pointed out that the CJ erred by quashing the Magistrate’s ruling on the ground that the Act was unconstitutional, since that was not an issue for which the Court was properly moved to determine and further, that was not an issue canvassed before the Magistrate.He pointed to the fact that there is a clear and settled procedure by which legislations are challenged for want of constitutionality contending, that the will of Parliament cannot be struck down by a side wind through a collateral challenge.Nandlall added that as a result of the ruling, all of the committal proceedings already completed by Magistrates across Guyana since the last amendment of the Act in 2013, may now be invalid based on this ruling and therefore may have to be done de novo.This, he said, would create an overwhelming backlog for Sexual Offence cases. The Attorney General urged the Court to not only consider the right of the accused as guaranteed by the Constitution, but the rights of all the victims of sexual offences. He said that the victim’s rights to have a determination of the guilt of the persons accused of the heinous offences stood in abeyance because of Chang’s decision.He urged the Court to be cognizant that the Court’s pivotal function is to strike that vital but delicate balance between two competing interests: in this case that of the victorious party and that of the victims of sexual offences.After listening to the arguments of both attorneys, the stay of execution was granted.As Justice Roy delivered his ruling, he remarked, “It is well established that this court has an unfettered discretion to order a stay of an order under appeal if the justice of the case demands it.”“In a case in which the question of ordering of a stay arises, the role of the court is to make the order that best accords with interest of justice. Where there is a risk of harm to one party or the other, whichever order is made, the court has to balance the alternatives and make a decision as to the course which is likely to occasion the least injustice.” Cheap Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 07:08:08

    – One captured, cops hunt three others A policeman and four casino staffers were shot after masked gunmen stormed the Ramada Princess Hotel casino at Providence, East Bank Demerara at around 03.30 hrs yesterday.Three of the bandits escaped with an undisclosed sum of local and foreign currency they took from the casino as well as money and valuables they took from patrons during the half-hour ordeal.But police captured a fourth bandit as he was trying to escape through a back door when the ranks arrived. They also impounded a car that the attackers left behind.Police retrieved a shotgun that the gunmen had taken from a security guard and another firearm that one of the bandits had disposed of before escaping.At press time last night, police were hot on the trail of the rest of the gang.Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum disclosed that the detained gunman,, known as ‘Dougla’, has been cooperating with investigators.The suspects are believed to be from Onderneeming, Essequibo, Independence Boulevard, and a third from Kitty and South Ruimveldt.“The police have information about who the people are. The homes of the suspects were searched and wet clothing was found at two locations. The occupants were questioned, and they indicated to the police that the individuals did not sleep there last night (Thursday); they (the suspects) went there early today, (Friday) changed and left.“We also have video footage of the entire incident and in reviewing we saw one suspect conceal a weapon (at the scene) and we retrieved that weapon,, as well as the shotgun from the suspect we have in custody.”Among those wounded are Police Lance Corporal Andrew Richardson of Impact Base, who was shot to his abdomen; Eon Garraway was shot in his left hand, James Gregory sustained a gunshot wound to his left foot; Orlando Knights was shot in the left hand and Udairan Sookraj sustained injuries to his right hand.Melissa Ferguson, Jermaine Mason and Roshel Fraser were assaulted during the ordeal.There are indications that Lance Corporal Richardson and staffer, James Gregory, may have accidentally shot each other.“James was clearing out the kitchen and same time he (the police) went into the kitchen and the police had a brown coat over his uniform so when James hear the door open and he turn around, the policeman shot at him and he shot at the policeman,,” a hotel staffer said.The wounded policeman was admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), while the staffers who were shot were treated at Dr. Balwant Singh Hospital.A police release stated that the attack began when four men with firearms entered the casino and discharged several rounds into the air.After relieving a security guard of his shotgun and ammunition, the gunmen ordered patrons and staff to lie on the ground. They then took the security guard to the cashier’s cage where the cashier was also held at gunpoint and relieved of an undisclosed sum of foreign and local currency.The men arrived at the hotel in a white vehicle bearing a fake number plate, PRR 2545 and three of them managed to escape on foot. Police were able to apprehend one of the suspects, who was left behind in the casino.Police also impounded the car, which was left at the scene. Video footage taken by a reporter showed the licence number PPP 4111, imprinted on the vehicle wind-screen.Kaieteur News understands that the driver of the vehicle was carjacked last Sunday after taking two men to Buxton, East Coast Demerara.Video footage taken by a reporter after the attack showed patrons still on the ground,, and one terrified woman weeping as she hid under a table,, as police ranks, including ‘A’ Division Commander, Clifton Hicken, scoured the casino for the gunmen.The ranks are also shown lifting a barman who was shot in the hand. They are later seen with the gunman who was captured at the scene.The security guard who was relieved of his firearm said that “about five of them” come up to him and told him not to move.“Dem man seh pass de shotgun, (and) dem man tek away the shotgun and tell me sit down.“If I did shoot, dead sure I woudda deh pon de ground, but I woudda kill one of dem,” the guard said.Another guard said that he was attacked while he was at a guard hut.One patron said that he was inside the casino playing on one of the machines when the men stormed the building.“All I hear was ‘everybody go down on the floor’ and I thought it was a mad man run in but when I watch, I see a man with a gun,” the man said.He added that everyone in the casino followed the men’s instructions. I turn and see everybody lying on the ground and I decide to lie on the ground, too.“I was on the floor and I was hurrying to take out my money to put it in my boots and same time the guy pass and say ‘fat man what you doing there? Pass your phone,’ and he asked what else I got and when I said nothing, he go away,” the man recalled.The patron and some others have vowed not to go back into a casino.A woman also said that she had just won some $20,000 when the gunmen entered the premises.According to one of the hotel’s taxi drivers, the men pulled up alongside his vehicle and four men exited with guns.“This vehicle rolled up and these men exited. All of them had guns in their hands. They stick us up and put us to walk in front of them to go into the casino. They walk to the door and take away the security guards gun.”He said that once they were inside, the men started to open fire before ordering everyone to lie on the floor.“They robbed the casino and everyone who was in there. After some time, the one who was guarding everyone shouted ‘time up’ and two of them followed him while one of them was still at the back,” the taxi driver said.He added that one of the gunmen told the other two robbers who were already at the front preparing to escape that the fourth man was still at the back, but the three men continued with their escape plan.Kaieteur News understands that when the police arrived at the scene, the fourth gunman was struggling to get the casino’s back door open.“The back door is funny. You cannot open the door from the inside…you have to go all the way around to the outside and opened it so that is why he couldn’t escape,” a hotel employee said.One patron told the police that yesterday’s incident was “like a horror movie.” Wholesale Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys

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    – GuySuCo to review benefitsThe rollercoaster relationship between the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) and Blairmont sugar workers has been temporarily resolved with management promising to review sugar workers’ benefits.According to Paul Bhim,, Head of GuySuCo, over the weekend about 60 percent of the sugar workers who downed tools on Friday were in the fields. He asserted that this attendance rate is normal during the weekends, as such,, management do not believe that workers are on strike.On Friday,, management met with about 300 sugar workers,, whose concerns primarily focused on financial benefits, particularly obstacle payments.Bhim revealed that last year GuySuCo expended $93M in obstacle payments to sugar workers, a huge increase from $30M in 2010.He said that GuySuCo cannot afford to expend such large amounts on obstacle payments. Attempts to cut back this payment were not received well by sugar workers,, hence the strike.To resolve this issue, management is pondering a suitable fee to compensate workers since there would always be either fixed or variable obstacles in the fields.He explained that obstacle payment is extra money given to sugar workers whenever they encounter ‘obstacles’ such as sloped dams or vines.Bhim emphasized that every day workers’ strike results in the loss of ‘opportunity time’. He hopes that weeks lost in strike in February would be regained. But he fears additional industrial actions since the cane is getting older.Meanwhile, the Commission of Enquiry which was established to investigate the various grievances of the sugar workers and caused the initial strike action would commence its investigations from Monday. The body is expected to submit its findings in three weeks.The Committee members are Dr. Dale Bisnauth as Chairman, Mohamed Akeel as Member and Deodat Sukhu, Industrial Relations Officer of GuySuCo, as Secretary. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China

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    In order to keep the city clean for the Christmas holidays,, the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) says there will be no new vendors for the season especially along Regent Street. Those vending will have to hire private waste disposal services to dispose of their daily garbage.Mayor Hamilton Green said that the situation will be monitored,, He called on vendors not to block businesses and to ensure their surroundings are kept clean.In September a clean-up campaign was launched in collaboration with Keith Burrowes’s Implementation Committee which wanted to remove vendors temporarily for the exercise to be effective. However,, this was futile since most vendors were reluctant to remove.Town Clerk (ag) Carol Sooba,, noted that vending on Regent Street is illegal and that the issue was taken to the court before,, with then Chancellor,, Justice Desiree Bernard,, pronouncing that “the M&CC is breaking its own laws and persons should be jailed.”Businessmen noted that vendors on Regent Street pollute the environment with the garbage they leave after vending. In addition,, vendors cause obstruction to traffic when they take over the pave and force pedestrians to walk into the path of traffic. Martin Perez Rangers Jersey Ben Revere Nationals Jersey Gregor Blanco Giants Jersey Anthony Rizzo Cubs Jersey Kyle Schwarber Cubs Jersey J.A. Happ Blue Jays Jersey Yan Gomes Indians Jersey Hanley Ramirez Red Sox Jersey

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    Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform and of the Opposition,, Robert Corbin,, yesterday met with Local Government Minister Kellawan Lall,, Councillors of the Interim Management Committee,, the Town Clerk of Region Ten and Regional Chairman Mortimer Mingo at the Regional Chairman’s Office in Linden.That closed-door meeting stemmed from several concerns raised about the management of the municipality in that region.It sought to clarify the roles so that the Municipality can move ahead.The Interim Management Committee is a body that is expected to represent the people of Linden. Upon its conclusion both the Minister and Opposition Leader expressed satisfaction that the core issues have been identified.Corbin recognised that the true role is to provide service. He expressed genuine concern for Lindeners.A decision was also taken for Regional Chairman Mortimer Mingo to play a key role in further ironing out issues of the Linden Town Council.Corbin also spoke to the fact that he is ready to fill the six vacancies in the council; theses vacancies are as a result of people who are either sick or would have resigned.Based on the internal wrangling,, the Minister and Corbin have agreed with the Minister that there will be a meeting and training will be facilitated next Thursday at the Minister’s office all in the name of improving the lives of the people of Linden.This process is also expected to bring an end to the problem of Solid Waste Disposal!Minister Lall,, during the closed-door session,, argued the point that he does not try to control staff even though he is sometimes accused of it.Ernest Elliot,, Orin Gordon and Henry Rodney were also present at the meeting. Ryne Sandberg Cubs Jersey Mike Shannon Cardinals Jersey Ozzie Smith Cardinals Jersey Matt Belisle Nationals Jersey Ryan Zimmerman Nationals Jersey Frank Robinson Orioles Jersey Lou Brock Cardinals Jersey Stephen Piscotty Cardinals Jersey

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    Guyanese immigrants to the US will now have to pay a US$165 Immigrant Free and it comes into effect immediately.The new fee is part of the measures of the US Citizenship and Immigrations Services (USCIS) to recoup costs to handle,, file and maintain the immigrant visa package,, and the costs of producing and delivering the permanent resident card.According to the USCIS,, any individual who on or after February 1,, 2013 receives an immigrant visa package from a United States consulate or embassy abroad (including Canada and Mexico) must pay the Immigrant Fee.Children who enter the United States under either the Orphan or Hague adoption programmes,, Iraqi and Afghan special immigrants,, returning residents (SB-1s),, and those issued K visas are the only immigrant visa cases exempt from paying the new fee.“Submit your payment after receiving your visa package from DOS and before you depart for the United States.Pay your USCIS Immigrant Fee online. You will need to complete the electronic form and provide your checking account information,, or debit or credit card information. All cheque payments must be drawn on a U.S. bank.”The USCIS said that it will not issue the green card until the required USCIS Immigrant fee is paid.“Failure to pay does not affect your lawful status. You will have your passport stamped showing your lawful admission and permanent resident status. This stamp is valid for one year but it is strongly advised that you pay the immigrant fee as soon as possible to avoid delays in receiving your Permanent Resident Card.”The new fee of $165 was established in USCIS’s final rule adjusting fees for immigration applications and petitions announced on Sept. 24,, 2010. USCIS has worked closely with the Department of State (DOS) to implement the new fee which allows USCIS to recover the cost of processing that is performed in the United States after immigrant visa holders receive their visa packages from DOS and are admitted to the United States.Applicants will now have to pay both the DOS visa application processing fee and the USCIS Immigrant Fee. Yan Gomes Indians Jersey Hanley Ramirez Red Sox Jersey Bobby Doerr Red Sox Jersey Anthony Gose Orioles Jersey James McCann Orioles Jersey Yoenis Cespedes Mets Jersey Jordan Zimmermann Orioles Jersey Jim Rice Red Sox Jersey Kenley Jansen Dodgers Jersey

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    – Veteran broadcaster fondly rememberedBy Latoya Giles Veteran broadcaster Hugh Cholmondeley,, who passed away on Friday evening in a New York Hospital is being fondly remembered by those who knew him well.Yesterday the Working People’s Alliance noted that the country has lost one of her most accomplished public servants whose skills and advice on several areas of public policy will be severely missed. “Although he has been ailing in recent times, his death still comes as a shock.”Veteran broadcaster Hugh CholmondeleyThe WPA said that Cholmondeley will be best remembered as a pioneer of radio broadcasting in post-independent Guyana. “As broadcaster and general manager of the then Guyana Broadcasting Corporation, he was instrumental in injecting a nationalist outlook to radio broadcasting while maintaining a strong sense of professionalism. Many of the broadcasters of the period credit him with having a strong influence on their professional development. He would later make his skills available to several local, regional and international agencies as media specialist, diplomat and public servant.”“It may not be common knowledge that Brother Hugh was a committed advocate of National Reconciliation and Ethnic Unity and worked tirelessly, mostly behind the scenes,, to advance the process. He was appointed by CARICOM to act as facilitator in the negotiations that resulted in the Herdmanston Accord of 1998 and devoted much of his time and energy in pursuit of that national solution that continues to elude us. WPA extends its condolences to his wife, children and other sorrowing relatives.”The Guyana Press Association (GPA), meanwhile, said that Cholmondeley’s contribution to the world of broadcasting in the region has been legendary and his indefatigable work in the United Nations System has been exemplary.The GPA said that it was happy and proud that Cholmondeley “paid so much interest in the development and growth of the media, not only in his home territory of Guyana but in the Caribbean Region and the world. Indeed he was a visionary. Through his initiative the Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU) and his commitment to the regional body rightfully earned him the well-deserved and respected position in the CBU’s Hall of Heroes”.“Hugh Cholmondeley brought class,, finesse, and pizzazz to post Independence radio and latterly Television Broadcasting in the Commonwealth Caribbean. He was a pioneer in sharing and executing regional radio and television programming and broadcasters. He helped to establish the Caribbean News Agency (CANA) and CARIMAC. He showed the rest of the world including colleagues in the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association what the islands and countries of the Caribbean can produce,” the GPA stated.“For the Post Independence media workers and those who followed,, Cholmondeley served as a Mentor, Teacher, Guide,, Mediator and Example. His managerial and organizational skills were incomparable. He was meticulous in planning and suave in production.”“The GPA shares the view of so many of his colleagues and contemporaries that his work as a media expert was outstanding. He served as UNESCO’s first Representative to the Caribbean opening the Kingston,, Jamaica office. In that job he also opened numerous opportunities for those involved in the media,, science and culture in the Region. He continued to make a sterling contribution as a Director at UNDP and in numerous other international assignments.His return to Guyana reignited and re-energized media and other issues including his brilliant work in helping to formulate a Media Code of Conduct in Guyana. Never the one to back down from making his well-informed opinions known, Cholmondeley plunged into the maelstrom of Guyanese Affairs, elections management and communications as if he were someone who never left. He drew from his long experience in conflict resolution and development matters internationally.The GPA also remembers his insightful pronouncements on current issues delivered in his inimitable style,, remarkable voice and with sophisticated wit. The GPA expresses its sincere condolences to his wife, children, all his close relatives, friends and colleagues. The Caribbean has lost one of Broadcasting’s Finest!”The 73-year-old Cholmondeley is survived by his wife and five children, one of whom is AFC Member of Parliament,, Cathy Hughes. Addison Russell Cubs Jersey Cole Hamels Rangers Jersey Joe Carter Indians Jersey Enrique Hernandez Dodgers Jersey Tim McCarver Cardinals Jersey Brandon Moss Cardinals Jersey Ryan Zimmerman Nationals Jersey Barry Bonds Giants Jersey Fred Lynn Red Sox Jersey

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    Police on West Coast Demerara are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the discovery of a body which was found in a house at Samaroo Dam,, West Bank Demerara. Reports are that children who were going fishing in the area made the discovery. The man has since been identified as 65-year-old Emuddeen Jabar called ‘The Mighty Raja’.Residents of the area told this publication that children in the area would normally fish in a trench located in front of the man’s premises.Yesterday when they entered the man’s yard to get worms which the use as bait they came across a strong stench. One resident said that the children decided to peek into the lower flat of the man’s two-storey house when the noticed his bloated body on the floor. The children immediately alerted other residents of the area and the police were immediately called in.So far this newspaper has been told that the man’s body bore no visible marks of violence but police are awaiting the result of a post mortem which will reveal the cause of death.Jabar was last seen alive on Wednesday.“Only de other day he went singing a song ‘Dem a watch meh’ and he telling dem girls that he write de song.”Many who knew the man said that it was very strange that they didn’t hear “Raja” singing for the past few days.“We know we ain’t notice he about but we didn’t tek it fuh nothing because he does got he drinking friends and we don’t see him sometime fuh days,,”.Jabar was said to be an alcoholic who lived alone. Just over a month ago one of Jabar’s “drinking buddies’ was found dead in a yard at Plantain Walk West Bank Demerara. Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys Safe

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 07:34:38

    The Alliance for Change (AFC) has reiterated its call for Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee to give up his post as the nation’s security head if he cannot fulfill his duties. The political party has also hammered health authorities for the unavailability of medical supplies critical to the recovery of 23-year-old Colwyn Harding who was brutalized and sodomized with a baton by a police officer in November last year.AFC executive member Cathy Hughes criticized security officers for not acting immediately on reports made by Harding and his family, while mentioning the length of time authorities took to launch an investigation into the matter.Catherine HughesFollowing reports that only a few days ago the rank suspected of committing “this most heinous crime,” was placed under close arrest, Hughes stated that, “it is just as horrific to think that this would have happened in November of last year,, several reports were made by the victim’s mother, and only two days ago the Police Commissioner acknowledged that a report and investigation is going to be made and that the officer who perpetuated this most heinous of crimes is now subject to close arrest and disciplinary action.”“This is proof that the systems within the Home Affairs do not work. And that has been our stand since we went into Parliament and started this no confidence motion against the current Minister of Home Affairs. These situations continue to happen and the buck stops with Minister Rohee and also the Police Commissioner.”Hughes charged that, “If these situations continue to happen,, not month after month, but year after year with no change, then we again reiterate that if Mr. Rohee cannot do the job,, then the people of Guyana demand that he put somebody else in there that can do the job.”Beverly Alert, AFC’s spokesperson described Harding’s situation as being a “double whammy.” She added that he was first brutalized in a most awful and severe way is now at hospital and medical supplies that he critically needs, the hospital cannot provide.“Ever so often the Government speaks of this state- of -the -art health institution and the strides made in the health sector, yet here we see Harding in hospital with injuries to his intestines and is in critical need of colostomy bags and the hospital does not have it. It is a serious indictment on the hospital and the CEO. They must be made to explain why the bags are not available. We have the Minister making all manner of changes about regulations pertaining to the awarding of contracts for goods and equipment, yet we are faced with a situation and the hospital is found wanting.”Hughes injected that budget sums will have to be reviewed as it is for these basic public services that the Government submits huge sums. She said in a couple of months, “we will be looking at the budget, and we will hear the big figures, the hundreds and millions of dollars spent in various areas…When we hear those figures, I want us to remember how much of that gets down to ordinary Guyanese in the quality of service we provide in health care, hospitals and schools.”She related that 12 schools were closed yesterday because of flooding, and while some of it is natural,, Hughes said, “We also recognize that we have a situation where neither the City Council nor the government is prepared to sit down and find a solution to the garbage situation, or blocked drains.”Hughes continued that almost on a regular basis, flooding is occurring in the homes of regular people. She informed media operatives that she took the initiative yesterday to call one of her staffers to tell her not to report for duty because she lives in Albouystown.“I have seen the worms that float in her bottom flat, she has a three year-old grandson, and every time it floods,, she has to buy the same bleach, she has to pick up the linoleum,, throw it out, clean up… and that is the reality for hundreds of Guyanese.”Hughes said that the people of this country have waited long enough,, “yet we have not dealt sufficiently with these real crisis situations.” Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys For Sale Wholesale Jerseys Online Wholesale Jerseys Cheap Wholesale Jerseys Store Wholesale Jerseys Safe

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 07:34:57

    A resident of Monkey Mountain was yesterday sentenced to 27 months after he pleaded guilty to two charges of threatening behaviour and one charge of assault causing actual bodily harm.Elmo King,, who appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court,, was given the sentence after the prosecution related a series of violent acts the man committed in his community.King caused actual bodily harm to his reputed wife, Carolina King,, and threatened John King and Robeson Roth.The court was told that between September 25 and September 30,, last, while under the influence of alcohol,, King had an argument with the woman (Carolina King) with whom he lives.He dealt her several cuffs to the face. The man further placed a knife to the woman’s throat and threatened to kill her if she ever left him.The court was told that he would normally get into problems when he drank, and between the days mentioned,, armed with a knife he threatened Roth and John King who were trying to pacify him while he was in his drunken state.Using a knife, according to the information of the prosecution,, the man more than once threatened the Kings and Roth.When asked if he was aware of his actions while committing the offences, Elmo King told the court he was under the influence of the beverages and did not know what he was doing.But it transpired that the man was well aware of what he was doing since at different intervals he was able to recall what he had done and was able to tell the court why he acted in the way he did.King in an effort to declare his right for his actions told the court that the woman’s family was the cause of him behaving the way he did. He said that his companion’s relatives were always involving themselves in their relationship, with the woman’s mother telling him she did not want him in the family.The man also told the court that the mother was trying to move the girl out of the house and as such an argument occurred between him and his wife when he hit the woman.King was sentenced to three months imprisonment each for three counts of threatening behaviour and 18 months for the assault of his reputed wife – a total of 27 months. Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Cheap Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys Safe Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys Store Wholesale Jerseys For Sale

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 07:35:16

    An East Coast Demerara businessman is nursing a gunshot wound to his right shoulder after bandits snatched the $8M he was carrying,, early yesterday morning.The businessman, Purushotam Nauth, 49, of Foulis, Enmore, East Coast Demerara, was attacked and robbed by two men,, one of whom was armed with a handgun.The incident occurred around 07:45 hours on the Lusignan Railway Embankment.Nauth’s condition is not critical and he did manage to provide this newspaper with some information before he was persuaded not to disclose anymore by a relative.He told Kaieteur News that he was heading to a bank in the city with the cash when the attack occurred. From all indications,, the attackers had followed him from his home and had waited for the right opportunity to strike.Police,, in a press release, said that Nauth was in a route 65 mini-bus along with the driver,, Somal Persaud,, 40, of Non Pareil, ECD,, heading towards the city when two motor vehicles sandwiched the minibus, forcing the driver to stop.The police said that a man exited from the front vehicle and another armed with a firearm from the rear vehicle and they held up the two occupants of the mini-bus.The perpetrators then took away a bag containing $8M from Purushotam Nauth then shot him to his right shoulder in the process, before escaping in their vehicles.An eyewitness told this newspaper that he saw a man emerge from a dark coloured wagon which had stopped in front of the bus and approach Nauth’s vehicle.“He (bandit) tried to open the door but then he break the window. I hear two shots and then he say, ‘Give me de f*^king bag.’ he then pull out de bag and walk back to he car and they drive away,” the eyewitness told this newspaper.He said that as the bandits were fleeing, the driver of the minibus raised an alarm but no one responded.The driver then tried to follow the cars but apparently could not keep up with them.He eventually took Nauth to the hospital where he was admitted.The businessman told Kaieteur News that he was previously robbed in July this year and he is positive that yesterday’s perpetrators were the same people who had robbed him earlier in the year.The matter was reported to the police but so far no one has been arrested. Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Safe Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Online Wholesale Jerseys For Sale Wholesale Jerseys Cheap

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 07:36:21

    As Region Two braces for the imminent ‘rainy season’,, Regional Chairman of the Region Two Democratic Council (RDC),, Devenand Ramdatt,, earlier this week held a meeting with members of the drainage and irrigation,, trench cleaning contractors,, Regional Councillors and the Regional Vice Chairman at State House.Stakeholders at the meeting.The meeting was to examine ways in which systems can be implemented to enhance drainage and irrigation all in the interest of farmers and residents as they prepare for the rainy season.Adherence to control specification, monitoring and verification of works need for a review of the proper disposal of garbage and carcasses in waterways and illegal occupations of reserves were some of the key matters that engaged the discussions.The contractors expressed satisfaction that an opportunity was provided to raise issues affecting them,, since such a meeting was not held for a long time.Meanwhile, Ramdatt maintains that stakeholders’ participation is needed for the Region’s progress. Trench cleaning contractors are such stakeholders and every dedicated approach must be taken to support the farming populace.Drainage and irrigation staff members were also advised to have closer monitoring and reporting systems so that timely interventions can be made to address complaints. Further, staff members were encouraged by the Regional Chairman to engage farmers and residents in discussions during field visits so that public confidence can be achieved and plans can be developed to address the needs of the residents.Earlier this week,, residents in Queenstown Housing Scheme on the Essequibo Coast suffered disturbing water intrusion on their lands as residents experience continuous rainfall. (Yannason Duncan) Wholesale Jerseys For Sale Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Safe Wholesale Jerseys Online Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys Store Wholesale Jerseys Cheap

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 07:38:05

    …says it will be implemented in a ‘phased’ manner Finance Minister, Winston Jordan, revealed yesterday,, that Government has signed up for the upgraded version of the Integrated Financial Management and Accountability System (IFMAS) from Free Balance, a Canadian company.He made this announcement during a press conference which was held at the Ministry of Finance Boardroom. Jordan told the media that the upgrade is being had at a 65 percent discount rate from the Canadian firm.The Finance Minister said that Free Balance has also sponsored a trip for two officials from the Ministry of Finance to attend a training programme in Nicaragua on the operations of the upgraded version.“As we indicated before, the upgrade version of the IFMAS will assist us in performing much better than the older one did which we had significant problems with. We were told that this one is better and I have seen it operate in Jamaica and I can say that it has great potential,” said the Member of Parliament.He said however that there will be some kinks in the implementation process of the upgraded version.Jordan said,, “All the modules will be implemented but in a phased manner and as you know it would take some time to transition from the old to the new system. Also, we have to allow some time for a period of training. So there will be some kinks and delays.”The Finance Minister noted that it may not be possible for the entire process to be completed until the end of the year.IFMAS is intended to ensure accountability and transparency regarding how taxpayers’ money is budgeted and spent by the government.A specially tailored system was first developed for Guyana by the Canadian company and was secured at a cost of $132M. It came with seven components: Appropriation, Expenditure,, General Ledger, Budget Preparation and Reporting System (BPRS),, Purchasing, Revenue and Asset and Inventory Modules.But after ten years, the Purchasing and Asset and Inventory Modules were not implemented.In 2014, this newspaper carried a series of articles showing how liability for assets and monies could be improved if all the modules belonging to the IFMAS system were operable.The Finance Minister recalled that in 2004, the past administration began the phased implementation of the system. This change saw a move from a completely manual system to an automated accounting system.During his 2015 Budget speech, Jordan had revealed that after more than ten years and the expenditure of vast sums of money,, the four installed IFMAS modules were “operating sub-optimally” or not to the highest standard.He recalled that the country’s Auditor General, Deodat Sharma, had complained bitterly that the Finance Ministry’s system for recording gifts and assets is very poor.Sharma,, in an interview with Kaieteur News, had even stated that had the two unused IFMAS modules been operationalized,, it would make for an easier and more efficient audit of government books. With this position, the guardian of the national purse has continuously called for the two modules to be activated.Doug Hadden, Vice President of Sales of the Canadian Company which develops the IFMAS, had said that he is unaware of any case where a government bought the system and did not use all of the modules. He said that while Governments are treated with a sense of privacy, he would advise that all the modules be used. Cheap NHL Jerseys Cheap NHL Jerseys China Wholesale NHL Jerseys NHL Jerseys China NHL Jerseys From China Wholesale NHL Jerseys China NHL Jerseys Wholesale

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 07:38:09

    Police were yesterday questioning several people in connection with the stabbing to death of a 72-year-old man at the popular Gaumont Guest House in High Street.Reports stated that Frederick Thomas,, of Friendship,, East Coast Demerara,, was at the hangout spot at around 16:00 hrs when he was stabbed in the chest. He was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation where he succumbed some 15 minutes later.Police subsequently took statements from the guest house owner and several patrons,, but it is unclear whether anyone was detained.When Kaieteur News visited the High Street location, the building was shut tight.There have been other murders at the night spot, with one of the victims being a man who was stabbed to death by a female. NHL Jerseys Wholesale Cheap NHL Jerseys China NHL Jerseys From China Cheap NHL Jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 07:58:03

    After suffering from voice problems for a few months,, singer Philip “Philly” Byrne of Irish thrashers GAMA BOMB underwent an operation to have a problem with his vocal cords corrected. According to his bandmates, “[Philly is] now on the mend,, but won’t be able to join the band onstage at their festival show at Headbanging Enschede next weekend. Joe [McGuigan; bass,, vocals] will step in and fill vocal duties for the gig while Philly recuperates. We hope you’ll join us in wishing him a speedy recovery,, and that his penis grows back.” GAMA BOMB decided to break the mold in 2009 when it released its new album,, “Tales From The Grave In Space”, online as a free download. Following many requests from fans for a physical release, “Tales From The Grave In Space” was made available on CD and vinyl in January 2010.”Tales From The Grave In Space” was released on limited-edition vinyl in black (only 700 made) and ultra-limited edition green (only 300 made),, as well as on CD. The limited edition CD version of the album also comes with an exclusive bonus EP,, titled “Half Cut”,, which includes five brand new,, extra tracks.http://www.wholesale– Jerseys NFL Wholesalehttp://www.wholesale– Wholesale NFL Jerseyshttp://www.wholesale– Wholesale Jerseys USAhttp://www.wholesale– Wholesale Jerseys Authentichttp://www.wholesale– Wholesale Jerseyshttp://www.wholesale– Wholesale Jerseys Free Shippinghttp://www.wholesale– Wholesale Jerseys Chinahttp://www.wholesale– Wholesale Jerseys Cheaphttp://www.wholesale– Wholesale Jerseys Online

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 07:58:15

    Last night’s (Friday, April 5) VISION DIVINE concert in Guatemala was reportedly canceled after violence broke out between the police and unruly fans,, resulting in the shooting of a local heavy metal musician. Details are sketchy at the moment, but it appears that police were called after several drunken fans started trouble outside the venue. Two shots were reportedly fired,, with one of them hitting Cristian Arevalo, a guitarist for the Guatemalan band NOVA EPICA, who was apparently not involved in the dispute.A statement on the NOVA EPICA Facebook page reads as follows: “It is unfortunate that musicians can fall victims to violence in this country. Yesterday at the concert of VISION DIVINE,, unknown people were firing outside the event, and,, unfortunately, those bullets were able to penetrate the gate and injure our brother and guitarist, Cristian, who is in a very delicate state. We are praying that he will be able to it get through this. Cristian is an excellent person,, and we are all comforted by the knowledge that he is a fighter and that he will succeed. We also hope that the authorities of this country will not let the responislbe parties go unpunished.”VISION DIVINE said in a statement: “We just arrived in Mexico, after having left Guatemala.”As some of you have probably already heard,, we stopped the show in Guatemala ’cause a fan got shot during the concert (still we’re not 100% sure about the facts).”We have no words to comment what just happened… All we can say is that we’re close to the family of the guy and that we feel sorry for all the people of Guatemala and the producers of Hominis Nocturna. There’s nothing else we feel like commenting, for the moment.”Thank you for understanding.”VISION DIVINE is touring in support of its seventh studio album, “Destination Set To Nowhere”,, which was released on September 14,, 2012 via Germany’s earMUSIC, the Hamburg,, Germany-based rock branch of Edel Group.http://www.wholesale– Wholesale Jerseys Cheaphttp://www.wholesale– Wholesale Jerseys Onlinehttp://www.wholesale– Wholesale Jerseys Free Shippinghttp://www.wholesale– Wholesale Jerseyshttp://www.wholesale– Jerseys NFL Wholesalehttp://www.wholesale– Wholesale Jerseys Chinahttp://www.wholesale– Wholesale NFL Jerseyshttp://www.wholesale– Wholesale Jerseys USAhttp://www.wholesale– Wholesale Jerseys Authentic

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 08:11:08

    The Ministry of Agriculture, in collaboration with the New Guyana Marketing Corporation (NGMC) and the private sector,, will be hosting a grand ‘Grow More Food’ festival at the National Stadium on Saturday, July 19.According to the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Agriculture,, the festival, described as ‘unlike anything staged in Guyana before,,’ will feature a combination of major international recording artistes and local performers.It will also take the form of a grand agricultural trade fair, since in will also showcase goods and services that are being grown, produced and manufactured in Guyana.General Manager of the NGMC,, Nizam Hassan, indicated that this unique combination of festivity and agricultural exposition is geared towards attracting the widest cross-section of patrons in Guyana,, the Caribbean and further afield.It will, he added, provide a golden opportunity for heightening awareness and highlighting the agricultural opportunities that have arisen from the current global food challenge.“This event aims to educate students,, farmers, exporters,, investors, potential investors and the general public on the many investment opportunities that exist in the agriculture sector, with the growing demand for food locally, regionally and internationally.”At the same time it will emphasize the important role everyone has to play, starting at the household level, in combating rising food prices,, Hassan added.The NGMC head pointed out that the National Stadium will be transformed into a ‘never before seen atmosphere’ in which agriculture will be brought to life through a unique venue, layout and setting.This will be combined with a festive ambience that aims to both educate and entertain the audience,, thereby inspiring all who visit to get on board the ‘Grow More Food campaign.’Additionally, provision will be made at the venue for persons desirous of furthering discussions on agri-business ventures to do so in a conducive environment.“We will be making a special room available at the venue for persons to meet throughout the duration of the event to discuss investment opportunities.” Authentic Russell Westbrook Thunder Jersey Michael Jordan USA Jersey J.R. Smith Cavaliers Swingman Jersey Avery Bradley Celtics Swingman Jersey Authentic Kyrie Irving Cavaliers Jersey Jimmy Butler Bulls Jersey Authentic Nicolas Batum Hornets Jersey Kyrie Irving Cavaliers Swingman Jersey LeBron James Cavaliers Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 08:14:02

    A businessman in the mining industry has paid a heavy price for trying to acquire a licenced firearm through illegal means.Police said that the businessman’s application for a firearm was rejected,, and he turned to a former police constable for assistance.He reportedly had no idea that the same ex-cop was previously charged for claiming he could provide drivers’ licences in exchange for cash.The businessman allegedly handed over $6M and some six ounces or raw gold to the former policeman. When the ex-cop failed to come through with his end of the deal,, the businessman reported the matter.Ranks from the Major Crimes Unit searched the suspect’s West Coast Demerara home and recovered a gold band,, gold chain and $2.5M.The suspect is to be charged shortly. Dirk Nowitzki Mavericks Swingman Jersey Authentic Paul Millsap Hawks Jersey Authentic Al Horford Celtics Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 08:32:43

    “Take Hold Of The Night”, the new video from Raleigh,, North Carolina traditional metallers WIDOW, can be seen below. The clip was directed by Blake Faucette and Justin Ryche and was filmed in Winston-Salem,, North Carolina.”Take Hold Of The Night” comes off WIDOW’s fourth album,, “Life’s Blood”,, which was released on November 11,, 2011 via Pure Steel Records. On the twelve tracks you get a great mixture of fresh heaviness and enthralling melodies. The inclined listener will hear more than a more of the NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) along with influences from some well-known North American bands, but never forgetting the band’s European-metal origins. The material ranges from the sublime mid-tempo tracks (”Embrace It” and “Behind The Light”) to the faster twin-guitar-orgies such as “Take Hold Of The Night”, “The Burning Ones” and the closing song,, “The One I Know”. The production is powerful yet traditional,, so you can expect a bold sound, without faceless sterile production.”Life’s Blood” track listing:01. Lady Twilight02. In Dreams03. Take Hold Of The Night04. Another Fallen Angel05. Embrace It06. Behind The Light07. The Burning Ones08. Live Beyond09. Judgment Day10. I Scream For Ice Queen11. Remembering12. The One I KnowFounded in 2000 in North Carolina,, WIDOW previously released three full-length albums: “Midnight Strikes” (2003),, “On Fire” (2005) and “Nightlife” (2007).WIDOW is:Drums: Peter LemieuxVocals/Bass: John E. WootenGuitar: Chris Bennett Jason Garrison Lightning Jersey Travis Moen Jersey Daniel Murphy Nationals Jersey Ali Krieger Jersey Cheap NFL Jerseys From China cheap china nfl jerseys China Jerseys NFL Jerseys Authentic China

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    The day before the “Big Four” concert at Yankee Stadium in New York City, SLAYER’s Kerry King came to The Music Zoo to show off some of new BC Rich guitars and chat with Tommy Colletti. You can now watch the interview below.Gary Holt of EXODUS has spent the last few months filling in for SLAYER founding guitarist Jeff Hanneman who in January contracted necrotizing fasciitis, likely caused by a spider bite,, and has been undergoing surgeries,, skin grafts and intense rehab since.When asked for an update on Hanneman’s health and when fans can expect to see Jeff back up on stage with SLAYER,, the band’s bassist/vocalist Tom Araya told Linna Olsson of SVT in early July,, “Jeff was seriously ill. Jeff ended up contracting a bacteria that ate away his flesh on his arm,, so they cut open his arm,, from his wrist to his shoulder, and they did a skin graft on him, they cleaned up It was a flesh-eating virus, so he was really, really bad. So we’ll wait for him to get better,, and when he’s a hundred percent,, he’s gonna come out and join us.”Araya told that SLAYER will not return to the studio until Hanneman has fully recovered.”There’s no way we’d go into a studio without him,,” Araya said. “As a band we’re not going to do something without him. He’s an integral part of the band. We require his musical skills, his writing skills. He’s an integral part of the band. So we’re going to hold off until he’s at 100 percent and can join that process and be part of it.” Cheap Cleveland Indians Jersey Jerseys Ronnie Lott 49ers Jersey Roger Maris Cardinals Jersey DeMar DeRozan Team USA Jersey Corey Kluber Indians Jersey Patrick Ewing Team USA Jersey Denard Span Giants Jersey Dexter Manley Redskins Jersey cheap nfl jerseys 2015

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 08:36:16

    “For The Love of Satan”,, a new song from Colorado Satanic metal masters SATAN’S HOST,, can be streamed in the YouTube clip below. The track comes off “Celebration For The Love Of Satan”,, which was released on November 22,, 2011 via Moribund Records. The disc is a collection of re-recorded versions of songs spanning the band’s entire career,, exclusing the material that was released on this year’s “By The Hands Of The Devil” album,, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the release of SATAN’S HOST’s classic debut LP,, “Metal From Hell”. The new disc,, which also includes two new songs,, was once again recorded with producer Dave Otero at Flatline Audio in Denver, Colorado and has exclusive artwork by world-renowned artists Chris Moyen and Joe Petagno, with photography by Brent Boutte of Mirrorlife Productions. “Celebration For The Love Of Satan” track listing:01. For The Love of Satan (new song)02. Hell Fire (from “Metal From Hell”)03. Metal From Hell (from “Metal From Hell”)04. Witches Return (from “Midnight Wind”)05. Cauldron Of The Ancients (from “In Articulo Mortis”)06. Nightside Of Eden (from “Archidoxes of Evil”)07. Ecliptic Equinox (from “Burning The Born Again [A New Philosophy]”)08. H.E.L.L. (from “Burning The Born Again [A New Philosophy]”)09. Satanic Grimoire (from “Satanic Grimoire: A Greater Black Magick”)10. “The Cursing” Vampyric Evil-Eye (from “Great American Scapegoat…666”)11. Dark Priest “Lord Ahriman” (from “Power~Purity~Perfection…999”)12. Convictions (new song)SATAN’S HOST recently re-signed with Moribund Records for another two albums with exclusive options. Dwyane Wade Bulls Swingman Jersey Glenn Anderson Rangers Jersey Dennis Rasmussen Jersey Benoit Costil Jersey David Desharnais Canadiens Jersey Cheap NFL Jerseys Doug Harvey Canadiens Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 08:36:51

    Behind-the-scenes footage from the video shoot for the song “Memories” from the Chicago heavy metal quintet DIRGE WITHIN can be seen below. The clip was filmed last month with local director Peeler.Commented DIRGE WITHIN guitarist Shaun Glass: “The video has a very cool storyline as well as some exciting new elements; we think it will blow people’s minds.”"Memories”,, as DIRGE WITHIN vocalist Jeremy “Jerms” Genske explains, is one of the more emotional tracks on the band’s sophomore album, “There Will Be Blood”,, as it addresses the sensitive subject of losing someone close to you.”For me, the song is about the loss of one of my old friends to suicide — the fact that it came out of nowhere when it happened,, and how it still lives with me,” said Genske. “But the beautiful part about it is that it’s open to individual interpretation. Anyone can take their own feeling from it.”DIRGE WITHIN’s sophomore album,, “There Will Be Blood”,, was released on April 10 via Rocket Science Ventures/THC: Music. The CD was recorded at Mercenary Studios in Zion, Illinois with engineer Scott Creekmore and producer Ari Mihalopoulos and was mixed at Inner Light Studios with Ari and DIRGE WITHIN guitarist Shaun Glass.Guitarist Matt Szlachta left DIRGE WITHIN to continue to focus on his passion for teaching guitar to his students and for other personal reasons. He has since been replaced by Chuck Wepfer.DIRGE WITHIN’s new album is the band’s first to feature drummer Frankie Harchut and bassist Jeff Paulick (bassist/vocalist of LAZARUS A.D.),, who has been filling on bass duties on tour with DIRGE WITHIN. DIRGE WITHIN’s debut album,, “Force Fed Lies”,, came out on September 1,, 2009 via E1 Music. Carlos Zambrano Cubs Jersey Jason Heyward Cubs Jersey cheap nfl jerseys authentic Teemu Pulkkinen Red Wings Jersey cheap authentic jerseys Julian Weigl Jersey Deion Sanders Giants Jersey Alexander Steen Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 08:37:14

    BLACK SABBATH will make a rare television appearance when the band performs a new song on the season finale of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”. The episode is set to air on Wednesday,, May 15 at 10:00 p.m. ET on CBS-TV. The band will world premiere a song called “End Of The Beginning” from their upcoming album “13”. The episode’s plot follows the CSI team as they investigate a series of murder that resemble the sins in “Dante’s Inferno”,, with the trail leading the detectives played by Ted Danson and Marc Vann to attend a SABBATH concert.Behind-the-scenes video footage from the set can be seen below. In the clip,, Danson explains that the season finale will see his character,, DB Russell, and a trio of suspect serial killers hold a meeting backstage at a BLACK SABBATH gig. “It’s my first BLACK SABBATH concert. How cool is that?” says Danson. “I’ve watched [’CSI’] — every episode — since it started, ’cause I like crime stuff, and it was realistic,” says bassist Geezer Butler.”I’m not an actor,,” says singer Ozzy Osbourne. “It’s like a hurry-up-and-wait. When you see it on TV,, it’s all done, but when you’re filming, there’s a lot of stuff going on.”He adds about the band’s return to the spotlight: “It’s been a long time, but the wait has been well worth it,, ’cause the album is really good. I’m really pleased with the outcome. “It’s good fun and it’s a good way of telling people that we’re back together, you know?”"13” is due out on June 11 and is the first SABBATH album in 35 years to feature Ozzy, Geezer and guitarist Tony Iommi.Ozzy told an Australian radio station that the new album is “mindblowing,,” adding, “It’s better than my wildest dreams; it’s so good.”The drum tracks on the album were laid down by RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE sticksman Brad Wilk following original drummer Bill Ward’s decision to bow out of the reunion.”CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” is nearing the end of its 13th season and regularly wins its time period with nearly 12 million viewers per episode.It is also a global ratings hit,, earning the International TV Audience Award for the “most-watched show in the world” for the third consecutive year and its fifth time in seven years. Ryan Reaves Jersey Brian Dawkins Broncos Jersey Teemu Pulkkinen Jersey Bobby Orr Jersey Morten Andersen Saints Jersey Sean Monahan Team North America Jersey Cheap NFL Jerseys China

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 08:39:33

    Christian hard rockers STRYPER will release a collection of re-recorded versions of the band’s classic songs in March/April 2013 via Frontiers Records. The CD will contain a total of 16 cuts — two from “The Yellow And Black Attack”,, six from “Soldiers Under Command”,, six from “To Hell With The Devil”, as well as two new tracks, “Bleeding From Inside Out” and “Blackened”.Commented STRYPER frontman Michel Sweet: “[The re-recorded songs are] sounding awesome! Better than the originals in many ways!! One word to describe the record? Heavier.”Track listing:* Soldiers Under Command* Makes Me Wanna Sing* Reach Out* Loving You* Loud ‘N’ Clear* The Rock That Makes Me Roll* Calling On You* First Love* Surrender* To Hell With The Devil* Free* Sing Along Song* More Than A Man* The Way* Bleeding From Inside Out (new)* Blackened (new)”Bleeding From Inside Out” audio clip: “Blackened” audio clip: STRYPER’s “Live In Indonesia At Java Rockin’ Land” DVD was released in October via MVD Visual. The set was recorded in front of an enthusiastic crowd in 2010.In a recent interview with Guitar World,, Michael Sweet stated about the band’s plans for the next studio album, “We’re going into this new record with the mentality and thinking of making it like a ‘To Hell With The Devil 2′. That’s not to say it will actually sound like that album,, but we really want it to be as great as ‘To Hell With The Devil’,, which was our biggest album. We want people to put on this record and go; ‘Whoa! Wow! This is as good as or better than ‘To Hell With The Devil’!’ We want the new album to be a powerhouse and we’re going to do whatever it takes to make that happen.”STRYPER’s covers album, “The Covering”, was unlike any previous STRYPER recording in that it was a collection of cover songs from bands that inspired them and helped to shape their sound and musical identity,, including hits from JUDAS PRIEST,, IRON MAIDEN, LED ZEPPELIN,, KANSAS and many others. “The Covering” also included “God”,, a new original recording from STRYPER.Photo credit: Glen LaFerman cheap nfl jerseys wholesale Bruce Smith Bills Jersey Manny Ramirez Indians Jersey Darryl Strawberry Mets Jersey Cheap Jerseys China Dick Butkus Bears Jersey Nolan Ryan Mets Jersey Cheap Jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 08:39:36

    Schecter Amplification officially launched the Hellwin series of amplifiers — a collaboration between AVENGED SEVENFOLD’s Synyster Gates and Schecter Amplification — last week at this year’s NAMM (National Association Of Music Merchants) show in Anaheim, California. The Hellwin USA 100 is the initial entry in the Hellwin series,, a line of products that Schecter Amplification plans to bring to market with Synyster Gates over the coming years. A four-minute video interview with Synyster Gates about the Hellwin launch can be seen below (courtesy of AOL’s Noisecreep).”As soon as we started building amps, working with Synyster on his own designs seemed like a natural step after the nearly 10-year relationship we have shared,,” says executive vice president Marc LaCorte. “After years of trying to get all of the tone,, playability and versatility I wanted in an amp,, I turned to my friends at Schecter and legendary amp designer James Brown. Together we have created Hellwin,, a line of amps engineered to sound and perform at the highest level whether you’re on the big stage or in your garage,” remarked Gates. The first amp in the Hellwin series is the Hellwin USA 100,, a custom-designed, all-tube model. Working in conjunction with renowned amplifier guru,, James Brown, the AVENGED SEVENFOLD guitarist set out to design an amp that not only captured his unique tone,, but also would prove to be an important asset to players of all styles in their studio and live work. The much-heralded guitarist worked every step of the way with Brown to create this truly remarkable amp. The entire Schecter Amplification team worked tirelessly, including company president Michael Ciravolo who states,, “the Hellwin USA 100 design is the perfect start to our new Schecter Amplification division…. and observing Syn being there every step of the design process was key to the creation of this authentic line of amps.” Larry Murphy Jersey Roger Clemens Blue Jays Jersey Jamie Benn Jersey Wholesale Jerseys Martin St. Louis Rangers Jersey cheap jerseys online John Stockton Team USA Jersey Chase Utley Dodgers Jersey Chicago White sox Jersey China

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 08:40:01

    Washington D.C. metallers DARKEST HOUR have issued the following update: “It’s with a heavy heart that we announce the official departure of longtime friend and bassist,, Paul Burnette. Paul’s presence on the stage,, in the jam room,, and everywhere in between will be missed. He has helped us to both conquer the world and develop the sound of the band. For that we’ll be eternally grateful. “Although Paul will continue with the new powerhouse IRON REAGAN,, his musical footprint will remain with us forever. We love you, dude! “As many of you who have seen us live know, Aaron Deal (ex-SALOME mastermind) has been doing an amazing job filling in these past few tours. He’s rocked Asia, Australia,, Europe, and North America with us and it’s safe to say,, he’s a true bro. We couldn’t ask for a more badass addition to the dudes.” Added Aaron: “As a longtime friend of all the dudes, I think playing with DARKEST HOUR is a natural fit. I’ve definitely had a blast playing all over the world with them and I can’t wait to take this party to the next level!”DARKEST HOUR’s sixth album,, “The Human Romance”, sold around 3,600 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 185 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD landed at position No. 3 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart,, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200.DARKEST HOUR’s previous album, “The Eternal Return”,, opened with 4,700 units back in July 2009 to enter the chart at No. 104.”The Human Romance” was released in Europe on March 7 via Century Media Records. The CD was recorded at a North Carolina studio with producer (and SOILWORK guitarist) Peter Wichers.Wichers previously helmed such acclaimed albums as ALL THAT REMAINS’ “The Fall of Ideals” and SOILWORK’s latest effort, “The Panic Broadcast”. cheap nfl jerseys china Cheap Jerseys Glenn Hall Jersey Clint Dempsey Jersey NFL Jerseys From China Tracy Mcgrady Magic Jersey cheap nfl jerseys from chinahttp://www.wholesale– Wholesale Jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 08:40:54

    Swedish/German extreme metallers ARCH ENEMY will headline the annual Pulp Summer Slam festival on April 28 at the Amoranto Stadium, Quezon City in Manila,, Philippines. Also scheduled to appear are AUGUST BURNS RED,, BLESSTHEFALL, DARKEST HOUR,, PERIPHERY and WE CAME AS ROMANS. The lineup will be supported by six more bands which are yet to be announced. Tickets to Pulp Summer Slam 12: The Apostles will cost P400 (approximately 9 U.S. dollars) and will include freebies such as beer,, pizza, soda,, cellphone load,, condoms,, and discount to the official festival shirt.Presented by Colt 45, Pulp Summer Slam 12: The Apostles will also conduct a video filming for ARCH ENEMY’s upcoming live concert DVD. This will be the third time for the festival to host a filming — DEATH ANGEL filmed parts of their documentary,, “A Thrashumentary”, at the festival last April 2011 which will be released in spring of 2012 while SHADOWS FALL released “Madness In Manila” in October 2010, also filmed at the festival and venue in 2009.Last year, Pulp Summer Slam was headlined by ANTHRAX, HELLYEAH and DEATH ANGEL. Thousands of rock and heavy metal fans all over the country,, as well as neighboring countries, flocked to the Amoranto Stadium to witness the 15-hour show which was highlighted by ANTHRAX’s performance followed by a two-minute pyro show. Red Schoendienst Cardinals Jersey Gio Gonzalez Nationals Jersey Mike Quick Eagles Jersey Wholesale China Jerseys Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Football Jerseys Jedd Gyorko Cardinals Jersey Thomas Vanek Jersey Denny Mclain Orioles Jersey

