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Field of activities

Core Competences - engineering services

ALTO INSPET SERV are able to offer mechanical piping design and pressure vessel design services. Given a P&ID drawing, we can plan pipework routing in consultation with the client, model the piping runs, supports and surrounding obstructions in three dimensions, carry out flexibility analysis using Caesar II and produce layout and isometric drawing for fabrication and installation. In addition, our structural design capability means that we can design or assess supporting steelwork, integrating it into the pipework model and producing detailed drawings for manufacture.
ALTO INSPET SERV can also design pressure vessels and heat exchangers to a number of design codes. We use specific softwares for the design and mechanical calculation of pressure vessels and heat exchengers to aid with design calculations, and can produce drawings in Solidworks or Autocad format. Where more sophisticated analysis is required we are able to use our finite element analysis capabilities.
ALTO INSPET SERV staff have experience of using ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3 and BS EN 13480 for pipework and ASME VIII Div. 1, TEMA, AD Merkblatter, EN 13445 , RToD and PD5500 for pressure vessels and heat exchangers, in a range of industries including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, and nuclear.

Core Competences - inspection services

ALTO inspectors assure the quality of the ordered equipments by our clients to the specified requirements, practices and standards. This is done through our vast network of qualified quality inspectors (NDE experts, coatings, experts, HSE experts, Welding experts and so on) in Romania
-Pre-meeting Inspection.
-Raw Material Inspection.
-In-process Manufacturing Inspection.
-Witnessing of tests (NDT & DT)
-Witnessing of Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT)
-Witnessing of Dimensional Checks
-Final Inspection.
-Packing Inspection.
-Loading Inspection.

Core Competences - expediting service

ALTO expeditors assess the progress of the productions activities in suppliers’ sites by performing regular visits to inform the clients of probable delays and possible remedies via prompt reports. Our expediting services take place in the following stages:
-Order Acknowledgment.
-Sub-ordering Material
-Packing & Shipping

Core Competences - NDT services
The main Nondestructive Testing (NDT) methods for structural integrity characterization performed by ALTO INSPET SERV are mentioned below:
- Ultrasonic examinations (UT) including Phased Array (PAUT) and Timeof Flight Diffraction (TOFD);
- Ultrasonic thickness measurements (UT-thickness);
- Magnetic particle examinations (MT), liquid penetrant examinations (PT);
- Eddy current (ET) for heat exchanger tubing and welds, including automotive and aviation industry;
- Eddy current (ET) for welds and various components, in automotive, aviation, chemical and nuclear industry;
- Leak testing (LT) by helium mass spectrometry, or bubble gas technique using special bubble forming liquids and high diffusive gases;
- Visual examination (VT) and Digital Video endoscopy (DVT) corroborated with dimensional characterization by optical instrumentation for examinations and measurements;
- Dimensional Characterization for pipes (DCP), respectively for pressure vessels and tanks (DCVT);
- Determination of protection layers thickness (DPT) e.g., corrosion protection paint layers;
- Acoustic Emission testing of piping, pressure vessels and storage or transportation tanks.
These examinations are performed in conformity with the requirements of ASME Code, European (EN) norms, ISO or API standards, according to national standards indicated by Client, or following NNDT specific and validated procedures.

Special methodologies are also included in the NNDT capability to perform on-site materials investigations, like the followings:
-Metallographic Analysis (Ambulant Metallography) by replica technique (MRT) or by direct optical examination using a portable digital microscope (MDM);
-Hardness Testing (HT) using ecotip or Vickers portable instruments;
-Chemical Analysis (PMI or CCA ) using portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, or mobile optical emission spectrometer

Main Business lines

-Oil & Gas
-Power and Electricity
-Industrial installations
-Project management and consulting