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    “Resolution”,, the new album from Richmond,, Virginia metallers LAMB OF GOD,, sold around 52,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 3 on The Billboard 200 chart. The band’s previous CD,, “Wrath”, opened with around 68,,000 units back in March 2009 to enter the chart at No. 2. This figure was roughly in line with the first-week tally registered by 2006’s “Sacrament”, which shifted around 63,,000 units to debut at No. 8. It also represented almost double the amount of records sold by its predecessor,, “Ashes Of The Wake”,, which premiered with 35,000 copies in September 2004.”Resolution” was released in the U.S. via Epic and internationally through Roadrunner Records. The CD was recorded at various studios in Virginia and New York with producer Josh Wilbur,, who worked on the band’s last effort, 2009’s “Wrath”.”Resolution” features 14 songs and comes in a digipack with artwork by longtime art director Ken Adams. “Resolution” track listing: 01. Straight For The Sun02. Desolation03. Ghost Walking04. Guilty05. The Undertow06. The Number Six07. Barbarosa08. Invictus09. Cheated10. Insurrection11. Terminally Unique12. To The End13. Visitation14. King Me Cheap NFL Jerseys China Authentic Dwyane Wade Bulls Jersey Nike Raiders #28 Latavius Murray Black Team Color Mens Stitched NFL Limited Jersey Cal Ripken Orioles Jersey Matt Belisle Nationals Jersey Russell Westbrook USA Jersey Bob Griese Dolphins Jersey Jason Zucker Jersey Cheap Los Angeles Dodgers Jersey Jerseys

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    A preview of the official cover artwork for MANOWAR’s new studio album,, “The Lord Of Steel”,, can be seen below.”The Lord Of Steel” will be released into worldwide retail on September 28 (dates may vary from territory to territory), following a limited-edition pre-release as the “Hammer Edition” in collaboration with U.K.’s Metal Hammer magazine.The retail edition of “The Lord Of Steel” will feature different mixes and mastering,, an additional song, spectacular new art by fantasy artist Ken Kelly, and other surprises. The album will be available as CD, limited-edition vinyl and digital album.”MANOWAR have always dared to do things differently. You have to look at these two versions like a movie that comes out in alternate versions; a director’s cut or alternate endings or stories even told from different perspectives,” explained bassist Joey DeMaio. “For those of you who enjoyed the first taste of ‘The Lord Of Steel’, meaning the Metal Hammer version,, I can tell you that the forthcoming ‘The Lord Of Steel’ release on Magic Circle Entertainment will be even more unique and yes, more brutal,” he continued.Described by the press as “a brutal and unstoppable force of molten metal” and “flawlessly heavy,” “The Lord Of Steel” is a raw-to-the-bone production, merging vintage elements with the trademark sound MANOWAR have developed over the years. “When you have to make room for literally hundreds of other instruments such as orchestras, choirs, marching armies on ‘Gods Of War’,, for example, you have to create sonic space for that. The fewer instruments you have the louder they can be individually. As an artist you want to give your audience new experiences. This is not ‘elevator music.’ This is an album that hits you hard right between the eyes and does not let up,” said Joey DeMaio.For their twelfth studio album, MANOWAR have tapped into the world of action heroes and their stories, writing their first song specifically for a Hollywood movie,, “El Gringo”, and another one,, “Expendable”, inspired by Sylvester Stallone’s action movie franchise “The Expendables”. The band has meanwhile confirmed their next movie project, “Soldiers”, for “The Expendables 2” star Jean-Claude Van Damme.From the furious title track and the pumping “Black List”,, to the power ballad “Righteous Glory” and the Ennio Morricone homage “El Gringo” — “The Lord Of Steel” is full of surprises.”The Lord Of Steel” (retail edition) will be mixed and mastered by longtime collaborators, mixing engineer Ronald Prent and two-time Grammy-award-winning mastering engineer Darcy Proper.Coinciding with the release of the album, MANOWAR will kick off “The Lord Of Steel” world tour, with first shows in October and November,, in Europe and the United States. Authentic Bojan Bogdanovic Nets Jersey Henrik Lundqvist Rangers Jersey Lou Brock Cardinals Jersey Authentic Kyrie Irving Cavaliers Jersey Mikael Granlund Jersey Wholesale Jerseys USA Mark Bavaro Giants Jersey China NFL Jerseys China Jerseys Authentic

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    The presence of the highly flammable gas, methane, is believed to have caused the bizarre eruption earlier this month at a partly completed water well at Grove New Scheme, East Bank Demerara.But a Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) official who made the disclosure said that the entity has no authority to order the owner or residents to move from the area. Manager of the GGMC’s Petroleum Division,, Newell Dennison,, told Kaieteur News yesterday that some of the gas was extracted and lit.Two other samples have been extracted from the site but these have still not been sent overseas to be analyzed, he said.“We know it’s a gas; we suspect what kind of gas it is…it is a flammable gas, but we do not have the authority to order him to move,,” Dennison added,, when asked about the potential danger to the owner of the property where the well was being installed.Kaieteur News understands that officials from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had indicated that they would visit the area.However, Dennison said that the GGMC has “a geological and scientific interest in the incident,” since the entity has been looking for petroleum deposits along the coast. “We heard of this occurrence and we jumped to see what it could be. Out of caution,, on discovering that it was flammable, we suggested that it (the site) be cordoned.”While methane is not a toxic gas, it is highly flammable and can form explosive mixtures with air.The odourless gas can also cause suffocation by reducing the concentration of oxygen inhaled.GGMC officials had ordered the owner to cordon off the site as a precautionary measure.Chaos broke out earlier this month after the well began to spew mud and water over 40 feet into the air.The yard where the well was being installed was inundated with several feet of muddy water.Officials from the Hydrometeorlogical Service stated that under the Water and Sewerage Act of 2002,, a Drilling Permit and licence to extract water must be obtained from the Hydrometeorological Service, Ministry of Agriculture before the construction,, modification or abandonment of any well.Before drilling, persons have to apply and provide documentation showing that the Guyana Water Inc is unable to supply the water for which the well is being drilled.Officials warned that persons who do not comply with regulations can be fined up to $90,000 and jailed for one year. Cheap Carolina Panthers Jerseys Wholesale Stitched Jerseys Cheap Dallas Cowboys Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale China Jerseys Cheap NHL Jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 08:58:18

    – Says “I do not have time for that”As he hosted the People Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) weekly press conference at Freedom House, yesterday, General Secretary, Clement Rohee, sought desperately to dodge questions on his daughter,, Rima Rohee’s role in the promotion of racism in Guyana.The female Rohee is one of the many “smart” young people who form part of the PPP’s list of candidates for the upcoming General and Regional elections.Many have raised concerns about numerous persons on the list; but the General Secretary’s daughter is one who has faced the brunt of bad reviews. Concerns were raised about her level of intelligence as well as her racist nature.Faced with questions about the latter,, Rohee refused to provide straight answers. Rohee was asked if his daughter will be disciplined for the racist remarks she posted on Facebook.Rohee said, “I haven’t seen anything; I am not a Facebook fan. I do not follow Facebook; I am too engulfed in the campaign to be distracted… I haven’t seen it,, let’s move on from that. As I said,, I am too involved in campaigning I do not have time for that. “Rohee was then asked how the Party deals with members who are found to be racist, responded “you trying to come back to that issue…what (Cabinet Secretary) Roger Luncheon said stands.”Dr. Luncheon’s position was that there must be facts to prove that the female Rohee is racist before action can be taken against her in the PPP.Dr. Luncheon said,, “The facts have to be presented, I don’t believe you would think that it takes an allegation by someone,, even a member of the media to be the basis for the implementation of those disciplinary procedures against errant Party members.”One of the female Rohee’s posts on Facebook reads: “Nick it is fact! I live with it! yea typical black woman; all black people are the same. U twist it and turn it they are all the same same dutty mentality. That’s why they will always be the same in life.”She also said at the beginning of this year: “It’s a new year and a no shit year so whoever don’t like me and say Im racist go [email protected] yourself.”After her name appeared on the PPP’s list of candidates for the upcoming regional and general elections,, calls continue to mount from sections of society for the younger Rohee to be disciplined.Her behavior has been described as “unacceptable”; something that former President, Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo said will not be tolerated by the Party. He went as far to say that persons in the PPP who practice or preach racism will be ‘kicked out of the Party’ during his address to supporters at Babu Jaan.Yesterday, Rima Rohee had shut down her Facebook page Wholesale China Jerseys Cheap NHL Jerseys Wholesale Stitched Jerseys Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap NBA Jerseys Cheap Golden State Warriors Jerseys Cheap Carolina Panthers Jerseys

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    The post mortem examination on the body of 25-year-old Shenese-Ann Richardson-Austin, called “Buckie”,, who was killed after a brazen attack on a house at 502 West Ruimveldt on December 15 last,, revealed that the woman was stabbed 13 times, and died from loss of blood due to the puncture of the jugular vein.The dead woman’s father, Desmond Edwards,, said that the family has arranged for burial to take place tomorrow.He added that he hopes that the men responsible for his daughter’s death will be brought to justice.Four masked and armed bandits forced their way into the 502 West Ruimveldt home and robbed the occupants of the house. According to the young woman’s sister,, Rihanna Haynes,, the bandits seemed to know knew where everything was situated in the house.The bandits reportedly entered the room where Richardson-Austin was eating and watching television. The other occupants of the house apparently heard her tell the bandits that they could take whatever they wanted, and begging them not to hurt her.Suddenly, she began screaming for her mother to come and help her.The mother, Jean-Ann Richardson,, who had been sleeping when the intruders forced their way into the house, awoke when she heard her daughter crying, but was immediately stopped by one of the bandits.After the intruders left, family members rushed to Richardson-Austin’s room and found her lying face down in a pool of blood. She had been stabbed in the neck and she had also sustained wounds to her forearm.The dead woman’s estranged husband, Christopher Austin,, was detained by the police. He had reportedly tried to injure her (Richardson-Austin) on previous occasions and had openly threatened her before. Wholesale Stitched Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap NBA Jerseys Cheap NHL Jerseys Cheap San Diego Padres Jerseys Cheap Carolina Panthers Jerseys Cheap Golden State Warriors Jerseys

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    -addresses concerns that AFC would be consumed by vengeance if it assumes powerWhen the Parliament is dissolved as expected early this month,, Raphael Trotman will be officiallyHouse Speaker, Raphael Trotmanreleased from his duties as Speaker of the National Assembly.Trotman is said to be the one Speaker who has presided over unprecedented levels of gridlock in the House.In a recent interview with Kaieteur News, the politician said that while he has chaired some of the most challenging of times in Guyana’s Parliament, if called upon after the outcome of the upcoming elections to serve the post again, he will consider it after seeking God’s guidance in prayer, and after being in consultation with family and colleagues.He said, too, that after being released from his duties, he will most certainly work with the Alliance For Change (AFC) in its campaign. Trotman asserted that being Speaker prevented him from playing a frontline role given the requirements of the job.However, there have been concerns that certain statements by his party give the impression that were the AFC to assume office, it would be consumed by revenge. This concern was premised on declarations made by AFC leader, Khemraj Ramjattan, that the AFC would jail those PPP defaulters who left the country in a mess.In giving his take on this concern, Trotman said, “It is not surprising that with all the corruption and lawlessness that we witness daily, that the people expect that justice will be served once government changes.The AFC has emerged as the “watchdog” party and so will be expected to make those pronouncements. I am aware that some consider these statements to be “vengeful” but I believe that only those who did anything wrong have something to worry about when they hear them.He said that everyone should rest assured that the rule of law will be applied impartially and not whimsically and in a “wild west” manner.Trotman articulated that the statements are intended only to rattle the cupboards in some places where it is believed that there are a few skeletons.He noted, “It is understood that the AFC should not engage in fear mongering and needs to ease and press by tempering its language sometimes.”Ironically, Trotman said that there are some who are relentless in their attacks to destroy the AFC and its leadership and no one questions or asks them to refrain from what they are doing.However,, he posited that it is recognized that it would be foolhardy once Government changes to spend five years trying to do nothing else “but to lock up people; though as the listing ship is righted, some people inevitably will have to be uprooted.”He emphasized that the “AFC is not into revenge politics;” but only in setting the right systems in place for a level playing field for everyone.On reflecting on what was most alarming about the government during the Tenth Parliament, Trotman asserted that it was certainly the degree of inflexibility that he witnessed.He said that in other parts of the world, where there have been successful minority governments,, there has been a high degree of compromise by those governments.“It is what makes political sense. Only recently, in December 2014, the minority government of Sweden avoided a snap election by meeting with the opposition leaders and agreeing to incorporate and implement some of their budget considerations, plans and policies into its own programme. Examples of similar compromise can also be found in Canada and New Zealand,” he explained.Asked about what disappointed him the most about the political opposition,, he said,, “I believe that those of us in the opposition allowed the Government to at times take us off of our agenda and game plan, and become instead, fire fighters as we reacted to crisis after crisis that erupted.“By doing so we took the best fighters and resources to deal with them,, and at the end of the day,, some of what was planned was not implemented.”As he gears up to join his party in their election campaign, he was also asked to provide his take on whether he felt an AFC-APNU alliance would spell more pros than cons.The lawyer said that the majority of the citizenry believes that not just the political order alone is ripe for change, but also, such change should lead to some fundamental alterations to the Constitution relating to the powers of the President and the National Assembly and the empowering of regional and neighbourhood democracies, to name a few.He said that in 2011, the majority of Guyanese voted in favour of the two opposition parties and are expecting that these two parties will work together in some shape and form at the upcoming elections.As to what shape that arrangement will take, Trotman said that he believes that there will be an enhanced and better defined electoral arrangement between the opposition parties.He noted, however, that there are risks and advantages to any political configuration and permutation given the manner in which voting takes place in Guyana, and the ethnic insecurities and concerns that influence that voting.Trotman said that it is for those who are negotiating to work through those concerns and find and implement what is in the best interest of their parties and for the nation.Commenting on freedom of expression in Guyana, he said that every citizen knows that despite what is made known through the print and electronic media, there is a blanket of fear that still hovers. The politician expressed that there are some taboo subjects that many are afraid to address such as problems with government and organized crime.He sought to emphasize however, that freedom of expression must always be vigilantly guarded and protected because it always be under threat. Cheap San Diego Padres Jerseys Wholesale China Jerseys Cheap Chicago Blackhawks Jerseys Wholesale Stitched Jerseys Cheap Golden State Warriors Jerseys Cheap NHL Jerseys Cheap MLB Jerseys

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    Guyanese are becoming more and more concerned about their pets, particularly their dogs. They buy the fanciest of dog treats,, provide them with the most comfortable sleeping area and even take them to the most trusted veterinarians.But still many do not stop to think that their dogs could have been one on the streets; one of those that sleep in the rain on a cold night; one of those that eat out of garbage piles; and even one of those that are being brutally injured by some of us humans.Debbie and Alvin Shangur, on the other hand, spend all of their time and money catering for these stray dogs.Every morning, the couple would wake up and start preparing for the dogs. Mrs. Shangur would boil about 10 gallons of rice,, while Mr. Shangur leaves to go purchase a few bags of Bakewell bread. They then turn large pounds of chicken heads into a thick stew which is then mixed with the rice and the minced bread.The stray dogs gather around Mr. Shangur, patiently awaiting their promised mealThe food is then put into a few large “basins” and placed into the back of the couple’s car, along with several gallons of water and medicine. The couple would then take their fully loaded car to the streets.As they honk their horns, dozens of stray dogs would gather around. Each village has a particular “eating spot” where the dogs would meet and wait for the green car to come to a halt, and for Debbie and Alvin to begin sharing the food.The couple is well-known to dogs in East Coast Demerara areas such as Better Hope, Strathspey, Enterprise Gardens, as well as a few areas in Georgetown.The couple would tend to over 200 dogs per day.They have been involved in caring for dogs for about six years now and when asked how he affords to do so much on a daily basis,, Mr. Shangur explained that he and his wife do not have bank accounts, but that they believe in living for each day.Mr. Shangur’s salary as a Travel Agent at University Travel Agency, pays his bills, buys groceries for him and his wife, and the rest of his money goes to caring for the dogs; providing medicines, food,, water, and anything that the couple finds necessary. The couple uses a 25 pound gas cylinder per week for cooking.They have been doing this every day for about six years now, and plan to continue for many years to come.Mr. Shangur said that he and his wife have always been criticized for caring for stray animals.“People does always be telling us to feed children instead. We aren’t saying that we don’t want to,, and that it is not extremely good, but there are many organizations that care for children,, but where can you go and see people caring for stray animals? Ours and theirs are all lives.”He also pointed out that many of the strays have been maimed and tortured.“This is our passion,,” Mr. Alvin Shangur said.He is also urging other animal lovers to volunteer in this venture. Cheap NHL Jerseys Cheap Golden State Warriors Jerseys Cheap Carolina Panthers Jerseys Wholesale China Jerseys Cheap Los Angeles Rams Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Dallas Cowboys Jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 09:01:12

    – Advisory Committee to guide processA section of the gathering at yesterday’s meeting Works intended to improve the Le Repentir Cemetery are likely to commence as early as next week, an initiative that is expected to obtain much needed input from members of the public.And according to Deputy Mayor Robert Williams,, a deal has been sealed by the City Engineer, to have prisoners comprise the core of the work force in the restoration process.This development was charted following a public forum held at City Hall yesterday where recommendations were made to promote the urgent need for the improvement of the burial facility.According to Public Relations Officer, Royston King,, an Advisory Committee comprising a number of persons,, including prominent city residents, religious activists, representatives of funeral homes and other citizens, as well as the municipality, will be tasked with guiding the process forward.The Committee, King said, is likely to host its first meeting in this regard on Friday.Yesterday’s forum, which was intended to draw recommendations from members of the public attracted admirable attendance, compared to other public forum the municipality held recently with regards to works being undertaken in the city.Deputy Mayor Robert Williams,, in a prelude to yesterday’s interactive session, pointed to the fact that although $32 M is budgeted for the maintenance of the cemetery the municipality is barely able to collect a meagre $11 M through burial costs.He said that some $20 M of taxpayers’ money, intended to effect road works, finance street lighting among other things,, have to be expended as subsidy in the cemetery. “And even after putting all that into the cemetery, in terms of employment and physical arrangements, the cemetery is still in a state…Something has to be wrong so we need your recommendations,” Williams told an attentive gathering.However, the fact that the cemetery functions with a $20 M deficit clearly suggests that its operation is no longer economically viable,, was the viewpoint of a members of the gathering.The Deputy Mayor, acknowledging that the cemetery is in a deplorable condition, pointed out that the activities of the cemetery has exceeded its original intent.“Because there has been an increase in sicknesses and diseases of various forms, fatal accidents and crimes the use of the cemetery is far more than originally thought as necessary for Georgetown,,” Williams said.He said that while the city expanded in 1970 the expansion did not cater for the burial location. There was no discussion with village councils to have a combination of approaches for the use of other cemeteries within the city.“Activities of religious organisations and their rules and regulations restricted the use of some cemeteries in some church compounds, to members of the churches. The city expanded from two and a half square miles in 1970 to 15 square miles to encompass from Agricola to Cummings Lodge.” Additionally, Williams said that the expansion did not take into consideration Sophia as a Housing Community as at the time it was an agriculture base. He disclosed that the area functioned as a reservoir for rainfall until the water reached the Liliendaal pump.But although the area now accommodates a housing scheme, Williams said that arrangements were not made for those residents when they pass away.The situation at the cemetery has however been compounded by a decision taken in 1995 to have the cemetery accommodate a temporary landfill site (Le Repentir Dump Site) which should not have surpassed two years.A total of five acres was afforded the landfill site, which today occupies about 22 acres of the cemetery further reducing the capacity of the facility. The lack of maintenance on the part of the municipality has led to the burial ground becoming overgrown and remaining in a dilapidated condition today.“I had to hide on Mother’s Day both in person and from telephone calls from those who wanted to pay tribute or lay wreath on Mother’s Day. As a consequence I took it as a matter of urgency and urged some colleagues of mine to do what we are doing today,” Williams disclosed.And since the municipality is financially challenge the Deputy Mayor said that the restoration of the cemetery will be funded by the monthly $10 M that has been assured by government. Cheap Golden State Warriors Jerseys Cheap San Diego Padres Jerseys Cheap Carolina Panthers Jerseys Cheap Los Angeles Rams Jerseys Cheap Dallas Cowboys Jerseys Wholesale China Jerseys Cheap NHL Jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 09:02:23

    The controversy and confusion over the disposal of the body of Brigette Gangadin looks likely to end today as the families of the dead woman, and her husband Dwarka Gangadin met with their lawyers,, Bernard De Santos and Basil Williams respectively, late yesterday afternoon and determined the way forward.At the end of the meeting the families decided that they would follow the initial court order issued by Justice Rishi Persaud and cremate her body.The woman’s relatives have also agreed to allow one of Dwarka Gangadin’s relatives to dress the body,, in the presence of the woman’s relatives.The body is to be taken to her mother’s residence for a one-hour viewing, after which it will be taken to her husband’s residence at Lusignan,, East Coast Demerara,, for further viewing.At the husband’s home, there is to be a Hindu ritual,, after which the body would be taken to the Good Hope foreshore for cremation.However, the family will now have to first seek permission from the Department of Public Health for a permit for the cremation which is scheduled for 13:00 hours today.After a lengthy meeting at the office of senior counsel Bernard De Santos, both De Santos and Williams shared the view that there will be no more confusion over the woman’s remains as the families seem to have reached a mutual agreement.Brigette Gangadin’s mutilated body was discovered lying outside the Vigilance Police Station.Her husband who was arrested by police about an hour after the discovery had claimed that she had fallen from the cabin of his Canter truck and had her head crushed by the rear wheel.Government Pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh had given the cause of her death as a crushed skull (as a result of being run over by the truck wheel).But the woman’s relatives were convinced that she was murdered by her husband and sought the services of a foreign pathologist for a second opinion.The pathologist, Professor Hubert Daisley, found that there was evidence that Bridgette Gangadin was strangled.The confusion over the disposal of the woman’s body commenced last Saturday when as the woman’s relatives were about to cremate her,, Dwarka Gangadin turned up at the cremation site with a court order to halt proceedings.This was to facilitate a third autopsy on the woman’s body.However, Senior Counsel De Santos advised against such a move.On Monday relatives were preparing to cremate the body when officials from the Public Health Department halted proceedings.Again yesterday as relatives were making preparations to send the woman’s body off, the police swooped down on the Jerrick’s Funeral Home at Paradise, East Coast Demerara and seized the body,, claiming that they were instructed to do so to facilitate another post mortem examination.There appeared to be some confusion since questions arose as to who ordered the third post mortem.A senior police official indicated that the instructions to seize the body yesterday came from the hierarchy of the Guyana Police Force.However, according to attorney-at-law Basil Williams, Police Commissioner Henry Greene indicated that no such instructions were given.Yesterday, at the Jerrick’s Funeral Parlour, an empty casket bearing the woman’s name stood out as evidence of the confusion surrounding the disposal of her body. Cheap Golden State Warriors Jerseys Wholesale China Jerseys Cheap MLB Jerseys Cheap Carolina Panthers Jerseys Cheap Dallas Cowboys Jerseys Cheap NBA Jerseys Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 09:06:30

    Auditor General,, Deodat Sharma,, during a brief telephone interview with Kaieteur News yesterday,, confirmed that State Auditors were dispatched to the Parika Stelling to look into reports of alleged financial irregularities.Kaieteur News learnt that a supervisor of the Stelling has disappeared along with some cash.However,, Sharma could not confirm this,, stating that he had not yet received a feedback from the team that was sent to follow up the allegations.The Parika StellingMinister of Transport and Public Works,, Robeson Benn,, said that he was not aware of any such scenario,, and does not believe that it is true.As of last evening,, Kaieteur News was unable to make contact with Sharma to get the feedback from the team of auditors who were investigating the allegations. Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Cheap NFL Jersyes Wholesale Cheap NFL Jerseys NFL Fans Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Fans Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 09:06:58

    The Guyana Police Force says it is vigorously investigating the allegations leveled against ranks from one of its Anti Crime units,, who are accused of pilfering a quantity of raw gold from a Brazilian miner.The police said that the file on the matter has been sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for advice.A source close to the Brazilian miner had expressed disappointment at what he described as the callous nature of the investigation into the matter.The source had also questioned the fact that the ranks were back at work.There was also concern over the reluctance of the investigators to search the homes of the policemen as well as the lukewarm effort to contact the goldsmith who the woman (who was allegedly given two ounces of the stolen gold to keep in her home initially) claimed she gave her portion to.But in a press release issued on Wednesday,, the police stated that this matter has been thoroughly investigated and the file has been forwarded to the DPP for legal advice.In the mean time,, the three ranks implicated in the matter and who were under close arrest at the Tactical Services Unit (TSU),, have since been placed under open arrest.“While under open arrest the ranks are required to perform duties and they are currently doing so at the TSU.They are not performing duties in West Demerara,,” the police explained.The force added that the homes of the ranks involved have been searched but nothing of evidential value was found.No contact has been made with the goldsmith whom the woman allegedly gave a part of the gold given to her,, because she has not positively identified him to the police either by name,, address or description.According to the police,, the woman has indicated to investigators that this goldsmith sells at the Parika Market on Sundays and consequently several goldsmiths operating at the Parika Market have been questioned,, but were not found to be linked to the matter. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Fans Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic NFL Fans Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jersyes Wholesale Wholesale Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys

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    With just over 11,000 reported cases of gastroenteritis (diarrheal illnesses) in children,, the Ministry of Health has been able to deduce that there has been a slight increase in the number of cases when compared to last year.In the first four epidemiological weeks for this year, 11,017 cases were reported,, according to a statement issued by the Health Ministry yesterday. It added that the overall total for the first four weeks of this year is slightly increased from the first four weeks of last year.According to the statement for every 10,000 population in Guyana, about 800 episodes of gastroenteritis occur each year. This disclosure comes as part of the Ministry’s response to the reports of increase diarrheal illnesses.According to the statement, the rate of this illness in children under five is about 1,,200 episodes for every 10,000. This, in essence, translates to the fact that almost 30 percent of deaths of children under five are caused by diarrheal illnesses.Globally, one in every four children experience at least two episodes of diarrheal and vomiting each year. In Guyana, gastroenteritis occurs in every geographic region and as such is not a new illness, the statement added.The problem has over the years remained a global public health problem in both developed and developing countries,, although it assumes greater significance in developing countries. Further, it was noted that the occurrence of gastroenteritis is seasonal and the highest incidence occurs in the months of December, January, February and March.“Because the Ministry of Health considers the occurrence of gastroenteritis as a major public health problem, we have been monitoring the incidence of diarrheal illnesses throughout the country.“All health facilities in Guyana, including private doctors and private hospitals, have to report incidences on a weekly basis to the Ministry of Health.”However, one of the problems being encountered is the unreliable reporting from health facilities around the country, the statement noted. It was further highlighted that the Ministry has been receiving an unusual number of calls from the public relating to diarrheal illnesses. However, it was deduced that if people are kept informed, they will be able to take necessary actions to reduce the problem.Gastroenteritis or diarrheal illnesses is a public health problem and largely can be stopped by good hygiene, the statement added.“The Ministry of Health has been active in promoting good hygiene. One of the reasons for this robust campaign to promote good hygiene is to reduce the number of diarrheal cases in Guyana.”In 2009, only 55 percent of the facilities reported consistently and on a timely basis. For the past four epidemiological weeks in 2010, the reporting facilities rose to between 65 and 80 percent.Chief Medical Officer, Dr Shamdeo Persaud, has been instructed to write to all health authorities to ensure compliance to the Ministry of Health requirements.Guyana recorded a total of 60,246 diarrheal cases in the 52 epidemiological weeks in 2009.Children under one-year-old accounted for 5,673 (9.4 percent) of cases in 2009. Children between one year and under five years old, accounted for 17,059 (28.3 percent) of diarrheal cases in 2009.For the age group five to 14 years old, there were 15,,325 (25.4 percent) cases of diarrheal illnesses and for the age group older than 15 years, there were 22,191 (36.8) cases in 2009.In the first four epidemiological weeks for this year,, 11,017 cases were reported to the Ministry of Health. The overall total for the first four weeks is slightly increased from the first four weeks of 2009.The under one year old children accounted for 788 (7.2 percent) of the 2010 cases so far in 2010,, the one year to five years old accounted for 3,202 (29.1percent), the five to 14 years old children accounted for 3,070 (29.7 percent) and the over 15 years old accounted for 3,957 (35.9 percent) of all diarrheal cases so far in 2010.Globally, more than 50 percent of the time, no specific cause is identified. However, around the world, contaminated water, food and poor hygiene have been identified as the major causes.In Guyana, about 35 percent of all diarrheal cases in children are caused by rotavirus. It is the main reason why the Ministry of Health is ensuring most children are vaccinated against rotavirus. Then there are also common bacterial infections that cause diarrheal diseases in Guyana.The Ministry is urging that persons adopt hygienic practices such as hand washing,, boiling water,, the use of bleach, cooking food thoroughly and by keeping containers of drinking water closed. Cheap Jerseys Fans Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jersyes Wholesale Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys NFL Fans Cheap Jerseys

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    Mark Taylor of conducted an interview with former HANOI ROCKS singer Michael Monroe on November 27, 2011 at the Garage in Glasgow,, United Kingdom. You can now watch the chat below.Michael’s latest album,, “Sensory Overdrive”,, was released in the U.S. and Canada on August 23 via Spinefarm/Universal. The CD,, which was released in Europe on March 14 via Universal Music subsidiary Spinefarm Records,, features guest appearances by MOTRHEAD’s Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister and three-time Grammy-winning country/folk singer-songwriter Lucinda Williams.”Sensory Overdrive” was recorded in Los Angeles with legendary producer Jack Douglas, who has previously worked with AEROSMITH,, JOHN LENNON,, CLUTCH,, SLASH’S SNAKEPIT and NEW YORK DOLLS,, among many others.Monroe in June recruited Dregen (real name: Andreas Tyrone Svensson) of Swedish sleaze rockers BACKYARD BABIES to be the guitarist of Monroe’s solo band following the departure of Ginger (THE WILDHEARTS).Interview: Performance (Hard Rock Hell festival): Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Supply Wholesale NFL Jerseys China

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 09:14:52

    Capital Chaos has uploaded video footage of EARTH CRISIS’ November 4,, 2011 concert at Ace Of Spades in Sacramento, California. Check it out below.EARTH CRISIS’s seventh album,, “Neutralize The Threat”,, was released on July 12 via Century Media Records. The CD was produced by Chris “Zeuss” Harris (SHADOWS FALL, HATEBREED). The cover artwork was created by Ryan Clark and can be seen below.Commented the band: “We are very happy with how ‘Neutralize The Threat’ came out. Musically,, it resembles the song structures on ‘To The Death’,, but with a ‘Gomorah’s Season Ends’ vibe thrown in. Every song is lyrically inspired by real-life vigilante actions that have taken place around the globe. The topics range from The Black Panther party to Bernard Goetz and we think it’s an original lyrical concept for the band, while also retaining some subject matter we are known for dealing with in the past. Zeuss is the man and definitely delivered the best-sounding record we have ever had!”EARTH CRISIS’ chugging riffs and barked declarations served as the mouthpiece of America’s militant vegan, straight-edge movement throughout the ’90s,, detailing the ideas of animal and human liberation,, drug-free living and personal empowerment through hardcore music. The group has continued along this path of breaking new ground,, constantly working and reaching more people spreading their message to the masses. After a lengthy hiatus,, the band reformed in 2008 to the delight of the hardcore genre. They soon produced the vicious offering “To The Death” that undoubtedly proved that they have never been stronger from both songwriting and musicianship perspectives. Cheap Jerseys China

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    If you’ve considered doing oil paintings, here are some essentials to get you started.

    The first step in your manufacturing of oil paintings is to ensure that the location in which you are going to paint is well ventilated. You need a window or door that can be opened as you work, a really good fan and a room that is relatively open so air has the ability to circulate.

    If you are going to work on your oil paintings outside you’ll have to have the ability to secure anything so the wind doesn’t end up blowing things all over. Bees, and different additional pests will flock to your citrus thinner.

    The very first thing to do is take down your drop fabric, your tarp,, your plastic bag and so forth. Secure the edges of each by making use of masking tape. This will certainly keep it from getting bunched up. You’re going to set up your oil paintings work area on the drop fabric so make sure the area is roomy enough for your pleasure. If you are going to work on your oil paintings with a table easel set up on a table, you’ll want to cover the floor below the table top and the spot where you will definitely stand or sit.

    Before you start painting your oils,, don your paint attire – gloves featured. You’ll need one compartment that has paint thinner and one container that holds a blend of two parts paint thinner and one part walnut oil. These containers should be about 3 inches high and 2 inches around. Each should be filled to the half method mark. You’ll need a relaxed established with an effortless reach for your paint palette and knife, your brushes,, the 2 containers, as well as paint rags and tubes.

    Now established the paints you’ll utilize for your oil paintings. If you have a selection of colors,, you do not need all of them ejected onto your paint palette. Start with simply two or 3 colours. If your choices are just key shades,, then squeeze out onto your palette a cent dimension spot of cadmium red,, yellow and blue. Room them as far from each other on the palette as feasible, as if you are placing dots on the 3 points of a triangle. In the center of this paint triangle squeeze a nickel-size spot of Titanium white oil paint. Following utilization your knife to combine these colors.

    Now you’,;re prepared to truly start creating your oil paintings.

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    As accusations of witch-hunting continue to be directed against the APNU+AFC administration, President of Transparency Institute Guyana Inc. (TIGI) Calvin Bernard has opined that Due Process is necessary when the new government deals with various agencies.During an interview with Kaieteur News,, Bernard said that Due Process allows for transparency and enables the new coalition government to show that it was serious in its fight against corruption.According to Bernard, Due Process is a necessity when making shifts in the hierarchy of any institution. Bernard noted that in many cases, there were persons who were clearly “politicking” and making their affiliations with the previous People’s Progressive Party administration known. Although this sort of open campaign was not ideal, Bernard emphasised that Due Process must nonetheless be enforced.TIGI President, Calvin BernardHowever,, he said, the process should be appropriately based on the institution’s policies and will differ in each organisation.“Due Process will differ for the positions that the persons held and may differ on the contractual arrangements and the sector they are in. Essentially, whatever is appropriate – whatever is articulated,, based on the norms or practices – that’s what must be followed,,” the TIGI Head emphasised.For example, he said,, the University of Guyana requires a number of steps before a person could be terminated. “Every single step will be critical. We have not yet heard specific cases stating that Due Process was not followed; all we’ve been hearing is that they [the government] have removed this person or that person.”He further said, “Inevitably you’re going to have people with political affiliations being knocked off in any change of government. In the best examples of democracy throughout the world, when governments change, people who would have been affiliated with the previous administration are removed.”He added,, “So that’s one thing that shouldn’t be exaggerated and deemed as ‘witch hunts’. Some of it will happen.”Meanwhile,, Bernard emphasised that political affiliations did not negate persons from being in top positions in different organisations. However, he said,, competency must be paramount, regardless of political affiliations.“Political affiliations do not mean that you ought not to be at the head; I wouldn’t say that. Competency is important though,” Bernard stressed. “We should be able to view those persons’ records; we should be able to look at their CVs and know that they’re suited for that technical position.”He stated that while Ministers do not have to have any sort of competencies, technical persons who become heads of agencies should be technically competent,, even if they are politically affiliated.“There are too many people who are politically affiliated. It can’t mean that if you’re politically affiliated you can’t get a job or the party can’t put you up for a job. That should be perfectly fine. But those persons should be acting in the interest of the people as opposed to the interest of the party. Where it gets twisted is when the heads begin acting in the interest of the party,” Bernard stressed.Accusations of witch hunting have been leveled against the new administration following a number of sackings and shifting in numerous state agencies. Most of these accusations were leveled by the People’s Progressive Party, which was ousted out of power in May following a 23-year rule.During his address to the National Assembly last week, Finance Minister Winston Jordan stated that the government will not be sidetracked by cries of witch hunt but will instead do everything in its power to better Guyana. Addison Reed Mets Jersey Bill Lee Red Sox Jersey Brett Cecil Blue Jays Jersey Allen Craig Red Sox Jersey Danny Salazar Indians Jersey Randal Grichuk Cardinals Jersey Anibal Sanchez Orioles Jersey Cameron Maybin Orioles Jersey Rick Porcello Red Sox Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 09:49:48

    By Michael JordanPolice are trying to locate a mentally-ill man who they believe clubbed two sleeping vagrants to death within the space of three days.One of the victims has been identified as 25-year-old Alecia Roberts,, who was slain in Camp Street last week Wednesday.The other victim is 39-year-old ex-soldier Kamow Adamale,, who was found dead at the corner of America and Longden Streets at around 02:00 hrs last Friday.Kaieteur News was told that the suspect is often seen with a wooden club in his hand.Police have received reports that Alecia Roberts,, who was of unsound mind,, was sleeping on a bench on Camp Street on Wednesday night when the mentally-ill man walked up to her and struck her in the head.Roberts and her twin sister were familiar sights around the city, particularly in the vicinity of the Demico bus park. They were both violent, and would habitually attack passersby.The young woman’s death is eerily similar to that of the other victim.According to police, Kamow Adamale, called ‘Soldier Man’, was lying on a stall near the corner of America and Longden Streets, at around 01:30 hrs on Friday,, when a man struck him in the head with a piece of wood.Adamale was found lying on the pavement in a pool of blood with a wound at the back of his head.He was picked up and taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital,, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.A source close to the scene reported hearing three sounds that suggested that someone was being struck with a piece of wood.When the source looked in the direction where the sounds came from, Adamale was seen lying motionless on the ground.A brother of the victim told Kaieteur News that he saw his sibling at around 01:30 hrs on Friday outside of Bourda Market, where the brother has a ‘bush medicine’ stall.According to the brother, Adamale was carrying some ‘bush medicine’,, which he offered to sell. The brother said that Adamale then indicated that he was going by the Stabroek Market.At around 02:00 hrs, a group of police ranks visited the brother and informed him that his brother was dead.The brother visited the scene and identified the body.According to the victim’s sibling,, Adamale left the Guyana Defence Force several years ago and earned a living by working in the interior and selling herbal potions.However, he also picked up a drug habit and began roaming the streets.The murders of Adamale and the mentally-ill woman come at a time when the Ministry of Health,, Ministry of Human Services, and the Mayor and City Council have announced their intention of removing vagrants from the streets and treating those who are mentally ill.The population of the city’s homeless and mentally ill has grown to alarming numbers over the years.Some of these vagrants attack passersby, while others are themselves beaten by gangs of young men. Deion Sanders Giants Jersey Ted Williams Red Sox Jersey Angel Pagan Giants Jersey Enos Slaughter Cardinals Jersey Chris Carpenter Cardinals Jersey Edwin Encarnacion Blue Jays Jersey Michael Brantley Indians Jersey Bill Lee Red Sox Jersey Kirk Gibson Dodgers Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 09:56:21

    -placed bloody weapon on mandir’s altar after deedIn what seemed to be a scene out of a horror movie,, 53-year-old Bhumatie Deolall lost her life senselessly after she was gruesomely murdered by her neighbor,, Jainarine Balgobin,, aka (‘Payo’) a Guysuco labourer at the Albion Estate. The killer’s relatives later claimed that he is “mentally unstable”.Sources close to the investigation told this publication that the labourer seems far from a “mentally unstable” man as he was fully aware of the act he committed.According to sources,, during the interrogation Balgobin told investigators that “master send meh fuh kill she” .It was revealed that the man stated that he took the machete from the mandir located in the next lot from his home and went over to the woman’s house on the other side of the street. He called her out of her house and fired the chops,, instantly killing her and severing her head.It was also disclosed that after he had finished what he was “sent to do” he walked back over to the mandir and placed the machete back where he found it,, on the altar,, with blood dripping from its blade.He was also seen by a neighbour holding a “murti” at the altar after placing the machete down.From reports gathered after putting the machete back where he found it, he went home still in his “rage” where his brother-in-law held on to him until police had arrived.He was arrested and taken to the Albion Police Station where he remained in custody. He was subsequently taken to the Reliance Police Station.One investigator told this publication that “the man look evil,, evil” and didn’t seem remorseful for his actions.Balgobin was also reported to have been released after being in the Albion Station lock-ups for stealing monies from his brother-in-law.Meanwhile,, according to the acting Commander of B Division, Senior Superintendent Kevin Adonis, the file was prepared and will be taken to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) where it will be perused and the requisite legal advice will be expected.The accused is likely to appear in court today.Deolall was found slumped in a corner at the front of her Belvedere Squatting Area, Corentyne home by neighbours on Wednesday morning with her head almost severed.She was a mother of two and lived with her younger daughter and her three grandchildren. Cheap Authentic Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Jerseys China Jersyes Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping China Jerseys Authentic Wholesale NFL Jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 10:00:19

    Although several years have passed Tilak Rambarran,, also known as Shyam, of Grove,, East BankTilak Rambarran, also known as ShyamDemerara, still longs to know a little bit more about his biological father. You see his father had some years ago abandoned him,, his mother and two siblings without any explanation.Shyam, now 55 years old, revealed that his desire to find his father is not to gain anything material but rather to find closure.He explained that he was just two years old when his father,, David Odhoo Rambarran left for England around 1959 or 1960. His intent at that time was to gain better employment in order to care for his wife whom he had legally wed a few years prior and his growing family.By this time his wife,, Shanti Rambarran,, had given birth to another child and was pregnant with a third. She was completely dependent on her husband.Before leaving these shores Mr Rambarran worked at the Diamond Sugar Estate but was quickly able to register at the Wandsworth Technical College in London where he undertook the Motor Vehicle Technicians Works course. He passed the course with credit and was certified by the City and Guilds of London Institute.For at least 10 years after his departure, Mr Rambarran remained faithful to his growing family. However,, the telephone calls and the financial support slowly started to dwindle,, leaving his wife to somewhat struggle to maintain their children. Eventually there were no telephone calls and the monetary support came to a complete halt.Reports soon started reaching Mrs Rambarran that her husband had moved on with his life with one of his friends’ sister. Not willing to digest the rumours without established facts, in 1969, she was able to secure a visa and travelled to England with a relative in search of her now estranged spouse.She was able to find his address and was greeted by a flabbergasted Mr Rambarran when she knocked on his door. He however quickly sent her away and promised to meet with her the following day. That day was not to be, as the man not only never called but was never seen at the address again.According to Shyam, there are reports that his father left for Holland as he had married a 22-year-old Dutch woman from Holland named Maaike Willeboordse. The two, she a typist and he a motor mechanic, tied the knot on July 22,, 1966, according to a certified copy of an entry of marriage given at the general register office of London.“We have heard that he was seen in Canada, that he was seen in Holland but we have not heard from nor seen him since.”Shyam revealed that despite his father had abandoned his wife and children, his family remained close to them. He said that his mother in an attempt to find her husband stayed on in England hoping that at the least his father would send for his children so that they could have a better life.She was eventually forced to remarry in order to stay legally in England. She died a few years ago without knowing what became of her first husband.According to Shyam, although the memories are not great he would still somehow like to know what became of his father who should be in his 70s if he is still alive. Shyam is said to have a striking resemblance to his father and would like anyone knowing the whereabouts of his father to contact him on telephone numbers 266-2106 or 266-2046. Cheap Authentic Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping China Jersyes Cheap Cheap Wholesale Jerseys NFL Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 10:02:07

    A meeting with doctors at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) yesterday morning has left Nigel Rodney,, the husband of the woman who died in the maternity section of the hospital on Tuesday, with more questions than answers.The man’s wife, 28-year-old Luan Rodney,, was pronounced dead at 07:50 hours at the hospital. One day earlier she was admitted to deliver her second daughter,, who according to hospital reports, was stillborn.Dead: Luan RodneyThe meeting with the doctors,, which was scheduled for yesterday at 08:30 hours, came following a request from the grieving man who claimed that he simply wants to know the circumstances that led to his wife and child’s demise. However, he disclosed that the meeting did not get underway until 10:00 hours.Rodney said that he turned up at the hospital promptly in the company of his wife’s cousin, Sharon Dainty, and was eventually able to meet with about seven doctors in an office.“We asked them for a rundown of what really happened,,” Rodney recounted. He said that the medical officials informed that it was after the nurses had found that his wife wasn’t doing too well in the ward that a decision was made to take her to the delivery room. It was after doing this that a call was placed to a doctor to come and attend to the patient. The doctor himself was on hand yesterday and explained that he examined the patient at which point he observed that she was bleeding.The doctor further expounded that once such a patient is found to be bleeding, be it due to a ruptured uterus or the passing of the placenta before the delivery of the baby, it requires emergency surgery. As such, he said that immediate moves were made to rush the woman to the operating theatre.Rodney said that he was told that his wife was losing a great deal of blood and therefore required a blood transfusion. The man said too that he was told that his wife was unconscious throughout the entire process and never regained consciousness.The doctors were however unable to confirm reports that Rodney’s wife was bleeding ahead of being rushed to the birthing room. A patient on the maternity ward had disclosed that not only was Rodney’s wife groaning hours after a pill was inserted into her to induce labour, but the woman was not attended to by nurses until after she started bleeding.But according to Rodney, “I don’t expect the doctor to know exactly what happened because the nurses were dealing with her before he came…So he wouldn’t know whether she was bleeding before…He wouldn’t know if the nurses don’t tell him.”Based on the information made available, Rodney is of the belief that had the nurses told the attending doctor that his wife was bleeding, perhaps actions could have been taken earlier to save at least her life.“This thing is disturbing…to know that my wife was in pain and needed help. She had baby before, so she must know how she feeling and know that this baby coming,” said an evidently upset Rodney. He said that the doctor explained too that because the baby was so big,, it blocked the vaginal passage.Recognising that the woman was in a critical condition, he said that the doctors decided crucial efforts were necessary to save Luan’s life.Nigel Rodney and his daughter.“They said that my wife was first priority and they were trying to save her life, but she just didn’t stop bleeding…”However, Rodney said that he is not satisfied with the fact that the doctors were up to yesterday unaware that his wife was already in a critical condition ahead of being taken to the delivery room.Meanwhile, Dainty is of the view that the meeting yesterday revealed that there was no communication between the nurses and the attending doctor. She said that the doctors were yesterday even querying whether Luan Rodney had done an ultrasound ahead of being taken to the hospital.“I told them she did ultrasounds twice…and this is something that they should have been able to read off of her chart,” the woman said.She expressed concern that a mother and child are now dead and no one seems to be willing to state clearly what transpired.“I want to know if the baby block the vaginal passage why didn’t they do an emergency C-Section…My concern is what happened from around 2am,, when she went into labour,, and around 8am, when she died. I want to know what really happened during that time. Nobody seems to know…and to me it seems as if they covering up something,,” Dainty said.According to Nigel Rodney, “I can never be satisfied with what they told us…it is just not adding up. These doctors don’t really know what went on in the ward and they didn’t make an effort to find out.”He said that following the meeting yesterday the doctors informed that they will provide further information at a later date.Rodney disclosed yesterday too that he had the distressing task of telling his four-year-old daughter that her mother and her baby sister will not be coming home.“I told her she will see mommy back when Jesus comes…so she keeps asking ‘Daddy when is Jesus coming?’”Post mortem examinations conducted on both mother and baby were inconclusive. Moreover, samples were taken for further examination. The two are slated for burial on Monday even as an investigation into the deaths is ongoing by the hospital. Cheap Wholesale Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping NFL Jerseys China China Jersyes Cheap Cheap Authentic Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China China Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 10:30:07

    In order to share its vision with stakeholders, Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) yesterday held a seminar dubbed ‘GWI Strategic Vision 2012’ and geared at sharing various aspects of the entity’s operations and future prospects.The GWI strategic vision forum in session yesterdayThe forum, which saw the attendance of members of the private sector, Regional Chairmen, representatives of the donor community,, among others was held at the Regency Suites, Hadfield Street, Georgetown.In his welcoming remarks, GWI Public Relations officer, Rawle Aaron, pointed to the importance of such a forum. He said that it was in fact a critical move to help sustain the future of the entity as it demonstrates its commitment to bold and sustained programmes that are engineered to boost the potential of the sector.According to Aaron, in order for its programmes to be successful, GWI must share its vision with all stakeholders that are directly or indirectly linked to the sector.He added that the forum comes as GWI’s indication to both Government and funding agencies of its commitment to the utilisation of funds in a manner that is prolific.“This seminar is exceptional because it is a demonstration to our customers that GWI as a company is sparing no effort to ensure that we deliver a superior product by ensuring sustained programmes that will continue to deliver a better service in keeping with our mandate,” Aaron underscored.Minister of Housing and Water, Irfaan Ali, pointed out that the intent of the initiative is to create a modern, responsive and proactive organisation driven by change and embodied in good co-operate governance.And this, he said, should be manifested in high degrees of efficiency, transparency and customer services.“That is the hallmark of what we are trying to achieve in the medium term by 2012. We are trying to develop an organisation that is qualitatively and quantitatively ready to face the future.”But according to the Minister, in order for GWI to be qualitatively and quantitatively ready there are a number of changes that must occur. Among these he cited changes in culture,, behaviour and environment which according to him are critical inputs that will ensure the achievement of quantifiable outputs.“The organisation must be proactive, we must not wait, we must drive change,, we must implement new technology,, and we must find better way of doing the job. And this is a part of being responsive, listening to the needs of the various stakeholders.”Ali, however noted that while GWI is responsible with managing one of the most essential resources,, the responsibility must also be shared by the private sector, donor community and every citizen if the sector is to be developed and strengthened.He highlighted that the investment that the water company puts into advertisement and campaigns to get people to pay for the service could be better utilised in capital investment to improve the service.“In the last six months and in the next 10 months we would have spent more than $10B in the water sector. This amounts to more than $13 M per capita for every woman, man, boy and girl.”And according to the Minister, the cost for water provided by GWI is subsided by Government, aided byfunds from the donor community. Citizens must be more responsible in the way they use water, always keeping in mind the importance of conservation, he said.As the entity intensifies its efforts to improve the water sector,, Ali highlighted the importance of environment, adding that “we cannot continue to invest in technology that would destroy our environment or contribute to global warming.”The vision of the water entity speaks to ensuring an efficient, sustainable and financially viable water and sewerage sector, delivering a high quality service to customers. wholesale mls jerseys wholesale soccer jerseys cheap soccer jerseys soccer jerseys china soccer jerseys from china cheap soccer jerseys china

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 10:32:04

    Mashramani 2K9 is promising a series of exciting activities, and according to Head of the Mash Secretariat, Lennox Canterbury, it will need the full sponsorship of corporate Guyana to make Mash a success, especially in the area of the costume and float parade.In a recent interview with Canterbury, this newspaper was informed that, this year around, the Mash Secretariat is looking to have some of its activities fashioned to remind citizens of folklore traditions. This will include storytelling sessions, camp fire gatherings, and many other activities aimed at reviving the Guyanese culture.Scenes from Mashramani 2008Apart from that,, Canterbury noted, a special NDC competition will be initiated to see which regions will produce the most effective cleanup campaign as they attempt to beautify Guyana in readiness for this year’s celebrations.As stated by Canterbury, each region will be separately hosting a series of activities so as to ensure that Mash 2009 becomes an event that inculcates full regional participation.This year, there will also be competitive essay competitions for schools at the primary and secondary levels.Topics of focus will include Mashramani activities, current affairs, and the country’s republican status. This, according to Canterbury,, is to ensure that Mashramani this year is also educational.That aside, some twenty entrants will battle at Bartica tonight as the Senior Calypso competition enters its semi-final stage; the final round is slated for Linden on February 16. The final leg of this contest is set for the Thirst Park on February 14 (Valentine’s Day). The calypso competitions are sponsored by Banks DIH Ltd and Digicel.This much-anticipated feature will see the participation of past monarchs the likes of Lord Canary, Ras Marcus, Sweet Kendingo, Kaiso Kid, Calypso Stella, the Mighty Believer, Blue Flame and many others. Good performances are expected from newcomers Lady Mel and karaoke queen Dawn Edwards.The Junior Calypso competition was hosted recently at the Mahaicony Community Centre Ground, and 19-year-old Abigail James emerged the winner, while in second and third places respectively were Shenelly Hunte and Digicel model Teneicia De Frietas.Non-competitive steelpan concerts have already been hosted in Linden and Grove, East Bank Demerara, while another featuring — the Police Steel Orchestra — will be hosted on February 15 at the Kingston Seawall Bandstand. This concert is created specially for the orphanages and elderly of the various special homes,, who find it difficult to access such entertainment.The annual Steelpan Competition will kick off at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall on February 21. It promises a lot of excitement, according to Canterbury. This competition is sponsored by the Republic Bank. The official launch of this competition is billed for today at the Promenade Gardens.On February 15,, the Masquerade finals, a GT&T-sponsored event, will kick off at the MSC Ground in Linden. Nine bands from around the country will compete for the various masquerade titles. On the said date, the final round of the Carib Soca Monarch competition will also be hosted at the National Park. It features a fiery clash amongst 12 of Guyana’s most talented artistes. On this date, too, the Chutney semi-finals will take place at the Uitvlugt Community Centre Ground.Come February 20, the much anticipated ‘Mash Nite’ venture will commence at the National Park; and,, of course, make way for the judging of individual Mash costumes. As a special attraction, the Mash Secretariat has added several artistes competing for the crowns and titles at the various monarchies. Not to leave out the hard working media personalities, the annual ‘Media Jump Up’ has been set for February 22 at the NCN Compound.From February 18 to 20, the children’s competitions in dance, drama and calypso will take place at the National Cultural Centre,, which of course culminates with the Children’s Street Parade on February 21. This parade will begin at the Promenade Gardens and conclude at the National Park.On February 23 (Mash Day) the customary flag raising ceremony will commence at 07:00 hrs at the Parliament Buildings, after which will be the massive turnout of costume and float parades in the city.Entities are urged to ‘dress up and decorate their buildings,’ since the Illuminated Building Competition is ongoing and will be judged later this month. This category is sponsored by the Cummings Electrical entity. wholesale soccer jerseys cheap soccer jerseys soccer jerseys china wholesale mls jerseys soccer jerseys from china cheap soccer jerseys china

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 10:32:29

    Crippled by rheumatoid arthritis…After seven years of agony,, and requiring total knee replacement because of rheumatoid arthritis,, Nalini Amarnauth of Best Village,, West Coast Demerara is seeking public assistance to have surgery.The 40-year-old produced medical documents that revealed the surgery would cost approximately $4.5M.Nalini Amarnauth who uses a walking stick to get around in her home.However, after being questioned by Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Ramesh Vadapalli (M.S) of Balwant Singh hospital on what was keeping her from proceeding with the surgery,, she explained her problem with raising the funds and was given a discount and instead would be paying $3.5M.The mother of one is appealing to the public for assistance in raising the funds that are needed for her surgery.She said at the moment her right knee is in such a state that the doctor had advised her that an operation should be done on the right knee as early as possible,, then three months after the other knee could be fixed.Ms Amarnauth further explained that previously she was being treated by the West Demerara Regional Hospital and she was taking painkillers. However,, lately she was transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital and was told that the institution is incapable of doing the surgery, and she received recommendations to visit Balwant Singh hospital where the surgery could be done.Adding that she requested assistance from the Ministry of Health, Ms Amarnauth said when she enquired about her application she was told that it is still being processed. cheap soccer jerseys wholesale soccer jerseys cheap soccer jerseys china soccer jerseys from china soccer jerseys china wholesale mls jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 10:32:32

    By Abena RockcliffeThe United States has not ruled out military support for Guyana when it comes to dealing with Venezuela’s challenge to the country’s territorial integrity.Ambassador Perry Holloway being interviewed by KN reporter,, Abena RockcliffeOn Friday last, President Granger said that generally, when countries have territorial disputes or controversies even reaching the point of confrontation, larger nations rarely get involved. As a result,, the President said that he does not expect the United States to get physically involved.Asked if that is a good assessment of the reality, Ambassador Perry Holloway said, “Each situation is different; the circumstance that may bring about a situation at that particular moment is different. So everything is obviously evaluated on a case by case basis; but right now our focus is on peaceful resolution,, continued dialogue and respect for international law.”The fact that Venezuela’s most recent quarrel stemmed from the presence of US Company Exxon Mobil’s presence in Guyana’s waters was pointed out to Ambassador Holloway. He was then asked if the US response to the controversy has much to do with the fact that an American Company is caught in the middle.Holloway responded, “We do have a policy to ensure that the rights of US companies are protected under international law or under the law of a given country they are operating in. We are an entrepreneurial capitalist country without a doubt in certain aspects, so we do support US companies.“But we expect our companies to comply with international laws and norms so I do not think whether it was US Company or Chinese Company…that would not dramatically change our view on the current dispute.”Holloway told the media that the US maintains a position that any efforts to address the boundary controversy should be through peaceful means consistent with international law.He added that both sides should avoid any action that can complicate the ongoing efforts to reach a diplomatic solution.The Ambassador also said that the US was pleased to learn that President Granger and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro met at the United Nations General Assembly along with Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. “We encourage them to continue that dialogue.”Holloway noted that the land boundary was decided by an Arbitral award in 1899 and duly implemented by both countries. He said that it was only several decades later that Venezuela stated its intention to challenge the validity of that award and the land boundary.“So we call on all parties to continuously respect the 99 arbitral ruling and boundaries unless or until a competent legal party decides otherwise or both countries agree on something else,,” said Holloway.On May 27, 2015 Maduro issued a decree, extending Venezuela’s claim to Guyana’s territorial waters. A map which was issued, accompanying the decree,, shows that the claim includes the area where the US giant oil company, ExxonMobil is currently drilling for oil.The decree gave notice that Venezuela intended to continue increasing the pressure on Guyana and to weaken this country’s resistance to Venezuela’s illegal claim.Guyana now thinks that the best way out, once and for all,, is for it to go before the International Court of Justice, commonly called the World Court. soccer jerseys from china soccer jerseys china wholesale mls jerseys cheap soccer jerseys china wholesale soccer jerseys cheap soccer jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 10:33:47

    Minister of Education Priya Manickchand yesterday,, commissioned the extension to the Fort Wellington Secondary School in Region Five.Minister Manickchand said that the commissioning of the annex at Fort Wellington is the first in a series of commissioning exercises planned for brand new and newly renovated schools within the region.She explained that the access to a suitable education has been top priority for the Government.“We have a lot of celebratory work to do in the region…The government had promised at the last elections, that before the end of our first term in office we would have acquired universal secondary education.“I have to tell you, that your region has acquired that kind of education system, where every appropriate age level student has access to secondary education.”The Minister said that more emphasis will be placed on providing quality education to every school aged child.“We are looking to do more this term… At Mahaicony we bought a speedboat and bus for the students to travel to school… It’s not always about building a school but it’s how we can get our children to come from the riverain areas to go to school.“The schools are available but we may have to provide transportation; that what’s we’ve been doing.”Ms Manickchand explained that the Fort Wellington extension exercise was delayed due to poor performance and deliberate setbacks. The project should have been completed in January.The Minister called on the contractors to do that which was specified in the agreements for every government building/extension project.She challenged the students and teachers at Fort Wellington to boost the academic performance of the school.“This burden is on your shoulders now, to show us that once we give you the space and material you need,, you’ll do well.”Head teacher of the Fort Wellington Secondary School,, Ms. Yvonne Walters, was satisfied with the new wing of the institution.“When I was promoted to this school as Headteacher in September 2011,, I met with the problem of overcrowding in the classrooms. Hence the staff and student body of Fort Wellington secondary is so happy to be afforded an extension to the existing building.”Ms. Walter said that Fort Wellington’s student population is rapidly growing.“We are therefore asking the relevant authorities to enclose the bottom flat of the new wing.”Region’s Five Education Officer (REO),, Owen Pollard, told the gathering of students and teachers that the completion is testament to development in the education system.“A few years ago,, we were looking a lot at primary education today we speaking about universal secondary education … Education is one of the key means to eradicate poverty.“He assured the gathering that plans are underway for the further extension of the school.The extended flat of the school costs approximately $16 million. The new annex has the capacity to accommodate 150 students.Besides the regular school curriculum, Fort Wellington currently has a voluntary mentoring programme, a family life and health education programme and a health club. wholesale mls jerseys cheap soccer jerseys soccer jerseys china cheap soccer jerseys china soccer jerseys from china wholesale soccer jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 10:42:58

    A teenager accused of committing robbery under arms was yesterday remanded to prison by Magistrate Hazel Octave Hamilton when he appeared before her at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.The charge against 18-year-old Travis Anthony,, stated that on August 8,, in Georgetown,, armed with a pair of scissors,, he robbed Bonny Paris of one BlackBerry cellular phone worth $60,,000.Anthony was not required to plead to the indictable charge.The accused,, who was unrepresented,, made an unsuccessful application for bail.Police Sergeant Lionel Harvey then requested that the offender be remanded to prison since there were no special circumstances presented for the granting of bail.Anthony was ordered to make his next appearance on October 21. Shayne Corson Jersey Alex Goligoski Jersey Jamie Benn Jersey Teuvo Teravainen Jersey Brandon Saad Team North America Jersey Jaden Schwartz Jersey Jori Lehtera Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 10:43:05

    …but man says that he is against drug dealers Fear and lack of confidence in the police in the community of Wismar, Linden, combined with a gunman that carries an AK47, who also has associates that prowl at nights has caused an entire family to abandon their home and run for their lives.In an exclusive interview with Kaieteur News,, close relatives of the terrorised family said that wanted man Orlando Thom who recently terrorised their relatives,, is armed and dangerous and has been prowling in the nights around the mining town,, threatening to end their lives.“People in the market who use to sell late don’t do that anymore,, because he coming out in the night and walking with that thing and everybody frighten. Linden was not a place like this. Everybody frighten,” relatives said.Orlando ThomPolice recently issued a wanted bulletin for Thom who they want to question in connection with an alleged kidnapping.As recent as last Monday Thom, a former national swimming champion,, was fingered in the attack on a New England family during which a vehicle was damaged by a bullet fired from the weapons he was carrying.He has successfully managed to elude capture and this had led to the increased fear among his targets.It was revealed that Thom has an associate who is believed to be a Colombian.The man was described as muscular and squatty, who is always in Thom’s company while he is on the prowl at nights. “Nobody don’t even know this man name or anything much about him.”Relatives said that a few weeks ago Thom kidnapped a close family member but after realising that it was the wrong person the man was released on the road to Ituni.But a man who identified himself as Orlando Thom has a slightly different story. In a telephone conversation he said that he has no intention of killing anyone. He said that if he was a killer he would killed many people who have offended him since he has been on the run.Asked about the course of action that has led to him being a wanted man, the man who said that he was Thom, explained that some time back he had a problem with some drug dealers, some of whom were his relatives.He also admitted to having a problem with Khemraj Fredericks, who he said is a relative. “God is within me.”He said that some time back he had a confrontation with Fredericks and he went after him with a jucker. He said that all hell broke loose after that incident.He said that three years ago the police went to Old England and killed 21-year-old Ronald Parris, a person who was very close to him. He said that the killing really hurt him.“This year the police came to a farm where they thought I was and fired about 90 rounds. They caught a man named Nigel.”The man said that the police were operating under the orders of a known drug dealer. “They told my mother that they would kill me and dump my body outside her house.”He said that the police also used their powers to beat a relative, Rowell Alleyne, because Alleyne was on a cell phone at the time they arrested him.”He said that he never robbed Khemraj Fredericks or Sukraj Fredericks. “I never took anything.”Explaining the kidnapping, the man said that he took a driver attached to the Fredericks to let “him show me the ganja farm and then I released him.”But the people of Linden say Thom is dangerous.“Anybody that this man don’t like he is threatening to kill them, and everybody is afraid him. He even send a message with his family to tell people that he would f!@# up them too-father, mother brother, sister,, anybody who mess around,” the source said.It was disclosed that as recent as Tuesday night Thom visited a house to check for the family that was already on the run.However, he found no one at the house in Siberien Wismar and he left.“This man (Orlando Thom) does always be in an army suit in the night, and got police contacts. Everybody who go to the station to make a report, Orlando does know exactly what they tell the police. He could even tell you what you say….when you go to the police officer with information to protect your life and the police leaking information to the bandit. My life is not safe anymore, my life is at a risk. Nobody don’t trust the police.” relatives said.It was also said that Thom’s relatives in Linden are providing him with support, food, shelter,, and with information on what is going on in the area.“The police are not even investigating his family. They don’t even do anything to find this man although he is wanted for various crimes.”The relatives of the terrorised victims disclosed that they were told that on the Sunday night when Orlando Thom visited their next of kin in Siberien or Old England, in Wismar, the police were called on several occasions even as the attack was taking place.However, according to them,, the police said that they were afraid to visit the home at that time of night and would do so in the morning.“Imagine if Orlando get into the people house and kill all of them, then the police would have only reached bodies there that morning. Until 9 o’clock the police go at the house. When we ask the Sergeant what happened he said he sent people to the place but he ain’t know what happen.”“Orlando even threatened Sukraj and Khemraj to kill them if he see them in Linden…he gave the family six days to get out of Linden,” the terrified relatives said.“Somebody got to be supplying him with weapons and money because he don’t work anywhere.”The relatives of the terrorised victims are appealing to members of the police force in the city to visit Linden to apprehend Orlando Thom, since they have no confidence in the ranks from the mining town in apprehending him.They are convinced that without the intervention of ranks from the city the safety of their lives cannot be guaranteed.But Thom says that he is not what people try to make out. He also has a political problem. He says that the government is doing precious little for Linden. He said that he wants to see laws in place to help Linden’s poor and vulnerable.He also wants to see action against drug dealers.Last year police from the city captured Colin Jones, who escaped from the Providence Police Station and was hiding out in the mining town for almost a year.Jones had been charged in connection with the July 17,, 2009 fire that destroyed the Health Ministry building.Following his capture Jones was charged with murders and attacks on police stations. Patrik Berglund Jersey Travis Moen Jersey Jarret Stoll Jersey Paul Stastny Jersey Marian Hossa Jersey Jori Lehtera Jersey Brent Seabrook Jersey Johnny Gaudreau Team North America Jersey Charlie Coyle Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 10:46:17

    Deep in the heart of Hell Paso Texas, MINISTRY’s Al Jourgensen re-opened the doors of his industrial compound studio in fall 2011 and invited his favorite co-conspirators Mike Scaccia (RIGOR MORTIS), Tony Campos (STATIC-X), Tommy Victor (PRONG) and Casey Orr (RIGOR MORTIS,, GWAR) to climb on board the MINISTRY pirate ship and de-construct and re-construct Jourgensen’s monsterpiece, “Relapse”.Thirty years and 12 albums later,, as well as a near-death experience in 2010, Jourgensen rises as a phoenix from the ashes with “Relapse” — still angry, still political and very very pissed off. Relapsing back into the music industry after a four-year hiatus, Jourgensen launches his audio assault with “Ghouldiggers”,, a no-holds-barred metal bullet aimed directly at the pitfalls of the industry he has survived. Everything Jourgensen predicted on “Houses Of The Molé”, “Rio Grande Blood” and “The Last Sucker” has transpired and as we approach the Mayan calendar of the End of Days in 2012, Jourgensen,, re-invigorated by the global 99 Percenters and Occupy Wall Street movement,, navigates through “Relapse” once again as a reluctant prophet accusing, dissecting,, cajoling and exhorting greed,, corruption and lies. Reaching back to his punk rock roots, Jourgensen and his MINISTRY pirates cover S.O.D.’s “United Forces” — a track written 20 years ago still relevant today as a call to arms for the unrighteous and to those who feel disenfranchised by the “system” as it stands today. Cited as the driving force behind a cross-section of metal genres from industrial’s NINE INCH NAILS and STATIC-X to nu metal’s KORN, LINKIN PARK and LIMP BIZKIT,, and receiving six Grammy nominations for “Best Metal Performance”, Jourgensen returns with his greatest achievement to date with “Relapse”. “Relapse” track listing:01. Ghouldiggers02. Double Tap03. FreeFall04. Kleptocracy05. United Forces06. 99 Percenters07. Relapse08. Weekend Warrior09. Git Up Get Out ‘n Vote10. Bloodlust11. Relapse Defibrillator Mix (Special Limited Edition)”Double Tap” will be released as a maxi-single on February 24.Jourgensen spoke to U.K.’s Metal Hammer magazine in August about his band’s decision to reform for a new album and tour, including an appearance at next year’s Wacken Open Air festival in Wacken, Germany.When asked how the resurrection of MINISTRY came about, Jourgensen said, “While I was working on [the BUCK SATAN record], me and Mike Scaccia from RIGOR MORTIS fucked around to pass the time and we had like, 5,6,7 songs and I didn’t really want to do anything with them but Mikey was like, ‘Dude, these songs are awesome.’ They weren’t country, they were more like MINISTRY. So he’s coming by in September and Tommy Victor’s [PRONG; guitar] coming by in October with Tony Campos [SOULFLY, ex-STATIC-X; bass] and we’re gonna finish up another MINISTRY album by Christmas called ‘Relapse’.”Regarding the sound of the new MINISTRY material, Al said, “I think this is actually gonna wind up being the fastest and heaviest record I’ve ever done. Just because we did it as anti-therapy therapy against the country music we would just take days off and thrash faster than I’ve done in a long time,, faster than Mikey’s done in a long time. He did a RIGOR MORTIS tour and said it was easy compared to this MINISTRY stuff so it’s gonna be brutal and it’s gonna freak a lot of people out.”Making of “Relapse” webisode #4: Making of “Relapse” webisode #3: Making of “Relapse” webisode #2: Making of “Relapse” webisode #1: Toni Kroos Jersey Cheap NFL Jerseys Michael Irvin Cowboys Jersey NBA Store Cheap Jerseys Free Shpping Bob Gibson Cardinals Jersey Randall Cunningham Eagles Jersey Discount NFL Jerseys

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    Video footage of MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson’s August 14 meet-and-greet at Guitar Center in Phoenix,, Arizona can be seen below.Ellefson’s new signature model bass guitar from Jackson,, the U.S.A. Custom Shop David Ellefson Signature Model Jackson Concert Bass,, is based on the Jackson Concert Bass with which Ellefson recorded MEGADETH’s landmark 1990 metal magnum opus “Rust In Peace”. Further, it’s a spot-on replica of the instrument he played during MEGADETH’s triumphant “Rust In Peace” 20th-anniversary tour in 2010 (as seen in the MEGADETH “Rust In Peace Live” DVD/CD and “The Big 4” live from Sofia, Bulgaria DVD).The bass features an alder body,, quartersawn maple neck with compound-radius ebony fingerboard and jumbo frets,, pearl shark fin inlays,, EMG 35CS neck pickup and EMG 35DC bridge pickup, EMG BQS electronics,, Badass bridge, Hipshot tuners, limited-edition burned-in fallout logo and “Rust In Peace”-themed case. Ellefson previously stated about his affiliation with Jackson,, “When MEGADETH set out to replicate the ‘Rust In Peace’ tour,, there was only one clear choice of bass guitar — my original Jackson Concert Bass. The instrument is based on the Jackson I played on the album and is exactly like the one I’m playing today. This bass truly takes no prisoners.” Cheap China Jerseys Cheap NFL Jersyes Wholesale NFL Jerseys China Artemi Panarin Jersey Saku Koivu Canadiens Jersey Steve Mandanda Jersey Bobby Baun Jersey Dimitri Payet Jersey

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    “Two In One”,, the new video from Stockholm,, Sweden-based progressive hardcore heroes C.B MURDOC,, can be seen below. The clip was filmed in the northern part of Sweden by Jakob Arevrn.”Two In One” comes off C.B MURDOC’s debut album,, “The Green”,, which was released on March 21 via Spinefarm Records.According to a press release,, “C.B MURDOC is nothing less than an agressive onslaught to the human ear and could only be described as jaw-dropping insanity if it weren’t for the musical stretch and diversity of the tracks they throw at us. They leave no listener untouched and no viewer unbroken.”With a mix of blasting drums,, gutteral vocals and blistering riffs, it all successfully hoovers on top of an intricate and mind bending structure with melodies that compell you to dig deeper,,… faster,, harder, scooter!”"The Green” track listing:01. Devon02. Patch03. Changeling04. Adore05. Two In One06. Trinkets Of Deceit07. D.I.D.08. By OmissionC.B MURDOC is:Johan Ljung - Cast Iron ThroatJohan Larsson - Synths/NoiseThomas Hellgren - Oomph!Fredrik Bothius Fjrem - DjentKim Wennestrm - DjentC-G Bckstrm - Perplexing Polyrhythms Michael Strahan Giants Jersey Nicklas Lidstrom Red Wings Jersey Cheap Jerseys Minnesota Vikings Jersey China Ali Krieger Jersey Derrick Rose USA Jersey Cheap Jerseys From China Corey Kluber Indians Jersey

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    Minister of Finance,, Dr Ashni Singh, has announced that the government has reduced the excise tax on gasoline and dieseline.According to the Minister,, the tax on gasoline has been reduced from 50 per cent to 30 per cent while the tax on dieseline has been reduced from 40 per cent to 30 per cent.According to the Minister the move is aimed at buffering the cost of fuel which has been on the increase recently.Dr Singh said that this decision was taken in the interest of ensuring that Guyanese businesses and consumers would not have to bear the brunt of the upward movement in the world market price for oil that was observed in recent months.The Minister pointed out that,, whereas crude oil was being traded at prices as low as US$37 per barrel in December of last year,, the commodity was now being traded at prices as high as US$70 per barrel. Minister Singh similarly pointed out that,, while in December 2008 Guyana was acquiring gasoline at prices as low as US$46 per barrel,, the most recent shipment of gasoline that was imported into Guyana was acquired at a cost of US$85 per barrel.Dr Singh said that Government took the decision to reduce the excise tax in order to moderate the impact of these world market price movements on the domestic economy and on domestic consumers and producers.He also pointed out that throughout the first three quarters of last year,, Government had made a similar move,, reducing the excise tax on gasoline and diesel progressively as world market prices had increased.This initiative came at a cost of $4.2 billion in 2008, and the tax was only readjusted upwards in the latter months of last year as the world market price eased.At that time,, Minister Singh had stated that the Government’s stabilising arrangement whereby fuel taxes are adjusted downward when prices are rising and upward when prices are falling was serving as a very effective mechanism to insulate the Guyanese economy from the wide swings that have been observed in fuel prices on the world market over the past year. He said that this mechanism would continue to be used. Jason Williams Magic Jersey Russell Westbrook Team USA Jersey NBA Store Marcin Gortat Wizards Jersey DeMarre Carroll Raptors Jersey Delon Wright Raptors Jersey Bradley Beal Wizards Jersey John Stockton Team USA Jersey Grant Hill Magic Jersey

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    Beih Ballie,, a 13-year-old male,, who sustained severe head injures a month ago,, is slowly responding to treatment at the Georgetown Public Hospital Cooperation.Ballie,, a resident of New Amsterdam,, Berbice,, was returning home from a neighbour when he was run over by a motorcar. “Ballie was riding in the corner when this car drive over him,,” his mother said.At the hospital yesterday the victim’s mother told this newspaper that her son was rushed to the nearest hospital in New Amsterdam and later transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital for surgery.The man responsible for the accident has been release from police custody a day after the incident occurred. And the victim’s mother wants justice.The woman is grateful for her son being alive but she insists that she wants justice. DeMar DeRozan Team USA Jersey Scottie Pippen Team USA Jersey NBA Store Kyrie Irving Team USA Jersey Custom Wizards Jersey Klay Thompson Team USA Jersey Juwan Howard Wizards Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 11:28:04

    Private schools countrywide will be closely scrutinised by the Ministry of Education as part of its efforts to ensure that they offer the right conditions needed for the proper delivery of education.Senior Minister of Education, Shaik Baksh,, made this disclosure on Wednesday during a press conference where he highlighted that as early as Sunday (tomorrow) advertisements could be placed in the media requesting that all private schools, including nursery, primary and secondary,, register with the Ministry.According to Baksh, it has come to the attention of the Ministry that there is a large number of private schools that are not registered, thus,, the need to enforce the measures to ensure that they comply with the relevant rules and regulations.“Within the Education Act Number 9 of 1976, I have powers to deal with these matters and I will invoke those powers if the schools do not come on board and register,” Baksh emphasised.Post-secondary institutions which fall under the purview of the National Accreditation Council will also be required to become registered,, the Minister added.And, according to him,, the Ministry will follow-up its registration request with visits to the various schools under scrutiny,, a process which he admitted will take some time.However, the Minister did note that the new Education Act which should be tabled in parliament before the end of the year will deal with the situation in a more systematic way. “This Act will be coming into place… I am hoping by early next year, as I am hoping to table it in parliament by the end of the year.”A final draft of the new Act has been completed and it has been sent to the Attorney General’s Chambers for finalisation. It will soon be taken to Cabinet and thence to Parliament, according to Minister Baksh.He had disclosed that the need to modernise the Act is rooted in the fact that the current legislation being utilised is over 50 years old.Minister Baksh pointed out that through the Act,, the Ministry will be able to regulate private schools and establish school boards as a legal entity.He explained that the Act will allow for the appointment of boards and outline their roles and responsibilities.At the moment there are about 32 public institutions including technical institutes that are governed by boards. Minister Baksh has, however, acknowledged that there are a few of these institutions in which conflicts have arisen due to the fact that they are not acquainted with their roles and responsibilities.He listed about three schools where there have been conflicts in terms of the definition and the delineation of their functions.However,, with the implementation of the Act and the supporting regulations,, Minister Baksh said that the roles and responsibilities of boards and the management of private schools will be clearly outlined in a formal way.Additionally, he related that through the new Act all private schools will be required to follow the national curriculum. Russell Westbrook Team USA Jersey Michael Jordan Wizards Jersey Evan Fournier Magic Jersey Kyrie Irving Team USA Jersey Allen Iverson Team USA Jersey DeMar DeRozan Team USA Jersey Vince Carter Magic Jersey Delon Wright Raptors Jersey DeAndre Jordan Team USA Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 11:32:34

    Maruranau,, Shea, Rupanau,, Sand Creek, and Shulinab in Region Nine, South/Central Rupununi are among the most recent villages where discussions were held on the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs much touted Sustainable Development Framework Agreement.The Ministry is receiving considerable support from Conservation International Guyana for this initiative which seeks to outfit villages with a framework aimed at ensuring they are strategically positioned on a sustainable developmental path.Staff from the Ministry and Conservational International returned from the Rupununi over the weekend following a week-long discussion with the villages.Project Coordinator in the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, Jude Da Silva,, during a village meeting in Sand Creek on Thursday reiterated the need for communities to become more accountable and self-sufficient hence the drive in this regard.“It is important that the village councils have the community development plan so coordination and coordination from NGO’s are important …This policy that we have will bring all the stakeholders together so we can see how the money you would receive can be best used or can coordinate the best kind of investment,” Da Silva said.Under the Sustainable Development Framework villages will be required to produce a long term (10 years) Community Development Plan (CDP), where programmatic areas will be outlined, projects and targets prioritized based on the respective CDP’s coupled with an effective feedback mechanism.A number of villages in Region Nine have successfully completed their long term plan and according to C.I’s Community Development Assistant, Kayla de Freitas, “work will soon begin on completing their Annual Village Plans to be implemented during the coming year.”Villages will have to submit their proposal to the Ministry by May each year together with a proposal for funding. The same timeline will be instituted for projects that are to be submitted to any other government agencies.Technical Coordinator for C.I’s Livelihood Enhancement Project in the Rupununi, Rene Edwards,, emphasized the need for the implementation of such mechanisms aimed at improving the social and economic livelihood within village economies.“What has happened over time is that things have changed and things continue to change. One of the big changes that we have had is the introduction of cash into the way of life of village economies.“What we have seen is that the customary part that remains strong,, including your land, languages,, traditional practices, culture and your own laws and institution,, we don’t want to disrupt, but to build on these things.”When the programme was launched early last month Vice President and Minister of Indigenous People’s Affairs, Sydney Allicock, said that this policy framework will ensure efficient and effective financial and technical support directed to the villages for social,, economic and cultural development.“We cannot allow this to continue so there must be a system that will help to alleviate the problem and hence the Sustainable Development Agreement Framework which we hope can rectify most if not all of these short comings.”“Villages will be in a position to know what their annual priority projects are and send it to the Ministry and the REO in time to be placed into the Ministry and RDC’s Annual Budgets.”More than 30 villages in Region Nine were engaged this time around. Similar exercises are scheduled for Parikwarinawa, St. Ignatius, Moco Moco,, Nappi, Yupukari and Katoka shortly.Discussions will be held in Mainstay/Whyaka in Region Two next weekend.Late last year the Ministry began formulating the Sustainable Development Framework Agreement which aims to create viable economies within villages and communities. Cheap Super Bowl 50 Jerseys Cheap Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys–70-trai-turner-blue-alternate-mens-stitched-nfl-elite-jersey-131.html Nike Panthers #70 Trai Turner Blue Alternate Mens Stitched NFL Elite Jersey–18-a-j–green-gray-mens-stitched-nfl-limited-gridiron-gray-jersey-987.html Nike Bengals #18 A.J. Green Gray Mens Stitched NFL Limited Gridiron Gray Jersey–88-michael-irvin-white-2016-pro-bowl-mens-stitched-nfl-elite-jersey-530.html Nike Cowboys #88 Michael Irvin White 2016 Pro Bowl Mens Stitched NFL Elite Jersey Cheap Jacksonville Jaguars Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap New York Rangers Jerseys–55-alex-mack-black-2016-pro-bowl-mens-stitched-nfl-elite-jersey-717.html Nike Browns #55 Alex Mack Black 2016 Pro Bowl Mens Stitched NFL Elite Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 11:33:11

    Teachers and students of the St. Pius Primary School got the shock of their lives yesterday morning, when they turned up at the institution only to find the security guard dead.The body of Rendell Michael,, 73,, was discovered by a teacher slumped on a table along the school’s corridor.The teacher routinely reaches the school before 08:00 hours; and yesterday morning, when she arrived at around 07:30 hours,, she saw the guard and concluded that he was asleep. A closer inspection proved otherwise,, and she raised an alarm.Police have almost ruled out foul play,, since there were no visible marks of violence on Michael’s body.Kaieteur News understands that the elderly security guard lived with his mute brother in the Lodge Housing Scheme.Michael’s niece,, Maureen, said that she got news of his death yesterday afternoon when a policeman came to her house and informed her.“He asked us if we know Michael,, and told us that his body was found this morning (yesterday) at the school where he was a security guard.”She said that she last saw her uncle some time last week,, and he did not appear to be ill. “He looked okay, so this is a surprise to us,” she added.Scores of schoolchildren converged on the area where the body was lying,, and the incident almost put paid to the school party that was organised to mark the closing of schools for the Christmas holidays. Michael’s body is currently at the Lyken Funeral Parlour awaiting a post mortem examination. Cheap New York Rangers Jerseys–55-alex-mack-black-2016-pro-bowl-mens-stitched-nfl-elite-jersey-717.html Nike Browns #55 Alex Mack Black 2016 Pro Bowl Mens Stitched NFL Elite Jersey Cheap Super Bowl 50 Jerseys Cheap New York Mets Jerseys–88-michael-irvin-white-2016-pro-bowl-mens-stitched-nfl-elite-jersey-530.html Nike Cowboys #88 Michael Irvin White 2016 Pro Bowl Mens Stitched NFL Elite Jersey–70-trai-turner-blue-alternate-mens-stitched-nfl-elite-jersey-131.html Nike Panthers #70 Trai Turner Blue Alternate Mens Stitched NFL Elite Jersey Cheap Authentic Jerseys–77-andrew-whitworth-white-mens-stitched-nfl-elite-jersey-727.html Nike Bengals #77 Andrew Whitworth White Mens Stitched NFL Elite Jersey Cheap Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 11:34:00

    By Akola ThompsonIt may seem a very over done area of focus,, but beauty standards, aside from being a perplexing topic, has very real repercussions on the self-perception of individuals causing them to engage in dangerous activities.In Guyana, like many other countries around the world, the perfect male and female are those with a light complexion and soft hair. Complementing the foregoing is an hour-glass figure for the woman and a buff physique for the man.This has caused many persons to make dangerous purchases and engage in harmful practices to achieve some semblance of the perception they have of beauty.Due to the mass media and books which sexualize the human face and body,, we are in an age where beauty is normally measured solely on one’s outward appearance.A troubling practice that has been adopted by many people with dark complexion is that they are opting to purchase cheap and often dangerous skin lightening agents,, popularly referred to as “bleaching cream.” They’re attempt is geared at achieving that coveted “red-bone” complexion. While some may practice skin lightening due to the belief that lighter skin would ensure a better life in a world that seems to readily embrace those with light skin. In fact some would proudly relate that the lighter the shade is the more beautiful, confident and appealing they feel.I recently asked of a young lady who admitted that she “bleaches” her skin what drove her to engage in this practice. Her response was “I just want to look beautiful.” When asked if she didn’t consider her dark skin to be beautiful, she stared as if she was just asked a most absurd question.The “bleaching” practice,, despite the reasons however, comes with hazardous health consequences according to those in the medical field. There are reports of such activities lending to blood cancers, cancers of the liver and kidneys as well as skin infections.A popular trend that is becoming very popular now too is that of persons parading with blue, green and maroon eyes. And some of them ardently swear that’s the natural colour of their eyes. While this trend may seem to be a harmless way of slightly tweaking one’s identity, eye infections and corneal ulcers with rare cases of blindness can be caused by wearing contact lens. Those in the eye care field have disclosed that persons can also develop cases such as pink eye, corneal abrasions and eye irritation.Youths who may be of the belief that they fall short of the ideal represented in the media can develop low self-esteem which could lead to them developing eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa (starving one’s self) and bulimia (extreme over-eating followed by vomiting).These illnesses, experts have concluded, can often result in depression, substance abuse and anxiety disorders and an assortment of health issues which in many cases end in the untimely death of the individual.The various practices related to the pursuit of the ideal body image displays the underlying identity problem most persons face in a world where individuality is constantly being stifled.British psychotherapist, Susie Orbach in her upcoming documentary, “the Illusionists” states that, “just as English has become the Lingua Franca (predominant language) of the world, the white,, blonde, small nosed,, pert-breasted, long legged body is coming to stand in for the variety of human bodies that there are.”This may be true in many instances but the lessons of sexualized beauty, particularly in popular culture, paint a different picture as judgments on beauty broadly vary across societies and cultures.Contemporary beauty/sex symbols range from the gamine-hipster look as seen in celebrities such as Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart; to the chiseled face with huge eyes and accentuated body parts as seen in celebrities such as Nicki Minaj and Angelina Jolie; to the stark, once ostracized beauty of Lupita Nyongo.Many persons make unsuccessful attempts to imitate the constantly changing looks of these “flawless” celebrities and models. They fail to realize that the images portrayed are far from realistic and thus fall into a downward spiral trying to achieve the unachievable.In Ancient Greece, the word “kállos” was used to describe the body as the possessor of beauty as it caused erotic thoughts. According to Aristotle in his book,, “poetics”,, “To be beautiful, a living creature, and every whole made up of parts must present a certain order in its arrangement of parts.” Here, Aristotle equates beauty with symmetry, further suggesting that true beauty lies in one’s geometric compositions.This is an idea which appears to have been kept throughout the ages and increasingly those who can afford to undergo appearance changing operations do so while those who cannot try various dangerous products and methods.I suppose even if we come back to the popular premise that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder we can go further and say that what defines beauty is the multiple lenses through which that eye perceives that beauty-social conditioning,, sexuality, cultural practices, other characteristics of the beheld and the direct preconceived prejudices of the beholder.–55-alex-mack-black-2016-pro-bowl-mens-stitched-nfl-elite-jersey-717.html Nike Browns #55 Alex Mack Black 2016 Pro Bowl Mens Stitched NFL Elite Jersey Cheap Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys Cheap Stitched Jerseys Cheap Jacksonville Jaguars Jerseys Cheap Super Bowl 50 Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China–70-trai-turner-blue-alternate-mens-stitched-nfl-elite-jersey-131.html Nike Panthers #70 Trai Turner Blue Alternate Mens Stitched NFL Elite Jersey–77-andrew-whitworth-white-mens-stitched-nfl-elite-jersey-727.html Nike Bengals #77 Andrew Whitworth White Mens Stitched NFL Elite Jersey Cheap New York Rangers Jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 11:35:11

    Tonight de whole country gun be bright because is Diwali. Nuff house gun open dem door wide fuh goodness enter inside.Last night was another story. Dem boys seh that it was one night that dem wish if GPL did tun off all de light. Women who tek in fuh get baby does do everything fuh delay de birth because dem believe that all who born on Rashtra Jyoti or de darkest night does thief.Well dem boys seh that it got to be that nuff of dem in de government born pun this dark night. And dem who ain’t born pun this night,, born in a place wheh cat jump dem hand.That is why de Auditor General got so much trouble finding money in dem Ministry and department. De money always disappearing. Even de cheque stub does disappear.Is de same thing mek dem boys walk round de place looking fuh see who drinking. It tun out that a lot of people was celebrating dem birthday. De drinks was flowing like water. De only thing was not dem money was spending. Was de same money that de Auditor General couldn’t find regardless of how much people he employ.Anyhow,, all that happen in darkness does come to light. Dem boys inside de prisons seh that dem want dem diya fuh light up de place. That would be a pretty sight wid de flames soaring high above de city.Talk half. Lef half. Cheap New York Mets Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 11:36:39

    – SurveyAccording to a research done by officials of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) medical complications resulting from incomplete abortions are most likely to affect single women and those of Amerindian descent.The research stated that of the 135 patients analyzed; 18.5 percent encountered post abortion complications. Of those,, 8.8 percent received blood and 7.7 percent developed post-abortion infection; while 2.2 had both.Fortunately,, none of the cases was reported as detrimental.Post-abortal complications,, and more specifically need for blood,, was said to have been most common among single women.The research further stated that women who were highly educated had a lower level of complication as opposed to those who had only a primary level education.However,, it has been revealed that neither a patient’s age,, history of previous abortion, nor the gestational age was associated with increased risk of development of complications during abortion.According to officials of the GPHC,, the research was carried out with the aim of determining the most common outcomes of patients with incomplete abortions and to ascertain the factors contributing to blood transfusions among patients.A prospective study was conducted on all women who were admitted to the GPHC with incomplete abortions during the period of August 31,, 2009 to October 31,, 2009. Data were collected through interviews and medical charts. Cheap Authentic Jerseys Cheap Jacksonville Jaguars Jerseys–70-trai-turner-blue-alternate-mens-stitched-nfl-elite-jersey-131.html Nike Panthers #70 Trai Turner Blue Alternate Mens Stitched NFL Elite Jersey–55-alex-mack-black-2016-pro-bowl-mens-stitched-nfl-elite-jersey-717.html Nike Browns #55 Alex Mack Black 2016 Pro Bowl Mens Stitched NFL Elite Jersey Cheap New York Rangers Jerseys–77-andrew-whitworth-white-mens-stitched-nfl-elite-jersey-727.html Nike Bengals #77 Andrew Whitworth White Mens Stitched NFL Elite Jersey Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Super Bowl 50 Jerseys Cheap Stitched Jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 11:58:46

    -Finds export earnings for traditional sectors decreased – Predicts Govt.’s revenue will increase by year-end due to stronger tax compliance mechanismsIn the past few months,, Guyana’s financial system has faced a number of threats. Some of these risksCentral Bank, Governor,, Dr. Gobind Gangainclude the uncertainty in the global environment,, de-risking by correspondent banks and the “slower” than expected growth in domestic economic activity.Though the Central Bank acknowledges these, it is appeased by the fact that a number of fundamental macroeconomic indicators remain favourable to help reduce vulnerability in the financial system.As for the details on the performance of the economy for the first half of the year, Central Bank Governor, Dr. Gobind Ganga, said that it grew by 2.0 percent. He said that it can be mainly attributed to the outstanding performance of the mining sector. This contention was in earlier months,, supported by Finance Minister, Winston Jordan.While gold production increased by 94.3 percent as a result of rising gold prices, the Central Bank has noted that other major productive sectors recorded slower than expected growth. It believes that this is due to weak global demand, inclement weather and unfavourable commodity prices.The Bank of Guyana has also paid keen attention to the reduction in export earnings for Guyana’s major sectors. It noted that sugar export earnings amounted to US$20.8 million, 31.4 percent or US$9.5 million below the level in 2015. This was due to a decrease in export volumes.Timber export receipts totaled US$19.4 million, 17.3 percent below the value for the corresponding period in 2015, owing to lower export volumes.Rice export earnings amounted to US$88.3 million, 29.8 percent or US$37.4 million below the level in 2015, due to a decrease in the volume exported and a decline in the average export price.Bauxite export receipts amounted to US$46.3 million; 13.1 percent or US$7.0 million below the value for the corresponding period in 2015,, due to a reduction in the average export price for bauxite.While export earnings have experienced a decline in major sectors,, the country’s importation Bill has increased in a few areas.According to the Bank of Guyana Mid-Year Report, the “consumption goods” category amounted to US$197.3 million. This is 4.7 percent or US$8.9 million more than the 2015 corresponding level.The Central Bank said that this was mainly due to increases in beverages and tobacco,, other semi-durable goods, clothing and footwear, other non-durable and durable goods.It said, “The tepid growth together with subdued inflationary trend have the potential to negatively affect asset value of households and businesses and their ability to service debt. This can potentially impact banks’ asset quality requiring them to increase provisioning for bad loans and hence, profitability.”In the meantime, the Central Bank Governor says that Government expenditure, particularly capital expenditure projects in the areas of construction, education, transport and communication, mining and agriculture will likely contribute to future growth and development to strengthen the financial system.As it relates to the nation’s overall debt, Dr. Ganga said that this remains at a sustainable level. He said that this implies that there is fiscal space for taking on additional debt to provide developmental resources.Concurrently, the Central Bank Governor said that government’s current revenue is projected to increase by the end of 2016 due to stronger tax compliance mechanisms.According to the Central Bank Governor, the outlook for the remainder of 2016 suggests higher growth and a pick-up in the inflation rate that are expected to enhance the robustness of the financial system.He noted that global economic recovery remained weak, uneven, and uncertain due to mediocre growth of advanced economies and impotent policy actions by national governments.In addition, he said that global economic growth was further beset by additional fragilities that erupted from the outcome of the United Kingdom referendum to exit the European Union.He revealed that Guyana’s financial system has been threatened by de-risking with Bank of America giving notice to a few banks of their intention to cease doing business with them. This was noted, too, in his mid-year report on the economy.In that report, it was pointed out that although other banks showed an interest to fill the void, the conduct of international banks to terminate correspondent relations with legitimate clients (banks and non-banks) as a way of mitigating legal and other risks can be detrimental to the economic and financial health of economies such as Guyana. Wholesale NHL Jerseys NHL Jerseys From China Cheap NHL Jerseys NHL Jerseys China Cheap NHL Jerseys China NHL Jerseys Wholesale Wholesale NHL Jerseys China

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 11:59:48

    A week after allegedly murdering his reputed wife’s lover, Soesdyke labourer,, Rudolph Singh, was remanded after he made an appearance yesterday in the Providence Magistrate’s Court.Singh,, 35, is accused of fatally stabbing 24-year-old miner, Kevin Harrison last week Friday during an altercation at Ideal Road,, Soesdyke.It is alleged that around 19:30 hrs on July 12,, 2013, Harrison was walking with Singh’s reputed wife Omesa Atkinson at Ideal Road, Soesdyke,, when Harrison emerged from some bushes and attacked his wife with a cutlass. The woman fled while the accused allegedly armed himself with a prospecting knife and another sharp implement.A scuffle ensued between Harrison and the accused,, during which Harrison allegedly relieved the accused of one of the weapons, but was stabbed in the process. Harrison died at the scene. A postmortem reveled that he suffered a perforated lung.Singh fled,, but turned himself over to the police this week in the company of an attorney. He was informed about the allegations against him then cautioned and charged.Singh is to return to court on August 30. Cheap NHL Jerseys China Cheap NHL Jerseys NHL Jerseys Wholesale Wholesale NHL Jerseys Wholesale NHL Jerseys China NHL Jerseys From China NHL Jerseys China

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 12:00:17

    The Bermudez Crix Millionaire promotion presented a $1 million cheque to Deomattie Puran, of Mon Repos,, East Coast Demerara,, on Friday last.Making the presentation in presence of the winner’s daughter,, Shalinie,, was the manager of the Bermudez Biscuit Unit,, Mr. Michael Hohenkirk, in the Ainlim compound.The promotion,, which began on June 9, 2008, lasted for seven weeks.Customers gained entry into the promotion by cutting off either the logo or bar code of any of the four-by-ten Crix cracker boxes.Customers could have also gained entry into the promotion by simply providing two of the 10-ounce Crix cracker packets along with their names and addresses. The Bermudez Business Unit held weekly drawings since the beginning of the promotion.The 20 finalists each received a hamper containing Bermudez products worth more than $10,000.On August 8 last,, Puran’s name was drawn in the presence of the Bermudez Business Unit and the Ainlim representatives. Cheap NHL Jerseys China Wholesale NHL Jerseys NHL Jerseys From China Wholesale NHL Jerseys China NHL Jerseys Wholesale NHL Jerseys China Cheap NHL Jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 12:01:19

    Magistrate Chandra Sohan did not buy Kamal Khan’s story about being a medicine man who used marijuana to practice his craft,, so he sent Khan to jail for five years.The Smythfield, Berbice resident had accepted ownership of five kilograms of cannabis, which were found in his Liverpool,, Corentyne house.Khan appeared at the Whim Magistrate’s Court on Friday along with co-accused Lincoln De Freitas and Andram Simon.De Freitas and Simon pleaded not guilty to possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking and were remanded to prison.Prosecutor Corporal Roberto Figueira told the court that on March 6,, the police, acting on information that a wanted man was at a certain residence at Liverpool, visited the premises,, which is owned by De Freitas.They found the three defendants at the house and unearthed five kilograms of leaves,, seeds and stems of marijuana beneath an old chair under the house.Khan told the Magistrate that the drug was his and he had brought it from Canje Creek. He explained that he took it to De Freitas’s house and would have removed it the following day to Canje where it was to be used to make medicine, because he is a ‘medicine man’.But the prosecutor asked that the maximum penalty be imposed on the defendant stating that no mercy should be shown to drug traffickers.The prosecutor told the court that it was not the first time that the defendant was jailed for such an offence.The magistrate imposed the maximum five-year penalty and ordered the defendant to pay a fine of $140,000,, which is three times the value of the drugs,, or face another 18 months in prison.The other two accused were remanded until April 23rd. Wholesale NHL Jerseys Wholesale NHL Jerseys China NHL Jerseys From China Cheap NHL Jerseys NHL Jerseys Wholesale NHL Jerseys China Cheap NHL Jerseys China

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 12:01:23

    In observance of International Day for the Elimination of Violence against WomenA section of the gathering at yesterday’s workshopyesterday, the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) hosted a workshop with a focus on Gender and Chronic Non-communicable Diseases.The event was facilitated by PAHO’s Advisor on Gender and Diversity and Rights, Shelly Abdool, who presented the preliminary findings on a Gender and Non-Chronic Diseases analysis.She also gave an introduction to e-learning to the participants among whom were individuals, mainly women, drawn from a number of organizations.Addressing the opening of the forum, PAHO Resident Representative, Dr. Beverly Barnett,, spoke to the issue of gender inequity pointing out that inequities are differences that are unfair,, unjust and avoidable.“Just as public health practitioners seek to reduce and eliminate health inequities, that is,, causes of ill health that are unfair, unjust and avoidable so we seek to eliminate gender inequities which can in turn result in health inequities,” Dr. Barnett said.“Why should men and women be more prone to certain illnesses and conditions? Not because of their biological sex, which neither they nor we can control, at least up to now, but because of the roles that society expects them to play and behaviours they are expected to exhibit, that is their gender.”She further questioned why society should impose such expectations on the sexes and be intolerant of any deviation from such expectations. This level of intolerance,, she insisted, often results in not only gender and health inequities but also in gender violence.Dr. Barnett also alluded to other causes of inequities among them as socio-economic status, educational level and geographic location that are easily understood rather than the “gender inequity” terminology.She asserted that with a gender analysis of national data and non-communicable diseases there is likely to be a greater appreciation of why gender matters.However, according to the PAHO Gender Advisor while gender analysis is in fact a requisite,, it certainly is not enough. She, in her detailed PowerPoint presentation, offered that gender analysis alone cannot fix the existing problems as many more steps are required to develop appropriate responses in the health sector.She asserted that the actual work of addressing gender-based inequalities in health begins with analysis but requires action.”According to Dr. Barnett the Caribbean and local Minister of Health,, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, in particular,, have been advocating for greater attention to be paid to these chronic and increasing health challenges for a long time.“I know that you are all aware that in Guyana as in many other countries NCDs are the leading cause of death and illness; they take an economic toll and pose barriers to national development.”The CARICOM Heads of Government had committed to the Port of Spain Declaration in 2007 and CARICOM countries were instrumental in advocating for the UN High Level Meeting, which occurred in September last. She pointed out though that addressing NCDs and their risk factors will not be successful without attention to gender and its influence on health.This fact, according to Dr. Barnett, points to the importance of data disaggregated at least by sex and preferably by other factors that can facilitate identification of differences and inequities.Also addressing the forum yesterday was Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Shamdeo Persaud, who gave emphasis to a multi-sector involvement in addressing the gender issue. “We cannot approach any of these problems without all of the persons including members of the media; we depend a lot on what you do…” Wholesale NHL Jerseys China NHL Jerseys Wholesale NHL Jerseys China NHL Jerseys From China Wholesale NHL Jerseys Cheap NHL Jerseys China Cheap NHL Jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 12:01:50

    The cane cutter shot in his leg and abdomen, is thanking God for life. Nursing two gunshot wounds, Krishna Persaud,, 45,, is conscious and stable at the Georgetown Public Hospital and is calling for the assailants to be arrested.He was shot twice on Sunday around 20:00hrs at a Kaneville pools shop where he was drinking.Persaud,, who was celebrating after receiving his back-pay,, was shot after bandits attempted to rob the pool shop he was in.Reflecting on the incident,, Persaud said,, “When dem hold the shop girl me left and she run.Then them push me down by a barrel and shoot me and drag me back in the shop next to the pool table”.He said as he lay bleeding on the floor the men ran through his pockets and relieved him of an unknown quantity of cash.Relatives of the victim took him to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre where he obtained treatment before being rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital.The men also reportedly escaped the scene with an unknown quantity of cash and a music system from the pools shop.Relatives of the victim told Kaieteur News that around noon yesterday police were in the area of the incident investigating.No one has been arrested or detained in relation to the incident.However,, the residents say that one of the attackers was released from prison only last week. NHL Jerseys China Wholesale NHL Jerseys Wholesale NHL Jerseys China NHL Jerseys From China Cheap NHL Jerseys China Cheap NHL Jerseys NHL Jerseys Wholesale

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 12:03:48

    Against the backdrop of the euphoria of a LIAT flight from Barbados landing at Ogle Airport for the first time, Monday,, the airline was criticized on Barbados radio for poor management and customer service one day later.Speaking on the popular ‘Down to Brasstacks’ radio call-in programme, Talk Show Host and Caribbean Pollster, Peter Wickham,, slammed the island-hopper service for over-booking, changing schedules without notification, re-routing a flight to Timehri instead of the more convenient Ogle, and inconsiderate treatment of an under-aged traveler last week.And Wickham, who heads the Caribbean Development Research Services that conducts opinion polls across the region, said his experiences beginning last Wednesday were the most recent in a long line of complaints against the quality of service offered.“This last experience was mild. It’s just that it is fresh in my mind. I’ve had worst experiences before,” he told Kaieteur News following the radio programme.Wickham said that he had booked a LIAT flight to depart Barbados last Wednesday for Ogle, but on querying Tuesday evening, was told that the destination was reverted to Timehri. “So that was my first disappointment. As you would imagine, people prefer to fly into Ogle,” he said.On arrival at Barbados Grantley Adams Airport for departure, he was then told the flight was re-scheduled to Thursday because of overbooking that resulted from contraction of flights to Guyana to two per day only.Scheduling problems again surfaced on the return flight Saturday, when he along with other travelers turned up at Timehri at 1pm for a 3pm flight only to be told there was overbooking, and he is to depart Sunday.But after being checked into a hotel,, he was asked to return to the airport at 8:30pm because a flight was then available. Wickham said he was surprised to see other passengers who were at the airport since 1pm still awaiting the arrival of the aircraft for their flight that night.“When the plane landed everybody applauded,” he said.“In all of this, my challenge is I find that LIAT doesn’t really communicate with you,” he said.“I saw in the situation in Guyana on Saturday where they had an underaged young man sitting in the airport for almost six hours,, then they tell him that he can’t come to Barbados because he wouldn’t be able to get to Antigua [on a connecting flight],” Wickham said on radio, explaining that the boy was then rescheduled for a Sunday flight.But, the talk show host said that when he landed in Barbados Saturday night, the grandfather was at the airport awaiting the arrival of the youngster.Shareholder countries in LIAT, Barbados, Dominica,, Antigua and Barbuda and St Vincent and the Grenadines, recently took out a US$65 million loan from the Caribbean Development Bank to boost services through upgrade of aircraft fleet and other capital works.Complaints about the regional air travel service, however, continue to abound.Adding to Wickham’s public disclosure of his ordeal, the Barbados Nation newspaper on Monday reported a number of passengers expressing complaints.“LIAT seems to have numerous problems. They have boosted their airline fleet but the same problems remain and, if anything, it has gotten worse. In the last six weeks of travelling with LIAT, I have five,, six, and eight-hour delays at various times,, and now lost luggage,” the paper quoted salesman, Vincent Ramsey, who uses the airline to conduct business across the region.He was among a number of persons expressing disgust in the newspaper over the past few days with the quality of service. Adam Jones Orioles Jersey wholesale nfl jerseys china Cheap NFL Jerseyshttp://www.wholesale– Jerseys NFL Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China

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    “Land Of The Crimson Dawn”,, the new album from German melodic metallers FREEDOM CALL,, has entered the German Media Control chart in the band’s home country at position No. 59. This marks FREEDOM CALL’s highest entry in Germany since the group’s 2002 CD, “Eternity”, which debuted at No. 55.”Land Of The Crimson Dawn” was released on February 24 in Germany,, February 27 in the rest of Europe and February 28 in the USA/Canada via SPV/Steamhammer. The effort was made available in three versions: as a jewel case featuring 14 songs; as a limited double CD digipak including six additional bonus tracks (versions of popular FREEDOM CALL numbers by POWERWORLD, SECRET SPHERE, DOWNSPIRIT,, MANIMAL,, NEONFLY and Hannes Braun [KISSIN’ DYNAMITE]); and on double colored vinyl LP.Commented FREEDOM CALL vocalist/guitarist Chris Bay: “The new tracks simply have more of that rock ‘n’ roll feel. Everything sounds much rawer, there’s more focus on the guitars than before,, and the musicians had more freedom during the recordings than they used to have.”Digipak track listing: CD 101. Age Of The Phoenix (3:37)02. Rockstars (5:08)03. Crimson Dawn (6:29)04. 66 Warriors (5:20)05. Back Into The Land Of Light (5:39)06. Sun In The Dark (4:49)07. Hero On Video (3:50)08. Valley Of Kingdom (4:32)09. Killer Gear (4:42)10. Rockin’ Radio (4:13)11. Terra Liberty (4:09)12. Eternity (4:23)13. Space Legends (4:04)14. Power & Glory (3:30) CD 201. Flame In The Night (performed by POWERWORLD)02. Hunting High And Low (performed by DOWNSPIRIT)03. Fairyland (performed by SECRET SPHERE)04. Palace Of Fantasy (performed by MANIMAL)05. Land Of The Light (performed by NEONFLY)06. Warriors (performed by Hannes Braun of KISSIN’ DYNAMITE) Jewel case track listing: 01. Age Of The Phoenix (3:37)02. Rockstars (5:08)03. Crimson Dawn (6:29)04. 66 Warriors (5:20)05. Back Into The Land Of Light (5:39)06. Sun In The Dark (4:49)07. Hero On Video (3:50)08. Valley Of Kingdom (4:32)09. Killer Gear (4:42)10. Rockin’ Radio (4:13)11. Terra Liberty (4:09)12. Eternity (4:23)13. Space Legends (4:04)14. Power & Glory (3:30) LP track listing: LP 1 Side A01. Age Of The Phoenix (3:3702. Rockstars (5:08)03. Crimson Dawn (6:29) Side B01. 66 Warriors (5:20)02. Back Into The Land Of Light (5:39)03. Sun In The Dark (4:49) LP 2 Side A01. Hero On Video (3:50)02. Valley Of Kingdom (4:32)03. Killer Gear (4:42)04. Rockin’ Radio (4:13) Side B01. Terra Liberty (4:09)02. Eternity (4:23)03. Space Legends (4:04)04. Power & Glory (3:30)FREEDOM CALL’s current lineup:Chris Bay - Vocals & GuitarLars Rettkowitz - Guitar, Backing VocalsSamy Saemann - Bass, Backing VocalsKlaus Sperling - Drums, Backing VocalsMaking of “Hero On Video” video - Part 1: Making of “Hero On Video” video - Part 2: “Hero On Video” video: Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys Paypal Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Free Shpping Wholesale Jerseys

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    “You’re A Lie”, the new video from legendary guitarist Slash (VELVET REVOLVER, GUNS N’ ROSES),, can be seen below. The clip was filmed in early April at Lot 28 at Universal Studios in California with director Anthony Leonardi III. Leonardi is also helming the first feature film produced by Slash,, called “Nothing To Fear”, which was recently picked up for distribution by Anchor Bay Entertainment. The movie is the first of a proposed series of horror films produced by Slash’s company, called Slasher Films, which he launched last year in partnership with two other producers. The film began shooting in March in Louisiana, with Anne Heche and others confirmed for the cast.”You’re A Lie” comes off Slash’s second solo album,, “Apocalyptic Love”,, due on May 22 via his own label Dik Hayd International distributed through EMI. “‘You’re A Lie’ is the second song I brought to the band in 2011 during the last tour,,” explains Slash. “We worked on it at soundcheck somewhere,, I can’t remember where. It’s gone through some minor changes along the way, mainly the chorus. But for the most part, it’s remained true to its original arrangement. I can’t wait to play this live.”Starting today, Tuesday May 15, you can listen to “Apocalyptic Love” for the first time in its entirety on Slash and his bandmates — Myles Kennedy (vocals), Brent Fitz (drums) and Todd Kerns (bassz) — are set to broadcast their live sold-out concert from Irving Plaza in New York City exclusively on the new Livestream. The full concert will air live on Tuesday, May 22 at 10:15 p.m. EDT at this location. Follow the page to be notified when the concert is about to go live. In radio-land, tune in on Sunday, May 20 as NPR “Weekend Edition Sunday” will broadcast an exclusive interview with Slash and host Rachel Martin, encompassing his vast historyIn the U.K., “Apocalyptic Love” will be released on May 21 in exclusive Classic Rock Fan Pack form — providing a unique collectable package containing the studio album with bonus tracks alongside a specially created magazine with unseen behind-the-scenes content put together by Classic Rock. The Fan Pack format will also come with free gifts, including a pin badge and artwork poster and will be available to buy via more than 2000 retail outlets on newsstands nationally as well as the traditional high street and online music retailers. Roadrunner Records will simultaneously release the record digitally. The standard physical release of the Slash album will follow through Roadrunner Records on June 18. “Apocalyptic Love” track listing:01. Apocalyptic Love02. One Last Thrill03. Standing In The Sun04. You’re A Lie05. No More Heroes06. Halo07. We Will Roam08. Anastasia09. Not For Me10. Bad Rain11. Hard & Fast12. Far And Away13. Shots Fired”You’re A Lie” video: Making of “You’re A Lie” video: Cheap Jerseys Free Shpping Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Paypal Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China

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    On April 19, Geoff Tate’s QUEENSRŸCHE took part in an acoustic performance of two songs — “Eyes Of A Stranger” and “Silent Lucidity” — on the 101KGB radio station in San Diego, California. You can watch video footage of their appearance below.As previously reported, John Moyer, the bassist and back-up vocalist for the alternative metal band DISTURBED, will stand in for Rudy Sarzo on five dates in May and June with Geoff Tate’s QUEENSRŸCHE as they play “Operation: Mindcrime” from start to finish. Rudy will take a short break to play with his band ROCKSTAR in Russia and then will be back on the rest of the QUEENSRŸCHE tour dates in June.”I am very excited and honored to have John Moyer stepping in for Rudy Sarzo on some of the upcoming QUEENSRŸCHE shows in May,” said Tate. “I have admired John’s work with DISTURBED and look forward to his contribution to the ‘Operation: Mindcrime’ presentation.”"In a world where ‘albums’ have been replaced by ’singles’ it is an honor to perform one of the greatest concept albums of all time from start to finish. ‘Operation: Mindcrime’ is just as powerful today as it was 25 years ago. My thanks to Geoff Tate and Rudy Sarzo for asking me to fill in on these shows while Rudy is gone.”Geoff Tate’s QUEENSRŸCHE tour dates with John Moyer:May 16 - Milwaukee, WI @ Potawatomi CasinoMay 17 - St. Charles, IL @ Arcada TheaterMay 18 - Turtle Lake, WI @ St. Croix CasinoJun. 01 - Rama, ON @ Casino RamaJun. 02 - Montreal, QC @ CoronaAlthough a lineup for Tate’s QUEENSRŸCHE was originally announced in the fall of 2012,, things have changed. The band now features Tate along with bassist Rudy Sarzo (OZZY OSBOURNE, DIO, WHITESNAKE,, QUIET RIOT), guitarist Kelly Gray (QUEENSRŸCHE 1998-2001), keyboardist Randy Gane and new additions, guitarist Robert Sarzo (QUIET RIOT,, HURRICANE) and drummer Simon Wright (AC/DC, DIO,, RHINO BUCKET). Deadline Music/Cleopatra Records recently released “Cold”, the new single from the Geoff Tate-fronted version of QUEENSRŸCHE, via iTunes. The track,, which was mixed by Anthony Focx (NEWSTED, AEROSMITH, NIGHT RANGER, TED NUGENT), will also be released as a special limited-edition seven-inch vinyl single with a newly recorded version of the QUEENSRŸCHE classic “Silent Lucidity” — mixed by Jrgen Engler (DORO, DIE KRUPPS) — on the B-side.”Cold” comes off QUEENSRŸCHE’s new album, “Frequency Unknown”, which was released on April 23 via Deadline Music/Cleopatra. The CD was produced by Jason Slater at a studio in Northern California.”Frequency Unknown” is packaged with bonus tracks — four QUEENSRŸCHE classics,, newly recorded, including the smash hit single “Silent Lucidity”. Guest musicians on the CD include K.K. Downing (JUDAS PRIEST), Chris Poland (MEGADETH), Ty Tabor (KING’S X), Paul Bostaph (SLAYER, TESTAMENT, EXODUS), Lita Ford, Brad Gillis (NIGHT RANGER), Dave Meniketti (Y&T) and Craig Locicero (FORBIDDEN). Cheap Jerseys Free Shpping Wholesale Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys Paypal Wholesale Jerseys China

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    Indian contractor, Fedders Lloyd, which recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the new administration to complete the Specialty Hospital, has accused the current Opposition of lying about the project.Ajay JhaAjay Jha,, a senior official of the contractor, claimed that ex-President,, Donald Ramotar, and his administration were all set to offer Fedders Lloyd the project after the May 11 elections despite the firm being questionably disqualified in August 2012.The People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) went on to lose the election. The David Granger administration late last month announced that it has signed the MOU with Fedders Lloyd to complete the Turkeyen, East Coast Demerara, facility which will cater for specialist treatments for patients.Recently, Nandlall insisted that the new government wrongfully and unlawfully handpicked Fedders Lloyd for the contract.The Ministry of Finance justified the decision of going with Fedders Lloyd saying that it was the next eligible contractor after Surendra Engineering Company Limited (SECL) and in any case, the procedures used were all in keeping with established procurement systems.“This company was disqualified when the project was first tendered and this company has a close relationship, apparent or real, to Vice President Khemraj Ramjattan (Minister of Public Security),” Nandlall had claimed.The former Attorney General made it clear that should the Government insist on proceeding with the project without retendering, then the party would challenge the government in the High Court and “bring an abrupt halt” to the process.However, according to the Fedders Lloyd representative,, after sacking the former contractor, Surendra Engineering Company Limited (SECL) in September last year for poor performance and forgery on a bid bond, the then Government approached Fedders Lloyd.Jha claimed that he made a presentation to ex-President Donald Ramotar last December and was referred to Nandlall. Over the following months, Jha and his company met with former Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh, and other top officials on the project and were asked to submit letters and other documentation in preparation for the award of the contract.On April 14, days before the elections, more documents were submitted.Ex-President Donald Ramotar meeting with Fedders Lloyd official, Ajay Jha,, in January while he was in India.“I am surprised at the statements of the former Attorney General as he,, and the former President and even Dr. Singh never said we were disqualified when they were talking to us.”Jha claimed that when the contract was surprisingly awarded to Surendra on August 23, 2012, it came as a shock as his company was ahead on all points in the assessments.Even former Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon, was not clear who won since the entire project was shrouded in secrecy.“Surendra was never in contentions because the bid bond was submitted from an India bank.”Jha explained that for companies operating in another country,, it is best practice to submit a performance bond that could be drawn in a local bank.Fedders Lloyd complied with its bond issued by ScotiaBank in Guyana.What was painful was the fact that it was the previous government that after insisting Surendra and the Specialty Hospital were above board, found out that the company had submitted a fake bond from Trinidad.In all,, there were five bidders in 2012 with the highest US$42M.That left SECL and Fedders Lloyd, Jha disclosed.Fedders Lloyd was disqualified by Government which claimed that two bid prices were submitted in the proposal for the hospital.Jha insisted that the proposal was in keeping with the bidding process and was not two prices but rather one showing the discount that was being offered.The matter had seen a formal complaint by Fedders Lloyd in India as the monies,, US$18M, was coming from there.The official claimed that the selection of SECL was surprising as it was more known as a spare parts supplier.There was more surprise when Guyana learnt that SECL had won the contract to bring in 14 large drainage pumps for US$4M.“We are one of the top companies in India with a presence in over 30 countries,” the executive said.Last year, the previous Government,, in addition to sacking SECL from the specialty hospital project, also terminated the contract on the pump.Both contracts had been a major embarrassment because of the close association that SECL had with the previous government.A court this year granted a judgment of over $900M against SECL for the specialty hospital but by then the Government was unable to collect as the company had packed up and left. Bobby Smith Jersey Paul Stastny Jersey Joakim Nordstrom Jersey Robert Bortuzzo Jersey David Backes Jersey Scott Gomez Jersey CM Punk Jersey Bobby Hull Jersey Al Macinnis Jersey

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    Dear Santa,,Dem boys want to write yuh early dis year, so we decide fuh pen yuh dis letter pun de fuss Sunday of December.Santa,, dem boys seh dat dis is de season of goodwill and bliss and suh dem boys concern dat wid all de corruption dat Uncle Glenn and de Waterfalls paper exposing,, yuh might not want fuh give dem Bees any Christmas gift. It gun look really bad if you don’t do dat and dem Bees might start giving demselves gifts from all dem thiefing things dem does do.Suh dem boys wan fuh beg yuh Santa, don’t forget dem. We gun watch fuh see wha yuh gun give dem. Remember dat dem already gat all de land, all de concessions and all de contracts. Suh you gat fuh think carefully,, Ok Santa? Bye bye fuh now.Well dat’s dem boys letter to Santa. Dem boys not really tekkin holiday but dem decide fuh go easy pon de Bees. After all dis is de season fuh peace and joy and good tidings. While dem money washing machine gearing up fuh a big 2013,, dis Christmas must still be fuh all to enjoy.Even Donald must get lil time off since he wuk suh hard during he fuss year. He can’t show any achievement fuh de year,, but we gun still give he ah break.But dem boys wondering if de King Bee and he best friend gun be good for de rest of de year. Is an impossible dream,, but everybody got to hope fuh something. Anyhow,, if dey good dem must get a gift. Dem boys think that de pumpkin jumpsuit gun be appropriate.Uncle Glenn already distributing he Christmas card all around. It jus seh dat dis is all yuh gun get,, Happy Christmas. Dem Bees more cheap. De staff at de Hard Times paper never get a proper bonus and dem at de TV deh wuss. And this is de season of giving.Talk half and keep watch pun dem Bees fuh de season! Kevin Shattenkirk Jersey Jake Allen Jersey Keith Magnuson Jersey Jonathan Toews Jersey Mikko Koivu Jersey Bobby Smith Jersey David Savard Jersey Alexander Steen Jersey Auston Matthews Team North America Jersey

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    The second jaguar which was captured by two Mainstay/Whyaka cousins will be housed in the Zoological Park in Georgetown. On Saturday,, officials attached to the Environmental Protection Agency traveled to Mainstay with the intention of removing the jaguar from its place of captivity.It was reported that the guy who caught the jaguar using a trap wasn’t too inclined on releasing the jaguar with any monetary compensation. His reluctance would have stemmed from the fact that he was promised a handsome monetary reward from a Caucasian man who since failed to deliver on his promise.Chris Allen is responsible for catching the first Jaguar which was captured several weeks ago. On the second occasion however he was assisted by his cousin,, Troy Fredricks. Both jaguars would be placed at the zoo.Earlier this year residents of Mainstay/Whyaka,, Lima Sands and Tapakuma,, all hinterland areas on the Essequibo Coast had complained repeatedly of losing their livestock to the jaguars. Residents believe that there are still a reasonable set of jaguars in those areas. (Yannason Duncan) Jonas Brodin Jersey Mike Gartner Jersey Rene Bourque Jersey Jake Allen Jersey

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    Police Constable,, Creason Griffith is counting his lucky stars after surviving a horrific vehicular accident that occurred around 07:00hrs,, on Friday last.Griffith,, who is stationed at the Madewini Police Outpost,, was driving a service car when he lost control and crashed into a pile of sand along the Timehri roadway on the East Bank Demerara,, causing the vehicle to topple several times. Ironically,, the incident happened a mere 40 feet from the outpost.According to a police statement,, another vehicle was attempting to overtake, forcing the police officer who was proceeding in the opposite direction,, off the road.Vehicle after the accidentConstable Griffith in an unconscious state,After the accident Griffith was left lying on the road in an unconscious state and was rushed to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre by his colleagues. He was later transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC),, where he received treatment and was later discharged.Kaieteur News understands that Griffith was driving with the siren on and was not wearing a seatbelt at the time. Tyler Seguin Jersey Christian Folin Jersey Jeremy Roenick Jersey Sean Couturier Team North America Jersey Andrew Desjardins Jersey Steve Larmer Jersey Tony Twist Jersey Jason Spezza Jersey Niklas Backstrom Jersey

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    An employee of the Institute of Private Enterprise Development (IPED) was on Thursday arraigned before a City Magistrate after it was alleged he stole $29,,480 from the company.Mark Ageday,, 44 of lot 70 Friendship,, East Bank Demerara allegedly stole the money on June 10, at Georgetown.Ageday, a father of seven,, denied the charge after it was read to him by Magistrate Ann Mc Lennan.He was released on $50,,000 bail and will make his next court appearance on July 27. His Attorney, Paul Fung-A-Fat,, asked that his client be released on reasonable bail because he has children to support. The lawyer explained that his client has been employed with the company for the past five years.He said that on the day in question,, Ageday had issued a receipt to someone and collected the money. Fung-A-Fat noted that his client failed to lodge the money with the company and was subsequently accused of stealing it.The Attorney added that investigations were carried out and Ageday was arrested and charged.He contended that the matter will not go the full extent. Police Corporal, Deniro Jones,, prosecuted the matter and did not provide the court with any facts,, neither did he object to bail. Michael Jordan Team USA Jersey Jimmy Butler Team USA Jersey Wes Unseld Wizards Jersey James Harden Team USA Jersey Elfrid Payton Magic Jersey Evan Fournier Magic Jersey Vince Carter Raptors Jersey Delon Wright Raptors Jersey Mario Hezonja Magic Jersey

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    From the Diaspora…By Ralph SeeramWe flirted for about a month and had some lunch and dinner dates. Some holding hands and kissing followed; then we decided it was time to do the “real thing”. We decided to meet at one of these “short time hotels”.In the room we began kissing and fondling, while stripping off our clothes. She was down to her underwear and I in my briefs only. After a session of foreplay, I decided she was ready; of course I was ready from the time we stepped in the hotel room. I reached down to peel away her underwear, when I felt a firm grip on my hands stopping me from going further.I guess she was not ready yet so we continued with the foreplay and after a little while I attempted to remove her panties again when I felt that firm grip on my hands again stopping me, followed by some soft cries of “no” “no”. I figured she probably needed a little more “warming up”, but on my third attempt I met with the same resistance, not only was she saying no, but her body was trembling.At this point frustration began to set in on me. I am saying to myself she knows she came here to have sex. I can easily overpower her and have sex but at that time there was no thought of it being rape.In fact after coming to the hotel with me who was she going to tell I forced sex on her? Nobody would even listen to her. At that point I told her to get dressed. Whatever her reasons I never found out, but today looking back I made the right decision.That,, my friends, happened in my youthful days many, many decades ago.Today men are being educated that no means no, regardless of which stage of the “game” you are at. You go beyond no is rape. Rape and women rights have resurfaced in the news recently with allegations against actor and comedian Bill Cosby. Some of the allegations go back to decades ago, so you may wonder why these women are surfacing now. Well there is a reason for it.In Guyana, we have the famous or infamous recording of how the protector of the laws views women as a thing “to knack”.Amnesty International says that one in three women experience rape, sexual assault or domestic violence. I would dare to say that statistic is much higher in Guyana. Based on my experiences in Guyana talking to women I would venture to say 75 per cent of the women in Guyana experience some type of rape, sexual assault or domestic violence. The problem in Guyana is that most of these incidents go unreported and there are good reasons.For one the Guyanese society attaches a stigma to someone who was raped.If I had gone ahead and had sex in the incident I mentioned earlier and the girl complains,, guess what’s the first thing that would come off a Guyanese mouth, and sad to say by women,“She look fuh da. Wha she go with man to hotel fah?” That would be a typical Guyanese response, compared to what would happen in here in the US. The man would be charged, the victim would be assigned rape counselors and start receiving counseling.In a male-oriented if not dominated society like Guyana, women are at a disadvantage. Women do not report assaults because there is a sense that they will not receive justice, be it from the police or Judicial system.Speaking of Judicial system, when the person who is supposed to be the guardian of their rights, the man who in responsible to protect the constitution, the man who should be their protector, the Attorney General, sees a young reporter as “a thing fuh knack”. When you have the Attorney General of the country pimping for his friend to “knack de thing”, he regards a woman as a thing, who do you think women can turn to?When senior police officers could infer that the mode of a woman’s dress can invite rape where can women turn to? Incidentally I think that the senior officer meant well; he just did not put across his point well.When powerful political women in government including those who are supposed to enforce their rights, refuse to condemn their colleague for his obscene depiction of women, where can women turn to?For those men, and I am aware women do commit sexual assaults, sexual assaults are generally defined as “a general term that includes any forced or unwanted sexual activity, including rape, incest, sexual abuse and molestation.Sexual assault includes any forced or unwanted touching of an intimate part of the body, such as breasts, buttocks, or genitals.Rape is defined as “a specific type of sexual assault,, involves any forced, manipulated, or coerced penetration of the vagina, anus,, or mouth,, by a penis or other object. Sexual assault/rape is not a crime of passion but a crime of violence, using sex as a weapon to overpower and to degrade the victim. A rapist can be a stranger or someone the victim knows including a spouse, date or family member.Yes, most sexual assaults in Guyana are committed by someone known to the victim,, someone whom they trust, not by strangers. Sometimes because it within the family, it is suppressed so it does not bring “shame on the family”. Mind you, the interest of the victim hardly gets any consideration. Most of these assaults or rapes are committed on children.I know many women who confided in me how they were molested as children and in some cases the parents did not believe them or hushed it up.These assaults leave the victims traumatized for years, some leading to depression, being frigid, withdrawn and later find it hard to trust anyone. In Guyana there are not many avenues for these women to turn for counseling.This article was inspired because a woman now in her 30s reached out to me about the physical and emotional pains she still feels even though the molestation occurred more than 20yrs ago. These scars do not go away easily. This woman wants some type of closure, as the physical and emotional scars still haunt her. There are thousands of women like her in Guyana today who want to tell their story to “get it off their chest”.People may wonder why all these women are coming out now to claim Bill Cosby raped them. It’s simple; they now feel empowered; they now feel they can have support and not be ashamed and they are not alone.Most Guyanese men have not come around to the belief that women are not chattel, that they have equal rights, that they don’t own women.What hope is there for those women who were victimized? Until you changed the mindset of the police force, the judiciary, those in the corridors of power and have organizations that victims can turn to, rapes and sexual assaults will go unreported. Men will continue to use their economic and emotional control of Guyanese women to abuse them,, and thousands of women will still be carrying their painful experience, looking for someone, some organization to lend an ear to help them get closure.If there are organizations in Guyana that assist sexually abused women I would like to hear from them.Ralph Seeram can be reached at email: [email protected] and Face book Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys China


    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 13:27:29

    (By Mondale Smith) A teacher of a city school on an alleged promise to give better grades,, in exchange for sexual favours, lured a female student to an East Bank Demerara hotel for ‘a piece’ but only managed a kiss on the neck before he was arrested Saturday last.However, while the student’s mother and relatives managed to execute a set-up to corner the amorous perpetrator, the police are stumped on what charge, if any, could be laid against the educator since the act was not completed and because the young lady,, aged 16, went along without force.Recounting her experience yesterday, the student, in the presence of her mother and grandmother, said that the teacher’s advances began about a year ago when she failed Geography and History.The more recent advances were made last Monday during the Assembly period. She said that the man (name given) called her to the back of the assembly room and alerted her of a proposition he wanted to discuss with her after the assembly concluded.Noting that the teacher’s tone seemed more deliberate than the way a teacher communicates with a student, she did not comply, even after a form one student was sent to remind her of her meeting with the teacher.Eventually they met, and she was asked what she proposed to do to pass the two subjects and according to her she explained that she is willing to re-sit the exams, but the teacher would not hear of it.“He say no; he want he cut and explained that he could help me if I have sex with he,” the 16 year-old said.A similar advance was made a year ago. On that occasion the student recalled, “I tell he that I would pay he $2,000 but he showed me about $300,000 in a bag and say no amount of money I got can pay he and then he asked me what I gon do to pass?”After the teacher allegedly said that there was only one other option,, she became fearful of failing and began to cry.Later in the day while visiting with a friend in another classroom, the teacher allegedly beckoned her for a private conversation that he did not want to share in the friend’s company.This time, he reminded her of his proposition and allegedly again asked what she proposed to do for the grades.“He say is not like I ain’t do it before and that he know that I got a man and then he offer to pay me $2,000 for a three-piece,” the young woman recounted with a straight face.She again refused and amidst being patted on her shoulder, she said that the teacher looked up to the skies and then back at her and made another verbal advance.He said, “Girl when I see you, me emotions does raise up, so think about my proposal or you gon fail.”“He say I is not the only one (student) who doing this, so he ain’t know why I making styles.”The teacher’s alleged advances continued on Tuesday last, and this time he told her that there are plenty of places in the school compound for them to “do it” and no one would see, as there were not many students in the school.She responded in the negative and he walked off smiling, again advising her to think about it with a broad smile on his face.Weary of the advances, she stayed away from school on Thursday, but upon her return on Friday last, she alleged that the teacher again asked for a private conversation, where he again told her that the time was ripe for them to get involved sexually as the school was empty.“I refused and he said if I don’t I’ll have to pay him $10,000 or I’ll have no other choice or chance,” the 16-year-old said.She said the pressure became more than she could bear and she relayed the ordeal to her mother,, after the teacher allegedly told her of his plan to take her to a hotel out of town. She then also confided in her grandmother. The teacher called about 09:10hrs on Saturday.After the grandmother listened in on a telephone conversation where the teacher relayed the pick-up plans to her granddaughter, the police were contacted and they too listened in on the plans for the pick-up to go to the hotel.After a plan was hatched to corner the teacher, the teen arrived at the Middle Road location where she entered a car.The teacher sat next to the driver, while she sat in the back seat and they were transported to a hotel at Agricola Public Road.The teen alleged that she was asked to remain in the car while the teacher booked the room.She walked into the hotel upon being signalled by the man to do so.Oblivious to him, the teen’s mother, a male friend and a police constable had followed their car to the hotel.The teen alleged that after she and the teacher entered the room, she sat on the bed and the man began caressing her neck. She said, “He start kissing me on my neck and touching me and then he get up and closed a window and came back.” Then they heard a knock on the door.The furious mother, recounting the events, said, “Sir opened the door, my daughter was standing behind him and the police constable showed him his ID and handcuffed him and take him to the Ruimveldt Police Station.”At the station, reports were made, the teacher was taken into custody and the mother was told to return on Monday (yesterday). However, yesterday she was told by an investigating rank that the officer to review the case was not available and that the police would contact her when he becomes available.Yesterday, the mother said that she reported the matter to the Education Ministry, but was told that she should return today, since the official to attend to the report was in a meeting.The mother is peeved that her daughter might not get any justice for the emotional and physical abuse that she suffered at the hands of someone who was supposed to be teaching her.She is also fearful that her daughter may be victimised and discriminated against at school by the teacher if he is allowed back in the institution.The mother said, too, that she is even more fearful that other girls will have to endure the same experiences from the teacher,, and might not be so lucky if he is let off the hook.This publication yesterday visited the city school where a man who identified himself as the School’s Deputy Headmaster, referred all queries about the matter to the head mistress. However, she was out for the day.When this publication contacted the Guyana Police Force’s Public Relations Department, they had no information on the matter and said they have not been able to reach anyone at the Ruimveldt Station for information.This publication has learnt that the teen had a similar encounter with another teacher (name given) while she was a first form student, and that the teacher had reportedly professed his love for her.However,, her mother said on that occasion she reported the matter to the head teacher and it was dealt with at that level. That teacher remains an educator at the school.The teen’s mother said that the teacher in this incident had been extremely apologetic for his actions,, but changed his stance after he met with the teacher from the earlier episode. Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Supply Wholesale NFL Jerseys China


    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 13:28:18

    – police patrol nabs twoA gang of cutlass wielding bandits returned to Sheriff Street with a vengeance,, robbing a taxi driver and his female companion of their valuables.But it was not all smooth sailing for two of them who were caught by a police mobile patrol that was in the area at the time.Kaieteur News understands that about 12 gang members who were armed with cutlasses and ice picks attacked driver Rakesh Kanaya,, 31, and a 48-year-old female,, Bernadette Mangal,, relieving them of articles totaling $140,,000 at about 03:00 hours on Sunday.According to reports, Kanaya and Mangal had attended a Sheriff Street night club after parking their car on the opposite side of the road.As they were returning to their car,, the gang surrounded them brandishing their cutlasses and other weapons.The couple was relieved of a gold band, gold chain,, a cellular phone and $5,000 by the bandits who then ran away.This newspaper was told that rank from a police mobile patrol unit in the vicinity gave chase and managed to catch two of the perpetrators.One of the captured bandits is a 19-year-old who hails from East Ruimveldt while the other, a 22-year-old is from Sandy Babb Street, Kitty.A search of the 19-year-old unearthed the stolen cell phone.Several months ago, a number of persons had reported that they were robbed while leaving Sheriff Street night spots.Following these reports, the police had established a heavy presence in the area. Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys Supply


    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 13:29:17

    Quick response and assistance by nieghbours in extinguishing a fire yesterday saved a Lot 6 Triumph East Coast Demerara home from complete destruction.According to Shamdai Kamla,, at around 9:00 hours,, she heard a cracking sound while she and other family members were in the yard.Then neighbours alerted her that there was a fire in the upper flat of her home.She disclosed that the assistance of her neighbouors,, in addition to the early rains helped to dampen the exterior of the house and contained the fire,, which was later extinguished,, before the fire service reached.Kamla explained that the fire started in a room and was spreading toward the bed and wardrobe.However,, before the fire managed to spread to the mattress it was extinguished. Minor things were damaged but no one was hurt.Another resident revealed that GPL visited the home and severed the electrical connections from the pole to the house,, since the building needs to be rewired because it appears that the fire was electrical in origin. Wholesale NFL Jerseys


    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 13:29:18

    Tricia Weight of “Interviews From The Edge” on Technorati recently conducted an interview with German metal queen Doro Pesch. You can now listen to the chat in the YouTube clip below.Doro’s latest album, “Raise Your Fist”,, sold 585 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The CD landed at position No. 65 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart,, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200.In a recent interview with Lords Of Metal,, Doro stated about the departure of guitarist Joe Taylor and addition of Bas Maas, Doro said, “I don’t think that it made a very big difference on the songwriting process,, but Bas is a person that’s full of life and very energetic. You can hear that on ‘Revenge’, which is a song that he wrote the riff for,, which is a very high-energy and fast type of song. Furthermore, he’s great as a live guitarist as well, as he really knows how to rock on stage and that’s very important for a show. I’m still very good friends with Joe,, who’s been in the band for about sixteen years, and he joined us on stage during the show we did last October in New York. But the non-stop touring that we do is a hard lifestyle and he really wanted to take some time off from that.”On the topic of her expectations for “Raise Your Fist”, Doro said,, “I will be very happy when the fans say they love the record; that’s the most important for me. I really don’t keep up with numbers, which are,, in my opinion, great to talk about afterwards. It’s nice if we will be able to make the charts again, but to me, those kind of things don’t really matter. Much more important is that the fans dig the songs in a live situation and,, since we already played ‘Raise Your Fist’ several times live, the first signs are very positive.” “Raise Your Fist In The Air” video: “Raise Your Fist” album cover:http://www.wholesale– Wholesale Jerseys Cheap Nike Steelers #11 Markus Wheaton White Mens NFL Pro Line Fashion Game Jersey Chicago White sox Jersey China wholesale jerseys china Jacques Plante Canadiens Jersey Cheap NFL Jerseys Patrick Roy Canadiens Jersey Jamie Benn Jersey Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic

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    Niclas Mller-Hansen of Sweden’s Metalshrine recently conducted an interview with former METALLICA, VOIVOD and FLOTSAM AND JETSAM bassist and current NEWSTED frontman Jason Newsted. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.Metalshrine: I was listening to the four tracks [from NEWSTED’s “Metal” EP] on iTunes today and reading comments all over the Internet and a word that kept coming up was “classic” and that there’s a classic metal feel to the songs. How would you describe the music yourself? Jason Newsted: It is old school. My saying is you can only be old school if you’re old school, you know. You can buy a bullet belt, you can buy the tight black jeans and all those kinda things,, but if you’re not old school, you’re not old school. It’s OK if you wanna be — I’ve got nothing against you — but you only can be if you are, and I am. That’s what it is and that’s why I named it [”Metal”], because of the other music that I’ve played over time. All the diversity of the players, I don’t wanna make any confusion and I don’t want anybody to not know what’s happening. This is NEWSTED and it’s me and this is metal. There is no other thing that this is. This is metal! Any language that you speak around the world, you know those two words. If you like hard rock music, you know the word “Newsted” and you know the word “metal,” so that’s what I did and that’s kinda how it is now. I’m the only guy that walks the earth that was in METALLICA and I’m still breathing and now I’m a fan again. I was a fan when I was in it and I’m a fan again, so I’m the only one. [laughs] I can really look at it in a really kinda crazy perspective. I think that in [the NEWSTED song] “Soldierhead”, some of the lyrics sounds like [James] Hetfield on “Kill ‘Em All”. When he was just a young man of 19 years old and that’s where his voice box had developed to,, it was that voice. Just that little thing like that and my voice box is young in this style of real singing. I can do the brutal stuff and I don’t have to prove that to anybody either and I’ve done that for years and I still can, but that’s not what I do in this band. In this band I sing and I’ve been developing my voice for 20 years, but I never got a chance to really sing with it. Now it’s a development and it’s a young voice and younger than I am because I’ve only been using this voice for a short time. That’s why it kinda sounds like a younger Hetfield, I think. I think it does sound like some lyrics are reminiscent of old METALLICA. Metalshrine: I was gonna ask you about the live thing. Any plans at all? Are you playing live this coming summer when everything is out or what’s the plan? Jason Newsted: That is the plan right now. As you can imagine, there’s quite a few agents and promoters coming out the wood work the last three days since the music got out. I am trying to make the right judgment and I think I’ve found the right people and their plans are to follow through with the songs I talked about and do some warm-up shows, do some couple of special ones in the States and then do proper festival stuff for the summer, a European thing. I’ll take it to any place I possibly can take it and if they set me up with shows in the middle of wherever and as long as they’ve got power… I don’t have to do this. I mean, that’s kinda obvious. I do anything because I love it and I makes me feel alive and I do it because I wanna do it and it’s my purpose and it’s what I do best, so I just wanna try it one more time. The thing with METALLICA, that we talked about at the beginning of this conversation, the catalyst of that was from that and for myself I have to give it one good shot. I have to give it one solid strong effort where I know I did my best and I tried to cover all the bases and I was honest with the fans again. All that stuff, and whatever it does is whatever it does. I do not have lofty expectations of this, I do not have any of that kinda thing. I’ve got a cool-ass CD to play in my truck and it crushes. Anything after that is gravy. If people wanna buy it, if people wanna buy a t-shirt? Cool,, man! My boys and I made some cool music and that’s good enough for me because I don’t have to go out and sell a bunch of records to eat. I played bass on the “Black album” and I don’t think I have to say much more. I’ll be fine. [laughs]Metalshrine: Let’s just say that Rob Trujillo [current METALLICA bassist] breaks his leg and they’re about to go on tour and they call you [to fill in]. Would you do it? Jason Newsted: Aahhh,, it kinda depends on the circumstances. God, I haven’t been asked that before. [sighs deeply] If they were cool and they were bros. Actually, here’s the word, if they were “brofessional” about it and if they came as my brothers and they were professional with the meeting and they called the meeting and they’re sitting there and looking me in the eye and the managers aren’t around and we’re doing this as we used to do every-fucking-thing, with just us, and then the managers did what we told them to do… if it was like that again and the money was crazy, then I would consider it. I would consider it, but it would be only for that thing and it would to be absolutely delegated and it would have to be these 30 shows in these 45 days for this squillion dollars, then I would say, most likely I would come and crush every fucker in my sight. But it has to be that. I love those guys and I always will and I will defend them to the end of time. I don’t dig it when people talk shit about them and I don’t dig it when they put them down about certain music they didn’t like that they did or whatever. Fuck those people! As soon as the people can put out a better album than METALLICA, you let me know and I’ll listen to it,, but until that time, just back off! I don’t come and tell you how shitty you’re doing your accountant job or whatever, you know what I mean?! I don’t like that part, but I’ll always have respect for those guys, because they gave me my chance, OK. They gave me my chance and I’ll never ever forget that. Now,, we’ve had our differences over time but that shit is under the bridge a long time ago. The shit that has transpired in the last 10 years of the rumors stuff and, “Oh, Jason got treated so bad. Poor fucking Jason,” and everything, it’s such shit! It’s so wrong and it’s not the truth and it really bothers me. I understand that it gets sensationalized and blah, blah, blah. What I try to say man is trainloads, trainloads of joy,, accomplishments and wonderful experiences and one little, tiny fucking symbol full of shit. It was joyous and victorious and accomplishing things and setting the fucking standard, you know what I mean? People go, “Oh, he got treated bad and he got hazed those first couple of times.” No shit! You think they’re just gonna let any fucker come into the biggest band in the world? Hello! And people go, “Oh, he was just a fanboy that got lucky.” But could you maybe tell me one of the 52 people that auditioned that wasn’t a METALLICA fan? The 52 that tried out for bass that wasn’t a METALLICA fan? If you could find one in that bunch,, I’d like to meet him. But any of those people that would’ve gotten the gig would’ve been a fan,, too. Come around to your senses, man! They had a big thing going and they knew they had a big thing going and they just lost their great teacher and friend [late METALLICA bassist Cliff Burton], the guy that taught James how to play guitar harmonies. Do I need to say more? Come on! he taught him to play the guitar shit that he does now that made the magic of all the songs. The guy was just taken away from them and they throw some other guy in some 25 days later and it’s, like, “Oh, yeah! Let’s just be peachy and everything and here we go!” Come on, man! If I was in their shoes, I would’ve greased me a lot more than they did. People need to really get some perspective on that. Read the entire interview from Metalshrine. Martin Havlat Jersey Flyers #53 Shayne Gostisbehere Orange Stitched NHL Jersey Jon Casey Jersey Cheap Washington Nationals Jersey Jerseys Albert Pujols Cardinals Jersey DeAndre Jordan USA Jersey Karl Malone USA Jersey Draymond Green Team USA Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 13:30:14

    “Resolution”,, the new album from Richmond, Virginia metallers LAMB OF GOD,, is likely to sell between 50,000 and 55,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release, according to industry web site Hits Daily Double. The estimate was based on one-day sales reports compiled after the record arrived in stores on January 24 via Epic.LAMB OF GOD’s previous CD, “Wrath”,, opened with around 68,000 units back in March 2009 to land at No. 2 on The Billboard 200 chart. This figure was roughly in line with the first-week tally registered by 2006’s “Sacrament”,, which shifted around 63,,000 units to enter the chart at No. 8. It also represented almost double the amount of records sold by its predecessor, “Ashes Of The Wake”,, which premiered with 35,,000 copies in September 2004.”Resolution” was released internationally through Roadrunner Records. The CD was recorded at various studios in Virginia and New York with producer Josh Wilbur,, who worked on the band’s last effort,, 2009’s “Wrath”.”Resolution” features 14 songs and comes in a digipack with artwork by longtime art director Ken Adams. “Resolution” track listing: 01. Straight For The Sun02. Desolation03. Ghost Walking04. Guilty05. The Undertow06. The Number Six07. Barbarosa08. Invictus09. Cheated10. Insurrection11. Terminally Unique12. To The End13. Visitation14. King Me Wesley Walker Jets Jersey Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Nike New England Patriots Jerseys From China Authentic Russell Westbrook Thunder Jersey Lindsey Horan Jersey Zach Britton Orioles Jersey Tommy Hunter Indians Jersey Tracy Mcgrady Raptors Jersey Authentic Al Horford Celtics Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 13:30:18

    Just over a week ago after much deliberation at the association level, speedboat operators in Bartica took the decision to operate from the Transport and Harbours Department Stelling.This move came about after the owner of the Kool Breeze landing made some suggestions that did not go down well with the Bartica Speed Boat Association.Speed Boat operator/owner Orin Belle Orin Belle, a speedboat operator and owner, said that some of the new suggestions the owner of Kool Breeze came up with would have led to the formation of a new association which would have made him (Kool Breeze owner) the head.In addition, the businessman also indicated to the speedboat operators that he would be increasing his mooring fees from one thousand dollar per boat to $2,000. After much consideration and discussion, the speedboat operators held a meeting with their members and decided that they could not comply with the new demands.Belle explained that if they were to pay an increased mooring fee it would automatically have a trickle down effect on the passengers, which would mean passengers paying an increased fare.The association,, this newspaper was told,, following their meeting met with the owner of Kool Breeze but the man maintained that he was not changing his position. As such,, the Association moved its entire operation to the Transport and Harbour Department Stelling.According to speedboat operators,, although the Stelling is not quite up to standard it is much more convenient for them.Shortly after moving across to the new location,, Belle said officials from the Transport and Harbours Department held a meeting with them and several issues were dealt with. These, he said, included the construction of a proper waiting area for passengers and a floating ramp for boats to moor.In the meantime, the operators are enjoying the services given to them by the T&HD. The association is calling for more collaboration from the Guyana Police Force as it relates to ensuring the security of passengers as well as residents of Bartica.Currently,, there are people monitoring the intake of passengers heading to and from Bartica. However, operators are calling for the assistance of the police.Operators are recommending that at each mooring point at least one police officer is present to conduct a search. Among themselves,, the operators have already discussed the idea of having metal detectors at the monitoring points as well.In the meantime, the operators say that they will continue to work with whatever resources they have to ensure the safety and security of passengers.

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    Hits and Jams Entertainment director Dwidth Ferguson, who was on the run for allegedly being part of a narcotics and gun smuggling racket, has surrendered to Canadian authorities.CANU had been in contact with the Canadian authorities over Ferguson and had been in constant receipt of information.According to a senior official from the local Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU),, Ferguson, 32, handed himself over to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).He was reportedly in the company of a lawyer.Ferguson was on the run from the Canadian authorities for over a month,, following the arrest of 12 other persons.He is said to be the director of Hits and Jams Entertainment. That company is closely associated with Hits and Jams Television and 94.1 Boom FM radio station.Surrendered: Dwidth FergusonFerguson is well known in Guyana on the entertainment circuit.The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP),, in a press conference last month disclosed that Ferguson was on the run following a year-long international investigation into drug trafficking and gun-running.The Canadians subsequently issued an arrest warrant saying that he is suspected and wanted for importation of cocaine and possession for the purpose of trafficking.During the course of the investigation,, the project team worked closely with investigators from three other drug importation projects,, who combined to seize a total of 123 kilograms of cocaine, worth a potential street value of US$12.2-million. Project MONTO investigators seized 22 firearms and $146,000 in Canadian currency.In addition, four vehicles were seized as offence-related property.It was disclosed that 13 persons from Toronto,, including Ferguson,, were charged. Several of them have since appeared in Canadian courts on various charges.Investigators said that the arrested persons imported the illegal drugs and guns into Canada from Central and South America and the United States.The “Project MONTO” investigation began in 2014 as an international Organized Crime Enforcement Bureau (OCEB) investigation into illegal drugs importation into Canada from Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia and Guyana and prohibited weapons from Florida.Some of the seized drugs.Illegal and prescription drugs were then distributed from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to Newfoundland and Labrador.Cash would go from Newfoundland and Labrador back to the Greater Toronto Area. Drugs were also distributed locally in the GTA upon arrival. Cash would be transferred to the source countries to purchase the drugs being imported. The illegal drugs being acquired and distributed consisted primarily of wholesale quantities of cocaine.Several search warrants were executed last month at locations in southern Ontario, including the City of Toronto.OPP said that the 13 persons were charged with 48 offences including charges relating to the Controlled Drug and Substances Act (CDSA) and the Criminal Code of Canada.Guyana is a known trans-shipment point to the US and Europe for especially cocaine.There have been an increasing number of busts in recent months with the establishment of the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) office in Guyana.Just yesterday, the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) busted a woman who was an outgoing passenger on a Caribbean Airlines flight to JFK international.She reportedly had some 25 pounds of cocaine in her possession.She is just one of at least five people arrested within the past fortnight attempting to smuggle cocaine out of Guyana. Wholesale NFL Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys


    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 13:31:19

    – police issue wanted bulletinSensing that the net is quickly closing in around him, Shawn Fordyce, the perpetrator of a brutal cutlass attack in Sophia that almost killed his wife and her three daughters is said to be getting desperate to finish the job he started last Thursday. Kaieteur News understands that Fordyce has been issuing threats that have left his victims extremely fearful forWanted! Shawn Fordycetheir lives.Attorney-at-law Wanda Fortune was among four persons injured after Fordyce, her stepfather, went berserk and chopped her two sisters Latoya Wilson and Donette Fordyce and mother Dorothy Blackman-Fordyce, at around 9:00pm last Thursday in Sophia.Fortune,, 26,, was discharged from the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) on Friday last. She sustained three lacerations to her back and another to her head.Her mother, who suffered the brunt of the attack,, is now listed in a stable condition and is able to move around a bit in hospital. The two other victims, 20-year-old Latoya Wilson, who was chopped once to her neck,, and 12-year-old Donette Fordyce, whose hands were wounded when she barred the cutlass blows intended for her neck, have both been discharged.However, none of the victims has returned to the Sophia home, fearing that the would-be killer would return to finish them off.“We can’t really rest easy,” Fortune told this newspaper yesterday. She said that after the attack Fordyce, an ex-policeman, contacted one of her mother’s friends and expressed surprise that they were still alive.He even went to the hospital, claiming to be someone else and requested to see his victims,, apparently with the intention of completing his evil task there.According to Fortune, the family received reports that Fordyce, who hails from the West Coast Berbice, was spotted in that district the night after the attack.She said that when she contacted police in that area, she was advised to report the sighting to the Turkeyen Police Station so that the message could be relayed to Berbice for the police there to take action.She was also informed that he was seen by her sister’s residence on Durban Street, where he was all day.“When I called Brickdam, the police there said that they only had eight ranks and it would require about 15 ranks to go after him,” Fortune told this newspaper.She believes that had it not been for the possible intervention of Education Minister Priya Manickchand, who is also an attorney at law, sustained police action might not have been taken.“Minister Manickchand has really been of great assistance…because now the police appear to be moving,” Fortune declared.Fortune strongly believes that her stepfather is being assisted by his relatives to avoid capture.“It seems as though his family is in contact with him,” she said.She listed some other addresses where the suspect could be frequenting as he remains on the prowl.“He has connections in Paradise, West Coast Berbice; Guyhoc Park; Sophia, both B and D Field; D’Urban Street and Middle Road, La Penitence,” Fortune disclosed.She said that as long as Fordyce remains on the run, their lives will always be in danger.“If you noticed, all the chops were intended for our necks. Thankfully some of us managed to bar them,” she stated.The police have issued a bulletin for Fordyce who they say is wanted for questioning in relation to attempted murder.Fordyce is described as dark in complexion and medium built.His last known addresses are Lot 132 ‘D’ Field Sophia, East Coast Demerara and Paradise Village, West Coast Berbice.“The police are appealing to anyone with information that may lead to the arrest of Shawn Fordyce to contact them on telephone numbers 225-6411, 226-6978,, 229-2569, 229-2702, 229-2557,, 911 or the nearest police station. All information will be treated with strict confidence.” Wholesale NFL Jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 13:31:35

    To a large audience on Wednesday, folks at the New Covenant Ministries at Joseph Pollydore and Chapel Streets,, Lodge,, hosted its annual ‘Back to School Prayer and Anointing Rally’ for more than 1,000 children from Georgetown and its environs.The religious body fed,, prayed for and gave backpacks in readiness for the new school term to the children.Reverend Obrian Welch said that the exercise,, which is made possible by overseas and local donors, is now in its eighth year of existence and has benefited Guyanese far and wide since it began.He said that a missionary team from the Lenox Road Baptist Church in New York was the major donor for the event. There was additional support from local donor agencies.Reverend Welch explained that the venture has been receiving the full support of the Ministry of Education for the past two years.He said the purpose of the venture is to pray for, anoint and give lectures to students as they ready for school, and provide them with a backpack as well and even teachers.He said it is hoped after the exercise that the children receive freedom of spirit and be better able to focus and function positively at their academic exploits.Addressing the gathering,, Chief Education Officer,, Genevieve Whyte-Nedd spoke about positive monitoring of the students and instilled in them the importance of being obedient. She urged those present to be ‘good students’ to their parents and teachers and urged the teachers to be firm in decision making.The Chief Education Officer stressed on the need to protect young girls in the home,, neighbourhood and churches. She urged the students not to let poverty be a barrier at all but instead to use it as a stepping stone to excel academically. Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys China

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 13:31:55

    Christian hard rockers P.O.D. (PAYABLE ON DEATH) have released their first official single,, “Lost In Forever”,, from their forthcoming studio album,, “Murdered Love”. The single is now available for download on iTunes and you can listen to an exclusive stream of the song at (also available below)”Lost In Forever” is getting a great reception at radio,, with adds coming in early in over 25 markets across various formats including Active/Mainstream/Alternative and Christian. The song debuts this week on the Active and Christian rock charts one week before impact date. The band recently shot a music video for “Lost In Forever” in the California desert; the clip is in post-production now and expected for release in early May.”Murdered Love” is scheduled for release on June 19 via Razor & Tie. The band’s long-awaited follow-up to “When Angels & Serpents Dance” sees them reunited with longtime producer Howard Benson,, who also produced the group’s massive “Satellite” album alongside hit CDs for Kelly Clarkson,, THEORY OF A DEADMAN, DAUGHTRY,, THE ALL AMERICAN REJECTS and MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE. P.O.D. will kick off a series of tour dates and festival shows on April 28 and will stay on the road throughout 2012.”When Angels & Serpents Dance” sold 34,000 in the United States in its first week of release in April 2008 to debut at position No. 9 on The Billboard 200 chart. The band’s previous CD,, “Testify”, registered a first-week tally of just over 54,000 back in February 2006 to land at No. 9.”When Angels & Serpents Dance” featured guest appearances from the MARLEY SISTERS,, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES singer Mike Muir and HELMET guitarist Page Hamilton. Cheap NFL Jerseys Jacques Plante Canadiens Jersey Wholesale Jerseys Cheap Stan Mikita Jersey Irving Fryar Patriots Jersey cheap jerseys Jack Youngblood Rams Jersey Bernd Leno Jersey Ben Revere Nationals Jersey


    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 13:32:23

    Almost two months after accountant Andre Barnes was kidnapped and subsequently freed,, the police are still to locate the mastermind.Yesterday Commander of ‘A’ Division George Vyphius in an invited comment disclosed that there is nothing new on the matter.He added that there has not been any arrest ever since one individual was charged in connection with the kidnapping. Renaldo Marques has been remanded to prison.Marques was charged with the abduction of Barnes, he was also charged for having an illegal gun and matching ammunition in his possession. He is currently on remand.Early in March of this year,, Andre Barnes was snatched in West Ruimveldt while dropping his girlfriend home. However,, after a demand for a ransom of $50M was made,, ranks from the Tactical Services Unit found Barnes and Marques at a house in North Ruimveldt.John Barnes,, the kidnapped man’s uncle,, had told this newspaper that his nephew’s mother informed him of the kidnapping.Mr. Barnes said that he immediately drove to the East La Penitence Police Station to make a report. In the meantime, the victim’s girlfriend had made a similar report at the West Ruimveldt Police Outpost.About an hour later,, police officials informed him that they had located his nephew’s car and that the young man had been rescued. Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys China


    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 13:32:44

    Arizona band EYES SET TO KILL will unleash its fourth studio album, “White Lotus”, to fans on August 9. As an added bonus, the “White Lotus” pre-order includes an immediate download from the album of the band’s cover of NIRVANA’s “Polly”. EYES SET TO KILL will join the Vans Warped Tour on August 5 in Colorado and will continue on for a few weeks, returning to Arizona in time for a hometown record-release show at the Martini Ranch on August 20. “White Lotus”’s opening track, “The Secrets Between”,, was quickly embraced and praised by fans when it was released online last month and the next “White Lotus” sneak peek,, “Harsh” is available at this location. In addition to this version of the song, an acoustic adaptation of the track will be the album’s closer. “White Lotus” also includes an intimate cover of HOLE’s “Doll Parts”, a tribute to the ’90s grunge era they were raised on. When sisters Alexia and Anissa Rodriguez started the band in 2003, their looks opened eyes and opened ears; but it is their music that has kept EYES SET TO KILL growing at a steady and rapid pace. A quick search of the band on YouTube shows millions of views and album sales,, critical acclaim and social networking numbers reflect the loyalty of an abundant and worldwide fan base that the band holds dear and interacts with on a regular basis. Currently, the group is on tour in Indonesia, where they are selling out shows, including a headlining slot at the Jakcloth Summerfest in Jakarta to over 2,,000 screaming fans,, exceeding their expectations for their inaugural visit. Traditionally a “white lotus” represents rebirth. Just like the beautiful flower, EYES SET TO KILL has gone through a metamorphosis. After years of steadily progressing as a band,, measured in accomplishments, fan base as well as growing and maturing musically, the Phoenix, Arizona-based collective reveal their evolved identity on “White Lotus”. “It’s a symbolic name,,” Alexia Rodriguez states. “We have a clear mindset, we have purity and we know exactly what we want to do with our music. We know who we are and where we want to go, and so we wanted to use a white lotus to symbolize how confident and focused we are. It’s a leap for us because we have a clearer vision of what we want.”Down to a more concentrated four-piece, EYES SET TO KILL slowly drowned out their screamo vibe and have transformed into a metal band led by Rodriguez’s piercing vocal prowess. Tie that in with stellar musicianship,, mature songwriting and an adrenaline-charged resonance,, and it’s clear this explosive quartet is on the verge of redefining the genre. Those sentiments are further backed by singles like “The Secrets Between”, a heavy single about withholding the truth from a significant other; “Forget”, an intense ditty about the desire to erase your memory from a terrible experience with an ex-lover; and “Where I Wanna Be”, a love song with a dark edge. “White Lotus” track listing:01. The Secrets Between02. Forget03. Stuck Underneath Interlude04. Harsh05. Where I Want To Be06. Erasing Everything07. Doll Parts 08. Untitled09. Polly10. Harsh (acoustic) Allen Iverson USA Jersey Connor McDavid Team North America Jersey Julie Johnston Jersey Henrik Zetterberg Red Wings Jersey Cheap San Francisco 49ers Jerseys nba stitched jerseyshttp://www.wholesale– Jerseys NFL Wholesale Brian Bellows Jersey


    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 13:33:10

    The lifeless body of a seizure victim,, who went on another of many of his fishing expeditions,, was discovered floating on Monday in the Johanna Cecilia Tap area.His Uncle Pooran Hieralall spotted the body of the victim identified as Sookraij Singh,,, several miles from his home.Singh was a 23-year-old, guard attached to the Essequibo mortuary.At Singh’s residence at Johanna Cecilia, his mother,, Dewattie Ragnauth, had to be consoled.According to the grieving mother,, despite her many strong warning to Singh not to visit the canal where he usually fished,, he persisted in his pastime. She said that her son would usually get frequent attacks of fits.She said that the he left home early Monday morning to check up on his catch after setting his seine the previous night.Lolita Hieralall,, the dead man’s aunt said that about 19:00 hours Monday she last saw Singh after he returned from setting his seine.She said that she was shocked to learn about his sudden death. Wholesale Jerseys Supply Wholesale Jerseys


    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 13:33:19

    By Zena HenryEven as the issue of survey being conducted in the contentious New River Triangle area is dying down here in Guyana, Surinamese opposition Parliamentarians remain bitter over Guyana’s occupancy of the location, with opposition members in that country condemning the recent Permission for Geographical and Geophysical Surveys (PGGS0 granted to a mining company, “as a violation of Suriname’s national sovereignty.”The opposition members slammed their government yesterday for their silence on the issue, while holding firmly that they (Surinamese) are the true owners of the area, bordering both the English and Dutch-speaking countries.Additionally, a letter has been dispatched to the speaker of the Surinamese Parliament, Jennifer Geerlings-Simons, calling for President Desi Bouterse to give an explanation in parliament over Guyana’s moves to grant permission for survey/mining activities in the disputed area.DevSur,, a Surinamese online media site explained that nationalistic emotions surrounding the Suriname/Guyana border dispute flared up during the week,, when information again surfaced about Guyana granting a Brazilian company rights to survey in what is known in Suriname as the Tigri area and in Guyana as the New River Triangle.The media site said that,, Opposition parties in Suriname have demanded answers, “but both the Suriname and Guyana Governments have so far remained mum on the issue.”The report said further that opposition members in Suriname believe that the nation’s sovereignty was violated.“Very disturbing information has reached us about the granting of mining rights by Guyana to a third party on Surinamese territory. Timber is being robbed from Surinamese soil,” it was asserted.Opposition members added that Guyana’s action is a “serious violation of our territorial integrity and undermining our national economic interests.”The Dutch-speaking nation however feels that Guyanese have been trespassing on the area, since 1969, “when Guyanese soldiers forcibly claimed Tigri; the area has been under Guyanese rule,, leaving the conflict simmering below the surface. Suriname stays true to its claim and considers the Guyanese occupation of the disputed land trespassing.”The report said that Guyana and Suriname have “locked horns over the Triangular shaped area in South West Suriname since 1840.” Both Guyana and Suriname have claimed that South East Berbice region. “Suriname considers the area part of the Coeroenie area of District Sipaliwini, whereas the Guyanese consider it part of their East Berbice-Corentyne region,” the report noted.Again an issue was raised over the disputed area in 2000,, DevSur said. “Canadian oil company CGX started drilling in the area with Guyanese authorization,, and Suriname sent out its navy to stop operations. Then last year Suriname said that the disputing neighbours were looking to put aside their differences and jointly exploring the riches of the Tigri area.”In the meantime, Muri Brasil Ventures Inc withdrew its intent to survey the New River Triangle area, attributing the move to, “the misinformation, prejudice and hostility toward this proposed survey by persons and agencies which are fostering an adverse investment climate in Guyana.”The company was granted permission for exploration activities under the PGGS granted by the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC). However,, plans to work the disputed area reached a brick wall when several independent bodies expressed against the foreign-owned company having rights to the area. Moreover, critics were loud about the apparent secrecy surrounding the deal which saw Muri being able to survey some 2.2 million acres of forest. Even GGMC said that it had advised against the company getting the PGGS. It was further stated that the agency had been instructed to give the go-ahead to Muri.Retired army personnel had also spoken of the sensitivity given the “shaky relationship” between Guyana and Suriname on this particular location. Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China


    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 13:33:27

    Chris Steffen of The Village Voice recently conducted an interview with METALLICA guitarist/vocalist James Hetfield and guitarist Kirk Hammett about the band’s breakthrough album from 21 years ago, 1991’s self-titled fifth LP,, commonly known as “the black album.” A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.The Village Voice: “Nothing Else Matters” was a major departure for the band. It pissed off some fans expecting thrash metal, but it’s still played at almost every show.James Hetfield: It’s absolutely crazy, that was the song that I thought was least METALLICA,, least likely to ever played by us, the last song anyone would really want to hear. It was a song for myself in my room on tour when I was bumming out about being away from home. It’s quite amazing, it’s a true testament to honesty and exposing yourself, putting your real self out there, and taking the risk, taking a gamble that someone’s either going to step on your heart with spikes on or they’re going to put their heart right next to it, and you never know until you try. That solidified, I think, that we were doing the right thing, writing form the heart about what we felt, and you can’t go wrong that way. It has become an unbelievable song live, and from the New York Hells Angels putting it in their movie to sports people to people getting married to it,, all kinds of stuff, people relate to it. I’m grateful that the guys forced me to take it out of my tape player and make it Metallica.The Village Voice: What do you find so compelling about the themes in “The Unforgiven” that you decided to revisit the song for two sequels?James Hetfield: Maybe it’s not done, maybe I didn’t feel forgiven or wasn’t able to forgive. It’s one of those songs to me that is pretty personal,, obviously revolving around forgiveness of the world and self and whatever else you have some resentment against,, working through that. The melody itself never went away in my head, it’s potent for me,, and lyrically,, stuff kept coming along with it, and probably the fact that you’re not supposed to do a trilogy or something, or keep writing the same thing onto the next album. I think after “The Unforgiven III”, we’re kind of done with it. I think I’m able to forgive, forgive myself and move on.The Village Voice: Do you ever look at a setlist before a show, see “Enter Sandman”, and say, “Seriously, guys, not tonight.”Kirk Hammett: There’s a certain amount of songs we know we have to play, because the audience expects us to play them, and songs we throw in because we feel like playing or get requests. The great thing about our music is most of it is really, really fun to play, and very dynamic, dynamic enough so that if we wanted to change part of a song or add a part, take out a part,, it can pretty much survive that. When songs start to become a little tedious, what we’ll do is just change them,, take parts out, add parts, or make it more dynamic, and that’s our way around getting around the whole boredom factor, which I think is a good approach, an honorable approach. There were times when the mention of “Seek And Destroy” would make me gag, but we started playing it in a heavier key, and now it sounds like a brand new song to me. We made the change six or seven years ago, and I love it all over again. Read the entire interview from The Village Voice. Alejandro De Aza Mets Jersey David Price Red Sox Jersey Kobe Bryant Team USA Jersey Justin Upton Orioles Jersey Len Dawson Chiefs Jersey wholesale nfl jerseys china Wholesale China Jerseys Wholesale MLB Jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 13:33:46

    Taiwanese metal mavericks CHTHONIC have unleashed the second in a series of video singles from their forthcoming new full-length. Titled “Sail Into The Sunset’s Fire”, the latest tune comes by way of the band’s seventh studio recording,, “Bú-Tik”. With “Bú-Tik”, CHTHONIC continue their mission to build awareness of the myths of Taiwan and the tragic events in their country’s history. Centered around the story of the 228 Massacre,, the Bú-Tik Palace and the Mirror Of Retribution,, “Bú-Tik” highlights what bassist Doris Yeh describes as “righteous violence,, justifiable defense, and the armed spirits!”The “Sail Into The Sunset’s Fire” clip was once again directed by Lin Chun, creator of the band’s epic “Defenders of Bú-Tik Palace” video, and was filmed in an outdoor swimming pool during a very unplanned,, raging storm, creating the level of intensity both the director and band were hoping for.”When a person encounters difficulties,, he might feel as though he is going through a storm,, so I chose to shoot with water,” explains Chun. “No-one was prepared for the storm, but it brought a fabulous effect to the video!”Adds Yeh: “It seemed such a coincidence when it started to pour. The cameraman was completely soaked and shivering, so I was thinking: ‘Okay! Let’s get this done quickly so he can get out of the water!’”"Sail Into The Sunset’s Fire” recounts the story of pirates in East Asia in the Age Of Exploration. During the Age of Exploration, many people waved goodbye to old China and sailed out in a quest for new life. They settled along the west coast of Taiwan, recruited militiamen, and built pirate fleets. Most of them eventually stayed on and called Taiwan their new home.”We’re not encouraging kidnapping or robbery,,” says Yeh, “but the challenge to conventional authority here is indeed inspiring. According to historical accounts, the pirates — who came from islands between Japan and Indonesia — had planned to overthrow the Ming Empire of China and the Tokugawa Shogunate of Japan,, and some of them eventually settled along Taiwan’s western coast…”"Bú-Tik” was recorded at Sweden’s Sweetspot Studio by producer Rickard Bengtsson, who also worked on 2011’s critically lauded “Takasago Army” full-length and finds the band sharpening their signature brand of self-dubbed symphonic “orient metal.”"Bú-Tik” will be released in North America via Spinefarm Records in the U.S. digitally on June 18 and on CD on June 25. “Bú-Tik” track listing: 01. Arising Armament (intro)02. Supreme Pain For The Tyrant03. Sail Into The Sunset’s Fire04. Next Republic05. Rage Of My Sword06. Between Silence And Death07. Resurrection Pyre08. Set Fire To The Island09. Defenders Of Bú-Tik Palace10. Undying Rearmament (outro) Making of “Sail Into The Sunset’s Fire” video: “Sail Into The Sunset’s Fire” video: Matt Besler Jersey Juwan Howard Wizards Jersey Deion Sanders Giants Jersey Matt Williams Giants Jersey Jerseys From China Authentic Dwight Howard Hawks Swingman Jersey Dominic Moore Rangers Jersey Steven Wright Red Sox Jersey


    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 13:33:47

    Legendary guitarist Zakk Wylde recently launched a new YouTube video series dubbed “Lick Of The Week.” Check out episode 2 below.In the two decades since Ozzy Osbourne hired him away from his job at a New Jersey gas station to become his new guitarist, Zakk Wylde has established himself as a guitar icon known and revered the world over. Writing and recording with Osbourne led to multi-platinum success, inspiring him to create the now legendary BLACK LABEL SOCIETY in 1998. In the decade since, BLS has turned the notion of what a rock band should be upside down by inspiring legions of fans (known as Berzerkers) all over the world to follow the mantra: Strength, Determination, Merciless, Forever — SDMF for short. The Berzerkers,, with Wylde as their leader,, have created a heavy metal institution true to his vision of uncompromising, unfiltered,, and unrestrained rock and roll. Wylde has won nearly every guitar award imaginable,, and is a major influence on a new battalion of rock guitarists currently popular today.Wylde shares what really goes on behind bus windows and stage doors in the paperback edition of his book,, “Bringing Metal To The Children: The Complete Berzerker’s Guide To World Tour Domination”. The book,, which was released on April 9 through William Morrow,, was co-written by New York Times bestselling author Eric Hendrikx. In support of the release, Wylde has announced a string of West Coast acoustic performances beginning April 21 in San Francisco,, and ending May 1 in San Juan Capistrano,, California. Wholesale Jerseys Brandon Dubinsky Jersey Russell Wilson Rangers Jersey Joe Montana Chiefs Jersey Cheap NFL Jerseys China Merril Hoge Steelers Jersey Yohan Cabaye Jersey Kris Versteeg Jersey Glenn Hall Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 13:34:08

    Long-running Swedish metallers DESTINY will enter DRS studio this week to begin recording their 30th-anniversary album,, “The Incompatibility Of Philosophical Terminology”,, for a 2012 release. The group’s previously announced new CD,, “Global Warming”,, is still under production but is temporarily put on hold and will be made available at a later date.A teaser trailer for “The Incompatibility Of Philosophical Terminology” can be seen below. Also available is the album’s projected cover artwork.DESTINY’s most recent release was the “Beyond All Sense 2005” CD,, a re-recorded version of DESTINY’s debut album (originally issued in 1985). DESTINY has not yet announced a new singer following the departure of Kristoffer Gbel at the end of 2006.DESTINY is:Stefan Bjrnshg - BassBirger Lfman - DrumsMicke Åberg - Guitar Art Shell Raiders Jersey Auston Matthews Team North America Jersey Mike Palmateer Jersey Avalanche #9 Matt Duchene Black 2016 All Star Stitched NHL Jersey Koji Uehara Red Sox Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 13:35:11

    A new trailer for “Dystopia”,, ICED EARTH’s 10th studio offering, can be seen below.”Dystopia” is scheduled for release in Europe on October 17 and in the U.S. on October 18 via Century Media Records. Two bonus tracks were also recorded for inclusion on special editions of the album.The release of “Dystopia” will be followed by the most extensive world tour ICED EARTH has ever undertaken.The European leg of the 2011-2012 “World Dystopia Tour” has been posted on the band’s official web site, and all official social-media sites. The trek begins October 30 in Bochum,, Germany.ICED EARTH guitarist/mainman Jon Schaffer admitted the recording of “Dystopia” was especially challenging because of the band’s summer festival gigs requiring him to criss-cross the ocean numerous times.Despite the challenges, Schaffer said working with new vocalist Stu Block was “a pleasure.”"You just can’t ask for a better attitude,,” said Schaffer. “Stu is so excited to be here. He brings a youthful exuberance to the band,, which is a lot of fun. And he’s a real dude. He’s down to earth,, and willing to try anything that Jim [Morris, co-producer,, engineer] or I throw at him. He’s stepping into the shoes in a very natural way.”Schaffer continued: “We’re opening up a part of his voice and a style of singing that he didn’t even really know he had. We’re exploring this whole new range. And we’re just getting started. I believe Stu will continue to grow and has the potential to grow into one of the greats,, one of the guys that will go down in metal history. If he stays on this course, with the attitude that he has,, his willingness to learn,, and his passion, he’s destined for really great things. I firmly believe that.” Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Jeff Beukeboom Rangers Jersey Authentic Kyrie Irving Cavaliers Jersey Jhonny Peralta Cardinals Jersey Marcus Allen Chiefs Jersey Henri Richard Canadiens Jersey Wilmer Flores Mets Jersey Jonas Valanciunas Raptors Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 13:36:23

    Former SKID ROW singer Sebastian Bach was interviewed by Terrie Carr for the latest edition of “Box Of Rock” on WDHA-FM 105.5 FM,, the rock music station licensed to Dover and Morristown, New Jersey. You can now watch the chat below.Bach’s new album, “Kicking & Screaming”, sold 6,600 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 73 on The Billboard 200 chart. The singer’s previous CD, “Angel Down”, opened with 6,,400 units back in November 2007 to debut at No. 190.Released on September 27 via Frontiers Records,, “Kicking & Screaming” was produced by Bob Marlette (BLACK SABBATH, SHINEDOWN,, ATREYU, FILTER) and features young virtuosic guitarist Nick Sterling and drum pro Bobby Jarzombek (HALFORD,, RIOT, ICED EARTH). The follow-up to 2007’s “Angel Down” was mastered at Precision Mastering in Los Angeles with Tom Baker.Bach stated about his new solo material,, “This CD will follow along the lines of ‘Skid Row’, ‘Slave To The Grind’,, ‘Subhuman Race’ and ‘Angel Down’. If you like rockin’ guitar riffs,, high-energy songs and performances, deadly drums of doom, and ear-shattering screams, we got your rock right here!” He also described the songs as “heavy, interesting, classic sounding, modern sounding,, completely rock ‘n’ roll just how we like it!” Brandon Beachy Dodgers Jersey Marcus Morris Pistons Swingman Jersey Ondrej Palat Lightning Jersey Jonathan Ericsson Red Wings Jersey Megan Rapinoe Jersey LeBron James USA Jersey Cheap Jerseys Mario Lemieux Jersey CM Punk Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 13:37:08

    Greek black metal veterans ROTTING CHRIST recently completed the 30-date “Apostles Of Darkness Over The Americas” headlining tour with support from MELECHESH,, HATE,, ABIGAIL WILLIAMS and LECHEROUS NOCTURNE. Several of the band’s concerts were picketed by Christian groups,, including the two that can be seen in the YouTube clips below.In May 2005, MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine famously refused to play at a Greek concert if ROTTING CHRIST remained on the bill (apparently because of their name).ROTTING CHRIST mainman Sakis Tolis tells, “Yes,, we have many problems,, but I don’t give a shit as this is metal. . . Metal should be against everything. We are very proud of this, and simply put, all religions are rotting. I don’t give a shit about that.” He added,, “Yes, we had some problems with Dave Mustaine,, but I don’t care about that anymore. We are just back from our tour in America where we had many problems about our name. One was very hot indeed in Portland and North Carolina.” He continued, “I’m not worried or scared by any protests as I have played all over the world in very notorious territories so I don’t give a shit.”ROTTING CHRIST is preparing to return to the studio to begin work on the follow-up to last year’s “Aealo”,, which landed at position No. 144 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart.”We are playing a few more festivals,, but we have been on the road for almost 18 months playing shows every day,” Sakis said. “It is time to take a little rest and write some new stuff.” Toni Kroos Jersey NFL Jerseys Cheap China Scott Hartnell Jersey Justin Abdelkader Jersey Antti Niemi Jersey Pedro Alvarez Orioles Jersey Juan Uribe Indians Jersey Lester Hayes Raiders Jersey

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    Sonic Excess recently conducted an interview with ANTHRAX drummer Charlie Benante. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.Sonic Excess: “Worship Music” has been an album that has been a long time in the making. Were you worried that it might not ever see the light of day? Charlie Benante: Yeah. There were thoughts at some point here and there, with some real concerns about it, but something happened that changed all of those thoughts, and we were on track again.Sonic Excess: What was it like recording with [singer] Joey [Belladonna] for the first time in 20 years? Did everyone record collectively and did John Bush lay down any tracks before he left again?Charlie Benante: No, he [John Bush] was not involved at all.Sonic Excess: OK,, when you were in the studio with Joey, did everyone click like they did back in the day, or did a comfort level need to be reached first?Charlie Benante: Last September,, we went on tour with MEGADETH and SLAYER here in America. Every day we worked on the record, and we would change a bunch of shit. Joey had a good idea of what he was going to bring to it and his approach and when it came time for him to go into the studio. None of us was even there. It was just Joey and Jay Ruston (mixing and additional production), and they worked together really well.Sonic Excess: Critics and fans have been calling “Worship Music” ANTHRAX’s strongest release since “Persistence Of Time”. Did everyone have the mindset to out-do ANTHRAX’s previous releases?Charlie Benante: The reviews for the record have been great. It has been amazing how well received it has been. We knew we had something really good. No one knows how something is going to be received until it’s released. You get the feedback and then you really know it’s good.Sonic Excess: On “We’ve Come for You All”,, some tracks were written around your drum riffs. Was that the same case with “Worship Music”,, and did you take a new approach while tracking?Charlie Benante: The only new approach I took was that some of the songs that were recorded in the studio, like maybe four or five of the songs,, some of the guys weren’t even in there, and I was on my own. We would map out the songs,, and I would get in there and play it. I would actually record a scratch guitar track just to play off it, because Scott [Ian] was away. We were working on another project,, and I just did some of these things on my own.Sonic Excess: How did you draw inspiration while writing “Worship Music”?Charlie Benante: It really depends. I could be driving in my car and a thought will come into my head. I usually carry around this little recorder, and I’ll hum the idea into the recorder. When I get home,, I’ll work it out on guitar. That’s how it usually happens. I’ll have an idea, and I’ll just go in and record it. Or,, I’ll just go play guitar for an hour or two and capture as many ideas as I possibly can. That’s basically the way it happens.Read the entire interview at Sonic Excess. Jarret Stoll Jersey Wholesale Jerseys China Jim Kelly Bills Jersey nfl jerseys authentic cheap cheap jerseys Larry Doby Indians Jersey Jim McMahon Bears Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 13:37:27

    METALLICA has denied asking the U.S. military to stop using its music to psychologically torture prisoners of war.The Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden recently opened up to Esquire magazine about the raid on the Al Qaeda leader’s compound and the shots that took his life, as well as the personal aftermath for the SEAL and his family. The SEAL,, who is only referred to as “The Shooter” in the article, also mentions that he used the music of METALLICA on prisoners before interrogations — until the band asked them to stop.The Shooter explained, “When we first started the war in Iraq, we were using METALLICA music to soften people up before we interrogated them. METALLICA got wind of this and they said,, ‘Hey, please don’t use our music because we don’t want to promote violence.’ I thought,, ‘Dude,, you have an album called ‘Kill ‘Em All’.”He added, “We stopped using their music, and then a band called DEMON HUNTER got in touch and said, ‘We’re all about promoting what you do.’ They sent us CDs and patches. I wore my DEMON HUNTER patch on every mission. I wore it when I blasted Bin Laden.”"The Shooter” insisted that he did not torture prisoners, but that “repetitive questioning and leveraging fear was as aggressive as he’d go.”In a brand new statement posted on METALLICA’s official web site,, the band responded to The Shooter’s comments in the Esquire article, saying: “There has been a lot of talk recently about us asking the military not to use our music to ’soften people up before interrogation.’ We NEVER commented to the military either way on this matter. Any statements that have been made otherwise are not correct.”In a 2009 appearance on MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show”, METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich said that the band did not “advocate or condone” the use of the band’s music for torture,, adding that if someone really wanted to use music to torture others, there were groups that were far more extreme:”If there are people that are dumb enough to use METALLICA to interrogate prisoners,, you’re forgetting about all the music that’s to the left of us. I can name,, you know, 30 Norwegian death metal bands that would make METALLICA sound like SIMON AND GARFUNKEL.”METALLICA frontman James Hetfield was asked by a German TV network in 2008 how he felt about the band’s music being used to torture prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He replied, “Part of me is proud is because they chose METALLICA . . . And then part of me is kind of bummed about it that people worry about us being attached to some political statement because of that.” Hetfield talking to 3SAT about use of METALLICA’s music to torture Guantanamo Bay, Cuba prisoners (go to four-minute,, 45-second mark): Nike Cowboys #89 Gavin Escobar Navy Blue/White Throwback Mens Stitched NFL Elite Jersey Chuck Bednarik Eagles Jersey Anthony Davis Team USA Jersey Blackhawks #35 Tony Esposito White CCM Throwback Stitched NHL Jersey Nike Rams #99 Aaron Donald Royal Blue Alternate Mens Stitched NFL Elite Jersey Cheap New York Rangers Jerseys Nike Jerseys Wholesale Store

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 13:38:52

    According to The Pulse Of Radio, PEARL JAM singer Eddie Vedder blasted Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney over the latter’s “47 percent” comments during a fundraiser for incumbent President Barack Obama. Romney has drawn harsh criticism for comments he made at a May fundraiser, which were disclosed last week on a video,, in which he characterized the approximate 47 percent of the U.S. population that doesn’t pay federal income tax — while still paying a number of other taxes — as people who saw themselves as victims entitled to government handouts.Speaking at the Obama fundraiser, during which he also played a short solo set, Vedder said, “It’s very upsetting to hear a presidential candidate be so easily dismissive of such a ginormous amount of the population.”Vedder added that a government-sponsored training program for security guards helped him early in life, allowing him to make a living while also pursuing his dream of becoming musician.He explained,, “It was that job which allowed me to keep affording to guitars and microphones. For me,, it all began with that ability to get the proper training for a decent job.”Vedder then introduced President Obama, who thanked the musician and said, “For you to share that story with us, Eddie, speaks volumes not only about you but about this country. That story captures better than anything what this campaign is about and what this country is about.”Vedder played his set on mandolin,, performing “Rise”,, “Without You”,, a cover of James Taylor’s “Millworker” and Neil Young’s “Rockin’ In The Free World”.The event, which took place at the home of Lisa DeBartolo, daughter of former San Francisco 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr.,, raised $1.7 million from its 85 guests for the President’s re-election.Vedder,, who’s become very politically outspoken in the past decade, told The Pulse Of Radio a while back that he was reluctant to voice his opinion earlier in his career. “I’ve always been wary, you know, speaking from some kind of a podium as a singer in a rock band,,” he said. “First of all, I think it’s ridiculous that it should be left to the singers of rock bands to have to bring up these issues. But then again, the arts are always going to reflect society, and there could be a responsibility there.” WHolesale NFL Jerseys NFL Jerseys China Dino Ciccarelli Jersey wholesale jerseys 2017 Wilbert Montgomery Eagles Jersey Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys Safe Brett Favre Packers Jersey Cheap Jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 13:39:05

    “Why Should We Say Goodbye?”,, a brand new song from the Brazilian female-fronted progressive power metal band VANDROYA,, can be streamed in the YouTube clip below. The track comes off the group’s debut album,, “One”,, which was released on January 18 via Inner Wound Recordings. The Japanese edition of the album wasmade available on December 19 through Spiritual Beast and the Brazilian edition will follow on February 4 via Voice Music. The CD artwork was created by Felipe Machado Franco (BLIND GUARDIAN,, RHAPSODY OF FIRE,, ICED EARTH) and can be seen below.VANDROYA is one of the best-kept secrets from Brazil,, led by the fantastic vocalist Daísa Munhoz (SOULSPELL). According to a press release,, the band “should be a perfect fit for fans of KAMELOT, SYMPHONY X,, ANGRA and SONATA ARCTICA.”"One” track listing:01. All Becomes One02. The Last Free Land03. No Oblivion For Eternity04. Within Shadows05. Anthem (For The Sun)06. Why Should We Say Goodbye?07. Change The Tide08. When Heaven Decides To Call09. This World Of Yours10. Solar NightThe song “The Last Free Land” can be streamed in the YouTube clip below.”One” can be pre-ordered at the Inner Wound store.VANDROYA is:Daísa Munhoz (vocals)Marco Lambert (guitar)Rodolfo Pagotto (guitar)Giovanni Perlati (bass)Otávio Nuñez (drums) Mike Modano Jersey Dalton Pompey Blue Jays Jersey Nicklas Lidstrom Red Wings Jersey Kyle Korver Hawks Swingman Jersey Lance Alworth Chargers Jersey DeAndre Jordan Team USA Jersey Cheap NFL Jerseys China Andrew Shaw Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 13:40:25

    Italian singer Mariangela “Mary” Demurtas of Norway’s TRISTANIA will make a guest appearance on “Caligvla”,, the sophomore album from KATAKLYSM frontman Maurizio Iacono’s Ancient Roman-themed arsenal EX DEO. According to Iacono,, “every invited guest on this album will have Roman or Greek descent.”Iacono recently completed laying down vocals for “Caligvla”. He says, “It wasn’t without any hard work, blood and sweat and also close to a fainting spell after one of the hardest-longest screams I ever made. Ten days of vocal tracking, some of my best work in my career, the gods will be pleased … Some solos are left, some guest appearances to track and we start mixing this beast, should be all done by end of March.. eight months in the making people, soon we will give the metal world a well-deserved punishment!!”EX DEO recently canceled its participation in the “Paganfest America Part III” tour with TURISAS, ALESTORM,, ARKONA and HUNTRESS. Commented Iacono: “We were all excited to play this festival and premier some new material,, but unfortunately our new album, ‘Caligvla’,, has been delayed, and we need to finish it and make it perfect. Add to that, the KATAKLYSM DVD is also on its final production phase… We decided it would be best to concentrate on giving every bit of attention to the album you have been waiting for, and also for the KATAKLYSM documentary to kick major ass. This being said, we will still perform with EX DEO on the Montreal [April 1 at Club Soda] and Toronto [April 2 at The Opera House] shows with Paganfest, as we will be in studio in the area, closing up the album ‘Caligvla’. Everything else is cancelled for EX DEO. We will return to support the album in the fall… Word from Rome is that the plans are already in motion for world conquest! We ask our fans to support Paganfest and the great bands playing this year!” EX DEO’s sophomore album, “Caligvla”, is being recorded with producer Jean-François Dagenais (KATAKLYSM,, MALEVOLENT CREATION, MISERY INDEX,, DESPISED ICON). The CD is tentatively due late summer via Austria’s Napalm Records. The artwork and layout for “Caligvla” will be handled by classic artist Seth (SEPTICFLESH). Songtitles set to appear on the CD include “I, Caligula”, “Burned to Serve the Nocturnal Light”, “In War & Conquest/Roma Caput Mundi” and “Teutoburg (The Ambush of Varus) - Part 1”.EX DEO last year completed a North American tour with NILE,, PSYCROPTIC and KEEP OF KALESSIN. “Romulus”, the debut album from EX DEO, landed at position No. 90 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists,, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200. LeBron James Cavaliers Swingman Jersey Bryan Trottier Jersey Cheap Authentic Jerseys Jedd Gyorko Cardinals Jersey Authentic Paul Millsap Hawks Jersey Wholesale Houston Rockets Jerseys Matt Murray Jersey Stephon Marbury USA Jersey Chuck Foreman Vikings Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 13:55:17

    A tip-off to Suriname authorities may have led to the dismantling of a major drug gang and resulted in the arrest of former Guyanese policeman,, Ryan Gomes, earlier this year.The gang had been smuggling cocaine across the Corentyne border for a while now with a fuel tank of a car modified to hide the drugs,, the Suriname media reported yesterday.According to the Dagblad Suriname,, the tipster provided strong information that a drop would have been made on January 3, 2011.While police patrols are heavy in the Coronie area, the ingenious ways devised by drug smugglers to slip the illicit substance into Suriname from Guyana have been a major challenge.On January 3,, a special squad including members of the narcotics unit placed a house under surveillance and later saw a vehicle with Guyanese registration pulling into the garage.The police ranks immediately invaded the house where four men were rounded up and placed to lie on the ground.In the house, police discovered US$146,950 in cash and bundles of cocaine,, hemp and two digital scales.The team also searched the car which Gomes, one of the four men arrested, was driving,, and discovered a specially constructed petrol tank. In it were 25 packages of cocaine and handguns.Gomes,, according to the Suriname media, denied knowledge of the drugs, saying that he was there to collect money for one Marcus, a Guyanese, whom police believed to be a fictitious person. To pick up the money, Gomes claimed that he would be paid between US$600-$700.The four men, including Gomes,, are to appear before a magistrate tomorrow, and are being accused of smuggling 17 kilos of cocaine. Additionally,, the men will have to explain what they were doing with such a large quantity of US currency. J. D. Martinez Orioles Jersey Alejandro De Aza Mets Jersey Blake Swihart Red Sox Jersey Adrian Beltre Rangers Jersey J.A. Happ Blue Jays Jersey Bob Feller Indians Jersey Marco Estrada Blue Jays Jersey John Lackey Cubs Jersey Zach Britton Orioles Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 13:55:41

    Kevlyn Velene, 18, a customer service representative employed by Qualfon Guyana Inc,, found herself before Acting Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court charged with simple larceny.The young woman who pleaded not guilty was unrepresented.It is alleged that on November 25, at North Road,, Georgetown,, Velene in the company of her boyfriend,, visited the home of Pearl Wiggins. It was during the visit that Velene carted off with one gold band,, a gold chain and one gold ring that were on a table.It was after the defendant and her boyfriend had left that Wiggins discovered that the articles were missing.The matter was reported to the police who then arrested the accused.Police Prosecutor Lionel Harvey told the court that the accused cooperated with officers and the chain was recovered.Harvey did not object to bail,, hence magistrate Beharry allowed Velene bail in the sum of $75,,000 and made the matter returnable for January 17.And Hugh Curt made his first court appearance before the same magistrate and had his sentencing postponed after he pleaded guilty to the charge of break and enter.According to the police,, Curt broke into the business place of Mahendra Persaud on January11.It is also alleged that on the day in question, Persaud received a telephone call and ventured to the premises.While there he observed movements and summoned the police who responded promptly and were able to apprehend the suspect.Curt told the court,, “I did break into the place but I am so sorry.” The father of three minors nervously explained to the magistrate that he was a taxi driver prior to his car being torched.Chief Magistrate Beharry ordered a probation report and postponed his sentencing for January 28. David Wright Mets Jersey Yan Gomes Indians Jersey Jake Peavy Giants Jersey Ozzie Smith Cardinals Jersey Troy Tulowitzki Blue Jays Jersey Dalton Pompey Blue Jays Jersey Joe Carter Blue Jays Jersey Johnny Pesky Red Sox Jersey Dustin Pedroia Red Sox Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 13:55:54

    The Preliminary Round of the National Drama Festival 2015 has commenced and 38 plays will be in the running for the finals which are slated for November 20.The event is collaboration between the Ministry of Education’s Department of Culture,, Youth and Sport,, and Digicel Guyana.This year’s Festival will see a mixture of experience – with the likes of Francis Quamina Farrier,, award winners Colleen Humphrey, Kijana Lewis, Sheron Cadogan-Taylor and Mark Kazim – and newcomers from across the regions.Strong competition is expected as popular theatre groups vie for attractive cash prizes and trophies.So far 13 schools from various regions are registered to compete in their finals which will be held at the Theatre Guild from November 23 to 27.This year’s festival has $6M up for grabs in the open,, open short or one act,, junior, debutante and secondary schools categories.Prizes will be given out for best production, best new Guyanese play,, best director, best costume, best set, best use of lights,, best use of sound, best performing cast, best actor and best actress,, among others.The official opening ceremony is scheduled to be held at the National Cultural Centre on November 20,, at 19:00 hrs. Chris Carpenter Cardinals Jersey Hyun-Jin Ryu Dodgers Jersey Brett Cecil Blue Jays Jersey Addison Russell Cubs Jersey Jimmy Paredes Orioles Jersey Brandon McCarthy Dodgers Jersey Bob Feller Indians Jersey Jason Kipnis Indians Jersey Mark Trumbo Orioles Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 13:56:28

    New Lethem Town Clerk,, Keisha VincentNewly appointed Town Clerk of the Lethem Municipality, Keisha Vincent has promised to channel all her energies towards attracting much-needed investment that can propel the border town’s tourism prospects and augment the human resource capital in the region.Vincent, who took up her appointment on Monday, October 31, explained that her ultimate goal is to see Lethem transformed into a bustling hive of economic activity.Vincent believes that Lethem has a huge potential to capitalize on government’s green agenda as it embodies the very essence of pristine, unspoiled beauty.“If you’re talking about green economy, Lethem is the perfect example. It’s quiet here. It’s not congested with traffic. The crime rate is low. The people are friendly and sociable and regardless of the political differences, we work together,,” the Town Clerk said.She pointed out that her dream is to see Lethem flourish,, as Brazilian businesses have shown a keen interest in the local economy.A bilingual Vincent, who was schooled in Brazil and is fluent in Portuguese, revealed that the council intends to capitalize on the fact that Lethem is a border town.“Region Nine is the biggest region and Lethem is Georgetown’s equivalent of Stabroek in terms of the shopping experience, so we must use this to our advantage in order to generate enough revenue. The potential is there. We just need the push and guidance,,” Vincent said.She added that with the recent introduction of a radio station,, the town is now displaying some semblance of life.Since the major economic activity in Lethem is farming, Vincent related that her focus would also be to organize and promote a local Market Day that can attract Brazilian and Venezuelan shoppers.“They come over here to do a lot of shopping,, especially when it’s a holiday in their country,,” the Town Clerk said of Guyana’s Southern neighbours.With regards to accountability, the Town Clerk said she has no intentions of bending the rules, stating that she stands firmly on principles of ethics and has a strong belief in fairness and accountability.“We need to show accountability and so I don’t do backdoor stuff. I believe in doing things the right way.”Addressing the issue of education, Vincent said that Lethem is in dire need of a technical and vocational training centre where young people and school leavers can have an opportunity to further their education without leaving the town.“There’s too much teenage pregnancy here. We need to focus on giving these young girls the opportunity to go further. They are brilliant and talented, but the options are limited.Her goal is to improve and build on the successes of the township and working with the council in the interest of all who reside there.The fifth of eight siblings,, Vincent was born in Kamarang,, to parents both of whom worked in law enforcement. She later moved to Georgetown where she spent most of her childhood and remained until the age of 21. Sandy Koufax Dodgers Jersey Marcus Stroman Blue Jays Jersey Hyun-Jin Ryu Dodgers Jersey Gregor Blanco Giants Jersey Carlos Santana Indians Jersey Cole Hamels Rangers Jersey Andre Ethier Dodgers Jersey Ryan Goins Blue Jays Jersey Albert Pujols Cardinals Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 13:56:52

    …Deputy Director of Prisons maintains officers followed SOPsPresident of the Guyana Bar Association (GBA), Attorney-at-Law Christopher Ram, yesterday stormed outPresident of the GBA, Attorney -at- law Christopher Ramof the Commission of Inquiry (COI) into the March 3 prison disturbance, citing his frustration over the unfair treatment meted out to him by the Committee.The Attorney was at the time, seeking to cross examine Deputy Director of Prisons,, Senior Superintendent Gladwin Samuels. This was during a session of the hearing at Ministry of the Presidency’s Department of Public Service,, Waterloo Street.During the hearing,, Ram voiced his dissatisfaction with the 30-minute restriction imposed on some of the Attorneys participating in the hearing while Attorneys for the Joint Services have an unlimited time to cross examine witnesses.He also noted that there are numerous interruptions by the other Attorneys without any point of order during his line of questioning.However,, the lawyer’s objection did not receive a favourable response from Chairman of the Commission, Justice James Patterson, who pointed out that the tribunal, is not a court hearing and that the time permitted to any Attorney is based on his discretion.Given the Judge’s response,, the Attorney became visibly enraged telling the Chairman that the Bar Association was no longer interested in being a part of the Inquiry.Joint Services Attorney Selwyn Pieters then uttered to the Commission that Ram as the Bar Association President took the decision in a one-sided manner which should not have happened.To this the Attorney responded, “You give me a break,” before he stormed out of the room.Last month, Ram filed an application on behalf of the Guyana Bar Association to have the Commission allow its members to participate in the Inquiry.He said that the Association believes that its participation would further the conduct of the Inquiry and further believes that its participation would contribute to the openness and fairness of the Inquiry.Deputy Director of Prisons, Senior Superintendent Gladwin SamuelsMeanwhile, in continuation of evidence before the Commission, Senior Superintendent Samuels maintained his story that the prison authority did everything in its power to save the lives of the 17 men who perished in the March 3 fire at the Camp Street Prison.Under cross examination by Attorney for relatives of affected inmates Melvin Duke, Samuels told the Commission that Georgetown Prison consists of two types if inmates, convicted prisons and those on remand awaiting trial.He said that upon entry each prisoner is processed; their age, offence committed and other …is taken into consideration before they are placed in cells.Samuels noted that that those heavily publicized in the media are considered “very influential,,” and would be placed in the current new Capital Building with the other high profile prisoners.Recalling the March 3 incident, the witness noted that the Capital A of the building was filled with prisoners on remand.He told Counsel for the Commission,, Excellence Dazzell, that despite the chaos, threats and pieces of concrete blocks thrown at prison officers and other members of the joint services,, officials of the prisons carried out their duty in accordance with their training and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).The witness said that he was prepared to deal with the situation based on his training and that he did so accordingly.He reiterated that he worked the prisons for 15 years and would from time to time order or conduct searches within the various sections of the facilities.These operations, he said were not recorded via video or otherwise.Samuels noted that on the day of the fire a similar search was being conducted to sanitise the prison of a number of contraband including weapons that had somehow found its way inside the prison walls.The witness recalled that day,, that prison officers faced resistance from several inmates, some of whom could be described as usual mischief makers or ringleaders.Samuels said that in addition to the resistance by the prisoners, the prison officers found difficulty opening the doors of Capital A. The door was only opened after officers of the Fire Service arrived and aided in the operation.Asked about the problems such as overcrowding at the prisons, Samuels stated that this is due to the fact that there are no alternative accommodations for the inmates.On the other hand, the Deputy Director noted that the prison has a series of remedial activities. He said that persons, who passed through the prison systems, participated in those activities and are better off today.Samuels commenced testifying before the Commission on Tuesday categorically rejecting claims that he had given the orders which led to the death of the 17 inmates of the Georgetown Prisons. The men perished in a fire during what was described as one of the worst prison riots in the nation’s history.The victims and at least eight other injured inmates were allegedly trapped in raging flames in the Capital ‘A’ Block of the Camp Street Prison.Following the incident, several damning accusations of misconduct were leveled against Samuels, a prison official with years of experience under his belt.The Deputy Director was sent on leave with immediate effect, in light of a number of alleged transgressions against prisoners. During his evidence in chief before the three-member tribunal, the prison official firmly dismissed claims by the inmates that he had instructed that the men be left inside the building to burn. Jose Bautista Blue Jays Jersey Stephen Strasburg Nationals Jersey Travis Wood Cubs Jersey Nick Castellanos Orioles Jersey Juan Marichal Giants Jersey Joc Pederson Dodgers Jersey Mitch Moreland Rangers Jersey Brandon Moss Cardinals Jersey Nomar Mazara Rangers Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 13:56:58

    The prosecution is contending that there is not enough evidence to convict Ronald Marques,, should the matter be heard in the High Court.Marques is one of the men fingered in a plot that saw the abduction of a Caricom official’s son in 2010. Marques,, who is now 25,, appeared before Magistrate Sueanna Lovell once again as the preliminary inquiry into the matter continued.Marques was charged under the kidnapping act of 2003, with kidnapping in March 16,, 2010. On March 12 , he along with others allegedly kidnapped Andre Barnes from outside his girlfriend’s residence, with the intent to gain money for the man’s return.During the trial, the prosecution called several witnesses. Defence attorney, Peter Hugh, made a submission that the defense had no case to answer.At yesterday’s hearing the magistrate overruled the no case submission by the defence. She then called upon the defendant to lead a defence.The alleged kidnappers abducted Barnes and requested $50 M for the man’s safe return.Marques and his accomplices had reportedly kidnapped Barnes in West Ruimveldt Housing Scheme after the man had dropped off his girlfriend at her residence. Those implicated in the crime revealed a female assailant amongst them.Reports say that whilst Barnes proceeded to leave the area,, two men armed with handguns knocked on the window on the driver’s side of the car demanding that he open the door.When Barnes complied, the gunmen ordered the young man into the back seat and drove off with him.Shortly after, the kidnappers used Barnes’s mobile phone to contact his mother, warning her not to contact the police. The men then demanded that the woman give them $50 M before her son could be released.Barnes’s white Corolla in which he had been abducted, PLL 8269,, was found a day later by the police in D’Urban Backlands, where the perpetrators had abandoned it.The victim, who was 26 at time of his abduction,, was said to be the son of the Chief Internal Auditor at the CariCom Secretariat. The man hails from Supply, East Bank Demerara and was rescued from a North Ruimveldt residence where he was being held captive.Police ranks acting on a tip dispatched heavily armed men to the location,, where they found Barnes and nabbed one of his abductors,, said to be Ronaldo Marques.The suspect was allegedly armed with a 9mm pistol when he was apprehended. Marques’s partners in crime were captured the next day and two firearms were recovered.The matter is expected to continue on November 7 when the accused is to lead a defence. Trevor Cahill Cubs Jersey Daniel Norris Orioles Jersey Yadier Molina Cardinals Jersey Troy Tulowitzki Blue Jays Jersey Billy Williams Cubs Jersey Vince Coleman Cardinals Jersey Andre Dawson Cubs Jersey Frank Robinson Orioles Jersey Matt Wieters Orioles Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 13:57:56

    Home Affair Minister Clement Rohee in his 2013 Budget debate speech,, yesterday,, started off in a solemn mode,, offering his condolences to the relatives and friends of the late Dr. Dale Bisnauth and fellow party member, Pandit Reepu Daman Persaud.The Minister then wasted no time sorting out’ some members of the Opposition for their budget presentation.First Rohee took jabs at APNU member Mr. Carl Greenidge. Rohee said that he fully supported his colleague, Minister of Housing and Water,, Irfaan Ali, when he described Greenidge’s speech as ‘ramblings’.Home Affair Minister Clement RoheeRohee went on to hit at the APNU shadow Minister for Finance stating that he over the weekend sought the view of some persons and they described his speech as ‘Greenidge feeling fowl for eggs’.Rohee said that over the years the Ministry and every other organization have worked collectively to ensure the safety of every citizen of Guyana.“I want to submit to you that we should not have seen economic growth if there was a total breakdown in law and order. How come the government was able to provide so much additional resources to the security sector if the country was doing so badly? For a country’s economy to be performing it must mean that the workers in all sectors are producing.”The Minister added that sugar production,, rice production,, gold production and cattle production have increased.“In a country where there is no law and order and where crime is out of control there is no way that all these persons would have come out in such numbers to produce. This also shows that the people feel a sense of safety and security and I strongly argue that these persons are living in fear for their lives.”Rohee also sought to draw the attention of the National Assembly to several newspaper headlines showing that thousands came out to celebrate, Phagwah, Mashramani and the Easter.“Even in respect of investment when people invest, whether local or foreign, it is a sign of confidence in the economy. It is from that perspective we must place our analysis or make our analysis on public safety and security not by taking out one aspect and dwelling only on crime”.The Home Affairs Minister added that he has no qualms taking ‘licks’, nor in correcting errors his Ministry has made but his Ministry has much to boast about.According to Minister Rohee when he first went to the Ministry to work he had a handful of staff members to work with. Today the staff is up from 12 staff to a 127.“This is an additional 115 staff members, not people just sitting down and drinking scotch, they are working,, we have established task force on narco and illegal firearm, smuggling, security arrangement for airports crime observatory, even so far as establishing a stray catcher programme which has nabbed 2817 animals,,”.The Minister boasted about his Trafficking in Person campaign. His Ministry will soon be able to produce birth certificates electronically as well as provide skills training for young people.Other projects soon to be undertaken, the Minister said, include the state of the art forensic laboratory training for traffic wardens and the expanding of the Community Policing Groups.Responding to opposition Member Winston Felix’s remarks about the Guyana Fire Service, Rohee said that the organization has over the years seen significant growth.“In the last eight years of the PPP we have spent $2.2B on security. Fluff or no fluff, this is real money. Were we not to spend it,, we would have still be damned if you do and damned if you don’t.” Drew Hutchison Blue Jays Jersey David Price Red Sox Jersey Alejandro De Aza Mets Jersey Jackie Robinson Dodgers Jersey Rick Porcello Red Sox Jersey Michael Wacha Cardinals Jersey Ozzie Smith Cardinals Jersey Jayson Werth Nationals Jersey Jim Rice Red Sox Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 13:59:35

    Government has dispatched letters inviting several countries and internationally recognised groups to officially observe the upcoming General and Regional Elections on May 11.Int’l observers for the May 11 elections are expected in Guyana as early as April 7, Nominations Day.Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon, at his weekly press briefing yesterday,, said that this followed the “dispatch of letters” notifying the said countries and groups of the pending elections,, following President Donald Ramotar’s decision to prorogue the 10th Parliament. The announcement of the May 11 date for elections then saw letters of invitations being sent to the same bodies and the international community to participate in observing the elections, a Government statement said.Formal invitations have been extended to the governments of India and South Africa and others “habitually written to”,, said Dr Luncheon. These include the United Nations (UN), Caribbean Community (Caricom), the Organisation of American States (OAS),, Commonwealth,, Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), the Carter Center,, the United Kingdom branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.As part of these preparations, a visiting UN team of electoral officials recently concluded a visit to Guyana,, after meeting with government officials,, opposition political parties and several other stakeholders.It is anticipated that observer missions from Caricom,, OAS and the Commonwealth, will be making their presence felt “long before the actual E-Day”, according to the Cabinet Secretary. The plan is to have the missions begin the monitoring process, for an extended period prior to and after the elections. The expected start date has been given as Nomination Day, April 7. Mark McGwire Cardinals Jersey Ubaldo Jimenez Orioles Jersey Frank Robinson Orioles Jersey Michael Taylor Nationals Jersey Enos Slaughter Cardinals Jersey Daniel Murphy Nationals Jersey Red Schoendienst Cardinals Jersey Dustin Pedroia Red Sox Jersey Angel Pagan Giants Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 13:59:42

    About 21:45hrs a man plunged into the Church and Cummings Street canal and saved an unidentified man who was trapped in his green Toyota jeep GGG4045. The man had been knocked unconscious.Moments earlier the man’s vehicle had collided with a grey car.The badly damaged car being towed away last night. Eyewitnesses said that they heard a big bang and when they looked around they saw the grey car spinning several times before coming to halt.“The car driver comes out without a scratch but the green vehicle man woulda drown if that junkie didn’t jump overboard,,” a Bourda market vendor said.Reports are that it took about 15 minutes for the man whose vehicle was mostly submerged to be extricated. He was immediately rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital in an unconscious state.The Toyota being pulled from the Church Street canal in which the unconscious unidentified driver was trapped.People who gathered at the scene waited with bated breath for more than 45 minutes to see if any one else was trapped inside the vehicle. When the vehicle was pulled out and it turned out that no one else was inside there was loud cheering.At the hospital up to press time the man remained unconscious. Houston Rockets Jerseys China

  182. 2014 Olympic Team USA #44 Brooks Orpik White Stitched NHL Jersey

    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 13:59:48

    The working environment for ranks at the Sparendaam Police Station has been made much more comfortable with a timely donation from the Sparendaam Station Management Committee.In photo: Roberts officially hands over the items to Superintendent Mansell in the presence of ranks and other committee members.At a simple ceremony yesterday,, Chairman of the Committee,, Basil Roberts,, handed over a desk top computer,, two electric fans and a water dispenser to the police station.Deputy Commander,, Stephen Mansell,, who received the articles,, expressed appreciation to the group,, adding that they will certainly enhance the comfort of the ranks who work there. Authentic NFL Jerseys Cheap Wholesale NBA Jerseys Wholesale Cincinnati Reds Jerseys Wholesale Authentic China Jerseys NHL Jerseys China Houston Rockets Jerseys China Los Angeles Kings Jerseys China Cincinnati Reds Jerseys China

  183. Jaden Schwartz Jersey

    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 14:00:06

    – taxi services, mining operations are main culpritsSeveral two-way radios,, which were in illegal operation,, have been seized by the National Frequency Management Unit (NFMU) as that body announced it will be increasing its clampdown.The radios were reportedly mainly operated by taxi and mining services.The NFMU Managing Director, Valmikki Singh,, yesterday said that as part of its heightened campaign against unlicensed and unauthorised usage of the two-way radios,, 20 pieces were seized from 17 locations in Georgetown,, East Coast and East Bank Demerara over the past five months.“At one location,, three persons who obstructed the NFMU officers from executing a search and seize warrant were arrested by the members of the Guyana Police Force, who were there to provide support to the NFMU,,” the entity stated.So far, the campaign has been concentrated on persons operating without licences,, but soon it will be extended to persons who have not been renewing their licences and those who have also been operating on illegal and unauthorized radio frequencies.The unit appealed for operators of the two-way radio sets to ensure that they remain within the confines of the law and ensure that among other things not only are they properly licensed, but the relevant fees are paid to the NFMU and the equipment must be used on the authorized radio frequencies.“Failure to comply with these requirements will result in seizure of the offending two-way radio (wireless telegraphy apparatus) and institution of criminal proceedings against the users/operators and/or cancellation of licences, in accordance with the Post and Telegraph Act Cap 47:01,,” the NFMU warned.Meanwhile, persons who have two-way radio antennae or aerials that have been placed on buildings and vehicles, but do not have the necessary licences, are being urged to dismantle them, since failure to comply would result in search operations being conducted. R.A. Dickey Blue Jays Jersey Jonathan Schoop Orioles Jersey Allen Craig Red Sox Jersey Deion Sanders Giants Jersey Roger Clemens Blue Jays Jersey Edwin Encarnacion Blue Jays Jersey Cole Hamels Rangers Jersey Joey Rickard Orioles Jersey Rusney Castillo Red Sox Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 14:22:32

    Two bids were submitted under the National Drainage & Irrigation Authority (NDIA) for the fabrication and delivery of eight stainless steel sluice gates for Construction of the East Demerara Water Conservancy (EDWC) high level sluice outfall structure,, Hope/Dochfour, East Coast Demerara, Region Four.The bids were opened yesterday at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) Ministry of Finance, Main Street.BidderAmount Fiuz Hussein Construction Inc$15MGhamandi and Sons Engineering$22.7MCost Estimate $26.2MIn addition,, bids were opened for the rehabilitation of NDIA Mobile and Fixed Pumps Components. The bids were divided into four lots,, and there were two bidders:BidderAmount Fiuz Hussein Construction IncLots 1-4 $38.3MDevanand Mechanic WorkshopLot 4 $4.1MThe Ministry of Home Affairs received bids for the Supply,, Delivery and Installation of Forensic Laboratory furnishing. The bids were divided into six lots.BidderAmountGiftland OfficeMaxLots 1,,2,,4,,5 $4.4MStarcom FurnitureLots 1to 6 $10.5MMetro Office and Stationery Supplies$1M (No lot specified)Meanwhile,, the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport received a lone bid for the installation of new air condition units at the National Cultural Centre.Bidder AmountEngineering and Construction Inc$75.4MEngineer’s Estimate $51.2MTwo bids were also opened for the construction of the eastern fence at the Ministry of Culture Head Office.BidderAmount Randolph Taylor$1.1MBholanauth Ramraj$1.1MEngineer’s Estimate $1.2MAnd the Culture Ministry received bids for the rehabilitation of Kyk-Over-Al Landing,, Essequibo River.BidderAmount Randolph Taylor$1.1MBholanauth Ramraj$1.2MEngineer’s Estimate$1.2M Vince Carter Magic Jersey John Stockton Team USA Jersey Marcin Gortat Wizards Jersey Anthony Davis Team USA Jersey Tracy McGrady Team USA Jersey Magic Johnson Team USA Jersey John Wall Wizards Jersey Karl Malone Team USA Jersey Bradley Beal Wizards Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 14:22:36

    Dem have an old saying,, ‘When chicken hawk miss chicken he does carry grass’. That is wha happen wid Dr Rammie. When he been at de drugs Ministry he nevah use to worry bout licence. He nevah seh a word. He mouth nevah open fuh even mention licensing mechanism. De money used to flow.Couple days ago,, through he own mouthpiece he talk how he nah satisfy wid de licencing mechanism fuh de fishing people. In short he want put de mechanism in place de same way he put mechanism in place when he been at health.Hundreds of billions of dollars use to flow through he hand like when li’l pickney drink Epsom salts. This system that he put in place fuh control de purchase of drugs use to full only a few people pockets till dem run over.Uncle Donald move he and put he in Agri wheh de money ain’t deh so much. And is deh he talking bout a new system fuh fish. Dem boys seh that he done from drugs and he gone to fish.He mean fuh grab at anything. Nutten must pass. Dem boys notice that he pick up a style wha Rob Earth use to use fuh full people pocket He holler El Nino.El Nino deh round all de time but dem boys seh that he setting de stage suh when a li’l flood come he can holler fuh nuff money. Rob Earth use to do de same thing wid La Nina. He tek money fuh dig drain but none nah did. He start fuh build koker and Jagdeo know bout all de strategy dem use.Dem boys seh that don’t be surprise if Dr Rammie start mekking koker overnight. Rob Earth did mek one wheh dem didn’t even have water much less a canal.Dem same people wha does get dem contract fuh build koker and dig canal,, build sea defence fuh prepare fuh El Nino don’t pay tax. Dem does mek $20-$30 billion when de year come and dem tax records does show chicken feed. One of dem pay $4 million. Another one who mek not suh much billion pay $200,,000 in tax.These is de kantractors who people never believe when dem boys talk that dem wasn’t contractors.Dem boys seh that dem got some lawyers,, and senior ones too. One of dem like sue newspapers fuh dem scamps. Y’all know who dem boys talking about. He pay $2.3 million. And he alone mek couple hundred million. He name mek people always thinking bout de Chase wha Prakash get from de Pee Pee Pee.Talk half and chase de other half Custom Orlando Magic Jersey Larry Bird Team USA Jersey Karl Malone Team USA Jersey Kobe Bryant Team USA Jersey Penny Hardaway Magic Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 14:42:18

    Aimed at attracting the interest of students hoping to write Literature at the level of theJulius CaesarCaribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC), GEMS Theatre Productions is gearing to facilitate a presentation of William Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’.And according to a statement issued by owner of the theatrical company,, Gem Madhoo-Nascimento, in addition to students,, actors and potential actors are invited to attend auditions for the play at the National Cultural Centre (NCC) tomorrow (Thursday 26 February,, 2015).Auditions are slated to commence at 17:00 hours.“This is an open reading and interested persons with a flair for Shakespearean language and knowledge of his works are all welcome to audition,,” said Madhoo-Nascimento in her statement.Veteran stage performer,, Derek Gomes is slated to direct the production which will be staged in April.According to Madhoo-Nascimento,, since ‘Julius Caesar’ is being taught in many schools as part of the Literature curriculum, it is expected that the staging of the play will help students to have a better understanding of Shakespeare’s work.The play will be staged at the National Cultural Centre and the various schools will be invited to attend,, said Madhoo-Nascimento as she disclosed plans for the play to be taken to various parts of the country and performed in schools. Wholesale Miami Dolphins Jerseys Wholesale Los Angeles Lakers Jerseys Flyers #53 Shayne Gostisbehere Orange Stitched NHL Jersey Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Houston Astros Jerseys Nike Broncos #6 Mark Sanchez Blue Alternate Womens Stitched NFL New Elite Jersey Manchester United #39 Rashford White Away Soccer Club Jersey


    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 14:43:52

    David Greene, of Lot 30 North Ruimveldt,, Georgetown,, was yesterday placed on $250,,000 after he entered a plea of not guilty to maiming his acquaintance.Greene,, who has had a record of unlawful assault,, faced Chief Magistrate (Ag) Priya Sewnarine-Beharry on a wounding charge.The facts of the case reveal that earlier this year Greene used a knife to stab Renato Gammel, a miner. The incident allegedly stemmed from a dispute between Greene and the victim’s relatives.Gammel was not present at the initial court proceeding,, but his mother informed the court of the reason for his absence. The woman told the court that her son who works in the interior had hung around to ensure that his assailant is brought to court and justice served.However, he had to leave for work since it looked as though Greene would never be placed before the court. The woman reasoned that the defendant’s mother is a police officer which therefore hindered the case from being brought to court.The prosecution did not object to bail but revealed that the defendant had been the aggressor in numerous episodes of unlawful assault. The Magistrate, after granting bail,, ordered Greene to return to court on November 9. Wholesale Baltimore Orioles Jerseys Nike Dolphins #94 Mario Williams Green Womens Stitched NFL Limited Salute to Service Jersey Nike Texans #17 Brock Osweiler White Womens Stitched NFL Elite Jersey Cheap NFL Jerseys Wildcats #4 Rajon Rondo Blue Basketball Stitched NCAA Jersey Manchester United #39 Rashford White Away Soccer Club Jersey Nike Broncos #6 Mark Sanchez Blue Alternate Womens Stitched NFL New Elite Jersey


    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 14:44:33

    Vedanand Chander, 37,, of No71 village, Corentyne,, Berbice,, also known as”Wasteman” who is on trial in the Berbice High Court on a charge of attempted murder before Justice Jo-Ann Barlow and a mixed Jury,, has denied committing the act.Vedanand ChanderThe man is accused of attempting to kill Chabbidat Tejram, 35, of No 71 Village,, Corentyne on October 16, 2012. The incident occurred following a ‘name calling incident’.State Prosecutor Stacy Goodings is presenting the state’s case. Attorneys at law Mursalene Bacchus and Perry Gossai are representing the defendant.The state had closed its case while the defence had opted to call two witnesses, however, only one came forward.The defence had called Clerk of the Springlands Magistrate’s Court to the witness stand. The accused had given an unsworn statement from the dock in which he denied the accusation.He denied calling anybody a false name and had stated that it was the defendant who had pelted him. After the reported pelting they became embroiled in an argument which led to a scramble. They both fell to the ground and he received injuries to his elbow.He cannot say how Tejram got injured.According to the state’s case Tejram was tiling a bench at the front of his yard at No71 Village when the accused,, who was riding a bicycle pass and said something to him to which he responded. Chander told him that he was coming back. He returned with a chisel, which he used to injure Tejram under his arm pit.The prosecution called a number of witnesses, including Latchmanarine Ramsundar, a Neighbourhood Police who testified that on the day in question, he was patrolling within the No 71 area when he saw a crowd gathered.He made inquiries and observed that Tejram was holding under his armpit with a cloth. The accused was nearby with a chisel in his hand. He collected the chisel and handed them over to the police. Both men were taken to the Springlands Police StationDr. Ryan Campbell testified to treating Tejram at the Springlands Hospital. During his examination he saw a stab wound in the region of his arm pit.Police Officer Troy Munroe uplifted the medical certificate which he tendered into evidence.Police Detective Corporal Terry Cummings in his testimony stated that he arrested the accused at the Springlands Police Station when he put the allegation to him. The man had responded by saying that “Officer,, I don’t know wah going”.Chabbidat Tejram was also at the station, where he had gone to make a report. He was subsequently taken to the Skeldon Hospital and was later transferred to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital. Wholesale Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Miami Dolphins Jerseys Nike Dolphins #94 Mario Williams Green Womens Stitched NFL Limited Salute to Service Jersey Wholesale Houston Astros Jerseys Blackhawks #72 Artemi Panarin Black Stitched NHL Jersey Wholesale Jerseys


    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 14:44:40

    By Javone VickerieA dispute outside of a city strip club ended fatality for a father of one who was pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital after he was stabbed a number of times to his abdomen at the North Road.Jamal FernandesThe victim was identified as 23 year-old Jamal Fernandes,, of 14 West La Penitence Housing Scheme.According to an eyewitness, around 4:00 hours yesterday,, Fernandes was leaving the club on North Road in the company of two women when a taxi driver pulled up and threw verbal remarks at one of the women.The eyewitness further stated that after the comments, Fernandes became annoyed and both men exchanged words outside of the bar but the driver drove away. After stopping at the traffic light the source said that the assailant then saw Fernandes again proceeding towards Regent and North Road where another argument ensued between the two men.The eyewitness told this publication that during the argument the taxi driver then exited his car and pulled out a knife and began to stab the man in his stomach a number of times.“At first I thought he was cuffing up the man but then I saw a set of blood start gushing out his belly and I realized that he get stab up so I ran to his recue,” the eyewitness said.The source added that the aggressor then attempted to make good his escape in his car when a man shot at the wheel but this did not stop him from escaping. A few hours after the stabbing,, the eyewitness said that the assailant then went to the Brickdam Police station and told ranks that he was attacked by four men during a robbery. He was then spotted by another eyewitness who was making a report about the stabbing.“He been in the station and I overheard him telling the police that he got robbed so I stopped him and told them that he lied and explained what really happened,,” the eyewitness said.The source said that the man was then handcuffed and taken into police custody.The taxi driver had sustained no major injury.The dead man’s mother said that about 4:30 hours, yesterday,, she received a call from one of her relatives who told her that her son was at the hospital. The woman said that after she received the call she immediately rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where she was greeted with the tragic news.“I was in so much shock when I went to see his body with all them bores that I can’t remember what happen after then,,” the mother said.The woman said that her son left home around 20:30 hours on Tuesday after notifying her that he was going to a party with a couple of friends. This, she explained,, was a normal practice of her son.The mother said that she could not say if her son had any issues with anyone prior to his murder.Fernandes was a member of the Pele football group. Wholesale Houston Astros Jerseys Capitals #92 Evgeny Kuznetsov Black 2016 All Star Stitched NHL Jersey Wholesale NFL Jerseys Nike Broncos #6 Mark Sanchez Blue Alternate Womens Stitched NFL New Elite Jersey Wholesale Miami Dolphins Jerseys Wildcats #4 Rajon Rondo Blue Basketball Stitched NCAA Jersey Wholesale Baltimore Orioles Jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 14:46:57

    – DPP has no such file, no report madeIt was in July 2015, that Government first made the shocking announcement that two top Guyana Power and Light (GPL) executives – former Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Aeshwar Deonarine and Director Carvil Duncan – had paid themselves some $28M in back pay they felt they deserved.In August it had also been reported that Deonarine, who had left the jurisdiction, had requested time to repay the money, as it had been transferred to his personal bank account(s) in the United States.Since that disclosure,, however, the case against Deonarine appears to be in limbo. Efforts by this publication to verify the whereabouts of the file detailing his transgressions, on Monday revealed that the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has not received the file, nor has a formal police complaint been made.This is in stark contrast to reports carried in sections of the media that the DPP Chambers has the file in its possession. Efforts by Kaieteur News to speak to Minister of Legal Affairs, Basil Williams, on Monday were futile. Through auxiliary staff, this publication was referred to Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan.Minister of Public Security Khemraj RamjattanDeputy GPL CEO Aeshwar DeonarineThe discovery of the suspicious monetary transfers was made by independent auditors who were probing the PetroCaribe Fund, which held proceeds of oil shipments taken from neighbouring Venezuela. Some of the monies were used to buy Wartsila engines for GPL, among other things.It was while tracking payments from the fund to GPL that auditors unearthed the unusual transactions. Deonarine reportedly signed off on payments to himself totaling $27M from the fund. Duncan received some $948,000.Deonarine was sent on administrative leave and subsequently left the country. The reason for the Executives taking it upon themselves to pay each other, stems from the fact that there are two Deputy Chief Executive Officers in GPL – one for administration and one for operations. Deonarine was responsible for administration.Deonarine is reported to have wanted to receive the same level of pay as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Technical), Colin Welch,, but his approaches to the Board of Directors were rebuffed.The payments to himself,, representing back pay for the period January 2013 to June 2015,, were reportedly made between May and June last,, shortly after the new Government took office. The payments were allegedly countersigned by Duncan as Director.Attorney General Basil WilliamsCarvil DuncanDuncan’s backpay, meanwhile,, represented the 48 months he would have been a Director. Again, both Duncan and Deonarine signed off on the payments.It was disclosed that when Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson confronted Duncan,, he kept changing his story. In the first instance, Duncan said the Board approved it. When told that officials of the Board denied this, Duncan then said it was the Chairman, Winston Brassington. But Brassington reportedly also denied granting approval.Duncan then said it may have been former Prime Minister, Samuel Hinds. Hinds when contacted distanced himself from the payment.Confronted again, Duncan then suggested it may have been former President Donald Ramotar.According to Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, Government has taken steps to ensure that no interference will come as a result of the findings. Wholesale Houston Astros Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Baltimore Orioles Jerseys Capitals #92 Evgeny Kuznetsov Black 2016 All Star Stitched NHL Jersey Wildcats #4 Rajon Rondo Blue Basketball Stitched NCAA Jersey Flyers #53 Shayne Gostisbehere Orange Stitched NHL Jersey Nike Dolphins #94 Mario Williams Green Womens Stitched NFL Limited Salute to Service Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 14:47:27

    To evaluate the effectiveness of integrated technologies and to improve Guyana’s capacity to respond to natural disasters, the United States Southern Command (US SOUTHCOM) yesterday donated first aid emergency equipment to the Civil Defence Commission (CDC).The handing-over ceremony took place at CDC’s headquarters, Thomas Lands.Director-General of CDC,, Chabilall Ramsarup received the donation on behalf of the Government.“We would like to thank the US SOUTHCOM for the presentation since it would go a far way in assisting us to respond promptly to natural disasters’.”Lt. Col. Melba Hernandez,, Military Liaison Officer,, US Embassy,, handed-over the items to Ramsarup.“I am very pleased today to be handing this equipment to the CDC on behalf of the Commander of SOUTHCOM….We are very pleased to be working closely with them and we are looking forward to achieving an important function of the programme which is to enhance interoperability and support security co-operation.”The items that were donated include: a solar pod,, computer,, two relief pods and solar equipment.The US Southcom Science and Technology (S&T) programme supports the development of military capability to meet mission requirements.It also conducts activities to support the nation’s advanced technology,, enhance joint capabilities and increase interoperability with partner nations. Wholesale Los Angeles Lakers Jerseys Manchester United #39 Rashford White Away Soccer Club Jersey Wholesale Jerseys Blackhawks #72 Artemi Panarin Black Stitched NHL Jersey Cheap NFL Jerseys Nike Broncos #6 Mark Sanchez Blue Alternate Womens Stitched NFL New Elite Jersey Nike Texans #17 Brock Osweiler White Womens Stitched NFL Elite Jersey


    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 14:48:21

    Chief Fire Officer,, Marlon Gentle, has indicated that there are plans in the pipeline to build a fire station on the West Bank of Demerara.According to Gentle,, the Guyana Fire Service (GFS) has had to respond to a number of fire related incidents on the West Bank between Vreed-en Hoop and Wales.West Bank Demerara will soon acquire its own fire station, authorities have said.This is a situation that has been compounded by the La Parfaite Harmonie/Westminster development, which is one of the larger housing schemes in the region. Gentle said that a fire station servicing the area would reduce greatly, the service’s response time to incidents on the West Bank.There are currently 16 fire stations in Guyana, including the $13M station at Mahaica and the $20M station at Diamond, East Bank Demerara,, a Government statement said.Prior to 1992, there were only eight fire stations with four of them operational. Over the years under the PPP/C Administration, there has been the building and commissioning of nine new fire stations in various parts of the country. There were,, as well, only three fire trucks at that time. Today there is a fleet of over 50 fire trucks countrywide.Lethem, Mahdia,, Kwakwani,, and Mabaruma Kumaka and Port Kaituma,, are also to be provided with fire fighting capabilities shortly. Wholesale Houston Astros Jerseys Flyers #53 Shayne Gostisbehere Orange Stitched NHL Jersey Nike Texans #17 Brock Osweiler White Womens Stitched NFL Elite Jersey Manchester United #39 Rashford White Away Soccer Club Jersey Nike Dolphins #94 Mario Williams Green Womens Stitched NFL Limited Salute to Service Jersey Wholesale Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 15:19:02

    Fire, this time at the St. Roses High School’s Biology Laboratory, sent shockwaves around the city early yesterday evening,, threatening to repeat the devastation that visited other locations in the country this week.Had it not been for the vigilance of a teacher,, the blaze might have had devastating effects,, similar to what occurred on Sunday morning just a corner away at Camp and Robb Streets.Firefighters had no problems this time around,, quickly putting out the small blaze that threatened the landmark wooden structure on Church Street.According to the teacher,, she had just finished marking examination papers and was about to leave when she saw fire coming from the Biology Lab which is located on the bottom flat.She quickly called out to the Janitor and alerted him to the impending disaster.“He wasn’t aware of it, but we quickly got on to 911 and it was the police who subsequently contacted the fire department,,” the female teacher told this newspaper.She said that the police arrived promptly and they were quickly followed by members of the Fire Service who quickly went into action.“At first I thought it (fire) was coming from the Home Economics Department, but when I looked it was the lab,,” the teacher noted.She could not say if anyone had used the lab for the day, since she claimed she was in another section of the school and was deeply engrossed in her work.Thankfully no major damage occurred,, although it would require a tidy sum to effect repairs.This week alone has seen no less than four fires,, the most devastating of which destroyed a Chinese operated business at the junction of Camp and Robb Streets on Sunday. Fire also destroyed two houses on the West and East Coast of Demerara a day later. Also on Monday, fire gutted a community building in Rosemary Lane (Tiger Bay). Wholesale Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 15:20:34

    …at least 18 employers prosecuted so far Although reporting accidents as they occur in work places is mandated by Law, officials at the Ministry of Social Protection have stated that employers in all sectors, including mining,, have not been forthcoming with reports of accidents and fatalities though instances have remained high.Officials of the Ministry of Social Protection in discussion with representatives from various media houses.Resultantly, at least 18 employers have been charged and hauled before the courts this year for failing to file a report with the Labour Department of the Ministry of Social Protection on accidents that occurred in work places.During a seminar held on Wednesday with the media, the Ministry revealed that it is seeking to take stronger, more drastic measures to punish employers who do not fulfill the responsibility.“They have been lacking in keeping the mandate in the Law to report in a specified period of time. When they fail to report within that period of time given in the Act, we prosecute them,” Dexter Semple, a Labour and Occupational Safety and Health Officer told media operatives.Employers are usually prosecuted in the lower courts (the Magistrates’ Court) and could be made to pay a fine of $50,000 or may be ordered to serve up to three months in prison for failing to report workplace accidents.Asked by this newspaper if such a penalty suffices, the official said that the Ministry is currently reviewing the Law and will be pushing for amendments. “It will be reviewed very soon and changed to a greater fine and greater imprisonment time.”“The occurrence of accidents is too great for us to continue along this path. We have to do something more drastic to employers out there to have them realise that persons’ lives are more important than their profits,” the Labour official expressed.The Occupation Safety and Health Act was passed in 1997,, and it speaks to the need for accidents to be reported.The Law specifies that any accident arising out of and in the course of the employment of any worker occurs and causes the loss of the worker’s life, or disables the worker for more than one day,, written notice of the accident must be forthcoming.The Ministry started policing it in September 1999,, the official explained, as he stated that prior to its enactment, in 1997, there was the Factories Act which delimited its reach to other areas.In principle, every enterprise, engaged in production or service, has to report on its management of workplace safety and accidents that have taken place. However, many service establishments do not file reports under the impression that this requirement only applies to production enterprises, it was explained.Semple commented that workplaces have not been adhering to the laws surrounding accidents in the workplace and each entity should have an internal committee set up to overlook health and safety. The committee must forward reports of practices obtained within their entities that protect workers.The official explained that the Occupation Safety and Health Act encompasses all work places and pushed for the physical, mental and social well-being of workers across board. He expressed that a safe and comfortable workplace would not be one that suffers from absenteeism and other conditions that would negatively affect productivity.According to the officials,, the ideal workplace would entail having proper ventilation and lighting, clearly marked drinking water, lunch room, and suitable conveniences such as sinks and toilets. Workplaces, it was explained,, must have first aid kits and for large entities (with approximately 100 workers) there must be a trained first aider on staff.The number of working accidents has stayed high, with the mining sector having a number of fatalities. Recently, there have been several mining-related accidents resulting in fatalities and other serious injuries.A significant number of these accidents occurred in cases where the walls of pits have collapsed.The year of 2015 started out as a horrendous one for Guyana’s mining fraternity,, with statistics showing that accidental deaths of gold miners already exceed the figures for the entire 2014. Statistics released by the Ministry early in the year show that the mining sector recorded 10 deaths for the year 2014,, including two separate incidents of drowning at the same creek.But that figure has already been topped this year, notwithstanding the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) has set out several safety guidelines that mining operators are expected to adhere to. Whether they are enforced by the majority of operators is another matter entirely.Meanwhile,, the Ministry of the Presidency has begun to invite stakeholders in the mining industry as well as other concerned citizens to make contributions to an Inquiry into deadly mining accidents. Jay Beagle Capitals Jersey Ron Duguay Rangers Jersey Tie Domi Rangers Jersey Matt Niskanen Capitals Jersey Bob Gainey Canadiens Jersey Mike Weaver Canadiens Jersey Mats Naslund Canadiens Jersey Derek Stepan Rangers Jersey Jacques Plante Canadiens Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 15:21:21

    General Secretary of the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), Joseph Harmon has lashed out at a paid political advertisement in yesterday’s edition of the Stabroek News.APNU’s General Secretary, Joseph HarmonThe People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) advertisement focused on the Cheddi Jagan International Airport Expansion Project which is often criticized by the political opposition.It said that Harmon was one who enjoyed the perks of an all expense paid trip to Jamaica,, facilitated by the project contractor,, China Harbour Engineering Company.Harmon in a statement to the media acknowledged that it is true that he was invited on a trip to Jamaica by the company. He said however, that it only came after his criticisms of the contractor,, China Harbour,, on the poor execution of the contract for the expansion of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA).The APNU General Secretary said that he was not invited for a luxurious vacation but rather to visit several public infrastructural projects the contractor was undertaking in Jamaica.With the blessings of the Ministry of Public Works in Jamaica, Harmon said that he has visited and inspected the works done by China Harbour, on projects in the CARICOM country.The lawyer said that while the work done by China Harbour in the Caribbean territory was found to be of good quality,, he maintains his position,, that the handling of the CJIA Expansion Project by the current administration was not transparent and that value for money is seriously in doubt.“The former President Bharrat Jagdeo on the other hand, who brought the company,, China Harbour Inc. to Guyana must now say what financial consideration,, if any,, he and his advisor received out of the contract sum up front for the airport. What was Jagdeo’s cut? He is the architect of modern day corruption in Guyana,” Harmon categorically stated.The APNU Shadow Minister of Public Works asserted that it would appear that after his visit to Jamaica no further consideration was given by China Harbour Inc. to Jagdeo.He reminded that after interventions by Jagdeo, this very company was the one to subsequently acquire the bid for the construction of a section of the four -lane highway on the East Coast of Demerara.Based on his actions, Harmon emphasized that the former President “should never again be given the opportunity by the Guyanese people to serve in any public office which represents their interest.” NFL Jerseys China NFL Jerseys Authentic China Cheap NFL Jerseys

  196. Shayne Gostisbehere Team North America Jersey

    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 15:21:30

    “I wish if Kimberly could come and talk this story because I’m not a robber man, I’m innocent.” This is the contention of shot Mahaicony robbery accused Carlos Evans as he lay shackled in his hospital bed under police guard.According to the police, Evans is one of three men who were cornered in a bushy Mahaicony area after they had carried out a brutal robbery on the J. Singh and Sons Supermarket at La Raisonable,, Mahaicony on Wednesday afternoon. However the 22 year old, of Lot 2 section ‘A’ De Edward Village, Rosignol has another story to tell.He is claiming his innocence even as he admits that his only criminal act was for trafficking in cannabis, which resulted in him doing three years prison time and being released in August of 2014.Intermittently wincing in pain, he told this publication that his was a case of wrongful vigilante justice after he was found in the wrong place at the wrong time.Sharing his version of events,, fully aware that is will hold no water with investigators, the father of one said that on the night in question he left his house with the intention to visit his mother’s home at Supply, Mahaica but he had to make a stop on the way to visit a girlfriend.He said he was instructed to meet the girl at DeKendren, Mahicony, which he did around 21:0 hours on Thursday.According to Evans, he tried contacting the girl after he came out of the mini bus and was walking through a street in the area but he was unsuccessful.“I noticed lights flashing in the street while I was heading in but I didn’t pay it no mind because is not me business so I continued walking.” He said as he got closer to the lights, he heard people shouting, “Watch one deh, deh.”He said the shout caught his attention and upon looking up he saw an angry mob with cutlasses, shotguns,, pipes and wood headed his way. As a stranger in the area,, fear took over, causing him to drop the cellular phone and make a dash for it.“I tried to run back out the street but another set was coming from that direction too, so I forget that I was dressed up to meet the girl, and I jump in the trench and crawled across into the bush.”Noting that the crowd was very loud and obviously angry,, he decided to wait it out. However,, the people lit the bush on fire and stood guard all night while he remained concealed.“I wanted to come out but I was hearing them saying,, ‘We gon kill dem, dem gon learn.’ They said they ain’t got time with the police, dem gon deal with these men. But I still didn’t know which men they was talking about.”Evans related that he crawled, to try to make distance from the people. However, as the mob had already circled the entire area he decided to wait until morning.What he believed was hope came with the arrival of a police van. “When the van came and I hear an officer directing the course of action to search the bush, I thought I was safe, so I thank the Father (God) quick and I start to shout for the officer.”He stated that he emerged from the hiding place to head in the officer’s direction. But as he was almost in reach of the officer with his hands raised in surrender, the angry crowd rushed at him and he made another dash, while shots were being fired. “I ran back in the bush and the first shot miss but the second one hit me in my arm pit while I had my hands up to give up myself to the officer.”The man said the crowd far outnumbered the four officers who could not stop the angry people from hurting him.He said he tried shouting and explaining his reason for being in the village and how he ended up in the bush but a lash to his throat by a civilian knocked the wind out of him.“My hand remained in the air after I get shoot and they snatch me same hand while I hollering and tie it with a rope.”He alleged that someone from the mob relieved him of his gold ring,, pushed him to the ground and thrashed him in the presence of the police after which he was taken to the hospital because he was bleeding profusely from the wound.“I work in the interior and me mother have a dredge in Puruni, Surama. Yes I was in jail for possession of cannabis but me ain’t no criminal. The people shoot me vigilante style because I was a stranger in the area and I make a mistake to run.”He said his reason for not exiting the bushes is because of fear of being killed but noted that he heard the people saying they have video footage of the robbers and was hoping that someone could have looked at the video to confirm that he did not fit their description.But the police are not buying his story. “A criminal will say anything to get out of trouble,” a police officer handling the case told this newspaper. He is confident that an identification parade will show that the suspect is lying.Of his medical condition he revealed that doctors informed him that because of the gunshot wound to his arm pit,, he might require surgical intervention. Olli Maatta Penguins Jersey Dylan Larkin Red Wings Jersey Jason Garrison Lightning Jersey Mats Zuccarello Rangers Jersey Jason Chimera Capitals Jersey Dan Boyle Rangers Jersey Steve Yzerman Red Wings Jersey Kyle Quincey Red Wings Jersey Stanley Cup Canadiens Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 15:22:52

    On Monday a female resident of Melanie Damishana on the East Coast of Demerara was remanded to prison by City Magistrate Alex Moore,, for allegedly pushing a City Constable into moving traffic.Marsha Phillips pleaded not guilty to all the charges read to her.The first allegation stated that on January 18 at Water Street,, Georgetown,, she unlawfully assaulted City Police Superintendent,, Laurel Gittens. She was also charged with resisting arrest and breaching the peace.The Magistrate told the woman that he would have released her on bail,, but because of her disorderly and raucous behaviour in the courtroom,, he ordered her to be remanded up to January 26.Phillips,, who was unrepresented,, launched a commotion in the courtroom. NFL Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys China

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 15:23:27

    Head of the Civil Defence Commission (CDC),, retired Major-General Michael Atherly, has been promoted to National Security Coordinator for the National Security Secretariat,, housed within the Office of the President.Kaieteur News has learnt that Atherly was holding onto the post of head of the CDC until a suitable replacement was found for him.This promotion occurred some two weeks ago.Simultaneously,, a decision was taken to re-assign retired Colonel Chabilall Ramsarup from the Guyana Revenue Authority to the Civil Defence Commission.Atherly,, after interviews conducted over two weeks ago,, was considered to be the best among the candidates interviewed for the position of National Security Coordinator,, and he is expected to take up the position immediately.Sections of the media last evening reported that Atherly was fired as a result of concerns arising out of the recent flooding along the East Coast of Demerara.The Civil Defence Commission (CDC) was established in 1982 to make plans and conduct operations to deal with all types of disasters in Guyana.At the time of its establishment,, the Commission operated under the authority of the Office of the Prime Minister.Responsibility for the CDC was subsequently moved to the Office of the President in 1992.The CDC of Guyana is a full member of the Caribbean Disaster Emergence Response Agency.Retired Major-General Atherly was recently a privileged guest of the GDF at a special dinner held in his honour at Base Camp Ayanganna.The Office of the President,, in a release late last evening,, confirmed that retired Major-General Michael Atherly has been promoted to the position of National Security Coordinator in the National Security Secretariat, housed at the Office of the President. Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 15:23:42

    Bird strike fallout…By Leonard GildarieAuthorities are breathing a sigh of relief after Tuesday’s incident in which a Caribbean Airlines aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing, following a bird strike.Transportation Minister,, Robeson Benn, described the incident as a “near miss” and said that the resolve of the government is steadfast in ensuring that the area along the flight path of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) remains safe.But the challenges in ensuring that the airport, the main gateway in Guyana, remains safe are nothing new.According to Benn, in response to questions Friday, the airport had had to deal with a number of stray dogs in the past; squatters and even a wanted criminal hiding out in the area.In the case of the stray dogs, that problem has been resolved.However, the squatting issue is still nagging at airport management and the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority.Government has been planning to build a mall near the airport and to remove several of the roadside bars and snackettes located along the roadway leading to the facilities.However, the process is far from over. Under regulations,, a three-mile radius around the airport and runways should be kept clear of activities that could affect the safe operations of the planes that land and take off daily.According to Benn, the airport and his Ministry had attracted severe flack after moves were made to remove a number of squatters.Shortly before he was killed in 2008, Rondell “Fineman” Rawlins, considered Guyana’s most wanted criminal at the time, was believed to have been hiding out near the airport.The Minister admitted that authorities believed that Rawlins, had he been inclined, could have caused severe damage.The latest challenge now is the unwanted birds. On Tuesday,, the authorities’ worse fears of an accident almost came true after a vulture, believed to be attracted to waste that were illegally dumped in the area from poultry farms, was sucked into an engine of the Caribbean Airline flight shortly after it took off Tuesday.Officials discovered illegal dumping grounds off the Soesdyke/Linden highway, on which feathers and other waste from the chicken and pig farms in the area were found. The areas were burnt. It is estimated that around 14 chicken and pig farms exist in the area.A special working group was set up to resolve the situation.Residents earlier this week said that they heard explosions with well-known pilot, Mike Charles, who lives in the area,, recalling seeing the smoke from one engine.Charles,, an aircraft enthusiast retained by government to assist, estimates that over 1000 birds live in the area.Kaieteur News was told that the aircraft landed back on one engine, without the use of the reverse thrust to slow the speed on the ground.Residents also reported hearing a heavy grating sound from the damaged propellers.Passengers were shaken with some of them reportedly seeing flames from the left engine and hearing the explosions.According to airport officials, the incident occurred around 10:26 hrs on Tuesday about five miles from the airport.The flight was at the time carrying 152 passengers and six crew members. The aircraft was operating a scheduled passenger flight,, BW662 GEO-POS, and reportedly took off two minutes before the incident.Airport officials said that the plane had ascended to 3,000 feet when the bird was “ingested” into the left engine.Aerodrome Rescue and Firefighting personnel were on standby as the aircraft returned and landed about nine minutes later.Initial investigations revealed several badly bent propellers and according to officials the plane would be grounded until thorough checks are carried out. These include the engine being taken apart.The affected passengers left after 13:00hrs on another plane, this newspaper was told.The pilot of the damaged plane reportedly took control of another one that was on ground at CJIA, taking the shaken passengers to Trinidad, where the flight was originally headed.A mechanic repairs the damaged Caribbean Airlines plane earlier this week.The plane is still grounded and repairs are underway.US statistics indicate that the number of aircraft bird strikes reported in the U.S. quadrupled from 1990 to 2007,, rising from 1,738 per year to 7,439. These strikes caused 3,094 precautionary landings, 1,442 aborted takeoffs, 312 engine shutdowns and 1,162 minor negative effects.Worldwide, crashes of more than 25 large aircraft were caused by bird strikes since 1960,, according to a published study by Dolbeer.In 23 of these incidents,, the strike occurred below 400 feet. More than 219 people were killed and more than 200 aircraft destroyed in accidents attributed to bird strikes since 1988, Dolbeer and other researchers found. NFL Jerseys Authentic China Wholesale NFL Jerseys China NFL Jerseys Cheap Cheap NFL Jerseys China

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    A 27-year-old driver and four passengers were injured on Sunday night following a two-vehicle crash at Land of Canaan,, East Bank Demerara.Friends identified the driver as Marvin Wray of Beverly Close,, South Ruimveldt Gardens.He was admitted to the Georgetown Hospital with head injuries and his condition was at the time reportedly listed as critical. Wray’s sister is said to be among the injured.According to reports,, Wray was heading north along the East Bank Demerara Public Road at around 19:30 hrs when the driver of another vehicle exited a yard and ended up in front of him.Wray swerved to avoid a collision,, but still struck the other vehicle before slamming into a culvert. The vehicle then ended up in a trench.Kaieteur News understands that the other driver fled the scene.The injured were rushed to the East Bank Demerara Regional Hospital at Diamond.Wray and a female were then taken by ambulance to the GPHC where they were admitted.Yesterday,, a friend of Wray told this newspaper that his condition is stable,, but his recovery is very slow. Valtteri Filppula Lightning Jersey Terry Sawchuk Red Wings Jersey Kevin Hayes Rangers Jersey Brian Leetch Rangers Jersey Chris Chelios Red Wings Jersey Larry Murphy Penguins Jersey

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    When he was alive Zakeer did like nuff stupidness. When he dead was de same stupidness. De people who burying he decide fuh hire a Rasta man fuh dig de grave. Dem boys see de man digging and sweating.At lunch time Zakeer relatives and friends guh fuh check at de burial ground fuh see how de grave coming. After dem realize that everything was ok and dem was leaving,, Rasta man ask dem if dem ain’t gun lef an advance. De relative at de back did respond to he and tell he. “Don’t dig Rasta man. Don’t dig. Everything gun be alright.” Then dem walk away. That was de mistake because de Rasta man pick up he shovel and he spade and he lef de grave halfway.When de family tun up fuh bury Zakeer dem see de grave only dig halfway. Rasta man was sitting next to de grav e. This time people start fuh panic. Dem wonder if dem had to carry de man back to de parlour. One of dem ask Rasta man why he lef de grave halfway. Is then de man explain that when he ask fuh a advance,, one of dem tell he,, “Don’t dig Rasta,, don’t dig” suh he sit down and waiting fuh a portion of he money. Is de first time people see guests at a funeral jump fuh dig grave.But dem boys seh that it look like if Zakeer did want delay de burial suh he friends could get a proppa drink. All dem cars was like a rum shop. Dem had ice,, chaser and nuff liquor. Was a good sport,, too good,, because de grave dig twist up.Uncle Donald didn’t go to de funeral because he had to ketch he rest fuh go to wuk early de next day. Dem boys seh that every day he going earlier and earlier because he frighten dem people he got in Ohh Pee clean out de place. Dem already clean out de treasury.De man frighten Rob-Bert and de lunchman more than anybody else. That is why poor Uncle Donald does guh in de office before everybody and he does lef when everybody lef. One man claim how he got to check in early because he don’t want nobody sign no secret deal and no agreement without he knowledge. Uncle Donald claim that dem had too much of that already.That is why de country deh at a standstill. Uncle Donald can’t do nutten. He got to watch all dem people he got round he. Dem boys seh that he gun get cock-eye.Talk half and dig the other half. Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Jerseys China

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    Brazilian progressive power metal band ALMAH the side project of ANGRA members Edu Falaschi (vocals) and Felipe Andreoli (bass) has set “Motion” as the title of its third album,, tentatively due this fall via AFM Records. The CD was recorded at Norcal Studio in So Paulo,, Brazil. 10 songs were tracked for the effort,, which was composed by the entire band and is described in a press release as “really heavy and up-to-date with less influences of typical melodic metal.”Commented Falaschi: “The cover has been created by myself with my own iPhone. I took a picture in Paris and used some applications to create that motion effect. Then Felipe [Andreoli,, bass] used my picture and re-created this artwork in high resolution using Photoshop and completed it with new elements. “This time we wanted something modern and direct to represent our music and we are totally sure that we got the result we really wanted since the very beginning. This CD will show the real ALMAH’s language and personality!”ALMAH’s sophomore album,, “Fragile Equality”,, was released in October 2008 via AFM Records. ALMAH is:Edu Falaschi - VocalsFelipe Andreoli - BassMarcelo Barbosa - GutarPaulo Schroeber - GuitarMarcelo Moreira - DrumsALMAH released its debut CD in the U.S. in July 2007 via Candlelight. Jeff Zatkoff Penguins Jersey Jacob Trouba Team North America Jersey Boston Red Sox Rusney Castillo Jersey Chris Chelios Red Wings Jersey Angel Pagan Giants Jersey Texas Rangers Drew Stubbs Jersey

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    Raymond Westland of Ghost Cult recently conducted an interview with guitarist/co-founder Ben Weinman of the New Jersey-based “mathcore” act THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.Ghost Cult: “One Of Us Is The Killer” seems rather more song- and groove-orientated than your usual fare,, certainly compared to older THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN material. What’s your opinion on this?Weinman: Maybe you’re right about that. This time we wanted to write material that we’re not comfortable with. It had be to be a challenge in order to keep things fresh and interesting for us. We used rhythms that are not natural for us, but at the same time the material sounded surprisingly groovy,, like you said.Ghost Cult: What’s the general theme of “One Of Us Is The Killer”?Weinman: “One Of Us Is The Killer” is more or less a concept album, because all the music and lyrics come from pretty much the same place this time around. A lot of the theme has do with how,, as you get older you stop pointing your finger at everyone else for your frustrations and difficulties and you start looking more inward, realizing that you’re responsible for your own happiness and relationships in this world. That’s the central theme that most of the songs and the lyrics revolve around.Ghost Cult: The new THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN record is the second release on Party Smasher Inc.,, your own imprint. What triggered you guys to go completely independent?Weinman: We wanted to down our own thing,, really. One thing I’ve learned in the music industry is that there’s no right or wrong way of doing this,, especially considering the shape it is in now. Compared to the old days, there are way more avenues to distribute your music,, and it started making us think about new possibilities without being tied a record label telling us what is right or what is wrong. It’s been a very interesting ride so far and we’re working with many different partners all over the world. In Europe,, we work with BMG, and it’s kind of funny to actually go their office to hire them to do stuff for you instead of the other way around. It gives a whole new perspective on things. [laughs] Ghost Cult: So what did you learn along the way business-wise?Weinman: It’s very rewarding to keep your finger in every detail of the entire process, but at the same time, you have to have a keen sense of what your strengths and weaknesses are. One thing I’ve learned is that time spent being creative is more rewarding than time spent doing secretary work. [laughs] Over the years,, I was the guy who did almost everything in terms of running the band; from printing flyers and telling people to come to our show to renting buses and booking plane tickets, pretty much every aspect of the business. For me, it was very beneficial to hire someone who could take care of that, so that I can concentrate on what I’m best at, namely being a musician.Read the entire interview from Ghost Cult. Claudio Bravo Chile Jersey Marc Bartra Barcelona Jersey cheap jerseys usa Mitch Moreland Rangers Jersey Texas Rangers Prince Fielder Jersey Justin Peters Capitals Jersey DeMar DeRozan Team USA Jersey Marc-Andre Ter Stegen Jersey


    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 15:26:13

    The funeral of former Deputy General Manager of the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T),, Terence Ormonde ‘Terry’ Holder, is set to take place today, it was announced yesterday.Holder, 73,, a well known sports administrator involved in table tennis, cricket and respected broadcaster, died last week Wednesday at his Bel Air Park home,, after a period of illness.Terence ‘Terry’ HolderViewing of the body will take place at the Merriman’s Funeral Home, Lime and Bent Streets,, between 12:00 hrs to 13:00hrs. His remains will later be taken to the St. Andrew’s Scot Kirk, where tributes will be delivered from 13:30 hrs. The funeral service will commence at 15:00hrs. He will be laid to rest at Le Repentir Cemetery.A sports enthusiast,, known also for setting high standards in the local broadcasting field, the father of four was recognized for his public relations skills and easy-going attitude which landed him many a prominent part in social and business organizations.A Rotarian and Queen’s College ‘boy’,, his passing has seen an outpouring of words from personalities in Guyana and further afield.Holder excelled in the academic field,, securing a coveted scholarship to Queen’s College (QC) in 1952. An ardent lover of sports, he participated at a high level in a number of disciplines, particularly athletics (sprinting), football, cricket and table tennis. He has also served on the National Sports Council and was an executive member of the Guyana Table Tennis Association.In 1968, when the Government took over and acquired what would be the Guyana Broadcasting Service, he was Programme Director when it first took to the airwaves on October 1.Holder was also one of the members of the media fraternity credited with the formation of the Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU),, which was inaugurated in Guyana in November 1970.In 1980,, while General Manager of the Guyana Broadcasting Corporation, he was elected President of the CBU where he fought for betterment of the media fraternity in Guyana as well as sister states in the region.In 1992, following his stint in Barbados with the CBU, when he was asked to come home to Guyana and work with the new telephone company (Guyana Telephone & Telegraph Company) he said, he was unsure given that, he had never worked in the private sector before. He spent some 20 years at the company.Holder also served until his death for 25 years in the Rotary Club of Guyana.He has also held positions in the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association and the Guyana Cricket Board. Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys NFL Jerseys China

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    Georgetown hosts the majority of museums in Guyana, each of which platforms a different aspect of Guyana’s historical remnants. A museum is not just a museum,, it has a history and a purpose behind each and every artefact placed there.Yet with the access of historical information that can be beneficial to all Guyanese,, the John Campbell Police Museum has drifted from the minds of the public.The John Campbell Police Museum is located on the first floor and western end of the auditorium at the Felix Austin Police College, Eve-Leary. The institution has on display uniforms, musical instruments, photographs and other police artefacts of present time and also dating back to colonial times.In recognition of the work of John Campbell,, a former Assistant Commissioner of Police, the museum was named after him. Campbell re-organised the institution in 1975.Recognitions were given to the some police officers whose vision was to ensure that the history of the police force was preserved through the museum, which was first housed at the police depot,, now referred to the Tactical Services Unit (T.S.U)During 1975, the facility was relocated to the Criminal Investigation Department (C.I.D) where it remained until 1988.A look at the museum between 1948 and 1975 gave the impression that it has never been a priority of the force. At this point, the late John Campbell who was at the time Research, Planning and Publication officer, took the initiative to re-organise the museum.As a result of the long period of inactivity, many of the artefacts were either damaged or suffered some degree of decay.In this circumstance, John Campbell set himself the task of contracting divisional officers throughout the country with a view to replacing the depleted collection. Success to some extent attended his effort.The facility was now given a new lease on life. Senior Superintendent,, Henry Greene,, at that time,, was in charge of research, planning and publication, assumed the responsibility for the museum’s rehabilitation programme.In 1989 the institution was removed from the C.I.D headquarters to its present location. Consequent upon the museum being located at the college it fell under the administration’s control of the commandant, Assistant Commissioner L.Gilkes.To concur with the force’s 150th anniversary celebrations, the museum was opened to the public on July 24, 1989, five days a week.In 1993, the fanatical circumstances which have been associated with the police museum during its sixty-odd years of existence, showed a profound determination on the part of those Officers to put a premium of preservation of the history of the police force throughout this unit, the museum.After twenty months of preparation, Mrs. V. Campbell, wife of the late John Campbell, officially opened the John Campbell Police Museum on Thursday, October 14, 1993. Wholesale Stitched Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale China Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys

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    -Says transparency and accountability will be sacrificed on the altar of expediency to pass 2017 budgetBy Kiana Wilburg The presentations on 2017 budget debate are finally over. From Tuesday, the National Assembly will resolve itself into the Committee of Supply to scrutinize the 2017 estimates of revenue and expenditure for the various budgetOpposition Chief Whip, Gail Teixeiraagencies.However, members of the Opposition are concerned that this exercise will not be as effective as it should. They opine that the books for agencies for this year are not closed and will not be before December 31, 2016.The members of the PPP noted that during the Committee of Supply,, Government ministers are questioned on the projected spending for the new fiscal year and are often called upon to account for spending for the previous year.Specifically,, Opposition Chief Whip, Gail Teixeira, said that this line of questioning will be undermined since central, regional and local government and statutory bodies and agencies are still spending. As such, what are in the volumes of the estimates are not actual close of books figures but “guesstimates or incomplete figures.”“The figures we in this House shall be scrutinizing are incomplete. In fact,, we will be examining guesstimates of some date unknown in the month of November which is prior to the Budget speech being presented,” Teixeira contended.“In fact, we shall be shadow boxing during the estimates as the 2016 budget would not have been completed and revised upwards or downwards …This has the makings of something sinister as transparency and accountability will be sacrificed on the altar of the expediency to pass this budget.”Teixeira said that she is of the firm view that the government simply wants to get over the Budget as quickly as possible,, and use their one seat to railroad and ram down the throats of the Guyanese people, almost 200 tax measures in a matter of 10 months between the 2016 and 2017 Budgets. She said that this situation is reminiscent of the taxation budgets of the late 1960s.The Opposition Chief Whip maintains that there is no desire on the part of the government to respond to the criticisms and concerns expressed by the broadest cross section of this society ever seen since the 1980s.“Yet the Government remains aloof, in some bubble somewhere, inaccessible,, invisible, and even their speeches in the House,, they ignore and refuse to explain its own tax measures,,” she said.The Opposition member commented that a Budget provides the financial support to a policy framework of where the country is going in the next year.However, Teixeira asserted that the policy directions of the 2017 Budget are ambiguous at best and bereft of any vision. She said that its foundation is based on a concept of the “good life” which is nebulous at best and fraught with subjectivism and devoid of empirical performance measurements, assessments, and data driven benchmarks.Teixeira said that an economy doesn’t expand and diversify by platitudes but it will decline when taxation measures drive the costs of production to levels which make it unfeasible to continue.Unfortunately, she said that the government has woven such a web of deception that its members have fallen prey to their own fallacies and its only defense is to create a “messianic shield around themselves to protect and defend a draconian, repressive, retrogressive budget” which will do nothing for growth and development of this nation nor improve the quality of life.She maintains that the government must withdraw the budget.“There is time to redesign it with the assistance of national stakeholders and remove the repressive, retrogressive measures. There is still hope for our people and country; the government must not lose this opportunity to put them first,” expressed Teixeira.She said that if the government fails to redesign the budget then as the Ram and McRae analysis of the budget 2017 stated, “Guyanese can expect a rough ride in 2017.” Wholesale Stitched Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale China Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping

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    Video footage of Italian singer Mariangela “Mary” Demurtas of Norway’s TRISTANIA and Italian guitarist Francesco Marras (SCREAMING SHADOWS) performing acoustic cover versions of ALICE IN CHAINS (”Down In A Hole”) and DEEP PURPLE (”Soldier Of Fortune”) classics can be seen below.Demurtas joined TRISTANIA in 2007 and is featured on the band’s sixth album,, “Rubicon”,, which came out in August 2010 via Austria’s Napalm Records. The group is currently working on a follow-up CD for a tentative May release.Francesco’s first solo instrumental album,, “Black Sheep”,, is available on iTunes and AmazonMP3. Henrik Zetterberg Red Wings Jersey Fernando Muslera Uruguay Jersey Anton Stralman Lightning Jersey Los Angeles Kings Jerseys China

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    Police are following leads given by a man they have in custody for the suspected kidnapping of seven-year-old Roxanne McLean.According to the parents, Tova Patterson and Walter McLean, the St Agnes Primary School child went missing from her school on Monday last.The child’s mother, Tova Patterson, recounted that when she showed up at the school that day, she was met with only Roxanne’s lunch and book bag.Patterson said that the child’s school teacher was not there; however,, another teacher told her that she hadn’t seen the child since midday.“The teacher tell me that about 10:00, which is usually play time; she noticed a strange man and he ask her if he could carry home Roxanne. She say how he call me and de father name saying how we send he for Roxanne.“The teacher say she tell he that Roxanne class teacher was not there so he couldn’t take the child. De teacher say that she didn’t know if he left or he wait outside; but lunch time he returned and just ask to speak to the child so de teacher say she direct he to the child class cause all he know was that she is in Grade Two; he didn’t know the exact class.The teacher say that he tell she he ain’t see Roxanne in the class and he left,,” Patterson explained.The apparently composed mother said that she was accompanied to the school by her companion, Hayden Williams,, who asked the teacher for a description of the male who picked up the missing minor.According to Williams, the description given by the teacher fitted the physical description of his son who lived for some time with the child and her mother.As the three tried to solve the mystery, Patterson received a phone call from an unknown number. She said that, on the line,, was a “strong,, male,, rusty voice” saying “Tova,, I kidnap your daughter today.”Patterson explained that as she tried to put the phone on speaker, as advised by Williams, the caller ended the conversation.However, the phone rang again, this time it was handed to Williams who said that all he heard was “something about Suriname.”A subsequent phone call sought to advise the mother that if she reported the matter “I would find me daughter dead.”Against the advice of the unknown caller, the mother reported the matter to Alberttown Police station.The following day, which would have been the Tuesday, Patterson and Williams returned to the school in the company of the police.Williams said that the teacher was once again asked to describe the person who inquired about the child. “She gave the same description she gave the day before.”He said that the teacher was then shown a photograph of the suspect and said that it appeared to be the man she saw the day before.The suspect was taken in for questioning. Reports are that he was initially taken to Alberttown and was later transferred to Brickdam Station.McLean expressed concern of the man being released after the mandatory 72 hrs. He contended, “If this is really the man who kidnapped my child, for whatever his sick reason was, he will be forced to do something to my child so she can’t come back and tell the tale.”However, the police say that there is nothing incriminating enough to hold the suspect after the maximum allotted time.Well placed police sources stated that “we are pulling out all the plugs on this one.”The Officer said that a team of investigators is “working on this case as there is an innocent child involved.”He indicated that the police have been following several leads but keep arriving at dead ends. Further, and most interestingly, the source said that “there seems a lot more than what is being presented in this case and we have reason to believe that this child is caught up in a serious triangle that may cause her to be hurt by the ones who are supposed to protect her.” Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Stitched Jerseys Wholesale China Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping

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    “Time for Renewal and Empowerment,” was the theme for a special forum on “The state of Black African Guyana,,” hosted by the Ghana Day Committee in collaboration with the Cuffy 250 Committee.The fact-finding meeting which lasted all day yesterday was the first in a series of conversations in the African Guyanese Community which marked the 205th anniversary of the Berbice Slave Uprising.Following presentations on topics, which included the current socio-economic, political and cultural condition of African Guyanese,, were in-depth discussions by members of the audience,, aimed at generating needed inputs for the evolution of a plan of action for the African Guyanese community.Presenters at the forum included African Guyanese Scholars and Activists such as, Hugh Tommy Payne, Nigel Hughes, Andaiye,, Mellissa Ifill, Carl Greenidge and Dr. David Hinds.Professor Anthony BrowderThe international panel of presenters consisted of, the acclaimed African-American scholar-activist,, Anthony Browder and Guyanese-American businessman, George Abrams.Professor Browder, the Founder and Director of IKG Cultural Resources, in an invited comment,, said that the state of mind of the African Guyanese is, “pitiful.”Browder stated that this conclusion was made, based on Guyana’s high poverty and crime rate, the amount of black youth being killed by the police,, increasing rate of teenage pregnancy among other factors.He added that what is even more depressing is that the young people of Guyana are being programmed by music, most of which comes from the U.S.A. “They are influenced by the music and they get into activities that end their lives prematurely, and unfortunately, America is a contributing source of the misery in Guyana.”The Professor stressed that Guyanese men and women need to make a serious and conscious effort to change their perspective of “Self image.” He added that the misconception of one’s image and who we should emulate is also part of the downfall of the African society.The analyst said that, “pop stars such as Lil Wayne, Drake,, 50 cent; Lil Kim, Beyonce and Rihanna have only had a negative impact on how the youth perceive and value themselves.”He said that singers such as; “Nicki Minaj,” Beyonce Knowles, and Robin “Rihanna” Fenty, only teach our young women that dressing with short pants and dresses is the only way to win the love and attention of a promising husband.He added that whilst some of these activities stem from a father who fails to validate his daughter,, “and letting her know that she is beautiful and worthy”, has left her very vulnerable to the power of negative music, which has been able to manipulate “our women into thinking that this manner of conduct is acceptable.” NFL Jerseys Authentic China Wholesale Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 15:27:12

    Mere hours after a fire left scores homeless in an Albouystown fire, yesterday,, some 46 children were displaced after another fire razed the male dorm of the Children’s Drop-In Centre on Hadfield Street,, Wortmanville around 18:00hrs.The female dorm sustained significant water damage. Minister Manickchand trying to comfort some of the displaced children last evening shortly before they were relocated The National AIDS Programme Secretariat building was also scorched as a result of the fire.The fire is rumoured to have started after an electrical appliance that was plugged into the wrong socket malfunctioned. But Fire Chief,, Marlon Gentle, who was on the scene told this newspaper that after initial checks the fire is believed to have been started in the roof of the boys’ dorm.At that time, he said that they were awaiting electrical inspectors to conduct a more detailed examination to determine whether the fire was electrical in nature.Rudolph Hinds,, a representative of the Drop-in Centre told Kaieteur News that the fire started in the boys’ dormitory.When it was observed, the children were quickly summoned and all were accounted for unhurt.The children were rushed across the road to a neighbour’s residence. Kaieteur News managed to speak to the neighbour, Marcia Smith,, who said that after she heard someone shouting ‘fire’ and after several calls to the Guyana Fire Service proved futile, she immediately called the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company and the National Communication Network.The woman said that the fire service took some fifteen minutes to arrive on the scene and quickly controlled the blaze.Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Priya Manickchand, upon hearing the news, quickly rushed to the scene.She was shortly after, joined by other Human Services Ministry senior officials as well as Minister within the Ministry of Health,, Dr Bheri Ramsaran and Labour Minister Manzoor Nadir.The children,, who were visibly traumatised,, were crying and fainting as they watched the place they called home,, go up in flames.Minister Manickchand, caregivers at the centre and other officials were all seen comforting the young children.Kaieteur News understands that the children were taken to the Sophia Children’s Drop in Centre.When this newspaper arrived at the scene, several persons were frantically removing items from the building and managed to get a great deal out.Scores of persons turned up and the law enforcers had their hands full trying to contain them and keeping them out of the way.Last evening, Minister Manickchand said that she was thankful that none of the children were seriously injured.She added that her priority would be to ensure their safety and to restore some sense of normalcy to the obviously traumatised children.She said that if there is need the Ministry will be providing whatever counseling is necessary.The Minister recalled that as recent as Thursday the members of the Fire Service were present at the Drop-in-Centre to conduct a fire drill. Maurice Richard Canadiens Jersey Darren Helm Red Wings Jersey Oscar Lindberg Rangers Jersey Dan Boyle Rangers Jersey David Perron Penguins Jersey Ron Francis Penguins Jersey Walt Tkaczuk Rangers Jersey Curtis Joseph Red Wings Jersey Mike Gartner Rangers Jersey

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    Police have detained two youths who carried out a daring daylight robbery at a Grove, East Bank Demerara shop after holding up a female shopkeeper with a toy gun.The suspects, aged 20 and 17,, relieved Kickadai Sookhai,, of Lot 643 Grove Housing Scheme, of $33,000 and travel documents after subduing the businesswoman and ransacking her home.The suspects fled into Kaneville but were arrested after a lively chase by ranks from the Golden Grove Police Station.Sookhai told Kaieteur News that she was alone on the premises when the youths entered and asked for an aerated beverage.The shopkeeper said that she had opened a section of the counter to give the youths the beverage, At that point, one of the ‘customers’ drew a black handgun from one of his pockets.“He pull out a gun and say ‘don’t move, don’t shout and put the gun in my face,,” Ms. Sookhai recalled.She said that the gunman then went behind the counter and ‘braced’ her to the freezer.“He asked me if I alone at home and I say that my husband upstairs. They say go on the ground and one of them ‘vice’ me from behind.As the shopkeeper wrestled with the robber, his accomplice entered the house and eventually located a handbag containing $30,000,, Sookhai’s bankbook and her husband’s national identification card.Fortunately for Sookhai, a customer entered the shop just as the robber had returned with the loot.On seeing the customer the bandit with the handbag went to the counter and pretended that he was tending to the shop.“He go to the counter and say ‘what you want?’ The customer asked for a phone card and the young bandit said “We don’t have.”Sookhai, who was being held on the ground by the other robber,, began to groan loudly and kicked a nearby cupboard.Realising that a robbery was in progress,, the customer hurriedly left the shop on his motorcycle and alerted the ranks at the nearby Golden Grove Police Station.Three ranks in a vehicle pursued the robbers into Kaneville.A source said that one of the suspects was apprehended near a bridge while the other was arrested just as he was emerging from some bushes.Police also recovered Sookhai’s valuables,, as well as the toy gun the robbers had used.They were taken to the Golden Grove Police Station,, where their victim positively identified them as her assailants.Sookhai revealed that this is the second time in recent years that she has been a victim of a daylight robbery.In 2007,, gunmen entered her home through the back door. They escaped with $200,000 in cash and $100,000 in jewellery.The businesswoman says that an empty, bushy lot near her home is a haven for bandits and is urging the authorities to have the land cleared. NFL Jerseys Cheap Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys China NFL Jerseys China

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 16:13:21

    A mother from Kuru-Kururu, on the Soesdyke/Linden Highway is now seeking assistance from the public after her 16-year-old son, for the past eight years has been suffering from Papilloma with Squamous Epithelium – a condition where a “cyst-like growth” continuously forms on his vocal chords.Welch’s mother, Christela De Freitas yesterday confirmed that her son,, Stephon Leon Welch,, a student of Friendship Secondary School, was diagnosed with the “rare” disease.Welch was referred to the Georgetown Public Hospital for a hoarse throat when he was eight. After several tests were conducted,, it was revealed that he had a growth on his vocal chords. He returned after two months with stridor and an emergency tracheotomy was done. The histology showed to be chronic inflammation with polyp formation with a web formation.Stephon Leon Welch (Photo provided by Christela De Freitas)Welch was put on antiviral treatment and was advised to go for laser treatment. Since then, his tracheotomy tube has been changed repeatedly and the Papilloma on his laryngeal inlet excised twice along with the excision of the web formation – which happens to recur.However,, due to the recurrence of the disease and the web formation at a “Glottis Level”,, he has been again advised to go for laser excision of the Papilloma and the web. However, the laser treatment is not available in Guyana.After years of his family being unsuccessful in locating a health facility to administer the required treatment, they were finally able to do so earlier in July via the JIPA Connect Network.The treatment centre is located in Colombia (Clinica Colsanitas) where he may be required to undergo 1-3 surgeries. The estimated total for the treatment is US $20,461.83 (GYD $4,239,,748.12).De Freitas said yesterday that for the past eight years since the insertion of the tracheotomy tube, her son has been unable to breathe and speak on his own.“I am hoping and praying that this treatment would be the last one and all goes well so that he will feel better. He cannot speak,, he usually communicates using signs and by writing,” De Freitas said.She is therefore seeking assistance in any way possible to help accumulate the required amount for his treatment. Donations can be made to the Scotia Bank account (A/C 283150) or by contacting her on 592 670-4077 / 592 261 5994. Nike Eagles #91 Fletcher Cox Black Mens Stitched NFL Elite Pro Line Gold Collection Jersey Wholesale Real Madrid Jerseys Pistons #0 Andre Drummond Navy Stitched NBA Jersey Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys 2014 Olympic Team USA #44 Brooks Orpik White Stitched NHL Jersey Wholesale New York Yankees Jerseys


    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 16:14:47

    Jagdeo promise that de PPP wouldn’t sleep again until it get back in power. But Venezuela standing pun Guyana head and got we pun we toes.De same Jagdeo,, from de PPP,, ain’t see it fit to put out a statement or to seh a word up to now. That is he idea of love fuh Guyana, de same country wha that man rule fuh 13 years.He sitting down quiet and not saying a word. If Soulja Bai think this man love Guyana he better think again. He better keep that SOB far. Put him pun Australia doorstep. Or better still, put him in prison.Dem boys seh when he talk about PPP can’t sleep he right in one sense. Nobody who thinking about jail can’t sleep. And is de forensic audits and investigations wha going on got he, Jagdeo, and he kavakamites,, dem, like that.When dem boys see de statement that Jagdeo mek that he party wouldn’t sleep until dem get back in power, a lot of things got through dem boys mind,, immediately.Dem boys seh,, yes, “Jagdeo really love Guyana,, but he love all Guyana fuh heself, he friends and he family.”Put dem back in power and all Guyanese would got to pay rent to walk, drive and glide, much less to live in Guyana.De way he was carrying on wid de assets of Guyana, giving dem away like de Sanata Complex wha worth over US$40 million. He give Babbie fuh next to nutten. And that is only one he give Babbie that dem boys talking about now.Den you got de projects he embark on. De same Babbie put little or nutten and end up owning de hog share.De Berbice Bridge is glaring. De whole nation was begging dem to reduce de toll but because of de love dem had fuh Guyana, dem seh no.It tek Soulja Bai to start de speed boat service to mek dem beg now fuh let dem sit down and talk.Dem boys plan fuh whisper in Soulja Bai ears. “When dem call tell Moses or Li’l Joe fuh tell dem he hoarse and he can’t talk and that he don’t know when de hoarseness gun go away to talk to dem.”In shaat, don’t stop de speedboat service,, Soulja Bai.Talk half and show dem that you love Berbicians more than Jagdeo and he PPP wha can’t shut dem eye. Pistons #0 Andre Drummond Navy Stitched NBA Jersey Wholesale Jerseys Nike Cowboys #89 Gavin Escobar Navy Blue/White Throwback Mens Stitched NFL Elite Jersey Cheap Jerseys From China Wholesale New York Yankees Jerseys 2014 Olympic Team USA #44 Brooks Orpik White Stitched NHL Jersey Wholesale USA Soccer Jerseys

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    It truly is accurate which the tooth affect our personal self-esteem. It is just an a very important section of our visual element. Lightening ideal alterations our visible attraction,, as well as in an oblique alternative,, that has an impact on our individual certainty.

    Even though by using a good amount of merchandise during which translates to whiter mouth, most people finish up perplexed with what points to consider. The merchandise furthermore usual processes alter in selling price and therefore tempo in the course of rendering advancement. Despite the fact that items once were being firmly classed alongside with suffered and for that reason use at your house, in recent times, that will be of one’s ‘professional use’ decent are situated in up-to-date promote. Them deliver wonderful benefits nearer to a specialised dental care dissimilar to these ‘home use’ products like toothpastes.

    While you are a great deal more straight onto exceptionally very quickly conclusion gains, the instructed dental apply study course of treatment method is in fact chairside teeth whitening methods. Mostly implemented for the dentist’s department. In any other case known as teeth bleaching, printed translates into roughly just one hour. The principal big difference which may very well be seen in the results using an lesson is actually four to 6 gradations less,, that can is decided by each and every individual.

    Detailed underneath are a handful of info that may distinguish just how it operates.

    ; Teeth whitening is performed whereas utilizing a method that contains 15% that may 35% in bleach near choices formulation. In the past this treatment means are commenced, many of the gumline are safe and sound by experiencing a foundation (a tad of use a tooth dam) designed to shields commonly the silky bubble gum pores and skin. Upon this, the particular tooth health care provider will influence tooth this peroxide remedies. To lift every one of the tooth whitening have an effect on,, a solid fractional laser or even just a delightful light (with the efficiency to provide an unit) is effective really perfectly. In the past longer, any carbamide peroxide gel is without doubt rinsed out. Usage of preventative pastes and lightening agent is continued repetitions. Instantaneously immediately following the procedure, you can expect to realise that impact of this teeth’s trendy hint into your general appearance. Laser hair elimination gives a ‘natural white-colored teeth’ final final result,, in just about an hour.

    ( place ) You most likely have whitened fillings, its encouraged which you just substitute these any coloring that not in favor of the shade from the pearly white’s right immediately after tooth whitening.

    Adhering to a plan of action, you’ll possibly notice that your tooth enamel ache has risen. It happens to be starting to be considered that is an natural and all natural outcome of ones enamel subsequent your medicine. The quality of dental empathy the many equivalent differs from solitary particular person to a different. Alternatively, a problems will seem lowered uncovered in 7days / 7days once the treatment.

    The leading benefit of almost any in-office whitening teeth treatment is that you simply definitely, as getting the medical-related individual,, are specific that barely your major dental turns into touching many of the bleach. Furthermore, on the dentist profesionist doing work the method,, that man or woman are thoroughly aware inside the function the your smile in contact with the expert have left yet another set for this treatment.

    Ahead of settling on,, it’s always mandatory that lots of people contact the dentist company. Clearly, go to your dentistry regarding browse and for that reason clean-up. It truly is just adhering to kinds of kinds of techniques that an oral surgeon can quickly make up your mind then enable you to know really should you need a tactics treatment technique. Any dental surgery would also advise you undertaking what varieties of treatment solution solution is planning to performs finest to you personally personally looking at credit heritage . oral wellness.

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    by Lin-Jay Harry-Voglezon (American In鈥檒 News Service) At a simple ceremony last Wednesday morning at the Georgetown headquarters of the Guyana Post Office Corporation (GPOC),, in the presence of Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, sponsors and others, the corporation launched INSTAPay, recognized its outstanding employees,聽 and honoured the academically outstanding children of its employees.INSTAPay is the new name given to the bill payment and money transfer services conducted by the GPOC because the process is now using the electronic and internet capabilities of Roraima Financial Services. This means that within 2 to 5 minutes after any payment at any GPOC branch,, Guyana Power and Light Company (GPL),, Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T), Guyana Water Inc,, (GWI), Institute of Private Enterprise Development ( IPED), Courts, etc. could access information about the payments. They would have timely knowledge of who paid, when, where and how much.According to Fonseca Peters, of Roraima Financial Services, one can make payments at any post office and expect similar efficiencies even if it lacks a computer. In such cases the GPOC will utilize its call centre to process the information quickly.In addition,, the regular and same day money orders processed through the corporation on behalf of Laparkan and others would be accelerated, as would money transfers to the remotest areas of Guyana at competitive rates. GPOC with its 67 locations, with at least one in every region,, has the widest network of offices in Guyana and the capability to serve people everywhere.聽 As emails and e-cards reduce the volume and rate of traditional postal activity,, post offices around the world are introducing postal financial services,, e-commerce centres,, parcel and logistic services for their survival. In 2012, GPOC鈥檚 handling of mails, bulk postage and bill distribution accounted for only 23% of its income. Brandon Dubinsky Jersey Craig Hartsburg Jersey Dino Ciccarelli Jersey Trevor Van Riemsdyk Jersey Ryan Reaves Jersey Scott Hartnell Jersey Tony Twist Jersey Jaden Schwartz Jersey Pavol Demitra Jersey

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    The body of Khemraj Bhajan,, 60,, was found around noon yesterday in a trench outside his home at Albion,, Corentyne,, Berbice.Bhajan,, who lived alone,, was an alcoholic. Neighbors said he was last seen alive around 08:00 hrs and may have fallen in the trench in an attempt to go buy more rum.Police ruled out foul play since the body bore no marks of violence. The body is at the New Amsterdam Hospital Mortuary awaiting post mortem. Steve Larmer Jersey Jaromir Jagr Jersey Morgan Rielly Team North America Jersey Phillip Danault Jersey Connor McDavid Team North America Jersey Brent Seabrook Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 17:01:25

    The residents of Eccles have expressed their frustration at the operations of the scrap metal merchant who operates at 148 Cowpen Street,, East Bank Demerara.They say that the operation causes rat infestation; it creates a noise nuisance and hazardous dust particles and presents an unsightly surrounding.According to a resident,, the scrap metal business has been in existence for almost two years,, and during this time the business has caused many utilities to be affected.He explained that whenever the containers are brought with scrap metal the height of the containers causes electrical lines and phone lines in the area to be severed.At the same time,, the weight of the vehicle damages the pipelines that are located underground.Yesterday at the scene of the scrap metal dealership,, there were GPL officials reconnecting the electricity supply in the area.According to one resident a Canter truck transporting scrap metal had slammed into the electricity post while unloading,, causing the electrical wire to be severed.However, when asked to speak to the owner,, his worker said he was out.Another resident said the area is a residential one and should not be used for commercial businesses,, while the vibration given off by the vehicle in the area damages certain items in their houses.“His containers are destroying everything,,” one resident said.It was also said that the scrap metal dealer ignored the Neighbourhood Democratic Council since they recommended that the place be shut down because of the hazards the business poses in the area.This newspaper tried to contact the proprietor but failed. Cody Eakin Jersey Brandon Saad Jersey Brandon Dubinsky Jersey Scott Gomez Jersey David Rundblad Jersey Wayne Gretzky Jersey Valeri Nichushkin Jersey Johnny Oduya Jersey Corey Crawford Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 17:23:41

    The region’s police chiefs are convinced that a lack of ethical standards will continue to lead to distrust of police officers and the further erosion of public confidence.In addition, they believe that it will also lead to the retention of pockets of tension between the police and individual communities.The revelations were made at last month’s annual general meeting of the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police,, held in Jamaica. The conference noted the negative impact that unethical conduct was having on law enforcement in the region.Within recent times there has been growing mistrust of the security forces,, especially in Guyana,, where several communities have expressed concern over the integrity of members of the local police force.The village of Buxton,, for example, has been known to harbour criminal elements who have been seeking refuge there since the 2002 Mash Day jailbreak.The situation has reached such alarming proportions that,, despite a significant reward being offered for information on criminal suspects,, many citizens are refusing to cooperate with the security forces.To this end, the regional police chiefs have identified some of the processes in an effort to identify the causes of corruption among police officers.These include the review of the recruitment process; lack of proportionality as it relates to payment; lack of accountability, and improper vetting mechanism.Also high on the agenda for implementation are the need to clearly define standards required of personnel; managers leading by example; hiring of qualified police officers; offering support to those officers who are considered to be whistle blowers; and early intervention to identify and remove those persons who are failing as ethical officers.The region’s top cops also agreed that the continuing high turnover rate among police officers in the region was a matter of critical concern, and must be given higher priority on the regional security agenda as it has implications for national and regional security.In recognizing the important role that females continue to play in the development of law enforcement, the commissioners noted that the ability to recruit females in greater numbers was being adversely impacted by the fact that,, in most regional jurisdictions,, physical accommodations did not provide adequate comfort for female officers.It was further noted that greater attention must be given to the need to appropriately balance the competing interests of work and family life of female police officers. Mention was also made of the fact that there are no restrictions on opportunities for upward mobility among females.In reaffirming its support for the Caribbean Federation of Police Associations and the Caribbean Women Police Association, the ACCP noted that police associations in the Caribbean have valuable contributions to make to the development of law enforcement.It was further noted that the continued development of harmonious and productive relationships between managers of police forces and members of the various police associations is critical to the further development of law enforcement and the achievement of organisational goals.There was agreement that one of the primary roles of law enforcement is the affirmative protection of the individual rights of all citizens.In this regard,, a commitment was made to continue training police officers in issues of human rights.The Bermuda Police Service’s Strategy on Ethical Conduct will be adapted as a template for the development of similar policies to guide ethical conduct in other Caribbean police forces. Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 17:23:51

    President Bharrat Jagdeo emphasised that it is recognised that Guyana is a multi-ethnic,, multi-cultural country and that all people have contributed equally to its development. His comments came at the Mela of the Indian Arrival Committee (IAC), at the National Park on Sunday.“The Indian culture that was brought by our ancestors does not belong only to Indian people; it belongs to all of Guyana, and to all the races.”The President congratulated the IAC for organising the annual event that brings together people of all races to celebrate the Indians’ contribution to Guyana’s culture,, which is composed of the contributions and efforts of all persons who toiled in service to build a strong Guyana.He noted that the Indian ancestry worked side by side with other races to build this country.Therefore,, the celebration of Indian culture does not demean other races or ethnicity in Guyana.He emphasised that “Indian culture belongs to all races in Guyana and so in its celebration, all of the races should be involved.”Recognising that Guyana is a beautiful country,, the President encouraged all to “see our diversity as our strength. Guyanese have an opportunity to show how people who work together in a multi-cultural society can excel and progress. We are enriched without knowing it.”He said that promoting the recognition and celebration of the various cultures that exist in Guyana, will further contribute to creating a dynamic,, harmonious society,, with development permeating the entire country,, since Guyana will only reach its maximum potential if everyone is a part of the uplift process.He urged that special emphasis be placed on ensuring that children understand,, conceptually,, the importance of culture in forming a strong foundation and noted that strength, resilience and an inclination for hard work were the qualities that Guyana’s Indian fore-parents possessed which helped to overcome the pressure of colonial domination.He stated that “these are the lessons of our ancestors. We are all involved, and good, sound policies will move the country forward and all Guyanese have equal rights.” Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys China

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 17:25:04

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – Three men accused of plotting to blow up New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport pleaded not guilty in Brooklyn federal court yesterday after they were extradited to the United States from Trinidad.U.S. Magistrate Judge Cheryl Pollak ordered all three held without bail following their arraignment.They had been extradited overnight from Trinidad amid great secrecy and security in an operation that involved 15 FBI agents in addition to local law enforcement officers,, the Trinidad Guardian newspaper said.Trinidadian Kareem Ibrahim, 62,, and Guyanese citizens Abdul Kadir,, 59,, and Abdel Nur, 57,, were flown by private jet to Miami International Airport en route to JFK, the same airport they are accused of plotting to bomb.They had fought extradition but lost an appeal earlier this week,, said Farid Scoon, an attorney for one of the men.A fourth suspect, Russell de Freitas, was arrested in New York and is in jail pending trial. A naturalized U.S. citizen from Guyana who once worked as a cargo handler at the airport, he has pleaded not guilty.The four men were indicted in New York City a year ago on charges of plotting to blow up buildings,, fuel tanks and pipelines at JFK, which handles some 1,,000 flights and more than 120,000 passengers daily.Prosecutors say the four suspects are Islamic extremists. They face charges that include conspiracy to attack a mass transportation facility,, to destroy a public building by explosion and to destroy international airport facilities.They would face a maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted. Wholesale Jerseys Supply Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale NFL Jerseys China

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 17:25:35

    While there has been an increase of quarry (stone) production in the local sector last year,, an even greater level of production has been projected for 2014.During a meeting with Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment (NRE) Robert Persaud,, some local quarry producers have indicated that despite challenges,, this year‘s production is expected to increase significantly.One entity,, BK International,, indicated that the company experienced some issues with their machinery but is expected to increase production by 100 per cent.BK International stone quarry in Linden.Baracara Quarries Inc. indicated that it is experiencing some mechanical problems but there will be approximately 40 per cent increase in production.Toolsie Persaud Ltd noted that last year there was an issue with transportation, but that this will be corrected this year. The company is currently 85 per cent back in operation but production far exceeds the transportation available; in 2014 there will be a 30 per cent increase in production.Durban Quarries Inc has indicated that the company is now in possession of a barge. It now needs a place to offload materials in Georgetown.The company currently has some 100,000 tonnes of boulders at the plant and is also encouraging persons with barges to uplift from the quarry.Mr. Andre Archer,, of Metallica,, noted that the company has issues with timely clearing of items from the Customs Department.Metallica also experiences severe transportation issues along the Mabura road; the time taken to traverse the road has since doubled.The company has suggested that it is willing to undertake the maintenance of the road with the permission from the Ministry of Public Works.During the meeting,, recommendations were also made by officials from the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment and other stakeholders, to alleviate constraints of the sector.Although Minister Persaud commended the larger companies for having maintained their consistency in production last year,, he highlighted that there are roll over projects costing billions of dollars in road construction and the housing sector, to which there were complaints of not enough materials being available.Representatives from the various Ministries which included the Ministry of Housing highlighted their concerns that there was not enough crush and run materials available.During the discussion, it was noted that projected demand for the different grades of material should be shared with Quarry Operators so that they can plan their production.It was agreed by all that greater planning and coordination will ensure a constant supply on the market.The Minister also shared his concern about the absence of a high marketing strategy by the Quarry producers. He noted that Guyana is still importing quarry materials although the country is rich in resources. Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys

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    EZjet boss,, Sonny Ramdeo, who is battling in a Florida court for his freedom,, will spend Christmas in jail knowingEZ jet bossSonny Ramdeothat he has not been sentenced. That is because a court in Florida has agreed to allow his motion to hear the possibilities of him making restitution for the fraud he is accused of.According to court proceedings filed, the hearing is expected on December 29.Since being found guilty,, Ramdeo has filed several motions and other appeals in an about-turn. He was set to be sentenced on Wednesday by Judge Kenneth Maria in a West Palm Beach Division Court.Last year October,, Ramdeo pleaded guilty to wire fraud. However, he subsequently recanted his plea on the ground that he was poorly represented. That led to him filing several motions to have his guilty plea overturned.Judge Maria had accepted his appeal and appointed a public defender to represent the accused.Ramdeo is alleged to have embezzled several million US dollars from a hospital chain with which he worked, and plugged some of it into EZjet,, a charter that he ran from JFK airport to Guyana. The US Department of Transportation suspended the airline services in October 2012.Ramdeo, in one petition to the Court, filed a motion seeking to have the court grant a 20-day extension to his sentencing.According to Ramdeo, he has been representing himself for some time now,, is without the adequate resources to properly file a reply,, and further, is being held in oppressive incarceration at the Palm County Jail. He signaled his intention also to file a response to the government,, but lamented that he is still awaiting access to the legal research from his country jail library.Ramdeo contended that none of the attorneys that had represented him sought any independent discovery,, nor did they compel the government to provide all materials available and based on recent filings with the court.According to Ramdeo, he has been incarcerated for over two years and has no access to resources to get information needed to refute the government’s case.Ramdeo has over the course of his incarceration, fired a number of defence attorneys as well as changed his plea on several occasions. He has already been found guilty of obstruction of justice, when on a previous occasion he attempted to change his plea. Wholesale Jerseys Supply Wholesale Jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 17:27:18

    The partly decomposed body of a labourer from Patentia,, West Bank Demerara was discovered by residents around 06:30hrs yesterday at the Vriesland foreshore.The body has since been identified as that of 40-year-old Andrew Appana, of 56 Patentia Housing Scheme,, West Bank Demerara. His remains were positively identified by his mother,, Noreen Appana.According to the woman,, her son was last seen on Saturday, when he left his home to go visit relatives at Vriesland.Mrs. Appana told Kaieteur News that after her son left on Saturday and did not return that same evening, she was of the opinion that he had gone into the interior.“Sometimes he does lef’ and when he ain’t come home I know he gone in de bush fuh wuk,, so all de time me thinkin’ he gone in de bush,,” the dead man’s mother said. She added that around noon on Saturday she called to check on him and was told by one of her grandchildren that he had gone swimming with his nephew.However,, it was only until yesterday morning after being informed by relatives that a body had washed up ashore that he was seen again.“This morning (yesterday) one ah me niece call me and tell me dem find a man at de koker at Vriesland and me decide fuh go and see and when me reach me see is me son,,” the grieving mother recounted.Meanwhile, a police source said that after the body was identified a post mortem was performed. The source said this had to be done because of the advanced state of decomposition.The post mortem revealed that Appana died as a result of asphyxiation due to drowning. It also revealed that Appana suffered blunt trauma to the head and neck. The body has since been handed over to the family for burial.Appana, according to his mother,, will be buried some time later today. Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys Supply Wholesale NFL Jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 17:28:16

    A female passenger was killed and at least 15 persons were reportedly injured after a route 50 minibusThe bus suffered a blowout before running off the roadtravelling towards Georgetown ran off the road in the vicinity of Number 42 village, West Coast Berbice,, after one of its tyres burst.According to information,, the bus BNN 7615,, which was filled with passengers,, including an infant,, suffered a blowout and veered sharply off the thoroughfare,, turning over in the process.The name of the dead woman was given as “Juliet” of Lovely Lass,, West Coast Berbice. The surname of the driver of the bus was said to be “Porter,,” also of West Coast Berbice. He was said to be the nephew of the dead woman.The injured persons were rushed to the Fort Wellington Hospital. While the baby’s condition was listed as critical,, the other occupants were conscious and stable. Four persons were transferred to the Georgetown Hospital while two remained at the Fort Wellington Hospital. Wholesale NFL Jerseys China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Supply

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 17:28:30

    Four schools were also presented with cheques of $150,,000 each as a result of a decision taken by the board of directors.

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 17:30:30

    The horse cart operator who was shot and robbed by armed bandits on Monday is in a critical condition at the Georgetown PublicHospital’s Intensive Care Unit.The man, Isaac King,, 39,, of 77 D’Urban Street, was shot in the neck by bandits who robbed him of a gold chain and two gold rings. The incident took place at Cul-de-sac Street,, North Ruimveldt.Yesterday when this newspaper visited the man, no relatives were present at the hospital. Hospital officials said that the man is at present hooked up to a life support machine and breathing machine. He is also receiving intravenous drips and oxygen.Kaieteur News understands that a police detective visited the man to check on his condition. A police source said that they are following up some leads, which may lead to arrests.The man’s friend,, Pawlos Daniels,, who took him to the hospital, had said that King was in the area to collect something from a resident.Daniels explained that a resident had contacted King,, since he was horse cart operator,, to uplift a computer desk.The man said that King went to the house earlier but the resident said that he was not finished with the item so he should return anytime after lunch.Daniels said that he was told by King that he,, King, returned to the house and he was standing outside when two men in a white car pulled up and exited.The men demanded that King hand over a gold chain and two gold rings. King fought back with the two bandits and during that scuffle he was shot.The injured man managed to walk to his friend’s house,, approximately eight doors away.The friend quickly summoned a taxi, was taken to the hospital and immediately rushed to the operating theatre.–14-stefon-diggs-purple-team-color-mens-stitched-nfl-elite-jersey-100.html Nike Vikings #14 Stefon Diggs Purple Team Color Mens Stitched NFL Elite Jersey–21-janoris-jenkins-green-mens-stitched-nfl-limited-salute-to-service-jersey-602.html Nike Rams #21 Janoris Jenkins Green Mens Stitched NFL Limited Salute to Service Jersey China Jerseys NFL Cheap San Francisco 49ers Jerseys Cheap Chicago White sox Jerseys Red Wings #91 Sergei Fedorov Red/Blue Nike Stitched NHL Jersey Authentic China NFL Jerseys Cheap Minnesota Wild Jerseys China Jerseys Online

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    A 34-year-old man of La Bonne Intention (LBI) got a rude awakening when his attempts to bribe a police officer at the Sparendaam Police Station resulted in him being arrested and placed in the lock ups.Even more,, he will face the courts for his costly mistake on Monday.This incident will be a stark reminder that while bribery and corruption are issues that must be at the forefront of reforms, there are still honest and upstanding police officers determined to remain true to their duty of upholding justice.The attempted bribery occurred on Friday last and was prompted by the man trying to secure the release of his relative,, who had been earlier arrested for possession of cocaine.According to reports,, the relative was arrested after a stop and search conducted on his person, unearthed four grams of cocaine.After being taken to the Sparendaam lockups,, the man came to the station to negotiate for his release.Employing cloak and dagger tactics,, the man approached a Police Corporal and asked what he could do to secure his relative’s release,, to which the Corporal reversed the question and asked him what he could do.Heedless of the trap he was approaching,, the man’s response was to offer the rank $10,,000.He was placed on the bench, warned and sent away.However, he returned to the Corporal with the $30,000 which the Corporal received in the presence of other ranks.Upon the Corporal enquiring what the money was for,, the man indicated that it was to free his relative.Here is where the man got the shock of his life. The police officer calmly counted the money, informed him that it is an offence to bribe an officer of the law and placed him under arrest. Warriors #9 Andre Iguodala Navy Blue Sawyer Hooded Sweatshirt NBA Hoodie Cheap San Francisco 49ers Jerseys–14-stefon-diggs-purple-team-color-mens-stitched-nfl-elite-jersey-100.html Nike Vikings #14 Stefon Diggs Purple Team Color Mens Stitched NFL Elite Jersey Cheap Los Angeles Dodgers Jerseys Red Wings #91 Sergei Fedorov Red/Blue Nike Stitched NHL Jersey Authentic China Jerseys Blackhawks #35 Tony Esposito White CCM Throwback Stitched NHL Jersey Cheap Anaheim Ducks Jerseys Cheap Minnesota Timberwolves Jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 17:30:59

    The Bureau of Statistics has released the Consumer Price Index (CPI) figures for the first quarter of this year.According to the information released by the Bureau, every economy has directly or indirectly been affected by the downturn in the global economy which rapidly deteriorated, particularly during the latter months of 2008 and the early months of the current year.Global headlines have highlighted the consequences of the global downturn, among them: collapses of major financial institutions, lay-offs and downsizing of businesses, especially in the major capitals of the world,, resulting in shrinking economy growth and worldwide decline in commodity prices, accompanied by deflationary tendencies due to contracting consumer demand.It was noted that the related phenomenon of prices reaching their plateau has certainly been pre-eminent in the Guyana economy.It was pointed out that in 2008, especially in the second half of the year, prices had eventually leveled off as consumer demand had effectively met the maximum levels of affordability.The slowdown in the increase in prices during the latter half of 2008, as a result of this constraint in demand, was further compounded by the rapid deterioration in global fuel prices in the second half of 2008 which has been sustained into the first quarter of 2009.According to a release from the Bureau, the first quarter has been profiled by two distinct movements in prices, thus an overall increase in January over the December price levels followed by two successive months of overall decreases in the price levels.“Price levels as measured by CPI increased by 3.1% in January over December levels. Two factors were attributable. Food prices which rose by 5.4% and the Housing Index which rose by 3.6%.”January, it pointed out, is traditionally a slow month for consumer spending, coming in the aftermath of spending for Christmas (this time it was compounded by even more constrained spending due to increased consumer awareness of the realities of the global economic crisis adopting a resultant cautious approach to personal finances) and one major component that suffers in January from the demand slowdown is food, in the aftermath of the traditional stocking up in December.“The fact that in spite of the January reduced purchasing, food prices still rose 5.4% overall,, was due to increases in prices of vegetable and fruit products. All other 11 food sub-group categories recorded downward price movements in January.”It stated that it is now well established that the inclement weather patterns which started in December and continued into January, severely interrupted the supply and availability of vegetables and fruit to the market and the price spike, particularly of vegetables, underscores its price sensitivity to supply interruptions.For the Housing Index in January, the increases of 3.6% was predominantly due to the increase in rental and maintenance costs by 9.4%, particularly due to increases in greenheart and steel prices but this increase was significantly ameliorated by the decrease in price of fuel products such as cooking gas and kerosene,, by 7.0 per cent.“Further evidence of the impact on the economy and consumer basket of the continued global slide in fuel prices, was noted in the recorded further drop in the cost of gasoline for personal vehicle use by 20.5%,, all such decreases combining to partially offset the increases in vegetables and fruit prices and limit overall price increases to 3.1% for January.”The release also said that the obverse has occurred in both February and March. The food sub-index recorded a reversal from January,, recording a decline from January of 5.7%, this time driven by turnaround in prices for vegetables and fruits, with vegetable and vegetable products both declining as weather patterns improved and increases supplies of these important food components started to flood the market.It added that February expectedly saw a pickup over January in spending, and unexpectedly, given the nature of celebrations during the month,, there were increases in some related categories such as the clothing sub-index which rose by 1.6%, and in such sub items as Personal Care Services which rose by 5.9%.In February there was also recorded the first marginal increases in fuel prices from their floor levels in January. Fuel and power for household use having increased by 1.3% and gasoline by 2.1%.“The overall impact on the consumer basket, driven by the decline in the food component of the basket,, was a decline of 2.5% for the month of February, almost reversing the increases recorded for January.”March, it said,, closely followed the pattern of February with a further 3.4% decline in the Food Index,, pricing for vegetable and vegetable products declining further.The additional decrease in the food sub-index for March was off-set by an increase in the Housing sub-index primarily due to rent and maintenance costs for household use declined by 0.7%.Transport and Communication Prices also increased by 0.7% in the month, mainly due to gasoline prices creeping up a further 3.7% since February.The resultant impact of this combination of countervailing the movements in March has been a further decline in the overall index of 0.1% for that month and for the period of the first quarter, the cumulative effect has been an overall increase in the index of 0.4% since the end of December.“The continued tightening of demand at the start of the year was a quick rebound in the supply to the market of vegetables and fruits and the still comparatively low level of fuel prices, relative to what they were during first quarter 2008, have therefore all combined to constrain the cumulative inflation to 0.4% at the end of the first quarter of 2009.” Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys China

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 17:31:08

    “Every project undergone by this administration is top-secret and that shows contempt against the people.”By Abena RockcliffeAPNU Member of Parliament, Jaipaul SharmaAfter a year and a few months as a Member of Parliament, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)’s Jaipaul Sharma, still believes that one discerning voice can make a difference.With a financial background, Sharma also sits as a member of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) – a parliamentary committee mandated to scrutinise the Auditor General’s report.Before becoming a parliamentarian,, Sharma served the public while being employed at the Auditor General’s Office, Public Service Ministry, Labour Ministry, Region six, Regional Democratic Council and the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).In an exclusive interview with Kaieteur News, Sharma said that he has found his recently begun journey along the parliamentary road to be an interesting one.“It is interesting to see how petty politicians can be; their lack of vision and more so lack of understanding of the constitution is almost too hard to believe.”While admitting that he is not yet a seasoned politician, Sharma said that he feels a great sense of pride by being an assigned member of the PAC with the “top guns” of the government.The PAC comprises eight members – the opposition has four representing members and the same for the government – and a chairman.Sharma emphasised his point that the opposition was confident enough to send its “backbenchers” while the government “sent its party hierarchy… look at it, the only extremely experienced Parliamentarian on the opposition’s side is Volda Lawrence, while the PPP sent all its presidential advisors and past ministers.”He said that nevertheless, he feels “at home” being a member of the PAC,, simply because it is his field.The former GECOM employee said that it is his earnest view that the committee is doing a good job, however,, he recommended more vibrancy and for the PAC to move away from the old way of asking questions.“I appeared before the PAC before and I know that the simplest thing to answer is those yes or no questions, you don’t get down to the bottom of things that way. And another thing is that the members on the government’s side need to stop answering questions posed to the persons before the committee. They need to be natural.”Sharma disclosed that his responsibility as a sitting Member of Parliament lies with Region Four, but he chooses not to limit himself outside the realm of parliament. The opposition member said that persons would approach him with numerous queries “and it is fulfilling to know that you can help.”He cited as an example that there were lots of instances subsequent to the budget cuts last year that “persons come up to me and ask what we (the opposition) are really doing, because we cut the money that would have gone towards roads. And I had to explain to them… show them what we really did cut and tell them the reasons why.”Sharma stressed that it is still vested in him to make a difference.Asked about the fact that he is not otherwise employed, Sharma said that he chose this course so as not to compromise his position as a Member of Parliament.“I don’t ask favours and don’t like people asking me favours.”Waste of taxpayers’ money or democracy?The last three parliamentary sittings each saw a walkout being staged. The first was staged by the government, then the opposition, and at the last sitting, the Speaker.During the interview with Sharma,, reference was made to the fact that it costs the country almost two million dollars to facilitate each sitting and despite knowing this, politicians seem to insist on staging walkouts.Sharma was asked if he sees the walkouts and abrupt adjournments as a waste of taxpayers’ money, but responded in the negative.“The public and the media must have its own view on that; but, the truth is those are the prices you pay for democracy…and parliamentary democracy must live.”The parliamentarian dubbed the money received by him and colleagues, on a monthly basis, a stipend. According to Sharma, members of parliament are supposed to receive a salary but “if it was a salary we should have been receiving vacation allowances… they only say it is a salary.”Sharma opined that allowances need to be urgently addressedHe advocated for parliamentarians to be paid enough so that they don’t have to be “gainfully” employed at any other entity “otherwise employment leaves more room for the member to be compromised. “But more importantly, in his eyes, Sharma thinks that the opposition’s shadow ministers should be given benefits like those of a minister.He noted that the government has 20 ministerial positions,, including those of ministers within respective ministries.“But, the opposition, at least for the APNU, has narrowed it down to just 10 ministers and those persons deserve way more than they get… and I am not talking about just finances.”He opined that shadow ministers should have a team of persons available to them to assist them. “Remember these people are legislators, they are supposed to have personnel to assist them in analyzing Bills,, and they should have draftsmen and all these things. But that is not happening and it is all part of a way to stifle the opposition.”View of the governmentSharma insisted that the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) administration, “both the Jagdeo and Ramotar regime, disrespect the people by the way they act when questioned upon matters of accountability, accuracy, transparency and corruption at all levels.”“Every project undergone by this administration is top-secret and that shows contempt against the people. Look at the Marriott, up to now the Guyanese people can’t get the truth about this project; everyday you hear a new scenario. Then there is the CCTV saga and like the Marriott, each day is a different camouflage… the one from the Prime Minister being the most accepted.”Sharma opined that the PPP administration is seeking to confuse the people of Guyana, “it is a tactic, if you can’t convince the people, then you confuse the people… and they try to confuse the people so much that they start to confuse themselves.”He asserted that the aforementioned spells weakness on the part of the government. “They are weak; they have weak planning and they are not strong enough to make a stance and don’t budge.”“Another point that is needed to be made is that these people have a problem interpreting the Constitution.”Sharma pointed out that “Article 22 (dealing with the right and duty to work) and article 149A (speaking about protection from discrimination) of the Constitution, address the excuses put forward by the government to cover this Marriott business.”“The PPP conveniently selects sections of the Constitution to suit their cause and that can be understood as them blatantly misrepresenting the Constitution just to favour their various arguments. Just like when they speak about NICIL’s right to keep their money but they don’t include the fact that NICIL, upon the request of the National Assembly,, also has a right to deposit its funds into the Consolidated Fund.”“I believe in the constitution and that it is the supreme law, it is not to be misrepresented.”RepresentationSharma reflected that parliament is not running the way it should be as “members represent their political parties as opposed to representing their constituencies; and that’s why the stand-off between the parties exists and why the government doesn’t support opposition Bills and Motions. So,, unless the constituency becomes the priority, we will remain where we are.”In commenting on the recent hot button issue of a No Confidence Motion against one of the members,, Sharma is of the opinion that the drafters of the Constitution were “wise enough to be silent on such motions, because they considered that being detailed might have resulted in abuse – like the saying goes- the devil is in the detail.But had I been in that position, I would have done the honourable thing and resigned. I don’t believe in fighting to be where you are not wanted, but I do believe in fighting to make a difference. “ Cheap Minnesota Wild Jerseys Red Wings #91 Sergei Fedorov Red/Blue Nike Stitched NHL Jersey Cheap Chicago White sox Jerseys Cheap Minnesota Timberwolves Jerseys–14-stefon-diggs-purple-team-color-mens-stitched-nfl-elite-jersey-100.html Nike Vikings #14 Stefon Diggs Purple Team Color Mens Stitched NFL Elite Jersey Cheap Anaheim Ducks Jerseys China Jerseys NFL Cheap Custom China Jerseys Warriors #9 Andre Iguodala Navy Blue Sawyer Hooded Sweatshirt NBA Hoodie

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    De radio station does always play request music and people does tek de opportunity to send out greetings.Dem have people who does wait fuh let de whole world know when is somebody birthday or wedding anniversary or some other anniversary.A man tell some women that he wasn’t married but de next day there was de request programme and there was de announcement of his wedding anniversary.De request come from de man wife wid lots of love and from he three wonderful children. Dem sweet women call he de next day and he claim how is not one dog name Pompey.Then there was Uncle Freddie,. He celebrate he 60th birthday last week but he didn’t tell anybody. De week before he tell he lawyer how he is 47 and de lawyer mek that announcement in court,.Dem boys hear when de lawyer tell de court how he client is a lecturer and how he is 47 years old,. When Uncle Freddie hear that dem boys gun put a birthday request in de papers he stop going by de Waterfalls paper,.But de strangest thing happen Sunday. Dem had de request programme Filmi Dunya pun de radio station. Dem boys de listening to de programme and dem hear sheer love,.Assistant Superintendent Trotz send a special request to Assistant Commissioner David Ramnarine and Commissioner Henry Greene wid lots of love from you know who,. De song was Kuch Kuch hota hai—Something happened to my heart.Is now dem boys understand de implications of de problems in de States,. Don’t ask don’t tell,.Talk half. Lef half,. Alexis Sanchez Chile Jersey Jordi Alba Jersey Jorge Valdivia Chile Jersey Ibrahim Afellay Jersey Sandro Ramirez Jersey Gary Medel Jersey Angelo Henriquez Jersey Pedro Rodriguez Jersey Lionel Messi Jersey

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    St. Joseph’s High School,, Georgetown,, recently donated a quantity of gifts to the West RuimveldtSt Joseph’s student (left) handing over gifts to West Ruimveldt Children’s Home official.Children’s Home,, as part of their annual Christmas charity programme,, which had the participation of students and teachers alike.The donation was made at the West Ruimveldt Children’s Home,, to over 20 children. As part of the initiative,, the school also prepared hampers for general usage in the children’s home. St Joseph’s High School has been carrying out such activities to a number of similar institutions over the past five years.Martina Byrne,, a teacher, related that it was a heartwarming experience to see the children so eager to receive their gifts.“This was my first time partaking in this activity,, and it was a great experience to see the children so happy,,” said Byrne.The school was able to purchase the gifts from donations made by students over the academic year. Claudio Bravo Chile Jersey Blank Barcelona Jersey Sergio Busquets Barcelona Jersey Jose Rojas Jersey Gary Medel Jersey Gerard Gumbau Barcelona Jersey Claudio Bravo Jersey Frank Bagnack Barcelona Jersey Sandro Ramirez Barcelona Jersey

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    The 19-year-old school dropout who beheaded his one-time good friend, classmate,, villager and workmate a little over two years ago,, was on Wednesday sentenced to 17 years in jail by Justice Dawn Gregory when he reappeared before her at the Berbice High Court for sentencing.Royston Mc Allister called ‘Slow Pork’ or ‘Junior’The accused, Royston Mc Allister, called ‘Slow Pork’ or ‘Junior’, a cane harvester who was 17 at the time of Kortbraadt, East Bank Berbice, was charged with murdering Stephon Bacchus, 17, a harvester also of Kortbraadt, East Bank Berbice following a dispute on November 9, 2011.When he appeared last Wednesday defence attorney Charrandass Persaud had informed the court that his client wanted to take a certain course of action; that he wanted to change his plea from not guilty of murder to guilty of manslaughter.Mc Allister was accused of severing Bacchus’s head following a dispute at the private sugar plantation at Moleson-Jackson owned by Mr Rabindranauth Prasad, called Mary, of Crabwood Creek, Corentyne.State prosecutor Renita Singh, narrating the state’s case,, stated that on the day in question the accused and the deceased were with a group of men working at the farm. They finished working around 12:00 hrs and went to their camp. At the camp a dispute developed after Mc Allister accused Bacchus of not assisting with dorm chores and cleaning.Bacchus then slapped McAllister and laughed at him, causing him to become angry. Mc Allister later swept the room,, smoked a cigarette and subsequently,, both men went to bed. They slept in separate rooms. They were awakened for meals and were preparing to return to the fields when they had another argument.Bacchus was tying his boots lace when Mc Allister apparently came from behind and broadsided him. Bacchus slid down the steps and fell on the ground. Mc Allister was standing on the landing with a cutlass in his hands and with what appears to be blood dripping from it.The teen then descended the steps causing those around to flee. He then left the scene. The police were informed. They saw the accused walking on the access road with a cutlass in his hand. He was accosted by the cops and told to drop the cutlass. He was arrested and taken to the station during which time he told the cops that “me na go fo kill he.”The post mortem examination conducted by Dr. Vivekanand Brijmohan gave the cause of death as shock and haemorrhage,, fracture of the cervical spine, with fracture of the spinal cord.Attorney at law Persaud in a plea had stated that at the time of the incident the accused was young. He was only 17 years old and was provoked.Before passing sentence Justice Gregory stated that although there were signs of provocation there was enough time to cool off,, before the blow was struck. Wholesale China NFL Jerseys Wholesale Houston Rockets Jerseys MLB Jerseys China Wholesale Denver Broncos Jerseys Wholesale Cincinnati Reds Jerseys Houston Rockets Jerseys China Wholesale MLB Jerseys


    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 17:40:25

    Everything is a secret these days. Dem boys walk up to a crowd and dem hear some people whispering. When dem ask wha happening somebody holler “nutten” That mean that dem had a secret.People go to a crime scene and dem ask de police wha happen and de police does just walk away although dem expect de public to help. Whatever happen is a secret.Dem boys call a government office fuh information and de people tell dem that dem can’t talk,, that dem got to talk to de Permanent Secretary. De Permanent Secretary tell dem that dem don’t talk to anybody who does read de Waterfalls paper because de paper is a racist paper. It does print things in black and white.Dem boys find out that what is really bad is that de Waterfalls paper does even print Bharrat photo in black and white and that is a racist position.Well dem write to Edghill because he is neither black nor white. He neutral. Well dem boys seh that if Edghill neutral de whole country neutral suh nobody can’t talk bout racism.Talk half. Lef half. NBA Jerseys China


    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 17:40:59

    Two backup Caterpillar engines were transported to the Essequibo Coast on Friday to facilitate residents,, particularly those at Fairfield with electricity,, on the southern half of the Essequibo Coast.From reports,, the backup engines would be used to supply electricity to residents on the southern feeder,, while the Wartsila engine at Anna Regina Power plant would be used to generate electricity to residents on the northern section of the Coast.Last week residents experienced power outages twice daily due to continuous maintenance works being carried out on the engine.When the two backup caterpillar engines are installed Essequibians are expected to be supplied with efficient electricity. Wholesale Seattle Seahawks Jerseys Wholesale NHL Jerseys MLB Jerseys China Wholesale Cincinnati Reds Jerseys


    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 17:41:28

    The pull out and failure of airlines on the Guyana/ New York route has been blamed partially on the unfair advantage Trinidadian air carrier,, Caribbean Airlines enjoyed as a result of an annual multi-million dollar fuel subsidy from its government.American based carrier, Delta Airlines and Caribbean carrier, LIAT, among others, had argued about the difficulty they faced as a result of the subsidy, even calling the advantage unlawful. Recently,, Airlines for America (A4A) which bears concerns for American based airlines,, expressed worry over CAL operating the Georgetown/New York route; asking the US Department of Transportation (DOT) not to grant permission for CAL to operate directly out of Guyana.Now that this subsidy will be removed by October 1, as the Trinidad Government announced during its budget presentation Monday, the big question is,, what does the future hold for Guyana without CAL‘s fuel subsidy?Aviation veterans say that several changes may occur. Some view a level playfield in terms of fuel acquisition, while others say that airlines such as new comer Fly Jamaica, would have a better shot competing on the GT/NY route, with space being left for other airlines to enter the very lucrative CAL dominated route.It was even stated that this move by the Trinidad Government could give A4A one less contention about direct flights out of Guyana. On the other hand, worry is increasing over a possible hike in ticket prices; “a reality that Guyanese know all too well.”Retired Director of Civil Aviation (ag) Aubrey Alexander, told Kaieteur News yesterday that the removal of CAL’s fuel subsidy could mean several things, but one which is clear is that the A4A will have one less thing to complain about. The representative for American based airlines was concerned about the unfair advantage CAL would have on the route as a result of the fuel subsidy.With this gone, Alexander said A4A is left to argue about registered carriers operating direct flights out of other CARICOM nations; and this is the main hindrance for Fly Jamaica.According to a consensus tabled by Jamaican ICAO Council Geoff Morris, during the International Civil Aviation 23rd General Assembly in Montreal 1979, Alexander said it was endorsed that the exercise of route and air transport in developing states having a community of interest allowed for carriers registered in a developing nation to operate directly out of another developing nation as a means of promoting regional development.As it relates to increased ticket prices, Alexander said it might not be that alarming since other carriers are operating without fuel subsidies. He noted that the airline’s profit margin could decline, but “yield management’ which is commonly practised by other airlines would aid in optimizing profitability.Active aviation officials say it is too early to say before an analysis,, what the future holds for Guyana following the fuel subsidy removal. It was however stated that the prospects of increased competition in Guyana are looking up and this would give Guyanese travelers better flying options.Delta had stated before its pull out earlier this year that it was losing revenue and some contended that it was a result of the fuel subsidy that several other airlines had been complaining about. Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, Chair of LIAT’s shareholder governments, told reporters in Kingstown in July that he was bent on resolving the subsidy issue as it related to LIAT.LIAT had argued that CAL’s subsidy was illegal and during talks between LIAT and CAL,, neither side budged in its positions. Gonsalves was even quoted as saying in the Jamaican media that “I am of this view that this matter (CAL fuel subsidy) is going to be resolved only through arbitration and or the Caribbean Court of Justice. I don’t think that Trinidad and Tobago would want to settle this matter.”Gonsalves had dubbed as unacceptable,, wrongful and unlawful, LIAT paying $130 to $150 U.S. a barrel for fuel and CAL paying between $50 to $60 US a barrel while working same routes. Trinidad Finance Minister Larry Howai has stated however that there will be no impact on ticket prices.He added, “The debt-ridden State airline must move towards the adoption of a financially-sound business model for positioning the airline in targeted segments of the global tourism market.” Wholesale Seattle Seahawks Jerseys NHL Jerseys China Wholesale NBA Jerseys Wholesale Los Angeles Kings Jerseys NBA Jerseys China Houston Rockets Jerseys China Wholesale Cincinnati Reds Jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 17:41:41

    Walter Denny of Costello Housing Scheme,, La Penitence, appeared before acting Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court yesterday to answer to the charge of causing death by dangerous driving.According to police reports,, on January 22,, last,, Denny was driving minibus # BKK 643 along Oronoque Street in Georgetown,, proceeding west into Lance Gibbs Street,, Queenstown, when he failed to stop at the intersection. For this reason he caused a collision between the bus he was driving and a car. As a result, his wife Beverly Denny sustained injuries that resulted in her death.Due to the accident, Walter Denny also suffered a broken vertebra.The accused was represented by defense counsel Adrian Thompson, who applied for bail in a reasonable sum.The injured Denny was allowed bail in the sum of $150,,000. He will return to court on February 15. Wholesale Los Angeles Kings Jerseys Authentic NFL Jerseys Cheap NHL Jerseys China Wholesale Authentic China Jerseys NBA Jerseys China Denver Broncos Jerseys China Wholesale MLB Jerseys


    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 17:42:17

    Almost one year has elapsed and the Mayor and City Council has not yet fully utilized Government’s $20M subvention to restore City Hall.Councillors are blaming City Engineer,, Gregory Erskine, for the slothful approach to this much needed project.City HallApparently, the Council only accessed $5M of the total to purchase and install windows on the building,, which is considered one of the country’s heritage sites. It was recently disclosed only a portion of that amount was used for that aspect of the project.The release of the other $15M is dependent on works completed but Erskine has not provided Council with estimates for the works.Initially,, some Councillors had expressed displeasure with the repairs on the windows. They were displeased that the Department started the restoration project with the installation of windows as it would have been more practical to restore the roof first.In fact,, they wanted the restoration project to go to tender and said construction works should not be solely dependent on the City Engineer’s Department.City Hall has been described as one of the finest examples of Gothic Architecture in the Caribbean. It was built between 1887 and 1889 and is made of wood,, cast iron columns,, steep pitched roofing,, pinnacles and ornamentals. Cincinnati Reds Jerseys China Wholesale Cincinnati Reds Jerseys Wholesale China NFL Jerseys Wholesale Denver Broncos Jerseys Wholesale MLB Jerseys Wholesale NBA Jerseys Wholesale Authentic China Jerseys

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 17:42:21

    – asked to reverse decision by governmentBy Leonard GildarieFollowing a boiler shutdown that forced the closure of its plywood factory earlier this month, Barama Company Limited (BCL) has decided to sack four staffers whom it blamed on the incident.However, the Ministry of Labour has since asked the company to reverse the decision.Yesterday, two supervisors, a senior operator and a plumber,, were given letters by the company,, reportedly thanking them for their services. The company also reportedly deemed the workers “ineligible” for any redundancy package.Kaieteur News understands that the operator is the one being blamed the most. The company has also indicated,, labour officials confirmed, that it would be giving the other three workers ex-gratia payments due to them.The four men took the matter yesterday to the Ministry of Labour.Chief Labour Officer,, Yoganand Persaud, confirmed that he met with top BCL officials and the four staffers and that he was “working” with the parties to have the company just pay off the staffers instead.On October 4, a boiler that is an integral part of the operations of BCL’s plywood manufacturing at Land of Canaan, East Bank Demerara,, experienced problems forcing the company to shut down that site.BCL blamed a number of employees for the incident and said that according to investigations proper procedures were not followed when starting up the boiler.This saw the component running without water. Several critical parts of the boiler that may cost up to $100M to repair,, were damaged badly.After alerting Government of the incident, which was described as a catastrophe, BCL then announced that it had no choice than to send home the 274 workers who were operating the plywood factory at Land of Canaan.With several workers living on site for years and a housing boom,, the fallout from BCL’s closure would have a ripple effect.Already, President Bharrat Jagdeo has announced that he will be meeting with the workers and other parties on Monday to work out some assistance for employees who now face the breadline.BCL has said that repairs to the boiler may take up to a year. Several options, including importation of plywood to meet the huge demand of the construction sector, are being considered.A significant number of employees at the Land of Canaan site have already started moving from apartments that were home to almost 30 families for more than a decade.BCL’s plywood operations are the largest in the country commanding a major part of the market locally.Recently released figures indicated that plywood production for the first nine months of the year climbed by 25 per cent. Wholesale MLB Jerseys Cincinnati Reds Jerseys China Wholesale Denver Broncos Jerseys Wholesale Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale Los Angeles Kings Jerseys Authentic NFL Jerseys Cheap Wholesale China NFL Jerseys


    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 17:43:20

    – Gears to introduce ‘Green Ambassadors Programme’The notion that a clean and healthy environment is vital to the development of local communities and the wider society will be emphasised this weekend when the Environmental Community Health Organisation (ECHO) hosts its final children’s seminar on Saturday.The event, which is set for Cara Lodge,, Quamina Street, Georgetown, is intended to bring all eco-club members up-to-date on the work of the organisation, according to ECHO National Coordinator, Georgina Lewis.According to her, the forum will serve to encourage the children who will be in attendance to remain environmentally alert and helpful to the natural environment.It was in 2007 that ECHO kicked into motion clubs in local schools in Regions Three, Four and Ten.And according to Lewis, club activities have ranged from tree planting, anti-litter campaigns, to other awareness programmes in all local communities in which these groups are located.Groups of enthusiastic environmentally concerned and socially committed students between eight and 12 years are chosen to form ECHO Clubs and to take leadership on issues affecting the sustainable development of their natural environment.It is the view of ECHO that children can be involved in processes in which they become change agents in their local communities.And in an effort to bolster the efforts, she revealed that ECHO is poised to launch another level of the school project which will be dubbed a ‘Green Ambassadors Programme’. This project,, she said, will be introduced in High Schools and the local communities.And at the seminar, it was planned that the organisation will introduce sports as another activity that could boost environmental and community health.According to the World Health Organisation (WHO),, health promotion is the process of enabling people to take greater control over the conditions that affect their health. This definition has shaped the approach of health promotion, shifting it from a lifestyle approach to one that accounts for a more participatory socio-ecological approach,, according to Lewis.The definition by WHO places great emphasis on community health,, and participation of communities as key health promotion strategies. Although there are different levels of community participation, all of them recognise and build on the strengths of,, and participation within the community, and assume that community members know best what their problems are and what solutions will work for them.However,, within the field of environmental and health promotion, children have not been much encouraged to think about conditions that affect the health of their environment and their own health, Lewis added.“Our view is that, we must not only work for children but with them. They should be allowed to participate in environmental and social conditions that affect their lives. Climate change will influence social and other conditions that will affect the lives of our children.“As a result, ECHO continues to engage and involve youths in schools and communities to work with and give them space to express their views and come up with solutions to care for and protect the environment.”It is Lewis’s belief that young people are articulate and ready to participate in their communities, thus the need to engage various programmes to keep them stimulated and alert of varying ways to help protect their environment. Wholesale Houston Rockets Jerseys Wholesale Denver Broncos Jerseys Wholesale Cincinnati Reds Jerseys Wholesale NHL Jerseys Wholesale MLB Jerseys Seattle Seahawks Jerseys China MLB Jerseys China

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 17:43:22

    A 19-year-old teacher from St. Ignatius Mission,, Central Rupununi,, succeeded in hanging herself yesterday morning after several suicide attempts, ending what is being described as her desperate domestic situation.Janelle Francis,, a former teacher at Awarewaunau Village, South Rupununi was found hanging from a bed sheet tied to a tree early yesterday morning by a cousin of her husband.Francis lived with her husband and her in laws and had previously been teaching at a hinterland school where she reportedly began drinking alcohol.Dead: Janelle FrancisHer activities were objected to by her husband and other relatives and she became very depressed and suicidal,, making several unsuccessful attempts to kill herself.On Saturday around midday, she left her home and was later seen imbibing at a shop in the district with male and female friends.At the time her husband was supposed to be attending to business at another location.Later Saturday afternoon,, Francis came home and was shocked to see her husband in the house.This further depressed her and she again left the house and went back to the drinking spot,, only to return home later Saturday night.She did not see her husband and it is assumed that she retired to bed.A neighbour recalled hearing the door of her house opening at around midnight and upon investigating,, the neighbour saw her exiting the door.No one knew what happened to Francis until they made the shocking discovery of her body dangling from the tree in her yard.The police were summoned and after cutting Francis’ body down they recovered a bottle containing what is suspected to be poison at the scene.A piece of the sheet that Francis used to hang herself is still attached to the tree. Kaieteur News understands that Francis was supposed to have started the nursing programme in September.A post mortem examination will be performed on her body today. Cincinnati Reds Jerseys China Seattle Seahawks Jerseys China Denver Broncos Jerseys China Authentic NFL Jerseys Cheap Wholesale NHL Jerseys Wholesale MLB Jerseys MLB Jerseys China

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    Stone crusher according to the types can divided Jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher, vertical shaft impact crusher and so on.

    So many kinds of crusher adapt in any case, the following detailed description: When rock feed size between 125mm-1020mm, can do by jaw crusher coarse crushing, the rock granularity coarse crushing operations, small feed size Impact crusher, impact crusher feed size between 100-500mm, the biggest advantage is automatically adjusted discharge port, and can be adjusted automatically according to user needs; hammer crusher The machine is generally used for crushing materials such as coal and lime. Cone crusher crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption,, uniform particle size, suitable for medium crushing and fine crushing various ores and rocks. Impact crusher energy consumption,, high yield, large crushing ratio, shaping functions, the products were cuboidal, bulk density, suitable for crushing shaping mechanisms sand.

    Stone crusher machine sale or lease

    Stone crusher is commonly used in mine, melting, building, road, railway, water conservation and chemical industries. The most commonly used stone crushers are: jaw crusher, impact crusher, pneumatic selective crusher, hammer crusher, impact breaker, roller crusher and combined crusher. Characteristics of jaw crusher are: big reduction ratio, even granularity, simple structure,, stable running, handy maintenance and economical operation.

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    Keep your coupons organized. Whether you use a coupon holder, binder or envelopes, make sure your coupons are organized and easy to find. Organize them in a way that is easiest for you to sort through. Some ideas are sorting by item type or the section of the store the item is kept in.

    Read the fine print for all the coupons that you use. You do not need to be embarrassed in line when you are trying to use coupons. A simple read can help you figure out if there is anything you should consider when you are going to buy anything with a coupon.

    When you clip tons of coupons, it can be hard to remember which ones you have; this is why it is wise to get a coupon organizer. With this handy tool, you can organize your coupons with one of two methods; either alphabetize them or put them in the order of the aisles in your favorite supermarket.

    Another method of getting coupons is to stop by your local cafe on Sunday. Many coffee shops provide their customers with free newspapers, and will often hand over the coupons to the first person who asks. Do not be afraid to ask for what you need! People are often willing to help out.

    Do not let couponing overwhelm you. If you have seen the extreme couponers on television reality shows, you know how far it can go. Even if that is drawing you in, start slow. Aim to save just five dollars off your regular expenses the first week. Repeat your success for several weeks before setting your sights higher.

    Join like-minded people on forums and social networks to really empower your couponing. Few things are loved by more people and with such passion as saving money, so find a site where people share their tips, codes and strategies to saving more money with the use of money saving coupons.

    Shop at stores that multiply coupons. Some stores double or triple coupons everyday. Other stores have certain days on which they will multiply manufacturer coupons. Be sure to read the fine print, however,, because some stores only allow a limited number to be multiplied,, require a minimum purchase, or only multiply coupons with lower values.

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    Kaaos TV last month conducted an interview with keyboardist/songwriter Tuomas Holopainen of Finnish/Swedish symphonic metallers NIGHTWISH. You can now watch the chat below (in Finnish, with English subtitles).NIGHTWISH’s new album,, “Imaginaerum”,, is due in North America on January 10,, 2012 via Roadrunner Records. The CD is the band’s first since 2007’s “Dark Passion Play”, which was then-new singer Anette Olzon’s debut.The band examined its catalog when sitting down to write what would become “Imaginaerum”. The songs for the album were written between 2008 and 2010,, after the “Dark Passion Play” tour cycle ended.At that point,, NIGHTWISH knew they wanted to do something different, new and unique, which is exceptional for a band whose career has been defined by words like different, new and unique! The band consciously wanted to do something so big, crossover, detailed, innovative and, well, “nuts,” that it would leave the band,, and hopefully the people experiencing it, completely awestruck. It would be a situation where fans and/or critics would either love it or hate it, but they’d be left awestruck nonetheless. That’s when the band realized another dimension, namely video, was necessary for the project. Instead of a concept album, the band set the album to a film. “The original idea I had was to film 13 short stories related to the songs with a connected storyline, shot by Stobe Harju,” keyboardist/songwriter Tuomas Holopainen said. It was Harju’s idea to turn the 13 stories and visions into more of a connected cinematic piece essentially,, a film. It would have a clear plot,, script, dialogue and real actors in an ambitious effort to create something wholly unique.The film was shot in September of this year. The movie is based on the album and its 13 tracks, honoring the original ideas, but having evolved radically from the initial plan. Holopainen said, “Still, it was important from the very beginning that the album would work as its own individual piece of art, as well. It is a thematic album about life itself, about imagination, love, goodness and beauty, with a touch of darkness and melancholy, which are strongly included in all of those things mentioned.” The band will have but a small part in the film. A 2012 premiere date is being eyed.”Imaginaerum” track listing (note that track 12 is broken down into four parts):01. Taikatalvi02. Storytime03. Ghost River04. Slow, Love, Slow05. I Want My Tears Back06. Scaretale07. Arabesque08. Turn Loose the Mermaids09. Rest Calm10. The Crow, the Owl and the Dove11. Last Ride of the Day12. Song Of MyselfSong 1: From A Dusty BookshelfSong 2: All That Great Heart Lying StillSong 3: Piano BlackSong 4: Love13. Imaginaerum”Imaginaerum” release dates:Finland: November 30 Europe: December 2Australia: January 6 North America: January 10 Japan: January 11 New Zealand: January 16 A teaser for “Storytime”,, the new video/single from NIGHTWISH, can be seen below.”Storytime” will be released on Friday, November 11 via Nuclear Blast Records. NIGHTWISH will kick off the “Imaginaerum” world tour in Los Angeles. The very first show of the trek will take place at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, California on Saturday, January 21. This will be the biggest NIGHTWISH show production ever on North American soil and strictly a one-off there will be no U.S. tour until later in 2012. Kirk Gibson Dodgers Jersey DeMar DeRozan Raptors Jersey Pedro Rodriguez Barcelona Jersey Boston Red Sox Allen Craig Jersey Aaron Ekblad Team North America Jersey New York Mets Tom Seaver Jersey Jose Pedro Fuenzalida Jersey Juan Marichal Giants Jersey

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    Bandits shot a 24-year-old dance instructor around 20:30hrs Friday during a robbery attempt in ‘A’ Field Sophia.The victim,, identified as Reyan Baird,, of East Ruimveldt Housing Scheme,, was shot in his right side during a confrontation with two men on bicycles who were attempting to rob him and one of his female students.The student,, Giovanni De Roche,, told Kaieteur News that Baird was following her to ‘C’ Field Sophia where she lives,, when two men on bicycles confronted them. She said that one of the men drew a gun and ordered them to hand over their valuables.De Roche said that she and Baird turned to escape when one of the men shot the dance instructor. The young woman said that she managed to take refuge in a relative’s yard.Baird was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) where he was scheduled to undergo surgery. Sources said that his condition did not appear to be life threatening. Toronto Blue Jays Aaron Sanchez Jersey Washington Nationals Jayson Werth Jersey St. Louis Cardinals Roger Maris Jersey Los Angeles Dodgers Sandy Koufax Jersey Boston Red Sox Mookie Betts Jersey Chicago Cubs Jason Heyward Jersey

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    Representative of the African Cultural and Development Association (ACDA),, Dr. David Hinds has made a call to all African Organizations to boycott the government’s launching of the “International Year for People of African Descent”. This year has been so designated by the United Nations.According to reports,, the official launching for the observance locally is scheduled for January 16.Responding to questions by media operatives about his advice to African groups as it relates to their participation in the launching,, Dr. Hinds hinted at a boycott of the occasion “in some way”.“If between now and then the government does not make any move to apologize to them (African Organizations) and involve them for their initial marginalization from the process,, then I will say boycott the event.”He however went further,, calling on the groups to come together and organize their own launch or “counter launch” with the aim of laying out their own programme for the year.Also speaking on the issue was Norris Witter who opined that this year should be largely managed by people of African descent.“We will take umbrage by any attempt of the government to use this occasion for their own benefit,,” Witter stated.Meanwhile the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport yesterday issued a statement denying that they excluded African organizations from the planning of the government programme for the observances. According to the Culture Ministry,, in preparation for the commemoration of the year,, the onus was left upon government,, to produce a national proposal of action to be engaged in during the period. (See related story on page 2) St. Louis Cardinals Yadier Molina Jersey St. Louis Cardinals Matt Adams Jersey Baltimore Orioles Dylan Bundy Jersey St. Louis Cardinals Orlando Cepeda Jersey Detroit Tigers J. D. Martinez Jersey Los Angeles Dodgers Jackie Robinson Jersey Cleveland Indians Larry Doby Jersey Detroit Tigers Cameron Maybin Jersey Detroit Tigers Justin Upton Jersey

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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 18:36:19

    A Westbury mother is making an impassioned plea for her 15-year-old daughter,, Alicia Johnson,, to return home,, immediately,, to her Essequibo residence. Mrs. Sharon Johnson is also craving the assistance of the general public who she believes can persuade her daughter to return home.The 8th of May Community High School student failed to resume her attendance at school,, ever since school reopened for this term. Her worried mother told this publication that she is aware that her daughter, who was in the company of a 22-year-old man,, is living somewhere in a house at Albouystown.She said that she is convinced that her daughter is in a common-law relationship with the man. She said that this has been the case over the last three months and periodically for a month prior to her leaving her mother’s Essequibo home.Sharon Johnson said that on Saturday, last, she was told by one of her sisters that her daughter boarded a bus with a well packed bag at around 15:00 hours. She related that after that information was relayed to her by her sister,, she immediately boarded another minibus which was heading for Adventure.Johnson said her journey further took her to Parika,, where she failed in her efforts to locate and prevent her daughter from heading to the city.Mrs. Johnson described the 22-year-old as her ex-son-in-law who lived at her Westbury home for one a year and shared a common-law relationship with an older daughter. That relationship ended.The mother said that she has lodged several missing person reports at both the Anna Regina and West Rumiveldt police stations and to date,, nothing has materialized.Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Alicia Johnson can contact her mother Sharon Johnson on telephone number 646-6198. Baltimore Orioles Yovani Gallardo Jersey Los Angeles Dodgers Clayton Kershaw Jersey St. Louis Cardinals Matt Carpenter Jersey Los Angeles Dodgers Enrique Hernandez Jersey Detroit Tigers James McCann Jersey Los Angeles Dodgers Justin Turner Jersey Los Angeles Dodgers Brandon McCarthy Jersey New York Mets Michael Conforto Jersey St. Louis Cardinals Allen Craig Jersey


    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 19:01:29

    – APNU will return to the House with Bills that the President refused to assent to By Abena RockcliffeLast Thursday marked the 21st day since four Local Government Bills, essential for the holding of Local Government Elections, were passed in the National Assembly. However, on to this 25th day, no word has been disseminated from the Office of the President as to whether Head of State Donald Ramotar has assented to the Bill or has chosen not to.As such,, the Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman has signaled his intention to write the President on the pending pieces of legislations.President Donald RamotarHe told Kaieteur News that he has to first consult with the Clerk of the National Assembly, Sherlock Isaacs and will then proceed with his endeavor.The constitution has provided the President with a 21 days period for his assent to a Bill. The President has to act on or before those allotted days have elapsed and has the right to withhold his assent and return it to the National Assembly. If a Bill is not assented to,, it remains ineffective.Nineteen years after the last Local Government Elections were held in Guyana, the National Assembly, on August 7th, approved a suite of legislation to pave the way for a fresh round of elections.The House approved the Fiscal Transfers Bill,, the Municipal and District Councils (Amendment) Bill, the Local Government (Amendment) Bill and the Local Government Commission Bill. This was after a 12 year period of attempting to reform the process.Local Government Minister, Ganga Persaud, piloted all four of the Bills and while government supported the pieces of legislation, it attempted to amend at least two of the Bills.The Bills were presented to the House after it emerged from a Special Select Committee, which is chaired by APNU’s Basil Williams and where the Opposition held a majority.Both Minister Persaud and Junior Local Government Minister Norman Whittaker lamented that the Opposition had hijacked the Bills at the Committee stage and included in the proposed legislation,, aspects that had not even been submitted by the Local Government taskforce that was eventually disbanded.Speaker,, Raphael TrotmanOne of the contentious issues that eventually found compromise on the floor of the Assembly was the number of persons to make up the Local Government Commission.It was successfully amended from seven to eight after the Alliance For Change (AFC) voted in support of the amendment.Although the AFC and APNU have been taking different stances on parliamentary issues lately, both parties are keen about the President’s assent to the four Bills.Contacted yesterday, Leader of the Opposition David Granger said that his party, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) is paying close attention to “the situation.” He said that he expects the President to fulfill his constitutional obligation—all other issues being put aside.Granger pointed to the fact that Ramotar warned last year that he will not assent to any Bill that didn’t attract the support of the People Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) in the National Assembly. The Opposition Leader said however that in this situation, the President has no excuse since the Bills were unanimously passed.The Opposition Leader added that it may be a constitutional crisis if the house unanimously passed a Bill that the President refuses to assent to.While unconfirmed reports suggest that the Bills remain with the Chambers of Attorney General (AG) Anil Nandlall,, AFC says it still finds it “very funny and quite phony” that Bills have to pass through the AG before they reach the President.AFC Leader,, Khemraj Ramjattan stated that he cannot understand what exactly the Bills are still doing at the AG’s Chambers.Ramjattan said that Nandlall told him that Bills have to go to him to ensure they are in accordance with the constitution before being sent to the Office of the President.APNU Leader, David GrangerRamjattan told the media that he sees it as a mischievous delaying tactic. “It can stay there for another three months.”The AFC Leader said that he knows not about any written law that allows the AG to do so; but was told that it is a “convention” since the era where the People’s National Congress (PNC) governed the country.This is not the first time that the Speaker has seen the need to write the President on outstanding Bills. Earlier this year, Trotman wrote Ramotar reminding him of his duty in the regard of his assent to Bills.On that occasion, when the letter was written, 21 days had long elapsed since the Former Presidents (Benefits and other Facilities) Bill 2012, and The Fiscal Management and Accountability (Amendment Bill) 2012 were sent to the President.The President only returned the Bills to the National Assembly after he received a letter from the Speaker.Ramotar then refused to assent to the Bills, citing them as unconstitutional.The President’s withholding his assent to the two opposition-proposed Bills, which did not receive the support of the Government in the National Assembly, evoked criticism from the opposition parties.Very soon after the announcement by the President, leaders from both Parliamentary opposition parties expressed that they were not surprised that the President had withheld assent.Granger told Kaieteur News yesterday that he had written to the Speaker requesting a meeting with him at which he would like to discuss the President’s refusal to assent to Bills passed by the National Assembly.Granger said that the APNU intends to take the two opposition- proposed Bills back to the National Assembly.Asked specifically about his hope for the President assenting to the Bill to repeal the benefits given to former Presidents, Granger said that it is way beyond hope now.The Leader said that it is now all about duty. 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    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 19:01:36

    …if I cant get you nobody gun get youOld people always seh that what is play fuh li’l boy is death fun crappo. Soulja Bai come into power and he promise to correct all dem problems. Dem talk bout de corruption in de tender board and all who give contract or money and don’t care how much wuk dem contractor do.Dem boys never realize that was a case of people giving away money to mek things look good. De more money dem give away de more it look like if de economy booming. Soulja Bai seh that this done,. But he didn’t bargain fuh he own people who like money. And these people got friends who like contracts,.To avoid de problems dem set up de Public Procurement Commission. That was de agency that gun see that people get dem contract de right way. Now it look like de same thing wha use to happen gun happen again,.IDB always giving Guyana money. This time dem give money to construct water treatment plant. Guyana got contractors to build roads and bridge but even that dem don’t do good,. But some of these contractors want to mek water treatment plant.In Jagdeo time all who got friend in de government use to get contract. In Soulja Bai time dem boys hear that some people who got friends in de government also think dem can get contract. De IDB hear bout a certain contractor who got friends in de government and who push hard to get de contract. De IDB man see certain moves and right away he order that this contractor can’t get de contract.Dem boys still can’t believe it. De government scrap de whole tender and decide to try it again. Somebody really want to give dem contractor friend the wuk,. Was de same thing wid de contract fuh de smart meters. Is four times GPL tender fuh dem meter and in four times de tender scrap. Dem friends ain’t getting it,.Is like de man and he sweet woman. If I can’t get you nobody can’t get you,.Talk half and wait fuh de next treatment plant tender. Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale China Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale Stitched Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys


    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 19:01:47

    Members of the Gentlewomen’s Relief Association (Guyana) are appealing to relevant authorities to help correct a major problem that is currently affecting the Home.Vagrants are now living in a burnt out building in the compound.Kaieteur News understands that this Home has provided lodging and boarding for elderly women in comfortable and pleasant surroundings and has been in existence for over 92 years.A photo of the burnt out structure on the Western border at Croal Street,, where vagrants have “moved into” and has turned into their haven.The building is now located at lot 106-107 Brickdam,, Georgetown.Reports are that a fire occurred last February,, damaging the uninhabited building located at the Western border at Croal Street.To date,, there has been no effort to demolish the remaining burnt out structure and it has now become a haven for vagrants.According to the group’s secretary,, Deborah Sugrim, there have been many cases where open fires have been lit carelessly in the building for cooking and other purposes and the fire service had to be called in when these fires “got out of control”.This newspaper understands that these situations cause great anxiety to the elderly residents who,, after each occurrence,, are being verbally abused by the vagrants.The matter has worsened to the extent that the vagrants have resorted to “throwing projectiles on the roof” of the building.With this in mind the management committee is appealing to authorities to rectify this “dangerous and intolerable situation” as urgently as possible. Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale Stitched Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale China Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China


    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 19:03:12

    Khamattie Mangal– Suspect鈥檚 son questionedA Guyanese woman has contacted the United States Embassy here with a harrowing story of being gagged, duct-taped and locked in a storage bond last Friday by an East Coast Demerara family with whom she had worked as a maid.Khamattie Mangal, of Block Eight Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara, said she managed to escape after cutting through her bonds and breaking out of the storage facility in which she was being held prisoner, after being accused of stealing from her female employer.Mangal and relatives contacted officials at the US Embassy on Monday after saying they had little confidence that local law enforcement officials could protect her.The woman said that she is so fearful for her life that she has moved out of her home and has altered her appearance.However, she has also informed the Ministry of Human Services and Police at Sparendaam about her ordeal.Embassy officials are familiar with the family accused of abducting Mangal. One family member is presently serving a lengthy sentence in the US.Kaieteur News confirmed yesterday that police have questioned a young man who Mangal identified as one of her abductors. He was released after giving the lawmen a statement. However, Mangal鈥檚 former employer has not been arrested.Police also took a statement from Mangal yesterday and advised her to return with a medical report. She also handed over some of the duct-tape with which she was allegedly bound.Speaking to Kaieteur News, Mangal said that she had been working as a domestic with the East Coast Demerara family for about three years.She said that her troubles started at around 13:45 hrs last Friday, when she indicated that she was ready to leave for the day and asked her female employer for her weekly wages.鈥淚 tell her I going and change, and I ready for payment.鈥滿angal said that she was in the kitchen at the time and observed that the grill door leading out of the kitchen was locked.鈥淚 say 鈥楳istress,, like you forget and lock me up鈥�. She said she mistakenly brought away the key and she said to hold on.鈥滱ccording to Mangal, the employer then opened the door, and told her to go into the hallway.鈥淪he come and bring me in the hallway, and say 鈥榮it,, I want talk to you.鈥漇he said: 鈥淵ou had a ball the last two weeks with my things, including my necklace.鈥欌�濃�淚 say 鈥榤e mistress? God knows I ain鈥檛 trouble nothing for you.鈥欌�滿angal alleged that her employer then brought another chair and ordered her to sit in it.鈥淪he say 鈥榮it, and put yuh hand at the back of yuh back.鈥欌�滿angal claims that the woman鈥檚 teenage son and daughter were present during the ordeal. She said that the woman then began to bind her hands behind her back with a roll of duct tape. The employer also reportedly took the maid鈥檚 cell phone and searched the victim to ensure she had no other phone.According to Mangal, the woman then summoned her driver to buy more duct-tape. Meanwhile, the maid said that she began to plead with her former employee to release her, but this only further incensed the woman.鈥淚 say 鈥楳istress, you got children, too,鈥� and she run from the glass door with a rage and start punch me in my cheek and say 鈥榙on鈥檛 you ever tell me about my children…鈥欌�濃�淚 asked her to call in the police, if she felt that I steal from she and she say 鈥榯he police is out of this.鈥欌�滿angal alleged that while the woman鈥檚 daughter held up her (Mangal鈥檚) head, the son gagged her with another roll of duct tape. According to the alleged victim, the woman and her children then took her outside and placed her in the back of a vehicle. They then placed two cloth sacks over her head and began to drive.Mangal said that the vehicle eventually stopped and she was taken into a building. She said that her captors forced her to sit with her back to a concrete post and, with the aid of more duct-tape, secured her upper body to the post.She then heard them leave.Mangal said she immediately began working desperately to escape. Eventually,, by bending forward as far as she could, she managed to clamp the bags on her head between her knees and remove them. She said she also managed to burst the duct-tape which was strapped around her body and the post. After that, she also saw a sharp metal implement and was able to use this to slash through the duct-tape around her wrists. Mangal shows a portion of the duct-tape with which she was allegedly bound Mangal said that she observed that she was in a high, windowless,, concrete storeroom that was heaped with tyres. The doors were locked.The woman said that in desperation, she used a heavy metal object to smash a small hole in one of the concrete walls and slip through.According to Mangal, on looking at her surroundings, she realised that she was still on the East Coast of Demerara, a short distance from her abductors鈥� home.The property was fenced, but she managed to clamb over it and enter another yard. In pouring rain, she made her way to the East Coast Demerara public road.Mangal said she attempted to flag down passing vehicles, but none of them stopped.鈥淚 see a bus stop and I ask for a drop to the (Sparendaam) police station, I in some trouble, and the conductor say that he can鈥檛 make it.鈥滺owever,, Mangal said she entered the front seat and the driver took her to the Sparendaam Police Station. That was around 17:00 hrs.According to Mangal, a policeman took her report and the ranks even looked at a portion of the duct tape that she still had. However,, the ranks did not keep it.The woman said that the police ranks told her to get a medical report from the Georgetown Hospital.Mangal said that she began walking home but got a lift on a bicycle from two boys.The woman said that on arriving home, she told her children about the abduction. She alleged that shortly after, a vehicle,, which she recognised as her employer鈥檚, stopped outside her home.Mangal said that she immediately fled through her back door and hid in some bushes. She said that the occupants blew the vehicle鈥檚 horn for a few minutes before leaving.Mangal said that she went to the Ministry of Human Services on Monday and subsequently spoke to an official at the US Embassy.The woman clamed that she was at first reluctant to return to the Sparendaam Police Station but eventually did so yesterday and gave a signed statement. She also handed over the duct-tape to the police.A police official said that they were hampered in their investigations by the fact that Mangal had not returned immediately to the station. Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Stitched Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale China Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys


    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 19:03:20

    In recent weeks, the coastlands have seen a significant amount of sargassum seaweed washing ashore. This was evident in the section near the Marriott Hotel about two weeks ago,, before the tide took the weeds further up theEnvironmentalist, Annette Arjoon-Martins,, shows the unusually high level of the sargassum seaweed at the Kitty seawall.East Coast of Demerara.According to Horst Vogel,, Ph.D.,, Head of Programme (PGL), Caribbean Aqua-Terrestrial Solutions (CATS), it is believed that the recent massive influxes are related to Sargassum blooms occurring in the Atlantic Ocean, East of Brazil,, and are not associated with the name-giving Sargasso Sea. Some scientists link them to higher than normal temperatures and low winds due to climate change, both of which influence ocean currents.Local environmentalist, Annette Arjoon-Martins, is reportedly monitoring the situation.She said that the Global Program of Action for the Protection of the Marine Environment from Land Based Activities (GPA) in Nairobi,, Kenya, disclosed that they are in touch with the University of Southern Mississippi after having been approached by the Abidjan Convention Secretariat about the same Sargassum problem in West Africa.According to Arjoon-Martins, a joint response to address the issue in both the Caribbean and West Africa is being considered. In both regions,, Sargassum began hitting beaches in unprecedented amounts in 2011. The weeds have been causing problems with the nets of local fishermen. Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale Stitched Jerseys Wholesale China Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China


    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 19:03:29

    Mulshankar Sukharan, called ‘Greg’, 21, a fisherman of 24 ‘C’ No 79 Corriverton,, Corentyne, who was charged with murdering Krishandat Kolandawel. called ‘Sham’, 40, was on Wednesday jailed for 12 years after he pleaded guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter.Kolandawel, a fisherman of No 79 Corriverton,, was killed during a fight at his home on Sunday April 3, 2011. He appeared before Justice Dawn Gregory at the Berbice High Court.Before the jury was sworn in, the accused through his lawyer Attorney at law Raymond Ali; indicated to the court that he wanted to adopt a certain course of action. The accused then pleaded not guilty to the charge of murder,, but guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter.State Prosecutor attorney at law Renita Singh in her opening address,, stated that about 18:15 hrs on the day in question the accused,, Sukharan, and the deceased, Kolandawel, had a verbal exchange about the accused not being able to work and catch fish.Kolandawel then returned to Sukharan house and verbally abused him. He told him to come to his house to meet him. The accused then armed himself with a knife which he hid from the deceased and during a scuffle he stabbed Kolandawel on his neck and about his body.He then hid the knife in his house but showed it to the police the following day after he was arrested.She continued that two eyewitnesses had testified that on the day in question the now dead Kolandawel had returned to Sukharan’s home and started making verbal threats.He gained entry into the house by kicking and smashing in the front door with a chair. The men then emerged from the house in a scuffle and fell on the street.During that time Kolandawel was ‘juck’ a few times. The men eventually parted. Kolandawel got up first and jumped a nearby fence then lay on the ground where he subsequently died.Attorney at law Raymond Ali in a plea of mitigation asked the court to temper justice with mercy.He said that his client expressed deep remorse ever since the incident happened and has thrown himself on the mercies of the court.He stated that his client did not waste the court’s time.The convict when given time to speak in open court expressed remorse for what happened. “I am sorry and beg for mercy.”Justice Gregory said that despite the plea that he was attacked and provoked,, his response was more of anger than self defence.She stated that there was no evidence that he was attacked and despite the provocation his response was too severe.She wanted to start with a sentence of 25years,, but will have to do some deductions. He will take away the two years he spent in jail another six years for his guilty plea and another five years for the provocation leaving with 12 years.The accused relatives, including his grandmother, broke down in court and had to be consoled. Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale Stitched Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale China Jerseys


    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 19:03:32

    Junior Finance Minister and former Chairman of the Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC), Juan Edghill, yesterday informed members of the media that due to recent budget cuts made in Parliament, the ERC which was allocated $1,, is unable to function. Edghill said that due to those cuts, the ERC has been brought to a standstill, which will eventually lead to its closure.Apart from that, he said that to date, staffers are yet to receive a salary.According to Edghill, the ERC is an independent entity which is unable to self-generate funds. All funds given to the ERC, he noted, comes from taxpayers, thus with the recent cuts,, it is impossible to pay workers.During the half-hour long press conference, the Minister touched on at least three issues which he said was plaguing the organization.He spoke on what he called rumours and said he wanted to clear the air about the facts of the ERC. Edghill said that contrary to what some media entities have been reporting and are also quoting from members of the opposition – on talks about the re-commissioning of ERC members – it is only the parliament that can determine such acts.He elaborated on the subject, saying that it has been put out by media personnel that members of the opposition,, specifically A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)’s David Granger, have stated that the money billed for the ERC will be restored to the organization if the President would hold talks with the APNU head about the re-commissioning of the organization’s members.Edghill sought to clarify that by the constitution,, neither Granger nor the President has the power to put any money back into the ERC. He instead asserted that it was the members of Parliament who held that power. Edghill went on to say that according to the law,, there must be a two-thirds vote in the House which would determine the direction of the ERC. In that light, Edghill said he wanted to debunk the myth that presumes that the two leading political figures would be able to restore funds to the ERC.“The recommissioning of members is determined by parliament and they must vote,” Edghill emphasised.The second contention of the Junior Minister related to the amount of money set aside by the Government – which would have seen $99.4M being pumped into the ERC. Edghill pointed out that the opposition claimed that the sum was too hefty, in the sense that something unscrupulous was afoot.The Minister, however,, discarded any suspicions and alluded to previous budget sums set aside for the organization. He pointed out that last year $90M was allocated to the ERC and in 2006, in excess of $100M was utilized by the organization.Edghill said that there are about 23 staff members at the ERC, but that number, he said, could easily grow to 70 or 80 persons since there could be part-time workers who are hired to monitor political matters. He added that those persons are scheduled to monitor all 10 Regions.Edghill reasoned that the budgeted sum for the ERC is no unusual amount.In concluding,, Edghill touched on the topic of ERC workers going to opposition leaders and “begging for their jobs and begging for money to be released to the ERC.”Edghill said that he is aware that staffers of the organization had met with opposition leaders of both APNU and the AFC. That, he noted, was not sanctioned. He attributed the actions of the workers to the threat they faced as it related to their jobs. He said persons were fearful and felt insecure.The former ERC chairman even mentioned that were he a member of either of the opposition parties, he would have never facilitated talks with the ERC staffers, since the entity is an independent one. He condemned the actions of the opposition leaders and said that not only have their parties crippled the ERC, but they had also compromised the situation.Edghill stated that there is nothing the Minister of Finance could do to provide money for the organization. He reiterated that parliament would have to approve this.Edghill opined that the opposition has plotted for the Government to say to ERC workers “go home because we have no money to pay you.” But he said it was the opposition to be blamed for persons not being paid. Wholesale Stitched Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale China Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping


    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 19:04:12

    Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) is to procure hardware and software at a cost of $25.5M to upgrade its services, Head of the Presidential Secretariat,, Dr. Roger Luncheon said yesterday,He said that servers,, communication devices,, computers and their programmes would be bought to facilitate a smoother flow of the system. The acquisition and the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has improved the transactions by the importing,, exporting public and the business sector that are dealt with through ICT at the revenue authority.Dr. Luncheon said that since there has been a significant abandonment of manual methods,, there has been an upgrade in the ICT field in the areas of storage and retrieval. The revenue authority has identified a further need for the purchase of such equipment to improve the various systems at GRA.Last March,, hiccups with the Total Revenue Integrated Processing System (TRIPS) system at all locations of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) in the city caused frustration among clients who visited the entity.All of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) offices across the country were inconvenienced to some extent by lightning damage which forced delays in the delivery of services,, especially the processing of Customs Entries and the sale of Motor Vehicle Licences.The Total Revenue Integrated Processing System (TRIPS) and the Licence Revenue Processing System (LRPS) were affected. Wholesale Stitched Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale China Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale Jerseys


    Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 19:06:30

    The Egbert Benjamin Exhibition and Conference Centre was officially handed over to the Mayor and Town Council of Linden on Thursday at a simple ceremony at the facility.Among those present at the handing over ceremony were Ambassador of the European Union, Geert Heikens; Senior executives of the Linden Economic Advancement Programme; Regional Chairman Mortimer Mingo, Chairman of the Interim Management Committee, Orrin Gordon; and widow of Egbert Benjamin, Eileen Benjamin. There were also a few family members.Located on the grounds of the old Mackenzie Bandstand, the Exhibition Centre was named after the late Egbert Benjamin, Linden’s first Mayor.An integral aspect of the Mackenzie River Front Development concept, the infrastructural works which cost some $44million was borne entirely by LEAP.Benjamin’s widow, Eileen Benjamin, expressed her family’s appreciation for the community’s honouring of her husband’s memory in such a tangible way.She said that she thought it was a fitting tribute for a man who dedicated most of his life to serving the Linden community, not only in his capacity as Mayor,, but in other tangible ways.Regional Chairman,, Mortimer Mingo, in his brief remarks before the official opening of the Centre, said that the facility speaks of development within the community, and that it is therefore only apt that all should ensure its sustainability and longevity. He also thanked LEAP for facilitating the building of the Centre.IMC Chairman Orrin Gordon also thanked LEAP and the European Union, which he called a magnanimous benefactor, for enabling the establishment of the facility. Gordon also pledged $250,000 to the committee appointed by his municipality to manage the facility.And EU Ambassador,, Geert Heikens,, who travelled to Linden especially for the event, said that LEAP, which was funded by the European Union has produced alot of concrete results, and alluded to the Business Centre which has approximately 350 clients, among its accomplishments.He thanked the management and staff of LEAP for a job well done,, but singled out International Project Manager Kathleen Whalen for special mention, and pointed to her professionalism and competence in executing her tasks.After the short ceremony, which included a tribute to the late Mayor by Gloria Britton, who herself was a Mayor, the ribbon was cut to officially declare the facility open, and the photograph of Benjamin was unveiled by his widow Eileen and the EU Ambassador.The Exhibition Centre will facilitate the display of goods and products manufactured within the Region. In addition to exhibitions, the facility is also available for rental for conferences, weddings and other indoor activities.This uniquely beautiful facility which enhances and celebrates the river front, is also expected to boost activities geared to entertain the entire family, as the grounds which provide a beautiful view of the Demerara River,, is expected to soon be converted into a mini park with appropriate landscaping and seating arrangements.The centre has a floor space of 4080 square feet, capable of accommodating 30 units (8’x 10’) with an additional 10 units along the connecting walkway. The total floor area is 3,,590 square feet and consists of units suitable for a food court and bar, storage and office space.(Enid Joaquin) Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Stitched Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale China Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale Jerseys China